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Copy Writing Service

Our Copywriting Services for Professional Writing

Your business needs a voice that communicates authority and professionalism in its content. Many brands find it difficult to infuse the right tone and language in their business writing. This can be a problem, especially if most of your business is web driven.

Our professional copywriters understand the need for direct and clear messaging in business communication. You want to convince customers that you are an authority in your niche.

We provide solution-driven content that builds respect, loyalty and trust. Whether you need content for your homepage or copy to increase purchases on your website, we have experienced copywriters capable of delivering within a specified period of time. Our copywriters are more than writers – they are professional communicators.

Our business copywriting services include:

  • Business reports and news pieces

  • Articles and business blog posts

  • Newsletters and email marketing

  • Internal communications

  • Web copy for homepages and sales pages

  • Customer case studies

  • Guides and ‘How-to’ articles

We can give your business a competitive edge with quality web copy.

Copywriting Services for Casual Pieces

There are times your website could take a more casual approach to its content style. Maybe you want a humorous piece on the adventures of backpacking in South America or a foodie article on a ‘Man versus Food’ encounter in Chinatown? In both cases, you would need captivating storytelling.

Daily Posts writers are trained to incorporate the mood of a story into its content. As professional storytellers, we weave entertaining narratives into your content which can hold your audience spellbound. We start by conducting research to establish the personality of the typical reader, and then use specific ‘voice tone’ and language to build an emotional connection.

However, we don’t build narratives at the expense of your corporate persona. The content we produce mirrors your business personality with the right mix of humour and professionalism.

At Daily Posts, we believe in messages that educate, engage and encourage action. Our content isn’t produced to create attention and increase engagement alone but to complete a specified goal. We recommend taking advantage of engaging posts to achieve objectives such as newsletter subscriptions or mini-survey participation.

Some examples of recreational copywriting services include:

  • Story-led case studies

  • Corporate/brand storytelling

  • Travel articles

  • Casual blog posts

  • Trending news items

  • Movie reviews

  • Book reviews

Why Do You Need Copywriting Services?

Besides building strong a relationship between your company and its stakeholders, copywriting services also provide online-specific benefits for your website. There are endless websites struggling to be seen every day.

How do you ensure your voice is not drowned out by the noise of your competition? The best way to grow your business and get yourself heard is to employ the services of an experienced copywriter. You have a lot to gain when you choose Daily Posts for regular website content. Some benefits are:

Increase in search engine ranking

Google algorithms love regular fresh content. The more your website is updated with quality content, the higher its positioning in search engines. In addition to the language and artfully-crafted copy, our copywriters insert specific keywords aimed at improving the SEO quality of your web page. A professional copywriter knows where, when and how to incorporate white hat SEO strategies into your content.

This is part of what we do at Daily Posts. We are aware that anyone can write a compelling content, but only seasoned and versatile copywriters with search engine optimisation expertise can craft great content that still implements SEO strategy to increase website traffic to help you rank higher in search engines without losing sight of your readers.

Increase in conversion rates

What is the point of generating maximum traffic to your website with minimum or no conversions? As a rule, the traffic you pull in should be converted into buyers. Daily Posts is a firm believer in content that overcomes buyer objections and compels action. With strong ‘Call-to-Action’ statements, we guarantee web content that motivates your readers to complete a specified goal for your business.

It attracts the right target audience

A professional copy directly speaks to the target market in a way that is appealing, thereby attracting the attention of more visitors. When a non-professional copywriter puts out a piece, their inexperience usually shows. They talk ‘at’ the audience not ‘to’ the audience, interspersing the copy with jargon and irrelevant content.

An experienced and knowledgeable copywriter who knows what your target market needs uses catchy words and phrases, grammatically correct sentences, proper spelling and impeccable punctuation to create classic content that will resonate with your audience and have them coming back again and again.

Exclusive content

You may find it tiresome trying to describe your services using different words and diverse perspectives in different web pages and may resort to repetition or using shortcuts. However, copywriters have the ability to continuously produce premium content which is unique and excellent. Employing the services of a professional copywriter means never having to battle with duplicitous content because every piece of copy is fresh, original, and all yours.

Improve online authority

Quality web content increases site traffic and encourages social shares. With the increasing popularity of your website, people will continue to make repeat visits, thereby making you an authority on the topic. Authority websites enjoy high SEO rankings and a better chance of web conversions.

Why Choose Daily Posts for Professional Copywriting?

With all the benefits of copywriting listed above, you may be at loss as to which agency to go with. Copywriting agencies are a dime a dozen, so, which is best suited for you? Why should you choose Daily Posts? What can we offer you that other copywriting agencies can’t?

Well, here are some of the reasons why you should choose us:

Guaranteed regular content

It is hard to keep up with your content needs while attending to your other business obligations. Daily Posts is your ‘go-to’ source for regular content, as often as you want it. Whether you run a blog or a business website, we have a diverse team of prolific copywriters ready to meet your requirements.

100% original and exclusive content

We always provide our clients with original content. Fresh content boosts your search ranking, while duplicate content has the opposite effect. As a policy, our writers are trained to produce original content for each project. This means we don’t reproduce or plagiarise your work for another client. On that, you have our word.

Flexible and affordable pricing

Our copywriting services are flexible. You can choose a price point (per 100 words) according to your budget. This gives you control over how much you want to spend on any content piece. We also have prolific copywriters for any niche you request.

Prompt delivery

We make it a point of duty to deliver our copies on time. We know you may be working on a fixed schedule and we respect that, therefore, we strive to deliver your content on or before the deadline. If, for any reason, we need an extension (though this rarely ever happens) we tell our clients beforehand to avoid disappointment. We value the trust our clients have in us and we strive to keep it that way.

Power-packed call to action (CTA)

After reading your copy, it is important that your visitor makes a decision. It could be to leave your page, read another page, subscribe, contact you, book an appointment, or buy your service. A weak or poorly-written call to action can be anticlimactic and end up ruining all you’ve built up in the preceding part of the copy.

We are adept in writing call to actions that are intentional and effective. A powerful call to action ensures your conversion goal is met. It creates a sense of urgency and ultimately tells your audience how to respond to your marketing piece. It makes it easy for them to take the necessary action and compels them to act, thereby increasing your conversion rate.

Frequently Asked Questions on Copywriting Services

Is it copywriting or copyrighting?

Copywriting is about writing promotional content in order to market, brand, advertise and sell a product or service, whereas copyrighting is the process of legally securing exclusive rights to a person’s literary or artistic work, giving them the legal freedom to reproduce, publish, sell and distribute the work as they deem fit.

If you are looking for an agency that can help you create content or write copies for your brand, you need a copywriter or a copywriting agency like Daily Posts. However, if you are looking for someone who can help you secure a copyright to protect material and prevent illegal use of it by unauthorised people, you need a copyrighter.

How hard can copywriting be, isn’t it just writing?

Contrary to popular opinion, copywriting is not a walk in the park. The truth is, copywriting is a demanding job which requires an endless stream of creativity and expertise. It takes a level of experience, discipline and innovation to write in a way that persuades and promotes a brand or service.

Can my fiction writer friends write copies too?

That is very unlikely. The belief that fiction writers or other kinds of writers can automatically create professional copies is a bit of a stretch. It is true that those who write in a professional capacity possess some skills they can transfer to copywriting. However, different types of writing are very different specialities. Unlike a fiction writer or a scriptwriter, copywriters have to understand the customer’s anxieties, dispel their fears and motivate them to purchase their services.

Do small businesses need copywriting too?

Yes, they do. Businesses of all sizes including SMEs, start-ups, and multinationals need copywriting services. Copywriting can equally help by giving them the boost and publicity they need to grow.

At Daily Posts, we believe communication should not only drive the message but inspire action as well. The best messages always motivate the audience. Similarly, we aim to produce content that leads people towards a specific goal; from calling your business line to clicking the ‘Sign-up’ button on your webpage. A completed action is a true measure of well-written copy.

We put our clients at the centre of our services, making sure all projects are delivered as requested, and submitted on time. Interested in joining our network of satisfied clients? Sign up here and let’s get started. To find out how we can grow your online presence, call us on 02380 970979.

Content writing service involves providing information to a website. Content describes what the site is all about and what it offers. This can be in the form of blog posts, article writing, press releases, among others. Business owners invest in agencies that provide excellent quality content to reach a wider audience and boost their sales.

Content writing helps an organisation to build a rapport with potential customers and create brand awareness.

Types of content writing services

Content for blogs

A blog is an online platform that allows users to interact with and learn from an organisation. It helps to provide information and facilitate purchasing decisions.

Website article

This type of content writing educates users on a specific topic or subject. It is in-depth and informative content that enlightens the readers.

Press Release

Its objective is to make customers aware of the new developments and updates occurring in a particular organisation.

Social media content

This is a system of getting across information to customers using social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. They are in the form of images, links to websites and microcontent.

Technical content

This type of content writing looks into a subject or topic with a detailed explanation, directions, and instructions.

What makes great content writing?

Great content writing engages an audience and provides value to them. The aim is to make the reader take the desired action after reading the piece. Thus, it is worthy to note that a piece should have relevant information that will educate the readers about the things that are important to them.

For example, a flour company can post an article titled: “The simplest ways to bake a cake”. The writer should remember they are writing to help the audience and create awareness for the company. Content should be well-researched and written in a language that the target audience can understand. 

Content should engage enough to build a rapport with the audience. It must create an emotional connection with the readers to promote engagement. Poor readability makes content less captivating. Great content tells the audience how to apply information.

At Daily Posts, we create content that promotes businesses. We make sure that content is intelligible, easy to read, reliable, and relevant.

Facts about content writing

According to demandmetric.com, Content marketing services cost 62% less than traditional marketing and generate approximately 3 times more leads.

As shown by a report from the Custom Content Council, 55% of organisations outsourced their content development in 2011. This number expanded to 62% in 2012. Companies that invest in agencies that provide content will record significant growth in the long run.

According to Copyblogger.com, "80% of people will read your headlines, but only 20% will read the rest of your content.” Therefore, the headline is as important as the body of the article.

According to neipatel.com, up to 44% of marketers have difficulty in content production and need to seek the help of professionals.

As indicated by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), 73% of companies have experts who mastermind their content strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a content writing service?

Content writing service involves providing information to a website. Content describes what the site is all about and explains what it offers to the target audience.

What is the difference between a blog post and website article?

A blog post is an online content that allows users to interact and learn from an organisation while a website article is in-depth and educative writing that enlightens the readers on a subject.

What is a press release?

This is content writing makes readers aware of the new developments occurring in a particular organisation or industry.

What makes great content writing?

Great content is a unique and well-researched piece of writing that engages customers and provides value to the readers.

What is a technical content?

This is a type of content writing that gives a detailed explanation, directions and instructions regarding a subject.

For more information on content writing services, call us on 02380 970979.

If your web traffic is decreasing and your business’ online engagement is low, your website likely lacks quality content. But, did you know that you could generate more sales with high-quality copy?

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