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Create SEO optimized content with Daily Posts. Our team of professional writers and editors will deliver unique, compelling SEO content that Google loves; you will adore being found in search results for keywords you care about. The days of creating duplicate content are over! The days of thin content are in the past! Welcome to quality search engine optimised content that brings in traffic and sales.

Every day thousands of  pieces of SEO content are created. Only the best actually drive traffic through search engines. The Daily Posts team delivers SEO content to provide maximum value and the best possible user experience for your website’s users.

Contact us today to discover how our SEO content can increase your online revenue.

Looking to increase visibility in Search Engine Result Pages?

The search engine result pages are becoming more crowded every day. Getting organic traffic to your web pages and boosting your page rank in SERPs is certainly not a child’s play. Making high-quality SEO content is very important for the better ranking of your piece of content in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP)’.

Our special algorithm will help you to improve your reputation within Google search engine and build backlinks for your website by giving you the opportunity to order high-quality SEO content from professional writers.

A little about us

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Who we are – Daily Posts one of the leading content marketing and writing agencies in the UK. We are a group of professionals who are passionate about creating useful and engaging content as well as educating people about SEO standards. Our mission is to help business owners reach their online marketing goals by increasing their website

We have more content writers around the globe with English mother tongue and having experience in writing any type of content. We focus on providing you with content that is informative, helpful, and most of all, SEO optimized.

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Our Content Services Platform combines artificial intelligence and editorial talent from around the globe to bring your next content project to life.

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It is our goal to make it easier for you to serve your clients and keep your site up-to-date; fastest production turnarounds on a budget friendly platform.

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Our content strategists can help you plan and manage digital content to achieve specific goals. Get advice on a content project or marketing campaign.

Why invest in our SEO Content service?

Whether you own an online shop or an eCommerce business, or you are running a national marketing campaign, you know how important it is to be on top of the search engine ranking. Our SEO content service allows you to get there and stay thereby making your website more optimized and professional-looking on the search engines.

SEO content provides boosts in traffic, links, shares, and conversions for your website; we’ve produced thousands of posts over the years that have helped hundreds of customers from fortune 100 companies to small businesses reach more customers online.

Product descriptions

The description of your product is integral to its conversion and to SEO. Your buyers want a reason to buy. They need to sense that you understand their problem and that your solution is better than the competition.


We provide ready-to-publish articles that answer frequently asked questions, based on trends and keywords, in popular categories.


Guides are how-to articles that contain easy-to-follow tips and tricks for certain skills or knowledge. They allow you to educate your users in a way that is informative and interesting to the eye.

Landing pages

Landing pages are a great intro to marketing. They allow you to show off your products and services with the sole purpose of getting visitors to contact you. We create landing pages designed to convert visitors into leads.

Supporting pages

All supporting pages are important for your website. Not only do they help the search engines crawl and understand your site, but they also contribute to the user experience.

Long-form SEO content

Long-form SEO content is created to satisfy the search engine user intent. We create these type of pieces for our clients as it satisfies the audience they are trying to reach.


Infographics are an incredible way to make your information more appealing and digestible. Our team of talented designers will create an original piece of art just for you!

Why Choose Daily Posts SEO content service?

Daily Posts SEO content service provides one of the highest quality contents with guaranteed organic traffic to your blog or website. We have a dedicated team of writers, some of us even work with SMEs and large multinational companies as their in-house SEO content writer. 

With a team that has total command over Google Algorithm, we create unique contents that assist you in attaining higher rankings on search engines. These contents are genuinely written by experts who have over 3 years of SEO content writing experience and knowledge of keyword research, what it means to rank, and creating high quality “Long Tail Keywords” to ensure long term success. 

Daily Posts helps you boost search engines and Google rankings in a natural, effective way. If you’re looking for SEO content that will help you bring more traffic to your website, we’ve got you covered.

Working in Partnership

Daily Posts is one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly SEO content service you’ll find. We’re here to support you every step of the way – from content strategy to keyword analysis to writing & backlinking, it’s all handled for you.

Here at Daily Posts, we work in partnership with our clients – not for them. Our team understands your business and what you need, which is why we are there to advise and support you during every stage of the writing process. The daily posts team understands that quality content is at the heart of good SEO.

Our Guarantee

Daily Posts offers professional SEO content at a very affordable price. We will do customized research for you, find the best ratings for your keyword and use those in the content so that it meets Google’s algorithm. 

We guarantee you will be satisfied with our professional SEO content services. So, if at any time during your contract with us you are not happy with the progress we will give you a full refund.

What our clients say

“Once Again I would like to thank Daily Posts for their outstanding work, responsiveness and timely delivery not just me but for many of my other clients as well who have gone through some of our SEO campaigns and are seeing impressive results.”
“We are extremely pleased with the traffic that Daily Posts contents are bringing us, and we have already seen a substantial increase in sign-ups."
“Their service was spot on and the team are true to their claims. I found them very easy to work with and they did exactly what they said they would. You can't ask for much more than that.”
“Their team of experts is incredibly creative and responsive – our SEO content has always been ahead of the curve, generating far more leads than any other approach we have ever tried. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to grow their business.”

Cost per SEO content costing model

Daily Posts offers SEO content for your online business. We are capable of creating engaging, keyword-rich content for an affordable price.

Per word post rates mean that you only pay for words, which means a fair value for your money. On the flip side, we don’t get the luxury of hiding a fixed day rate within the price. We are careful to only give you rates that you can afford.

This makes your project budgeting easy and gives you the peace of mind that you will not be hit with unexpected costs like extra pages or any hidden cost.

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Value for money SEO content

Daily Posts is a copywriting agency that will create fantastic SEO content for you. Our skilled writers help with the creation of well written, keyword rich and links back content which helps the search engines know what the site is about.

We will ensure that you rank higher quicker in search engines and attract people to your business.

We have helped businesses create the right copy for everything from product descriptions, blogs, landing pages, to supporting pages. So where do you start? Let us give you a hand. Send us your keywords and we will write quality content that is optimized for search engines.

How our platform works

Daily Posts enables businesses to target by keywords. Using our platform which combines SEO techniques, businesses are able to quickly rank their website on top of Google SERPs for any targeted niche.

Our writers are the key to our success. Our team is made up of expert content creators who are dedicated to providing high-quality blog posts, press releases, gigs, and more. Not only that, but they’re also a ton of fun. With our online copywriting systems, you can easily create briefs, track your orders, and view your writer’s progress in real-time.

How our dashboard works

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How does the content improve their life? Are your potential audiences emotionally engaged with the content on your website?

The right kind of content on your website is key to building an effective web presence and getting your website ranking high in SERP. Our team of writers are well-versed in creating contents that will help you connect with your potential audiences. In this digital age, it’s crucial to have a team that will do more for your SEO content strategies.

Our contents will inspire conversations, unlike any other contents you have come across. Our contents don’t just skim the surface; our core objective is to reach out into your audiences’ heart and souls. We are focused on creating captivating contents that keep your audiences hooked on every word.

Answers to questions you may have:

Site structure is not just important for SEO and Search Engine Optimization, but also for your readers. Good site structure can help your readers find what they are looking for on your site. It is important to remember that search engines and human visitors use the same site map system to find their way around your site. So it makes sense that time we put into developing that tree hierarchy will pay off in the future.

Yes, our writers always deliver the content on time. We have a prompt delivery system which you can check the progress on our dashboard. We also have a 24/7 customer support team that can help you in case of any problem.

Yes, increasing your word count can help your content rank better. Google wants the best and most informative content on their top positions that relates to a query. However, low-quality content written just to fill word count with little or no value is frowned upon by Google.

Yes, we offer SEO experts for a wide range of industries. Since we have been working for more than 8 years in this industry, we can guarantee the proper execution of any assignments. If you are interested in getting an SEO expert for your business, please contact us.

The short answer is yes, but it does require some work. It depends on your website and what you already have in place for SEO. In order to get you ranked on Google, we first need to check if you are even ready to rank, then determine how to get you ranked. There are many factors that go into getting a site ranked including backlinks, PageRank, and a host of other metrics used by SERPs (Search Engine Ranks Pages). These metrics need to be analyzed and applied to your website.