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Advertising Copywriting Tips

Advertising copywriting tips from our expert writers

10 questions we answer before putting pen to paper

  • What problem is the prospect currently facing?

  • What does the situation look like when your solution is applied?

  • How did the prospect feel before they used your product?

  • How should they feel after using your product?

  • What happens in the average day of your prospect, before and after your product?

  • Who are we writing to and what kind of people are they?

  • Are they familiar with this type of product?

  • What are the barriers to sale?

  • Who influences the buying decision?

  • What strategy will I use to make an emotional connection?

Creating variations with different ad groups

It’s easier to measure the success of each variation against each other. It also broadens the reach of your ad. For instance, one segment might respond better to a negative tone by offering a solution whilst another responds to a positive tone presenting a unique opportunity. To figure out the precise emotions suited to each segment we use multiple variations.

Tapping into emotions

Once we’ve answered these questions, we’ve pulled back the curtain that prevented us from seeing into the prospect’s life. We know them inside out and will craft copy directly connected to their deepest needs.

To write engaging ad copy that generates sales, we trigger an emotional response in your reader. First, we’ll get them comfy, then we’ll make them wince at the problem, unhappy at the errors in the past solutions and smiling when they see how effective your solution is.

Good advertising copywriting creates a feeling. We’re transporting the reader through different emotions that lead to a feeling of satisfaction at the thought of getting your product. Emotional reactions incite action. At the end of the story, they’re not thinking logically but rather are making an emotional decision with the heart, not the brain.

Telling a story

A pivotal, yet difficult aspect of advertising copy is telling a story that resonates with the reader. Our copywriters have found a formula that works like magic.

We begin by presenting the problem. That deep, painful and uncomfortable situation that’s keeping the prospect up at night. We’ll describe the problem in a way that shows we understand exactly what they’re going through and we’re passionate about providing a lasting solution.

Next, we pick an emotion that naturally complements the story. We’re talking about a powerful emotion that makes the reader feel very strongly. We’ll help them imagine a world where the problem doesn’t exist. We use fear to show them what their lives would be like without your product.

Finally, we solve the problem. The reader is hooked and we’ll use a strong tug to present the solution to the problem. We include evidence, details, examples and, where possible, testimonials to show that the product works. They’re breathing a sigh of relief. But the barrier to acceptance still exists. This is where we craft a compelling call to action that transitions the prospect from reader to customer.

Leveraging the psychology of exclusivity

If there’s one area we excel at, it’s writing ad copy that makes the prospect feel special. We use wording like, Jeremy, this product was specially hand-picked for you or Stacy, you’ve been randomly picked to enjoy a 20% discount on this product.

By nature, humans are egotistical. We want to feel special. We have a high self-important view of ourselves and, in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, it’s close to the top. Exclusivity makes people desire your product. They’ll do anything to get their hands on it as their fear of missing out takes precedence.

Drawing analogies and metaphors

Nobody reads a dull message because they perceive that it doesn’t have any value. Everything in life you’ve bought was because you were sold on the value, right down to that toothbrush in your bathroom.

Our copywriters are skilled at writing ad copy that shows the value of your product using compelling words that are easy to understand. It’s impossible to accomplish for new copywriters who have no experience with your audience or product. We also use metaphors and analogies to put the copy into perspective. It connects the dots in the reader’s mind, describing an experience they’ll only enjoy with your product.

Creating urgency in your ad copy

Your target reader is less likely to take action if the copy doesn’t spark any sort of urgency. No one sits in front of the TV, watching their favourite TV show, eating popcorn and thinking, I can’t wait to do the dishes after.

This also applies to ad copywriting. We include a sense of urgency in your copy. The emotions we’ve evoked, the story we’ve told and the personalised offer we’ve given compels them to act fast.

We don’t want them to sleep on the offer nor weigh the pros and cons. That’s enough time for them to talk themselves out of a good deal. No. We’ll get them to act now while the iron is hot and the deal is fresh. We set a deadline and use sentences like “This one-time offer ends in 3 hours”, “Only three spaces left”, “Stock is almost out”. The prospect feels very uneasy waiting to take the offer. The feeling of discomfort urges them to take your call to action.

Writing a tailored CTA

The most important feature of our CTA is simplicity. No buzzwords. No complex sentences. No big jargon words. A CTA is the most compelling part of an ad copy. We’ll test several until we’ve created one that works best with your target audience.

Why Choose Daily Posts Advertising Copywriting?

Give your audience what they want

You must know the audience to give them what they want. Our copywriting team takes the time to study your target audience and set up a buyer’s profile. By doing so, we understand their preferences and write content that customers want and can respond to.

Increasing your search engine ranking

Do you know that great advertising copy that produces results will equally drive more traffic to your website and increase its click-through rate? The more traffic and user engagement on your website, the more popular it becomes. This makes it easier for Google crawlers to find and index content on your website.

High organic leads also mean increased chances of web conversion. When you get qualified leads from quality content, it can build a customer database you can nurture and convert.

Increase conversion rate

In addition to high visibility and traffic to your website, great advertising copy can produce customer conversions. With the right advertising copywriting tips, you can record more complete transactions, sign-ups for your newsletter, calls and other goals for your website.

Our advertising copywriters use content that sells to the audience. In a manner that isn’t overwhelming, your content should be able to convince potential customers to move towards the goal of your web page. This is usually achieved by mirroring your business voice and language tone to match your target audience.

You Need Daily Posts Advertising Copywriting Services

Do you run a business with core functions other than content production? You don’t have to deviate from your business goals. Daily Posts can take away the hassle of your advertising writing needs.

For one, we are professional writers with a structured plan for content production. Our copywriters are experienced and trained to general original content regularly. We can give your business a strong online presence by producing authoritative content as often as you need it.

Your business will benefit from well-written sales pages. Daily Posts copywriters will improve the structure, enhance its persuasive tone and use effective ‘Call-to-Action’ statements that initiate a response.

Additional Benefits of Professional Advertising Copywriting

Save time

Producing content is a time-consuming activity. The more your business expands, the more it becomes counterproductive to spend hours producing your own content. A professional advertising copywriter makes this easier for you to focus on the more demanding aspects of your business.

Represent your business accurately

Sometimes, business owners find it difficult to mirror their business services the way they would like to through their writing. A professional writing agency like Daily Posts offers well-trained copywriters who are skilled in sales writing. We can match your business offering to reflect accurately in your advertising copy. Your target audience will respond more positively to a professionally-written piece.

Write persuasive content for your business

In the online space, your website is a store and your words are its sales personnel. Writing compelling content that affects your customers is a learned skill. We have a team of talented writers ready to craft great content that converts.

The Daily Posts Promise

At Daily Posts, we have a strict policy on producing original content for our clients. Any project we undertake is guaranteed to be fresh and exclusive to your business alone. We do not repeat or reproduce any of our clients’ works on the internet.

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What is Advertising Copywriting?

Advertising copywriting involves crafting powerful words in an engaging manner to market a brand, product or service. It’s very effective for raising brand awareness and driving sales.

This style of copywriting makes use of catchy headlines, potent call to action, and unique selling proposition (USP) to show the audience why a product or brand is the ideal choice for them, thus turning its audience (potential customers) into buyers (actual customers).

At Daily Posts, we specialise in crafting advertising copy for websites and other online platforms. Regardless of the product or specialty of your brand, we can deliver potent advertising copy that attracts your target audience and converts them into buyers. We deliver on this by ensuring all advertising copy we deliver possess the following features:

  • Credibility: Misleading and misinterpreted copy can harm your brand’s reputation. To prevent this, we only deliver well-researched, accurate and credible copy that will effectively resonate with your audience.
  • Attention: Through research, we will identify keywords and punch lines that will seize the attention of potential consumers and convert them.
  • Assurance of benefit: Winning advertising copy focuses on sharing with readers how patronising a product or brand can improve their quality of life.
  • Brief and clear: Copy must be concise, precise and self-explanatory. This will leave no doubt in the mind of the reader that the product in question is right for them.

Our advertising copywriters employ creativity and uniqueness when crafting ad copy for our clients. For ad copy that’s personalised to help you achieve your business goals, contact us now on 02380 970979.

Types of advertising copywriting

For advertising copy to effectively draw in consumers, it is crucial that the copywriter engages in market research. With the data from the market research, it becomes possible to successfully craft creative and engaging copy that’s capable of converting potential customers. This is because the research provides the copywriter insights regarding the keywords, phrases, and benefits readers hope to see in the type of product being advertised.

There are many types of advertising copy designed to inform and persuade the mind-set of the reader by influencing the reader’s attention, conviction, instincts and sentiment. These types of advertisement copyinclude:

  • Institutional ad copy
  • Suggestive ad copy
  • Human interest ad copy
  • Educational ad copy
  • Reason why ad copy
  • Expository ad copy

Great advertising copywriting tips

  • It must be written in simple language. That is, it must be easy to read and understand. The most effective way to accomplish this is to use basic English words and keep sentences short.
  • It must be well researched. Without proper research, it will be difficult to create copy that contains terms and other features that effectively resonate with the reader.
  • It must be search engine optimised to perform well in search engine results.
  • It should be capable of holding the reader’s attention. This is where the writer’s creativity comes into play because copy must be attractive and engaging enough to hold the attention of the reader and influence her opinion about the product.
  • Ad copy must have conviction value; powerful headlines and suggestive images can help achieve this.
  • Advertising copy must have a memorable message that lingers in the memory of the reader.
  • Good copy must contain no lies or exaggerations. Doing otherwise can have far reaching repercussions down the road for a brand.

Facts about advertising copywriting

  • 84% of individuals will not shop online if the website is unsecure.
  • Content marketing generates more than three times the leads and costs 62% less than outbound marketing.
  • Only around 22% of businesses are happy with their bounce rates and conversion rates.
  • A video on your landing page can increase a conversion rate by up to 86%.
  • Small businesses with blogs have about 126% more lead growth than businesses that don’t.
  • Content marketing brings in six times more conversion rates than other methods.


How can I communicate with you?

You can easily contact us via phone, email, or Skype. Our website also features live chat for those who prefer it.

Will the content delivered to me be SEO friendly?

Most definitely. We are just as keen as you are in your content having optimal visibility in search engine results. We will provide you copy that is keyword richwithout hampering the flow and quality of the piece. This means increased organic traffic and conversion with a reduced bounce rate.

Can you update my website regularly with fresh content on my behalf?

Yes, we can. You can opt for our long- term plan which involves us delivering specific quantity and quality of copy for your website at regular intervals.

Do you charge extra for revisions?

We do not charge extra for minor revisions. This is to ensure you get perfect copy that best matches your preferred style and tone. Through our user friendly virtual office, you can monitor the progress of your project and request for revisions till you are satisfied.

Writing copy for your business is not a straightforward process. You can’t simply ask people to buy your products and expect them to convert. There are specific words, tone of voice and powerful phrases that will yield the desired results.

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Daily Posts is a professional writing agency. We specialise in writing persuasive copy that sells using words that evoke the desired reaction from your readers. It could be to sign up for an event, newsletter, or to purchase a product via a website. Our advertising copywriting helps clients build a webpage optimised to attract and engage.

As a team of prolific writers, we help our clients reach their target audience and initiate business relationships. Whatever your business, as long as you need advertising copy that sells, we can provide this service for you.

Daily Posts offer professional writing solutions that help businesses communicate effectively with their customers and drive sales on their various platforms. Our copywriters conduct research and study online buyer behaviour to create content that empathises with its audience.

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