Influencer Outreach and Marketing

Influencer outreach is a marketing strategy where a person of high social standing like a public figure, celebrity, well known blogger, and so on, promotes your brand, event or product. It is fast becoming one of the most powerful marketing strategies mostly because of the increasing number of content available for consumption and the influence of other content marketing strategies. Also, people want to be associated with their idols. So, it stands to reason that if this celebrity is using this brand, then it is ought to be used.

Much of the effort around influencer outreach is basically the need for a marketer to successfully determine which influencer will best serve his or her brand. The results generated through influencer marketing is significant and quick. In promotion and marketing communication it is perfect because it provides businesses with their marketing goal which is to expose their brand to their target audience in its best light.

Who are micro influencers?

A micro influencer is an influencer is an influencer with between 2,000 to 50,000 followers on a particular social media channel like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. They play a significant role in marketing particularly because of their limited following. As a marketer, you should be looking to make use of them in growing your brand because they have a highly engaged community in a particular niche. Unlike big celebrities, these are known for their personal association with the interests they are known for and the passion with which they engage with their followers. Also, they are usually the most knowledgeable about their niche and are relied upon for recommendations by their followers who are also your target audience in that niche.

Because of their highly engaging methods, their us usually higher ROI for brands in spite of their cost effectiveness. One of the reasons they are very effective is that they offer genuine opinions which their followers tend to trust always because their promotional posts appear natural to their followers unlike those in the public sphere with hundred of thousands of following.

How do you find influencers on Instagram?

Finding the right influencer in crucial in your social media marketing strategy. Finding a good one won’t cost you a think. You want someone who is interested in your brand or, at least, someone who shares the same interest as you. The way to do that is to go through your brand’s account and check for a handle which has been consistently engaging with your brand through comments, likes and shares. This means they are interested in what you do. Then check out their profile with the following questions in mind:

  • Do they have a considerable amount of following like 2,000 and above?
  • Are their followers more than their following?
  • What kind of content do they post?
  • How often do they post?

Once you are satisfied with the answers, you can contact them and see if they will work with your brand. However, if this method is not successful, you csn try using a hashtag. Check out any hashtag relevant to your brand and search for quality posts on it.

When picking an influencer on Instagram, you have to be careful not to fall for fakes and frauds. What you need is someone with clout and the best indicator is number of follower. However, with the prevalence of those who buy inactive followers, you have to be cautious.

How do you create an influencer marketing strategy?

Influencers have a lot of credibility and authority in their various niches and your brand needs to be working with such persons. Designing a strategy for influencer marketing, however, doesn’t begin with finding one. Instead, fhd first thing you do is write down in clear words what your goals and key performance indicators are. Just as you do whenever you are about entering any new marketing strategy, tracking your KPIs helps you monitor what works and what isn’t working. That way, you will know what you are getting in return for each strategy. You should also kmow what you each engagement is costing you and what your referral traffic looks like.

What follows is to document what your objectives are. It is important to know what you hope to achieve through this strategy. This may be to increase the sales of a particular product by a certain percentage or to create awareness for a particular service you are launching. It gives you an idea of the kind of influencers you are in then market for.

Next is to map out your influencer landscape. This is to understand what will make an influencer say yes to your brand. Then research some of the influencers in your niche and make a list of the ones that meet your taste. It is not recommended you make them an offer immediately. Instead, try nurturing a relationship which includes engaging with the conversations they are having. And when you eventually decide to make them an offer, keep it professional since they too encounter fake brands.

What are the importance of influencer outreach?

There are lots of reasons why many brands are taking advantage of influencer outreach and they are enough to make you consider trying it out.

  • Cost effective: compared to other methods of brand awareness creation like advertisements and commercial message, influencer outreach is affordable with significant results. Also, unlike commercial messages, they can’t easily be blocked.
  • Quality content: the content designed by influencers are specialized to the right audience and of high quality. Also, it helps boost other marketing efforts due to how effective mass word of mouth is.
  • Brand exposure: partnering with a good influencer in your industry is a great way to put out your brand out there. You will basically be pitching your products and services to thousands of people who will spread the word to others.