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The world wide web is a virtual space for documents and resources accessible via the internet and interconnected through hyperlinks between websites.

One method of increasing your site visitors and being regarded as an authority website in your niche is by ranking at the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs). This requires search engine optimisation (SEO).

Keywords and link building have been a pivotal aspect of SEO since the 1990s. While other aspects have been added to SEO to make the user journey more pleasant and less spammy, keywords and link building remain the important strategies for any website owner or digital marketer who wants to optimise its content.

Keywords are text inputs that make up a search query.

Hyperlinks or links are references to a page that the reader can get to by clicking on anchor text. Links can lead to a web page or part of the page.

Keywords are vital to link building but before that let’s look at what link building is, types of links and how to build them effectively.

What is Link Building?

Link building is the art of increasing inbound hyperlinks to a website for search engine optimisation. You have a link on another website that leads back to your site.

Links are an important aspect of website navigation and marketing communications.

Readers use them to move from one web page or site to another. Links increase your traffic by getting the readers of another site to visit yours.

Search engines crawl through websites using links. They crawl through internal and external links, inbound and outbound links.

When your web page has a good number of high-quality inbound links from authoritative websites, you will rank higher on the search engine results pages for relevant keywords.

Digital marketers and web owners use link building to boost organic traffic on their site.

Building links is a subtle marketing and sales strategy that requires excellent communication and creative skills. It helps improve site ranking, traffic and your website’s authority.

The best link building strategy to use is natural link building. When done right, your site will become an authority in its niche and stay at the top of the SERPs for a long time.

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Types of Links Important to SEO

To build high-quality backlinks, know the links essential to your website.

Contextual Links

This is a set of clickable texts, often keywords, found inside the content of a web page. It is surrounded by related ideas and terms in the same paragraph. Contextual links are strong website optimisation strategies.

Editorial Links

An editorial link is a one-way link from one website to another to show that the linked page is a resource for the topic. This link is not bought or requested directly.

Links from Reviews

As the name shows, these are links obtained from website reviews of the products or services of a business.

Links from High Ranking Pages

Ranking pages are trusted sources by internet users and search engines. Links from them increase your search visibility.

Interview Links

These are links to your site or page which are added to blog interviews. They can attract potential clients.

How to Build Links Effectively

To build links and increase page rank, do the following :

Link bait:

Here, you create a piece that is compelling and unique. Your content should be well researched, have targeted relevant keywords, cover every aspect of the topic and answer potential search queries.

Guest post:

A guest post is an efficient link building strategy. Make sure the links contain natural or brand keywords and don’t stuff them with commercial keywords.

Also, use the following tips:

  • The website should apply to your niche
  • The article should have quality content

Add your website link to web directories:

Look for the niche directories relevant to your prospects, or directories on websites with information useful to your customers. Add your site’s URL to get a backlink.

Submit press releases:

When launching a product, submit press releases to PR websites. Optimise your press release and turn it into a great marketing and link building tool.

The Importance of Keywords to Link Building

Keywords and link building are the pillars of search engine optimisation.

While keywords are used to match relevant web pages to search queries, links make up the worldwide web. They connect websites and are a navigation path for search engine crawling.

Keywords are crucial to link building because:

  • They are anchor texts: Anchor texts are the clickable texts in links. They contain the keywords of the web page being linked to. Targeted keywords are used as the anchor text of resource links.
  • They’re part of web content: Contents on a web page should be optimised for certain branded and long tail keywords. It’s easier for that kind of page to gain editorial links or be used for internal linking.
  • They can be used in guest posts: When posting on high domain authority websites, using proper keywords will help you maximise traffic.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Keywords and Link Building

Keywords are texts that readers type in a browser to get information on a particular topic or subject.

Keyword research is an SEO task of finding relevant keywords that will boost your page rank or search visibility. Keyword research helps you know what site to request backlinks from and how to optimise your content.

When creating content, conduct keyword research on your chosen topic. Pick competitive words and write an article that is focused on that keyword and similar terms.

Link building goes a long way in optimising your web page. Write excellent content to increase search visibility.

Many backlinks can get your site penalised. Using a black hat method to build links or getting links from malicious sites or sites irrelevant to your niche will definitely mitigate your optimisation strategy.

You can add a sizable number of keywords to a link as long as you don’t overuse the anchor text or stuff the paragraph with your target keyword.

When writing a guest post, keywords that naturally link to the text are the most popular types. You can use different keywords but don’t place them in one keyword position.

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