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When you run a business, your competition is online. You have to make a good impression on potential buyers in order to make sales and drive web traffic. If your online store has compelling product descriptions, customers are more likely to buy your products.Product descriptions are the cornerstone of e-commerce.

Are you looking for someone to write awesome product descriptions for your eCommerce website? Do you need professional product descriptions written to improve your user experience, conversion rate and SEO?

If yes, Daily Posts provides the best quality product description copywriting services. The quality is driven by our passion for what we do. Start your project with us today! 

Product descriptions copywriting is the art of writing descriptive text for products. The text needs to entice the product buyer on the ecommerce website. Product descriptions are written with the goal of convincing potential purchasers to buy the product over any other competing items.

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Who we are-DailyPosts is a leading Ecommerce Copywriter Company. Founded through the vision of offering a unique and valuable service to the online marketplace industry. We have over 10 years of experience and have been writing product descriptions that are optimized for the major search engines and conversion-ready for eCommerce stores. We take pride in the work we do and our clients love working with us! To learn more, watch the video below.

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Why do you need a professional Product Description Copywriter?

Just like your competitors, you are trying to sell more products to potential customers. The purpose of a product description is to inform as well as persuade potential customers to purchase your product.

Despite the fact that providing a product description that meets the needs and interests of your target audience is imperative, this task can often be challenging for businesses with little or no experience in copywriting. A competitor reviewing your company’s product descriptions will instantly know if it is a team effort or if someone has taken great care in its construction.

A good Product Descriptions Copywriter who has knowledge of best practices for writing such texts will help you generate more revenue from every visitor that goes through your site by increasing your conversion rate. Your products deserve a chance to shine. Get started with DailyPosts today!

Types of Product Descriptions Copywriting services we offer

Commercial item description

The most efficient way to present your products is with commercial copywriting. We'll create clear, compelling commercial descriptions for your product listings across the major marketplaces quickly and effectively.

Specification description

Specifications descriptions usually cover technical details such as dimensions, materials used and level of quality. We provide you with product specification description contents at reasonable rates.

Performance description

Performance descriptions are geared toward providing information on getting the best performance out of your product. We'll help you fully achieve your product portfolio objectives by combining copywriting expertise and unique description for each product.

Functionality description

The functionality description of a product should state what it does exactly and how it works in detail. We provide the best functional description service for your product. This will help your customer to understand your product better and you can convert a visitor into a buyer.

Design description

We specialize in providing the top–notch service of the design description copywriting that not only tells your customers everything they need to know about your product’s physical parameters, but also convinces them to buy it.

Social Media Campaigns

Connecting people through genuine conversation is our driving force at Daily Posts. Get writers in your corner to create compelling, witty posts that grab attention and hold it, so you can grow your social media audience.

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Our Product Description Service

We understand your Brand

We understand your Brand Purpose and promise. We know your product or service and everything that is unique to it. We capture it and hone it until we have a clear, appealing pitch that gets attention.

We integrate Strong Call-to-Action

To increase conversion rates, our writer will include the most convincing Call-to-Action at the end of your product description. The writer will use your keywords and target audience in order to construct a compelling example that will make the visitor want to buy your product.

Well-researched and original product descriptions

We make sure that we understand your business and all about the products that you offer. We search for information on the product you are selling to get a great idea of how it is being marketed and what people say about it. We will focus on the features and benefits of the product to give it value and importance to your customer.

Excellent customer relationship

We pride ourselves on building long lasting relationships with our clients. We constantly strive to exceed expectations and improve where possible so that we can keep you coming back for more copywriting services.


Without a doubt, there’s nothing on the web that doesn’t have an SEO strategy behind it. So, when we write product descriptions for your store, you can rest assured that we’re applying our expertise to not only inform customers about your products but also to help optimize your search rankings so that more customers can find you.

Our Guarantees

We don’t just write product descriptions, we work with you to create the best user experience over search engines and ultimately increase sales. By working closely together, you can be assured that all of your customer’s questions are answered.


What our clients say

I am very pleased with the product descriptions. I worked with DailyPosts and was happy to provide feedback as they were read in various browsers and devices. DailyPosts was easy to work with and paid attention to detail. I would be happy to recommend your company and its service to anyone writing ecommerce product descriptions.''


Your team did a fantastic job on my description pages. The content was timely and accurate, as well as informative from the buyer’s perspective. It also shows an extensive knowledge of SEO.

"very happy with your service, communication and editing. I will use again"

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We are a team of well educated writers who write high quality and SEO optimized content, cost per word product descriptions. Our cost per word pricing ensures that you get the best possible value and service available.

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Your account manager supports strategy and briefing

Your account manager supports strategy and briefing from start to end through live communications, extensive research and regular revision of your product descriptions. We ensure you have the most accurate description for best search rankings for your products.

Our dashboard enables the easy management of thousands of descriptions in one place.

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Online ordering system and dashboard for tracking and picking up work

We utilize a proven online ordering system for client delivery to make sure you get high quality content untainted by human error. Our developers tailor the system to fit our clients unique needs, ensuring that all projects are tracked from start to finish.

Natural language processing approach to writing with extensive research

When it’s time to roll out your next product, DailyPosts has you covered. DailyPosts utilize a natural language processing approach to writing that includes extensive research into industry trends, customer insights and market data. We write engaging content that conveys your message naturally — as if you wrote it yourself.

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We currently write product descriptions for a wide range of industries – from fashion and beauty through to technology, with everything in between. I

Our Data Protection Statement is one of the highest standards in this industry. We never store any product data, images or descriptions in our system and have developed and advanced methods for securing all information.

You can call us on PHONEXXX or via skype. Also, our mailboxes are open for any questions.

Yes. We’re a passionate group of product description writers ready to help you with your next e-commerce or catalog project.

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