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Need more leads in a particular location? No problem! Our local SEO copywriting service will increase the online visibility of your business, products and services to relevant local consumers through the use of targeted content.

If you own a business, there is one business element that you will need to focus on if you want to get noticed online and reap the rewards of viral traffic: Local SEO copywriting. Local copy writing services produce optimized content to attract customers in local areas.

One of the biggest problems small businesses face is getting their local business profile set up correctly on sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, CitySearch and Google My Business. And since your chances of ranking for national keywords are limited, you will likely spend a long time chasing after rankings in these locations.

Just as it is important to use keywords to improve your organic search engine ranking, you should employ keywords in your content, when possible. The meta descriptions assigned to pages on your site are similar to the snippets and titles, and they appear in Google search engine results.

The problem is that most small business owners don’t have the time or expertise to create a stellar local SEO profile. They know they should be focusing on local SEO, but in the end, they just don’t get around to it.

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What is Local SEO Copywriting?

The Local SEO copywriting services is a style of writing that concerns with attracting traffic to local businesses in particular. It includes the keyword intent of promoting businesses, products and services to enable local web users use search engines to find your business.

This type of writing makes search engines determine exactly what a user’s input intends and returns the best possible results for the indicated search terms. It is all about targeting local customers with your content by making the most of Google My Business listings for specific geographic locations.

“Google My Business” is a business management tool launched by the Google Inc. which is very helpful for all those company or organization who wish to broadcast their product or services on any local business listings. This Google My Business directory service has become very popular in recent times and every year huge amount of traffic is being supplied by it to different types of businesses or firms.

It’s your business and your responsibility to rank as high as possible in the local search results. By writing content for your Google My Business page that uses localized keywords to target the intent of searchers, you’re putting yourself one step ahead of your competition!

Writing good copy for a local audience is a way to reach out to potential customers, and offer up information which will help them in an honest and reliable way.

Why choose Daily Posts copywriting?

We are local SEO copywriter focused on bringing businesses like yours increased online visibility and sales in your city. We work with any local business in any industry, and our conversion rate is as high as it gets!

Our SEO copywriting services will help you get the highest number of clicks from people searching for keywords that are relevant to your business and its industry.

With Daily Posts you get:

Affordable pricing

We guarantee a high-quality professional service at a competitive price, and we have no minimum or maximum word count to write your local SEO content.

Excellent customer service

Our local SEO copywriting service is backed by our excellent customer service. With wide-ranging expertise in this industry, we provide valuable advice throughout the project about all aspects of local SEO copywriting.


Our local SEO copywriting service is extremely diverse. We create quality, original content that will engage your customers and help your business rank higher in Google search results.

Years of experience

We have over 10+ years of experience in helping small business get on the search engine map. Put simply, we help you generate more sales through your website or landing pages through our local SEO copywriting services that specialize in maximizing returns.

We will write about you and your business like a real person who cares about the quality of services/products that you offer.


You are putting in a lot work into your business – be smart about who works on your online marketing. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We’re so confident you’ll love our local SEO copywriting service that you don’t have to pay until you are satisfied. We edit until you are happy with the work.

What our clients say

At Daily Posts, we attract more customers to our clients by making sure their content is more effective and engaging.
Here’s what our clients think of us!

“I had an outstanding experience using the writing services from Daily Posts. It was easy to order, the product I got in return was high quality and friendly service. I highly recommend them!”

“I have used Daily Posts local SEO copywriting services for a few months now, and the results speak for themselves. I receive a good number of quality leads that come in every day. I now have an engaging landing page where potential clients can come in and find out what I do, get information about my company and my services. This has truly been worth it! Great job guys, keep up the fantastic work!”

“For the last 5 years that I have used Daily Posts' local SEO copywriting services for my business, my revenue has grown. I am very satisfied whenever I use their services.”

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How much do our Local SEO copywriting services cost?

At Daily Posts we strive to make your local SEO copywriting experience as good and affordable as possible. We are able to offer timely turnarounds, and all prices are clear, and up-front so you always know what you’re paying.

Our pricing starts from £4 per 100 words (*this rate can vary up or down depending on the work volume required, topic complexity and required turnaround time). You can expect flexible payment methods and friendly 24/7 support from our copywriting team.

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You get great value from every piece of content

from £.04 per word
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How do we work?

It’s hard to brush aside the importance of local SEO copywriting and how it can affect your leads.

Our copywriting process is as easy as it sounds. You get to tell us about you and what you do, and we’ll make sure that the right people know about it. We don’t promise instant results, but we do promise that your numbers will grow across the full suite of local search engines.

Step #1. Our process begins with a comprehensive keyword research. This enables us to determine which keywords are relevant to your business, and which are the most valuable from an SEO perspective.


How Our Dashboard Work

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Step #2. We then evaluate these top-ranking keywords in relation to the rest of your website’s content in order to produce a list of potential new pages and content ideas for the site.

Step #3. Every audience is unique, with its own goals, needs, expectations and desires. our copywriters will work with you to tailor your content specifically for your target audience.

Our approach is simple. By finding out who you’re talking to, what they know, what they want and what’s the best way to get them there – we can craft your copy so that it looks great on any screen and works harder than ever before.

Step #4. We compose local SEO-friendly copy using the latest tools, software & technology that will drive traffic from relevant search engines and delight your target audience.

Our local SEO copywriting services will help you optimize your website for the keywords that are most important to local customers. It is vital that your website content resonates with potential customers searching for your goods or services online.

Our SEO copywriters know how to approach a diverse range of business scenarios when creating search engine optimized content for businesses around the world.

Let us create quality local SEO copy and give your leads reasons to stay away from your competitors!

Answers to questions you may have:

We’ve all heard the saying ‘location, location, location’ but according to various SEO experts – keywords are also a very important consideration. This is especially true for local SEO copywriting and marketing strategies.

To put it simply, you can have the best ‘location’ online but if your content isn’t relevant to what people are searching for – they won’t find you and your business will fail. This outcome is why hiring an SEO copywriter is essential for every business that relies on search engine traffic.

Yes, they are two similar but distinct types of content a business needs to create in order to maximize their visibility on search engines. Content that is designed to rank for certain keywords falls under SEO copywriting, and content that is created to be shared, but not directly optimized for search engine rankings under content marketing.

What are some challenges brands face with local SEO?
These days, just about anyone can get a business online. What separates the winners from the losers is having a strong local SEO campaign in place to get their customers searching for keywords that matter to them. The first step in creating a strong local marketing campaign is to understand what makes rankings successful so you have goals to shoot for.

If you are running a local business, it’s important to know how to optimize your site so that it can attract the most local search traffic. You want to make sure Google can read and understand the content of your site, not just that it looks good, is responsive and easy to navigate.

You also want Google to understand what you offer and where you’re located. This makes sense for anyone who needs online visibility in general — chances are, if you’re using keywords local people are searching for on Google or another search engine, then you are offering something relevant nearby