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Our copywriting service will transform your boring web pages into irresistible offers through emotional, value-based content that gets prospects to take action.

Sales copywriting is one of the most important aspects of any online or offline business. Our premium sales copywriters will help you create well-written pages that stand out from competitors on search engines, drive traffic to your website, and encourage readers to become customers.

Boost your bottom line and get more sales for your business.

Do you have a product or service that you want to promote online? Are you struggling with the sales copywriting aspect of marketing your product or service? Is your company looking to create a new product or service that will give you the edge over the competition? Our sales copywriters are here to help! 

At Daily Posts, we can craft effective, compelling, affordable sales copy for your ecommerce or service website. We are a team of highly trained content writers and we are creating winning sales propositions for brands all over the world.

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Who we are – Daily Posts is an established copywriting service that specializes in crafting compelling sales copy. We help startups and established businesses to write effective online sales copy for email, landing pages, and service page content. Our copywriting service is professional, affordable, and perfect for companies looking to grow their sales. We understand how difficult it can be to write effective sales copy.

The copywriting experience is unique for every customer. Here at Copy Cats we understand this fact and tailor our services to meet your specific needs. Whether you are an individual looking to sell your product or service online, an entrepreneur with a growing business, or a large corporation looking to revitalize your brand or increase advertising revenue.

Some of the types of sales copy we work on?

Informative and persuasive writing should always be clear, concise, and compelling.  The main objective of sales copy is obviously to convince prospective customers to make a purchase.  Well-written sales copy does this by telling the story and building a positive brand image as well as communicating how great the offering is, why they need it, and how much it can help them. 

Get more done in less time with Daily Posts. Our professional writers specialize in rapid turnaround content, and always deliver quality sales copywriting:

Long form Sales Copy

Longform sales page copy in an online sales process. Convert prospects into leads; leads into paying customers. Drive repeat business.

Short & Micro Sales Copy

Powerful micro sales messages that will drive readers into action right away. The stronger your sales message - the more conversions you will get.

Video/ Explainer Scripts

Get attention and instantly increase your credibility. We will work with you to form a compelling message that generates the leads and sales you are looking for.

Sales Letter Copywriting

Great sales letters tick boxes for credibility, selling benefits, clarity, relevance and call to actions. Our copywriters know how to wrap up a powerful message.

Persuasive Copywriting

Don't settle for sloppy, impersonal copy. Let our professional writers give your site the high-quality content it deserves. Persuasive content, words and headlines.

Conversion Copywriting

Let us craft an attention grabbing sales page with a compelling story, powerful wording and perfect call to action that will skyrocket your sales conversion rate.

Viral Sales Copy

Viral sales copy that converts visitors into subscribers, and subscribers into clients and buyers. We create captivating homepage copy that'll bring in the traffic!

Squeeze Pages

We copywrite compelling squeeze page copy with the goal of persuading your traffic to take action and opt in to your lead capture page.

Email Sales Copy

Make sure you're sending emails that grab attention and get sales by having us write them for you. No boring emails here! E-mail promotions, updates and offers.

Do you need effective sales copy that generates leads?

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Why Choose Daily Posts?

Our copywriters are highly qualified and experienced in all forms of sales copywriting. Our writers will break down your project into digestible chunks to research and plan. We have been providing sales copywriting services for many years in formats such as sales pages, PPC advertisements, and letters.

Here at Daily Posts we have a team of 50+ writers who can research, write and promote your products and services. We take pride in providing our clients with professional yet affordable sales copywriting services that deliver industry-leading ROI.

We're not just copywriters. We're strategists. And storytellers.

Every day, thousands of businesses launch new products and services. If you want to stand out from the crowd, one of the best ways is with top-quality sales copywriting. We have the skills and experience to take your ideas, build them into an engaging story and use persuasive language to make you stand out above the competition. As experienced sales copywriters we know how to pitch your business to the customers you want most.

At Daily Posts, we work with businesses to create relevant, persuasive, and high-converting copy for your products and services. Our copywriting service includes the essential elements that will help you to boost sales and grow your business online!

We offer professional sales copywriting services to help you establish that competitive edge. Our extremely qualified and experienced writers can produce content that will ensure that your potential clients make a purchase from you. in 


We offer unlimited revisions on your sales copy so that you can be 100% satisfied with the work that has been done. There is no risk to you. If the copy we write for you doesn’t make you happy, let us know and we’ll re-write it until it does. If you’re not still happy, we won’t collect a penny from you.

What our clients say

I asked Daily Post to write a promotional sales letter for our business. The result was amazing! We got tons of new clients, our sales have been growing fast! The language and ideas in the messaging are both first rate.

As a start-up business, Daily Posts is helping us with our sales copywriting. The quality of the work is exceptional. I have already recommended Daily Posts to my colleagues! Thank you Daily Posts team for a great job!

First time doing business with Daily Posts and it was a great experience. They delivered my sales copy in the time frame given. Will certainly do business with them again as they are professional and deliver results.

Cost of our Sales Copywriting Service

Our Sales Copywriters can get you the results your company deserves for a very reasonable price. 

Daily Posts is a simple, straightforward copywriting service. Our services are sold on a cost-per-word model so clients know exactly what they are going to be charged for projects. 

A partnership you can count on!

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You want to know why you  register, right? 

Real, human, readable and conversational sales content that will make your  customers come to your blog daily and engage with you.

Our copywriters are the best in the industry. They know how to communicate your message, attract traffic to your site and increase your revenue.

With our powerful copywriting platform, you can have a skilled writer create beautiful sales copy whenever you need it; at a price that makes sense.

As a top-quality writing agency, we provide copywriting services for businesses across the globe. We can sell to your audience in the right way. Get in touch with us today or register on the dashboard to learn more about our services and find out how we can help your business stand out to new and existing customers.

How our writers work

Daily Post account managers will work with you to ensure your questions are answered and your deadlines met. You’ll be assigned a project manager who will be your point of contact to discuss requirements, provide progress updates, and ensure that you’re satisfied along the way. 

We have a unique process of market analysis, competitor analysis, semantic analysis and then copy production. 

How our dashboard works

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Answers to questions you may have:

One answer: Start with your unique product benefits, then lead with benefits and proof. Next, because people buy emotions and justify with logic, weave an emotional story around your benefits and proof. Then close with a call to action that speaks directly to the emotional decision the visitor has just made.

Great sales copy should persuade people to buy your product or service. Sales messaging should be written in a language that is clear for the reader, and shouldn’t contain too much technical jargon. The quality and quantity of the product/service information should also be sufficient that buyers perceive they have what they need to make an informed decision to act.

Your sales  are the number of potential buyers seeing your content, and the number that are converted to customers.  Our copywriters improve the numbers of people attracted to your content through ads and search and the number that convert. 

Some of our clients have seen visitor numbers triple and on-page conversions double as a result of using our service. That can be transformational for any business.

The beginning of sale copy should consist of the most important feature of the products or the one that will really help your customers make a decision. You start with the hook. People usually scan online content in search of the most important points. It’s best you make your headlines as short, relevant and captivating as possible..