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Persuasive Marketing Copywriter Services

Anybody who wields a pen can write, but not everybody who picks up a pen can copywrite. Why? Because copywriting is only for those who can create compelling written materials which propel others to take actions they would otherwise not have taken. Like Pericles of Athens, copywriters are able to revive a waning website, giving it the incentive to generate quantum traffic and sales.  

Perhaps, this is what you’re looking for: a copywriting agency that goes beyond the norm of writing basic content to produce professional marketing copy that always delivers customer conversions.

If this is the blueprint for your marketing campaign, then look no further. At Daily Posts UK, our copywriters are skilled in the art of creating highly persuasive messages for both traditional print media and digital marketing platforms.

We’ve worked with thousands of clients in online and offline media across several countries; they trust us implicitly to spin their marketing wheels with our effective copywriting strategies. So, whether you want your marketing design to go viral, hack content on your website for conversions, or lend a powerful voice to your content video, our professional copywriters can do the job.

What is Marketing Copywriting?

Marketing copywriting comprises all the written assets your business/company utilises to raise brand awareness, encourage people to take action, increase brand loyalty and keep satisfied customers coming back for more.

The goal of traditional Content Marketing is to attract and retain visitors. Copywriting convinces your visitors to take a specific action, such as download an e-book or complete a subscription form. Both have blended significantly in recent years; so much so, that many brands can’t differentiate either anymore.

Common forms of marketing copy include email, eBooks, blogs, white papers, web copies, infographics, paid advertising and video. There is no single strategy for any marketing copy. The technique employed will largely depend on the overall goal of the marketing copy and the type of content included.

Marketers who know their stuff look for copywriting agencies to produce content on their landing pages, direct mail campaigns, infomercials and sales pages. Finding a savvy writing company is like picking real gold from a bowl of gold-coloured stones.

At Daily Posts, we’ve set ourselves apart from the rest with our team of highly skilled writers, journalists, researchers and marketing specialists, who are quick to identify the motivations of your target customers in order to weave persuasive messages that achieve their business goals.

Top Marketing Copywriting that gets results

The first thing we do when attempting to write your marketing copy is to understand the type of content being used. This way, we can determine a framework for your niche, as well as the right format, character limits and duly apply SEO best practices to your content.

We use your precise goals as the basis for copy to establish a connection with your reader. We do this using original, eye-opening, engaging copies, infused with your brand voice and personality. Your ‘Call to Action’ is clear and direct, so that users know exactly what action to take after reading your copy.

Our Marketing Copywriters are niche-specific. We understand that everything is crucial to the success of your copy and leave no stone unturned when creating content that’s competitive, targeted, motivating and effective.

Our Marketing Copywriters wear many hats to get you the results you deserve. They write from the perspective of the audience, using their understanding of the buyer’s pain points, doubts and trepidations to move them to trust you and subsequently shop with your brand.

Ready to get started and reach your marketing goals?

Contact us in the UK) 02380 970 979 or (US) (646) 679-7971 to discuss your marketing goals and how we can create unique, enticing copies for you. We’re ready when you are!

What’s the Unique Difference Between our Marketing Copies and the Rest of the Hoard?

There are hundreds of copywriting firms who make promises of great value for money, but can’t deliver, as they simply do not possess the ability to provide the results you need.

A Daily Posts Marketing Copywriter is versatile, easily shifting between content types, without missing a beat. They are adept at fusing your brand’s voice to fit their writing style and provide content your audience is familiar with. They understand technical SEO and have the ability to craft words that evoke emotions and reactions in your readers. In short, we make the most difficult tasks look easy.

Our marketing copies are interesting and informative. We avoid repeating keywords or complicating the ‘Call-to-Action’.

Do you need a case study? We’ll show readers how your copies helped a customer address a major issue and brought joy into their lives. Have you got a product that needs describing? We’ll write a product description that’s short, sweet, direct, optimised for search and helps the user visualise using it. Whatever you’re looking for, we can provide the very best marketing copy that propels you to the top of search engine rankings.

Let’s not forget about email – the proven ‘King of conversion’ and the best way to reach your audience. There are multiple connections made with readers, depending on their progression through the sales funnel. Our marketing email copies make the reader curious about an attractive subject line. The message conveys relevant information to the reader and features a brief CTA that brings it all together.

What are our best tips for writing Marketing Copies?

  • Never assume that your audience knows about the topic to hand. Always keep the copy simple and convey a clear message.

  • You’ll lose credibility when your marketing copy is filled with grammatical errors. Get an editor to run through your content.

  • Think of the reader whenever you write. The customer has a very short attention span, so focus on their needs, problems and desires.

  • Lead the reader to act – either subtly or overtly.

  • There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to marketing copies. Therefore, deliver an individualised copy to your audience.

  • Predict the thoughts of your readers and answer a question before they ask it.

What Specific Benefits Will a Copywriting Agency Offer Me?

When you choose a copywriter to convey the message of your promotional materials or web pages, you are utilising the fusion of content writing and copywriting. The result is like adding a few drops of glycerine to crystals of potassium permanganate. You’ll instantly get a spark! Here are just some of the benefits of hiring our professional writing agency:

  • Your website is never bereft of ideas. This means you’ll get article refreshes on a periodic timetable – all of which are scalable.

  • Without gainsay, your marketing campaign is plugged into the heart of the writing business. You’ll receive peak-value content on an ongoing basis, as well as high ranking on search engines.

  • Additionally, you’ll easily draw from the pool of niche-specific writers for your industry.

  • Value writing agencies understand that it’s significant for your business to make profits or lead a large market share; subsequently, they make this happen.

Why Choose Daily Posts for Your Marketing Copy?

“We’ve become so accustomed to hearing everyone claim that their product is the best in the world – or the cheapest – that we take all such statements with a pinch of salt.” 
– Robert Collier.

At Daily Posts, we go beyond the mere claims of great copy to actually writing great copy. We are at the zenith of writing agencies in the UK and several other countries. So, what does this mean for us and our clients? We deliver marketing messages that drive business goals, keeping our clients’ websites and businesses attractive, shareable and profitable.

How exactly do we do this?

  • Our professional writers begin by creating compelling headlines that always grab the reader’s attention.

  • We guide readers through the content by breaking it into bits, with subheadings that are persuasive.

  • We zero in on the content to highlight the benefits which separate your product or service from the rest, helping you build consumer trust and brand identity.

  • Your content is formatted with prolific SEO link building strategies, because we know how important ranking and traffic are to your marketing campaign.

  • Your ad copy is closed with a responsive ‘Call to Action’ (CTA), the message that ultimately ‘seals the deal’.

Marketing copies for the web and beyond

The key to writing seductive marketing copy for the web and beyond is to research your ideal reader and convince them that they need your offering to improve their life. Seductive copywriting doesn’t just sell the product, it sells the brand and creates an affinity between you and the buyer.

We think of your ideal reader as a friend whom we’ve had countless conversations with. We know the questions they want to be answered, the right words to make them feel good about a purchase and how to flatter them. We’re not just listing the features or benefits; we’re telling the audience about problems they can avoid and how to get past their objections in one excellent copy.

What If I’m not looking to Drive Sales?

This is a good question. Our copywriting services aren’t limited to marketing content for sales only, but are about writing quality content for traditional print and online media as well. This includes (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Capping off videos with mini blogs

  • Creating responsive email newsletters

  • Crafting powerful SEO articles

  • Drawing up blogs for your website and updating them to resonate with current trends

  • Writing impactful eBooks and press releases

  • We’ve hand-picked each of our writers from specific zones of the writing industry to give us the multi-faceted approach that we adopt in creating compelling online and offline content. Our writers comprise journalists, marketing professionals, researchers and editors, who are experts in their various fields.

Contact Us Today!

You’ll get marketing content that speaks directly to your target audience when you ask Daily Posts to do the job. We will utilise our decades of experience in understanding people and lead you to a loyal audience that generates conversions for your business goals.

Marketing is an essential department in every business. Without good marketing strategies and platforms, businesses will not be able to reach out to prospective customers and increase sales. Marketing is also used to improve customer loyalty and improve public relations.

Marketing requires advertising in order to sell products or services. Advertising tools and media such as billboards, telemarketing, radio advertising, and the internet are essential in reaching out to the general public. This requires creating unique content for the media.

Copy is a unique written content developed for advertising or marketing campaigns and designed to make readers take a specific action. Copywriting requires a thorough understanding of the market and product, persuasive skills, and excellent writing ability.

Marketing copy is specifically designed for marketing purposes. Sometimes known as sales copy, it is used to boost sales. Marketing copy can be used for many forms of advertising such as radio advertising (jingles), video advertising (television and YouTube ads), offline advertising (brochure, sales sheet, and billboards), and  online advertising (web landing pages and direct response copy).

At Daily Posts, we have a team of professional copywriters with excellent marketing copywriting skills. We write copy for offline advertisement, jingles and online ads. For marketing copy guaranteed to boost a conversion rate and increase ROI, call us today on 02380970979.

Types of Marketing Copy

There are many types of marketing copy and each has its own unique copy. Here are the six main forms of marketing copy.

  • B2B Marketing Copy

Business to Business marketing copy is a promotional content from one business to another. This requires formal tone, adequate information, and enough time to complete. We utilise technical copywriting and long form type copy to produce well-researched excellent content which is guaranteed to impress the prospective client. We personalise copy to suit each client’s needs.

  • B2C Marketing Copy

Business to Consumer marketing copy is the popular form of copy aimed at the general audience. It uses a less formal tone and natural language to convince the audience to make purchases. We identify your ideal client and personalise copy. We address your audience’s fears and objections and keep your brand voice to build trust.

  • Email Marketing Copy

Email marketing is known to have a better conversion rate than other forms of online advertising. Copy such as newsletters, sales sheets, and product descriptions are sent as mails to prospective clients in such so as to compel them to place orders. We create better compelling content for email marketing, and we can write lead capture pages which will enable you to develop your subscriber mailing list.

  • Web Marketing Copy

This includes all forms of web copy for the internet such as social media ads, web landing pages, online product descriptions and blog posts. We produce search engine optimised content which makes your pages rank higher for relevant search queries. This increases organic traffic to your website. With powerful headlines, entity-filled content, and compelling CTAs, we keep your audience intrigued and ready to perform the desired action.

  • Offline Marketing Copy

This covers all forms of offline advertisement including telemarketing, radio jingles, brochures, sales sheets, and billboard advertisement. We craft compelling content which is sure to resonate within the minds of your audience. This also increases customer loyalty.

  • Direct Response Marketing Copy

Direct response marketing cuts across all other forms of marketing. It involves advert copy meant to elicit an instant response from the audience. With the skills of world-famous direct response copywriters such as David Ogilvy and Claude Hopkins, we develop long form copy using technical copywriting. This uses powerful headlines to get the attention of the reader, carefully melt every objection the reader might have in the body, and get the reader to perform the desired action with a striking call-to-action.

Basic Qualities of Good Marketing Copy

  • Ability to Attract and Keep Attention

If an advert campaign does not draw attention, then it is sure to have a higher bounce rate and low ROI. The headlines should be stunning enough to catch the attention of the audience, and the content flow should be tailored to keep the reader interested.

  • Simplicity

For maximum impact, good copy should be kept very simple. With fewer jargons and in a tone the reader will easily relate to, copy is more likely to provide a higher conversion rate. Copy should be optimised for readability. Bulleted points make copy scannable and eay to read.

  • User-oriented

Copy should be written with the user in mind. This ensures better user experience and user journey. Copy should address the needs and fears of the reader, providing better solutions and information the reader will require.

  • Conviction Value

Copy should be able to convince the reader into taking action. With carefully researched points and the right tone, copy should subtly eat at the reader’s objections until he is fully convinced the product is meant for him.

NeedGood Marketing Copy?

Daily Posts is a copywriting agency with professional and experienced copywriters. For nearly a decade, we have been providing copywriting services for top firms in Australia, Canada, the UK, the USA, and New Zealand. Our copyis guaranteed to boost the conversion rate and sales for you. Contact us today on 02380970979 to get started.

They say copywriting is simple when you get the hang of it, but coercing people to take action requires a special skill set that only a select few possess. The ability to weave words into engaging copies that show your audience the most unique features of your product, help them visualise the solution and convince them to make a purchase, requires tact.

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Hack on Persuasive Marketing Copywriter Services

Does it make a difference to conversion when a Marketing Copywriter handles your marketing copies as opposed to doing it yourself? Do you need a copywriter who can get inside the buyer’s head and highlight the unique benefits of your products above all else? Can you incorporate a ‘Call to Action’ (CTA) in your copies that instructs the reader what to do and guides them through the sales funnel? Ultimately, the goal of your marketing copy is to attract traffic and convince the reader to buy from you.

A great marketing copy is powerful, distinctive, engaging and unique in its own way. It is targeted specifically at your audience, relevant to their particular problems and effective in solving them. This is what you’ll enjoy when you hire Daily Posts, who produce marketing copies that accomplish all your goals.

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