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Medical copywriting is the use of marketing skills to promote a medical product or service, such as a pharmaceutical drug or medical device. Medical copywriters generally work at the level of an advertising agency, working with a team of medical writers and creative professionals to develop marketing materials to generate interest in products or services that help doctors, health care professionals and patients make decisions about treatment options. Medical copywriters are closely connected with the advertising profession in its design, writing and testing phases.

At Daily Posts, we are a team of medical copywriters advocating for the healthcare industry. By using copywriting skills to promote products and ideas, we can help clinicians and hospitals promote their services in ways that patients can recognise.

Traits of top-notch medical copywriter

A medical copywriter is a professional who writes information and articles about a particular health issue for healthcare websites, print media, radio and television. Often, their job title is content writer or freelance writer. A top-notch medical copywriter will possess a vast array of skills that help him produce high quality pieces of work. These include professional attitude, ability to create interesting content, and good communication skills, among others.

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What kinds of copy do medical copywriters write?

Medical copywriters create sales documents to generate revenue for the company. They do this by creating compelling content from scratch, and refining existing material to be more effective. They write brochures, white papers, case studies, web content, blogs sponsored posts — pretty much anything that needs copy. Types of high-value copy medical copywriters write include columns for trade publications, product sheets and datasheets for marketing (print or online), “how to” patient handouts or guides or emails, slide decks for presentations, long-form pieces that answer a complex question in depth.”

They’re also responsible for producing any required documentation for a new product or service as well as maintaining, evolving, and updating the existing documentation whenever necessary.

What mistakes do Medical Copywriters make?

The majority of medical copywriters don't have the correct information which partly explains why so many medical practitioners are dissatisfied with the content they receive and why so must money is wasted on outbound marketing.So, writing clearly, accurately and concisely, without complicating the message relies on a solid understanding of technical literature and medical terminology.

Who requires Medical copywriters?

Medical copywriters are hired by the pharmaceutical companies, drug manufacturing companies, care agencies (healthcare agencies that provide services to terminally ill patients), private medical clinics and hospitals to write articles, brochures and pamphlets about their services. These may include; products they sell or provide, their medical experts on staff and their special facilities.

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Quality : At Daily Posts, we are dedicated to helping you achieve maximum brand authenticity and consumer trust. We will work with you to deliver your content through compelling, optimized and effective medical copywriting. Our writers’ expertise and experience in a wide range of medical fields will help you get your message across effectively, all the while maintaining the professional tone doctors and their patients expect. 

Price : Daily Posts, a leading medical copywriter service, offers expert professional medical copywriting service at very affordable price. 

Dependability and Creativity : Daily Posts guarantees that 100% of all medical copy projects will be finished on time and on budget. Company culture creates quality writing. We routinely meet our deadlines by establishing realistic timeframes upfront and holding ourselves to a high level of accountability.


Our guarantees are designed to ensure that you, as our customer, are entirely happy with the service you receive. We guarantee 100% confidentiality and professionalism.


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When we work with Daily Posts, they immediately deliver high-quality, compelling medical copy.

This was the perfect medical content provider and I will definitely be using Daily Posts again.

I was very satisfied with the work that Daily Posts performed for me. I tell all of my colleagues in the medical industry about their medical copywriting services and prices. I would recommend Daily Posts to anyone looking for a modern, unique, and professional medical copywriting for their medical business.

They are affordable, professional and fast! I have used them for a number of years and they have never let me down. If you need a news article / story written by a medical specialist to publicise your product, you will be 100% satisfied with this company.

Cost of Daily Posts service

Maintaining your professional image and online presence are essential for you to stay competitive in your industry. Do you have the time required to keep up with health care trends, medical advances and information technology? Daily Posts’ medical copywriting services are affordable and convenient. We help you stay on top of important medical issues and trends with our cost effective copywriting service.

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How We Work

All our work is done  by our professional medical copywriters and account managers. We handle your medical content from start to finish. We provide on-time delivery, exceptional quality, accuracy and value for money.

At Daily Posts, we know that your time is precious, and you need high-quality medical copywriter services to get your content done quickly. That’s why our team of health care copywriters collaborate with you to create engaging, fresh medical content that resonates with your readers. From drafting the perfect patient letter to developing product brochures, our medical copywriters and medical writers can give your project a voice that is professional, concise, and fun.

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Answers to questions you may have:

Medical copywriters are hired by medical companies to write posts about their products. Medical companies hire  medical copywriters to write product descriptions and content for blogs. The advantages of hiring medical copywriters who specialize in medical copywriting are many including: writing that is medically accurate, writing that remains on target with the goals of the medical company, writing that follows SEO guidelines, and creating engaging copy that appeals to readers of blogs who may or may not have a buying intent. The specific skills needed in order to work as a  medical writer include an extensive knowledge of grammar and most importantly medical terminology.

Medical copywriters and medical technical writers both focus on writing, but they have some differences. In general, medical technical writers create content for the healthcare industry, while medical copywriters use their writing skills to create ads that sell products or services in other industries.