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Do you want to write copy that ranks well in search engines? Do you want to drive more targeted traffic and increase conversions on your website? Daily Posts can help you as they have hundreds of companies around the world.

You need an SEO copywriter when your business depends on attracting customers to your site from search engines. Even if you have the best products or service on the market, you need professional copywriting that will drive visitors to view and make purchases

Google, Bing, and other search engines are the platforms upon which you want to present your products, services, and brand to your customers. If your content is not optimized for those searching for it, you are missing out on both potential targeted traffic as well as sales

With the rise of social media and mobile, your online presence is vital. There has never been a better time for companies to hire an SEO copywriter.

What is SEO copywriting?

Copywriting is a style of writing that uses natural language to increase the effectiveness of marketing communications. It is often used in advertising, email marketing, press releases and various published media.

In the world of business today, your website needs good SEO copywriting to help it improve its organic search rankings in Google and other search engines. In short, SEO copywriting is marketing copy written specifically to appeal to search engines to help your site appear higher in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

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We provide written content for business around the world

We work with all kinds of online businesses, and provide them with high-quality content that gets results.

SEO Agencies

Our writers are professionals who know the latest SEO best practises. You can trust us to produce quality content and reach your targets.

Start Ups

Daily Posts is a copywriting company that helps startups present their messages in the best possible way.

Ecommerce Stores

We write the content e-commerce sites need; custom content that stands out and converts online shoppers into paying customers.


We create branded content and turn your stories into sharable, online experiences to help you engage with your target audience.

PR Companies

Shaping tomorrow’s media through the power of content, today. We’re your first stop for professional content publishing solutions.


Daily Posts is a content generation service for small business owners that helps them rank higher on search engines.

Affiliate Websites

Trust our professional affiliate website copywriting service to deliver your message with absolute precision.

Whitelabel Services

We are a whitelabel copywriting service that specialises in providing high quality, unique content for clients.

Marketing Agencies

We can help with everything from SEO content to sales funnel copy. We know how to jumpstart digital marketing campaigns.

Who we are-Daily Posts is a leading copywriting agency that provides professional SEO copywriting services. We have enough industry experience to help you rank high on search engines.

As a businessowner you want to get your product in front of as many customers as possible. We offer SEO copywriting services that will help you increase online exposure and drive more traffic to your website. Let us help you reach more people with our affordable SEO copywriting services.


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Who is an SEO copywriter?

SEO copywriters craft unique, compelling content that not only appeals to human visitors but also conforms to search engine guidelines. It is also concerned with the practice of optimizing a website’s meta data, tags, page titles, headings, and much more.

A proper SEO copywriter will understand your situation, then write from scratch original well researched content that is both informative and appealing so that you get great rankings and higher conversion.

Why choose us?

Daily Posts is a global leader in helping small business owners and brands increase online exposure, customer acquisition, and sales. We offer a full suite of affordable copywriting services to all our clients.

With our SEO copywriting service, you get:


At Daily Posts, we deliver quality on all our SEO copywriting projects. We listen to your business goals; your customers’ needs and desires – and then craft content that’s created specifically for your audience.

Exceptional customer service

All of our SEO copywriting services are backed by our exceptional customer service. With years of experience in this industry, we provide unbiased advice about all aspects of SEO copywriting.

Years of experience

If you’re looking for visitors and exposure, we have decades of experience in SEO copywriting. Our team of writers can help grow your business or website traffic.

We help you to choose the best keywords that suit your products and services and we’ll write the copy that will deliver qualified traffic to your site. Give us a call to get started!

Affordable rates

You can get SEO copywriting services from us at affordable rates to increase Website traffic, generate more leads, and get more sales.


You are putting in a lot work into your business – be smart about who works on your online marketing. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We’re so confident you’ll love our SEO copywriting service that you don’t have to pay until you are satisfied. We edit until you are happy with the work.

What our clients say

When it comes to making sales, what’s the most important part? It’s not the product itself; it’s the words that describe and promote that product. At Daily Posts we understand how powerful well-written copy can be: we’ve seen our customers generate more interest and trust in their products, and as a result, increase their bottom line.

Here is what they are saying about our services:

“The content I received was well-researched and written in an interesting style. When I interacted with the copywriter to request revisions, he/she turned them around very quickly and they were done exactly as I requested. Would recommend this service and use it again in the future.”

Jaime Rumancik

“Thank you for your excellent work. You saved my project’s bacon! Not only did you come through with a strong second take on the topic, but the entire tone is better than what I had initially elected to go down the rabbit hole with.”

“As a small business owner, I used to think of copywriting services as too expensive for my limited budget. Since I've discovered your SEO copywriting service, I can't imagine why anyone would spend more money than what you charge. Your prices are lower than other copywriters out there and your writing is much better.”

How much do we charge as SEO copywriters?

At Daily Posts we strive to make your SEO copywriting experience as good and affordable as possible. We are able to offer timely turnarounds, and all prices are clear, and up-front so you always know what you’re paying.

Our pricing starts from £4 per 100 words (*cost per word is based on volume, topic complexity/research required and turnaround times). You can count on flexible payment methods and friendly 24/7 support from our copywriting team.

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How do we work?

There’s a reason why you get hundreds of options to choose from when you search for anything on Google. A lot of hard work is behind this. There are so many moving parts that make it possible for you to search and find the most relevant answers in seconds. And the secret behind all of this is SEO copywriting.

Every day, we help organizations connect with their customers using effective SEO copy. We know the secret to SEO copywriting is connecting your business with your audience in a way that promotes action. More visitors to your website and more sales result from good SEO practices.


How Our Dashboard Work

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Our SEO copywriting process involves appealing to your target audience through compelling text and phrases that answer their questions in a way that feels natural and comfortable. It needs to not only read well but also make sense. This kind of copy can be used to create keyword-rich content that will help search engines identify what your webpage is about, which will help them direct more relevant search queries to your site.

Step #1. Keyword Research. To that effect, our team of keyword strategists will help you navigate this new world of online content. We will use a variety of web tools to develop compelling, relevant content and how to find the most searched keywords that matter for your business.

Step #2. Formulating your content plan and target-audience persona. Every business is different. And every audience is unique, with its own goals, needs, expectations and desires. our copywriters will work with you to tailor your content specifically for your target audience. Our approach is simple. By finding out who you’re talking to, what they know, what they want and what’s the best way to get them there – we can craft your copy so that it looks great on any screen and works harder than ever before.

Step #3. Writing and Final Delivery. We compose SEO-friendly copy for backend search terms and SEO friendly article titles & descriptions for front-end searches by users. We use the latest tools, software & technology to ensure better results in search engines.

From start to finish — we’ve got you covered. Our consultants aren’t writers or spammers — they’re trained in the latest conversion rate optimization techniques, which means each piece of content is well-researched and well-written with keywords and calls to action in mind.

Answers to questions you may have:

When it comes to online presence, you need a lot of things. You need great content. You need backlinks, you need social media somewhere in the mix. The greatest asset is that you are able to nurture an audience that reads your stuff and builds trust with you over time.

Whether it’s through blog posts, social media or email updates, a headline can drive traffic to your site faster than anything else. So, make sure your headlines draw people in and are creative enough to spark interest in your core message.

Perfect SEO copywriting is a combination of content, timing, people, keyword research, audience analysis and sales. It keeps engagement high while nurturing leads, even before the sale.

SEO writing comes with a number of challenges that do not typically come up in traditional copywriting. These challenges include SEO keyword research, search engine optimization and the incorporation of appropriate SEO practices.

SEO writing is a complete strategy that revolves around Google’s ranking algorithm. To be good at SEO copywriting, one must have knowledge about how Google ranks web pages based on the importance of keywords within the content.