We are a cost-effective copywriting service for businesses looking to tell their story in the best, most professional way possible. Our pricing is simple. We charge

for guest posts. We charge
per word on most projects. For complex and technical content we charge more because of the increased amount of work involved. 

Guest Posts

/per post

Example 1: 5 guest posts published per month


Example 2: 20 guest post order

Bulk Discounts are available for regular monthly orders

Normal Rate

/per word

Example 1: A 15 page website of 1000 words per page


Example 2: Improvement of 2500 word cornerstone page

Complex Copy Rate

/per word

Example 1: A 2500 word article


Example 2: Campaign of 12 monthly 2000 word articles
per month or
per year

Pay on Account

We can invoice you on a regular basis in arrears.

Pay by Credit Card

Pay by card in the dashboard or over the phone.

Pay by PayPal

Pay by PayPal in the dashboard or by PP invoice.

Her are all the most common financial questions we get asked

Can I pay by BACS monthly?


We promise to refund all money paid if we can’t fulfil a request, unless the reason is beyond our control. We want our clients 100% satisfied.

You can get up to a 50% discount on huge projects. Contact us to find out if your project qualifies!

On the finance page, you’ll be asked to enter your payment information, and you’ll have the option to pay via PayPal or using a credit card.