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Who is a website copywriter?

In a broad sense, a website copywriter writes content for a website. Content can be divided into content that informs, content that gets visitors to take action and copywriters who combine both skills or switch between them.

Website copywriters create high-quality material that sells a product or idea. It’s all the text you see online from Facebooks Ads, landing pages, homepages, About Us, PPC ads and other forms of online copy.

Website copies guide a user through the website, providing information about the site, what the company does, their history, people they’ve worked with, products and services and what’s coming up on the horizon.

Our website writers go beyond putting words together to optimise your pages for SEO. We conduct keyword research to find keywords and phrases people use when looking for your copy.

Our copywriting pushes your website to the top of search engine rankings and attracts higher amounts of traffic. Most importantly, we understand your target audience and write for them. We believe that we’ll build a positive, holistic image of your brand by providing relevant content for your audience.

The best website copywriters in the UK and beyond

In a sea of websites competing for the same customers, an excellent website writer crafts content that attracts the most traffic and provides value for the reader. Traffic, though, is useless if it doesn’t convert or leave an impression.

You need content that rises above mediocrity and achieves your marketing goals. The best copywriters are not one-hit wonders. They consistently produce amazing copies that wow your audience and get them excited to read more.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to leave your mark, you need an experienced copywriter that has written content for your niche and understands your values. Bragging and boasting is a turn off for the reader because it doesn’t address their needs. Our copywriters know how to find the unique value of your offering and give it to your audience.

We know the consumer’s journey, their frustrations with other solutions, language that triggers an emotion in then, how to address questions they haven’t asked and build a lasting relationship that leads to repeat sales.

Web surfers want action, not a hook without a fish. Our content is skimmable, precise and succinct. We avoid jargon in our copies because we want the reader to hear your message clearly. We do not waste words either, as it causes the reader to lose interest. We use white space to drive home the key message and include a single call to action in each copy.

Good Website Copywriters Are Hard to Find: 3 Traits of a Daily Posts Writer


At the top of any skillset, a website copywriter must be creative. Our writers take a technical piece and turn it into a compelling story that has your audience glued to their seats. Sadly, even writers sometimes go through a dry spell. The mark of a great writer is pushing through it to create a masterpiece for the client within the stipulated deadline.

Curious and eager to learn, but knows when to stop

An innate desire for more knowledge is the bedrock of great copywriting. When we’re not helping businesses succeed, our writers are reading articles and learning what’s new in the world of digital marketing and content marketing. When we write, we always begin with research because it strengthens our argument. Our goal is to learn as much as possible about your audience and product, to write the best copy for you.


When writing content for the web, originality is a trait admired by Google and users alike. This is especially important for niches such as travel where most of the content has already been covered by someone else. Our writers find a new angle to avoid expected clichés and offer a fresh perspective your readers will appreciate.

What types of website copy do Daily Posts produce?

  • brochures

  • e-books

  • whitepapers

  • landing pages

  • email copies

  • guest blogging

  • on-site blogging

  • home page content

  • About Us content

  • product description

  • sales letter

  • sales copies

  • entity posts

Who do we write website content for?

  • Hotels

  • Travel agencies and blogs

  • Digital marketers

  • Dentists and orthodontists

  • Rehab and detox centres

  • Non-profit organisations

  • Small businesses

  • Retail stores

  • And anyone looking to rank highly on Google

It’s hard to imagine a business that doesn’t have a website. Brands without websites are often out of touch with their customers. The role of a website in the present business climate is so important that a brand’s success, to a large extent, now depends on how responsive its website is.  Many businesses, like online stores and news outlets, rely on their websites to exist.

There’s a lot involved in keeping a website functioning and one of these elements is content. The saying that content is king is always seen around the web for a reason. A website without written content comes across as empty. Readers need to find information about whatever they’re looking for and while this information can be embedded in different forms of media, text has a major role to play.

With search engines being the major channels through which users find a website, the role of content becomes even more important. Readers will only reach a website if its pages are visible in search results. Without the right content, these web pages will remain invisible.

This is where website copywriters come into the picture.

Who is a website copywriter?

Written content seen across many websites is written by website copywriters. These experts understand how the web works, how web users react to content and what resonates with them.

The goal of copywriting is to keep users engaged and encourage them to make a move regarding the products or services being sold on a website. Website copywriters carry out research on the needs of the leads and their traits to optimise content that will speak directly to them and make them carry out different actions.

The job of a website copywriter cuts across different fields of marketing and copywriting. They’re also responsible for producing content that helps a website rank high on social media, which is part of search engine optimisation.

Types of website copywriters

Not all website copywriters are the same. These experts are good at stringing words together, but they also have their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to the kind of content they produce. Businesses can get ahead of the competition by hiring a website copywriter that perfectly understands what they’re looking to achieve. The following are the types of website copywriters.

Industry Copywriters

These are copywriters that are focused on certain industries. While almost every copywriter will claim to be versatile and can develop content after research, it’ll be more helpfulif businesses bring in writers with a wealth of experience in their industries. This way, they can have their website filled with content that can speak to the target audience and customer base in no time.

Technical website copywriter

Businesses involved in tech may find it difficult passing across their message to their consumers. This is where technical website copywriters come in. These experts understand how to simplify verbiage, making it easy to understand without diluting the essence of the message. Technical website copywriters are involved in creating explainer articles, product descriptions, as well as other informative materials online.

SEO website copywriters

These are part SEO specialists and part copywriters. While website copywriters are generally required to produce content optimised for search, SEO copywriters are more focused on developing and executing content strategies that will see a website climb the search result rankings.


B2B website copywriters

Website writers involved in creating website copy for businesses that sell to other businesses are known as B2B copywriters. These experts understand how to craft content that speaks directly to other business executives.


What does a website copywriter do?

She produces all the written content that appears across different pages of any website. They can also create lyrics and scripts for video and audio content that will be published on different web pages.

Is hiring a website copywriter expensive?

The cost involved in hiring a website copywriter is determined by a number of factors. Some of these include the amount of work to be done, the copywriter involved and the level of work to be completed.

Before writing website copy, there are several questions we have to answer. Who is your target audience? What message do you want to communicate? What action do you want your audience to take? What kind of content do you offer your secondary audience? What is your brand’s tone of voice? What words are users looking for when looking for your content?

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Daily Posts: Website Copywriting Service that Makes All the Difference 

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There is a lot of preparation to be done before writing website copy. If you rush it, it will inevitably fail. Every copy must have a goal, a purpose, a mission to accomplish. Our writers create bespoke content that solves a problem for your audience, relays your message effectively and gets your audience to take your desired call to action.

In spite of every noble goal you’ve heard about copywriting, the primary aim is to help the client make a sale. These days, the only way to achieve this goal is to provide valuable content to your audience.

Daily Posts offers the most versatile team of website writers for any niche and all types of website content. We take your dreams for your website and breathe life into them. Our copies interest, engage, communicate and compel your audience to make a purchase and even return for more. We make loyal customers out of sceptics and increase conversion for your website by establishing your brand as a trustworthy authority in your niche.

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