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I Need a Copywriter

Reasons You Need a Professional Copywriting Agency

In today’s digital business environment, effective online marketing is the essential component in the overall business goals of any company. However, why exactly do you need a professional copywriting agency as opposed to the thousands, if not millions, of freelance copywriters out there?

The truth is, the internet is crawling with copywriters. You may think that’s great news for businesses in need of copywriting services, right? Well, not quite. The fact that something is abundant doesn’t mean it is all top-quality. At the end of the day, it is much better to choose a renowned writing company such as Daily Posts to save yourself stress and disappointment. Here’s why:

Finding a skilled freelance copywriter is incredibly hard

That is just putting it mildly. Getting a qualified freelancer is an arduous, time-consuming task that might have you pulling your hair out. You have to sift through hundreds of awful writers before you are likely to get to the average, run-of-the-mill copywriters.

However, you do not have to partake in the challenging sifting process with a writing agency like Daily Posts. This is because we have already done a thorough and extensive search and have hand-picked some of the best copywriters from different parts of the world. Rather than going through numerous portfolios, you can hand over your project to a trusted professional copywriting agency and rest easy, knowing you are getting unsurpassed copy in no time.

No waiting period

If you eventually find good freelance copywriters, they may be booked up for months on end. Remember, freelance copywriters write by themselves with basically no help or input from anyone. This means you have to wait your turn and this could stretch into months. That is time your business does not have.

However, with a professional copywriting agency, you are attended to immediately. Daily Posts has hundreds of expert copywriters on its team, all ready to jump on your project and get started the minute you commit to us. There is only so much one person can do. A team, on the other hand, is limitless. With us, you don’t have to wait.

High standard of quality

One thing you can expect from a copywriting agency, such as Daily Posts, is the highest standard of quality. A mediocre freelance copywriter may be able to wing it, but an agency, not so much. You see, a terrible agency won’t last long because it will garner a bad reputation. Because of this, copywriting agencies endeavour to operate to a degree of excellence.

This is the case with us at Daily Posts. There is absolutely no room for slackers or second-rate copywriters. We have attained a reputation as the world’s leading copywriting agency and we strive to maintain that same level of brilliance that has earned us that distinction.


With a professional writing agency, you are assured of a variety you may not get while working with just one person. Agencies have a medley of copywriters who specialise in different fields and can perfectly write about your business, whereas a freelance copywriter may find it hard to write about your industry, especially if it is one that they are yet to across. At Daily Posts, we have the resources and manpower to handle your project no matter the niche, whether it is fashion, tech, health, law, entertainment or science.

Internal resources

When working with a freelance writer, you may require internal resources for managing, editing and proofreading the finished copy. You may still need to hire an SEO expert to optimise the copy for search engines. On the other hand, with a copywriting agency, you can hand over the reins fully to them.

At Daily Posts, we don’t just deliver copy, we polish it up for optimum productivity. We have in-house editors who proofread the copy and go over it with a fine tooth comb. We also SEO your web copies to increase your ranking in search engine result pages.


An agency with a team of writers has the capacity to develop with your business, allowing you to extend your copy requirements as your business grows. A single freelancer may be enough for a small business with a small copywriting requirement, but, as you grow, there may be challenges. Also seeing as freelance writers work for and by themselves, there may not be a sense of urgency as is prevalent in agencies. A freelancer working alone may have commitments, take vacations or have emergencies which may lead to continual delays and extensions, whereas, in an agency, there are multiple seasoned writers who can cover if there is ever a need to.

Why You Should Hire Daily Posts’ Expert Copywriting Services for Your Business

At Daily Posts, we have one of the largest pools of well-trained and top-level copywriters with many years of experience, who create highly-persuasive content on countless topics for various businesses and brands, across different niches.

Our passionate and client-dedicated team is also made up of highly-proficient technical and SEO copywriters who are fully equipped with the right tools to get your business, products and brands on the minds and lips of your specific audience. These and more are the reasons why we are so renowned.

You have a continuous stream of high-value writing on the web

With Daily Posts, you can sit back and focus on other aspects of your business while we get busy producing quality content with SEO strategies that get you significant brand visibility and expands your profit margins. Engaging our copywriting services will give you a distinct edge in the marketplace.

You have a bigger choice of expert copywriters

When you engage the expert services of Daily Posts, you can access some of the best minds in the industry who are native English speakers and devoted to getting your copy specifically to your instructions. If you need to add any extra notes, information or data to make the copy perfect, our large pool of writers will get it done quickly. We may also choose to assign your task to a specific writer who – in our own estimation – has the specific skills and background knowledge that perfectly matches your requirements.

Our copywriters are focused on delivering content that matches your exact instructions

As professional copywriters outside your immediate business network, our team of writers are able to empathise more with your target market and focus on delivering content and styles that resonate with them. They are also fixed on creating copy that aligns with your SEO vision.

You enjoy the benefit of copy written from an expert marketing perspective to drive conversion rates

At Daily Posts, we don’t just write creative copy, we produce perfect copywriting content that doesn’t just explain, but also convinces and persuades. The results are compelling copy that appeal to your specific audiences, top search engines and attract immediate, positive responses. Daily Posts’ leading copywriting services enable you to take control of your digital brand goals and actually meet them.

We produce all the fresh ideas you need to get your brand communication vision up and running

Copywriting is a creativity-intensive craft and involves churning out new ideas, fresh angles and interesting insights that add an extra flavour to your online marketing campaigns and vision. As a Daily Posts’ client, you don’t have to worry about new topics or ideas that will engage your readers adequately and efficiently. Our copywriters are skilled and possess the right tools to get that part of the business running smoothly.

You save money

Think of all the costs you save on by hiring in-house staff, computers and other office supplies, as well as heavy machinery for your digital branding campaign. All the expense is taken out of your budget and replaced with Daily Posts’ best value offers, which are guaranteed to deliver the highest quality and unbeatable SEO strategies.

You establish your brand as an industry authority

We boost your brand awareness levels and profit-generating potential by establishing you as a niche authority with highly-informative and persuasive pieces that add real value to readers.

You enjoy better brand value and higher conversion rate

With Daily Posts’ consistent production of ‘out-of-the-box’ marketing copy (strategically linked and distributed via the right channels and social media platforms), your brand gains greater value and share in the marketplace, as well as increased click-through and conversion rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me with copyright?

No, we can’t. Copyrighting is about legal ownership of a piece of work, whereas what we do is copywriting. These are totally unrelated.

Can I make changes to the copy after the work has started?

At Daily Posts, we want to see you happy and satisfied, therefore, we are willing to accommodate minor changes and notes during the course of the work, if the change to be made is a major one, we advise that you please let us know as soon as possible so we can incorporate these changes into your content.

How long do you think my copy should be?

This totally depends on you. We can deliver web copy which ranges from a few hundred words to a couple of thousand. Recently, research has shown that the ideal length for most pages and posts when it comes to search engine optimisation is 2000 words. Even though most people tend to skim content online, it is still very important to give them informative content.

Longer articles give us room to talk about your brand and your services naturally and clearly while shorter articles help us to be concise and hit the nail on the head without being too verbose. Whichever length you choose to go with, Daily Posts can deliver.

Why is SEO so important to copywriters?

The majority of all website traffic is driven by search engines. Most web users do not even go to the second page of search results – they instead search again using different keywords. Therefore, if your website doesn’t make it to the first page of search results, you are potentially losing over 85% of traffic. Daily Posts copywriters know this, so we try to optimise your content in a way that search engines will rank it higher so that your traffic and, by extension, your conversion, will increase.

Daily Posts – the world’s leading writing agency – is your ideal business communication partner. This fantastic-value writing company helps remove any worries and technicalities in your digital brand development objectives, with a range of top-level copywriting services.

With our writing agency, your online marketing goals are well taken care of. We ensure that you reach the right audience – critical to your business vision – and get favourable search engine results every time your copy is posted online.

Sign up here and let’s get started. To find out how we can grow your online presence, call us on 02380 970979.

Copywriting goes beyond being a wordsmith. Copywriting also goes beyond writing and reviewing emotive USPs.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is a writing style deployed to advertise or promote marketing ideas. It aims for product improvement with a buy in to a targeted audience. Copywriting reinforces idea concepts for businesses or individuals.

Gatekeeper on brand awareness: Copywriting focuses on a client’s brand and improves image perception and also promotes successful conversions with minimal bounce rates.

A copywriter’s goal is to provide content in line with a website’s requirements, as it has a specific target. Content is therefore tailored with keywords to each online business. Copywriters insert hyperlinks and citation links for a positive user experience. They also use CTAs for sale conversions on online media like blogs and landing pages.

Communication media: Copywriters create desired messaging for both ATL (Above the Line) and BTL (Below the Line) advertising. ATL advertising focuses on the consumer audience. ATL media includes radio, TV, online and print media. BTL advertising focuses on a direct relationship with the consumer. BTL adverts include handbills, stickers, fliers, or pamphlets.

Types of copywriting

  • SEO copywriting: This form of copywriting focuses on making an article rank highly in search engine results. Keywords are inserted several times in an article to have it optimised.
  • Technical copywriting: Technical copywriters are not professional writers. They get trained to write because of the technical knowledge they possess.
  • Sales copywriting: Here, emphasis is placed on CTAs. Sales copywriting requires creativity.
  • Creative copywriting: Words are put together by a talented pool of writers. These include conceptualisation projects and company bylines for clients.
  • Content copywriting: A copywriter writes on a topic for different websites. These may include step-by-step procedures or how-to-do articles.

What makes great copywriting?

Addresses and speaks to the client: A copywriter clearly understands a client’s brief. Excellent copy pitches directly to the client and not an audience.

It is memorable: About 300 to 600 marketing messages are seen or heard daily. Good copy should linger in the minds of a reader long after it has been read. It should be rememered for its uniqueness.

Powerful headlines: Good copy should have captivating headlines. They have to be punchy, emotive and timely.

Attention to detail: Good copy must be well proofread. Spelling errors, typos and repeated words are removed. Consistency is maintained on the choice of words used.

Simplicity: Good copy is simple. The use of difficult words is avoided and phrases are often replaced with words.

Clarity: Good copy is concise and clear.

Connects emotionally: Good copy fosters communication and trust.

Facts about copywriting

Research: Good copywriters are researchers. Copywriters spend only about a sixth of their time writing an article. A third of the time goes to editing and half of the time is spent on research.

Shorter copy does better: Statistics show tweets between 100 to 115 characters tend to be re-tweeted. Further statistics reveal that online visitors read 20 percent of a web page. Copywriters therefore ensure important points are short and stand out.

Non-repeat business for non-diligent copywriters: Statistics show 59 percent of online users avoid copywriters who make grammar or spelling mistakes. 74 percent of online users notice grammatical and spelling errors.

Statistical backup: Providing statistics and social proof on landing pages improves conversions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is charged?

The nature, size and time span for the project are some factors that influence cost.

What information is required prior to the commencement of a job?

Quickly fill out our briefing template which would cover the following:

  • Provide details on your brand personality
  • What makes your service offerings distinct?
  • What claims would you want us to key in?
  • Which target visitors do you seek?
  • What do your target visitors need and want?
  • How can your visitors win your trust?
  • What is your current CTA?
  • Provide your SEO keywords.

(We would kindly get back to you if we need any additional information)

I sometimes have huge and small project tasks, do I fit in?

We are happy to help whether it is 200,000 words per day or minimal blog posts per week.

I do not reside in the UK but require quick copy delivery. How can you help?

That’s not a problem, since we work for clients globally and provide quick service delivery.

How well can I monitor my ongoing project so there is no entire re-work at the end?

Our systems provide you an access login after which you can have 24/7 progress feedback.

Does your company provide editing as well?

Yes, we do. Once copy has been done, we have a team of editors who runs an excellent review.

How do I contact you?

You can reach us quickly via our Contact Us page or call us on 02380 970 979.

Is your business new to the industry? Are you looking to quickly establish a digital brand presence and gain significant awareness in the minds of your target audience? Is your company a veteran in the field, providing already familiar services and products, but needs a fresh communication strategy?

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Take Control of Your Digital Brand Goals with Daily Posts’ Leading Copywriting Services 

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Do you need an effective online policy to drive your business vision, brand development objectives and generally establish your company as an industry market leader? Does your business operate in a technical or special fields industry and require a blend of expert creative writing skills and technical awareness? Do you need to create communication copy that connects with varied audiences to generate profits?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need a copywriter.

Copywriting is an art form and a universal skill that is applicable to every business sector. Daily Posts’ professional writers have mastered this art and can provide copywriters for any job you require, guaranteeing quality results every time.

We develop flawless and compelling writing copies that attract an online audience, earn first page search engine rankings, drive traffic to your website and explode your conversation rates.

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