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Travel copywriters give life to thousands of blogs and articles written daily about travel. Content writers craft those stories that have the power to move people, inspire and transform lives. With years of experience writing for travel companies, att Daily Posts, we specialize in helping companies grow their business by capturing the imagination of potential customers.

Do you want to tell a better travel story?

All travellers are storytellers. Travel copywriting helps you tell your story powerfully online and offline. The travel industry has to tell stories much better than it does. People have given up subscribing to general-interest travel magazines. Reading a glossy four-colour magazine from start to finish is passe. 

Need help bringing your travel story to life? Do you want to connect with your audience in a meaningful way? We know how to weave words into an artful tale that entices people to buy your product or service. You will immediately get your name out there as an expert in your hotel or destination.

Meet the company


We provide written content for business around the world

We work with all kinds of online businesses, and provide them with high-quality content that gets results.

SEO Agencies

Our writers are professionals who know the latest SEO best practises. You can trust us to produce quality content and reach your targets.

Start Ups

Daily Posts is a copywriting company that helps startups present their messages in the best possible way.

Ecommerce Stores

We write the content e-commerce sites need; custom content that stands out and converts online shoppers into paying customers.


We create branded content and turn your stories into sharable, online experiences to help you engage with your target audience.

PR Companies

Shaping tomorrow’s media through the power of content, today. We’re your first stop for professional content publishing solutions.


Daily Posts is a content generation service for small business owners that helps them rank higher on search engines.

Affiliate Websites

Trust our professional affiliate website copywriting service to deliver your message with absolute precision.

Whitelabel Services

We are a whitelabel copywriting service that specialises in providing high quality, unique content for clients.

Marketing Agencies

We can help with everything from SEO content to sales funnel copy. We know how to jumpstart digital marketing campaigns.

Who we are –

Daily Posts is one of the fastest growing online content writing services. The travel industry is changing. With all the knowledge and help on the internet now, hotels and restaurants have to work harder than ever to provide a great experience for their customers. 

We provide an essential service for hotels and restaurants; we help them with their content marketing. Each article takes a unique voice and colourful turn that will be sure to capture your readers and hold their attention till the very end. 

Daily posts has been providing travel content writing services for 8 years. As a leading travel marketing agency, we’ve built our reputation around great content. We have a fantastic team of writers who are dedicated to producing engaging, original copy with the sole aim of capturing an audience. 

Our work is crafted to appeal to our client’s target audience by delivering resonant messages about their destination, hotel or key attraction.

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Our travel copywriting services

Destination articles

Destination articles on websites are written with one end goal in mind: to provide readers with a detailed overview of each location that they would visit. Our travel copywriting services include destination articles written for different fields of travel including adventure, business and conferences, family and honeymooners, honeymoons and getaways, local attractions and rural areas.

Special-interest articles

Special-interest articles are about a subject that is very particular. We write content that's interesting and memorable enough to stand out from all the other advertising online.

Holiday and special events

Holiday and special events holidays are the most popular reasons to plan a vacation. We specialize in creating punchy, eye-catching copy which entices readers to book a well-priced holiday. The beauty is that there is no limit to the creative solutions we can provide.


We offer exciting round-ups and 'best lists' for a range of travel topics. Our seasoned professional travel copywriters know what appeals to our readers and take care when crafting the words you need to stand out.

Personal essays

Travelling is such a unique way to experience new worlds and fresh cultures and is an excellent way to get to know your own. We are a copywriting agency that creates personalized essays for any type of traveller and our services are flexible enough to handle even the most restrictive budget.


A great itinerary is a must when planning a trip abroad. We work with you to create itineraries that encompass everything you want to see and do on your trip. Travelogues

Travel memoirs

Like the romance of a destination's past? Then travel memoirs are for you. We will show you the coolest photos, and help you tell the story of your favourite places through words.


Daily Posts is an established company that specializes in writing guidebook copy for tour operators, travel agencies and all kinds of companies within the travel industry.

Long-form travel articles

Are you trying to get people to visit your site from a search result or a link on another site? Our travel copywriting services can help you accomplish your goals through content that is informative, engaging and highly readable.

Hotel Copywriting

We offer a variety of travel copywriting services including hotel copywriting. Our team of seasoned writers specializes in creating content that engages readers and drives more business. Hotel copywriting is a must for any brand in the travel industry.

Blog posts and articles

Posting articles is one of the most effective ways of getting in front of your target audiences. We can write travel blog posts for your site.

Why Choose Daily Posts?

Hello, you’ve just come across one of the most experienced travel copywriters. Daily Posts is the premier outbound travel copywriting service, with a deep knowledge of the travel industry, especially where online content is concerned. 

We provide copywriting services for major hotels and tour companies worldwide, and we have helped thousands of clients make informed decisions about their vacation destinations.

From hotels and resorts to aeroplane maintenance firms, our flexible team of skilled writers have developed a knack for helping businesses like yours grow year after year. Where do you fit into our repertoire of services? Just reach out to us, let us know what particular travel-related blog or website needs updating, and watch as we work tirelessly to fulfil your goals.

Why choose Daily Posts copywriting? 80 - quality, price, dependability, creativity etc

Our writers take a scientific approach to writing 150 words– ways we make their life easier in relation to the intro and problem. Our writers take a scientific approach to writing 150 words– ways we make their life easier in relation to the intro and problem. Our writers take a scientific approach to writing 150 words– ways we make their life easier in relation to the intro and problem,

Our writers take a scientific approach to writing 150 words– ways we make their life easier in relation to the intro and problem. Our writers take a scientific approach to writing 150 words– ways we make their life easier in relation to the intro and problem

Our writers take a scientific approach to writing 150 words– ways we make their life easier in relation to the intro and problem. Our writers take a scientific approach to writing 150 words– ways we make their life easier in relation to the intro and problem

We are professionals

There are thousands of content writing services online. But what separates Daily Posts from the competition? Well, quite simply, it’s our experience. We have been around for almost a decade and we have served thousands of clients, including many large enterprises, small businesses and individual bloggers.

Daily Posts is an international copywriting service that focuses on travel content, brand marketing, and emails. We help companies from the travel industry come up with amazing content for their blogs, destinations with beautiful photos, and emails to customers.


Our Guarantee

Daily Posts is a copywriting service for travel companies. Our travel copywriters will write your advertising and promotional copy with the sole purpose of getting your business more traffic and sales. All travel copywriting services are offered at an affordable rate, including unlimited revisions.

We use creative, compelling copy to attract and engage the right people-your customers. We believe in transparent pricing, no contracts, what you see is what you pay. We guarantee our clients’ satisfaction with their website content.

What our clients say

“This is the real deal. These guys are out there doing it. They are as good as it gets in travel copywriting. Blogs, e-mails, landing pages, content for their own sites – all of it done by this team.”

“The Daily Post helped me gain a huge amount of traffic for my new travel business. I've worked with them for over two years. It is no exaggeration to say that they have been responsible for more than half of our company's growth in leads over this time. Their writing ability is only surpassed by their incredible work ethic, and sense of responsibility/ownership for the projects they work on. I highly recommend Daily Posts to anyone looking for travel copywriting services.”

“Daily Posts is the best writing agency I have worked with. They have excellent grammar use and understanding of the travel industry. I highly recommend them for copywriting work. They are very trustworthy and fast as well. Also, you will not be disappointed with the quality of their work, and they always deliver on time.”

Travel copywriting service at a reasonable price

The team of dedicated and talented writers at Daily Posts provide great value, quality and prices for your travel copywriting needs. We are a team with years of experience writing copy for the travel industry. We operate a cost per word model (from £0.04 per word), backed by our exemplary customer service to ensure you receive value for money. Our terms are simple. Our clients come first.

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How We Work

The Daily Post is a leading travel content writing agency. We provide comprehensive content marketing for hotels, tour operators and other travel brands on the front and backend of their websites. Content writing services include short copy pieces and long-form articles.

You’ll be paired with a dedicated account manager who has knowledge of the travel industry and experience in writing travel blogs for hotels and other clients. Our account managers work with you to ensure your questions are answered and your deadlines met.

No matter what your project, we’ll work with you to craft compelling, thoroughly researched, and timely posts that your readers will love. 

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Answers to questions you may have:

We require a short description of the copywriting services you need. This will help us better understand you, your travel brand, and the work we’ll be doing together. Our writers are here to make your life easier by creating content that attracts your ideal clients.

You’d like to work with us? Great! Please visit our Get Started page.

Yes. We have to travel copywriters. We’ve done content writing for several travel clients, in addition to other sectors such as fashion and e-commerce. Besides, we have a huge amount of experience in many sectors and industries and love talking to new people and learning about what makes their business tick.

Yes, if you need some of your existing articles rewritten to sound different and unique, then we will rewrite them for you as per your instructions. Also, if you want to change/update existing content of the website or blog, according to the keywords that your competitors are ranking in the top five positions in search results, we provide content updating and rewriting services at very economical prices.

As a rule, we do not write sample posts for clients. But, we recommend that you check our sample section. They show a variety of different writing styles and features that are frequently used in the travel industry. It is free to access our samples, and we will not charge anything for using the samples, or for adopting any of our styles.


However, if you send us a brief proposal with an idea of what kind of post you would like and your target keywords, we will discuss further at that time whether or not it’s something we can work on. This may be on a  per-job basis.

Yes, we can. We offer a fast turnaround service. But there is a catch to it. If you need content urgently, there may be a small additional cost added to your quote for writing and delivery.