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Product Descriptions Copywriting

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In advertising and marketing communications, there are many tools employed to increase brand awareness and sell products. They include billboards, online ads, radio jingles, brochures, sales sheets, and product description, among others. These tools, called pieces of copy in the written form, have the purpose of getting the audience to perform a particular action.

Sales copywriting is the type of copywriting employed to advertise and sell products. The sales copy produced is circulated in many forms through media such as video advertising (television and YouTube), radio advertising (jingles), online advertising (landing pages, web copy) and offline advertising (brochure, sales sheet, among others).

Product Description is a tool used to provide information about a new product and persuade the audience to buy the product. It is a form of copywriting that requires technical expertise, writing ability and persuasion skills – a blend of technical copywriting and sales copywriting.

At Daily Posts, we deliver product description copy that highlights the qualities of your product, increasing your customer base and generating more sales. Our team of experienced technical and sales copywriters has the required skills to deliver excellent copy that focuses on user experience and in line with your sales incentive plan.

Forms of Product Descriptions

Product descriptions come in certain forms which depend on the stage of the transaction, the product or service and the requirements.

  • Commercial Item Description

This is a product description that shows the most important qualities or characteristics of a product or service in a short and concise manner. CIDs are typically produced on the request of a prospective buyer. The document reviews all available options in the market and presents the seller’s product in a better light. We can produce CIDs for your product and for any type of transaction (B2B, B2C or between your business and the government).

  • Product Specification

Product or design specifications are used to provide information about a product in detail. They require technical expertise, as the products are meant to be x-rayed to the tiniest of details. At Daily Posts, we identify the strong points of your product and amplify them in detail, giving your audience better reasons to go for your product or service.

  • Purchase Description

This clearly describes the technical requirements of the product or expected performance. It also gives a clear description of the testing procedures needed to check if the product meets the requirements. It provides a summary of the product specifications. We take a look at your product, user manuals, and other reviews to aptly describe your product qualities in such a way that convinces the reader to choose your product over others.

Characteristics of a Good Product Description

It is usual to find bad product descriptions online. They not only increase bounce rates but reflect poorly on the brand’s image. Here are seven major categories of a good product description

  • It highlights the benefits to the consumer

A good product description is meant to catch the attention of the potential buyer and persuade him to place an order. This can be optimised if copy focuses on the benefits of the product to the customer. A good understanding of user experience can influence this.

  • It speaks to the ideal customer

Knowing your customer is the first step to selling an item. The copy should address the ideal customers, speak to them in the language and style they understand in order to get them to identify with your brand and make purchases. Good public relations can influence the writing tone and style.

  • It represents the brand properly

Good product description copy should be unique to the company. At a glance, a consumer should be able to identify the brand advertising a product. This enhances consumer loyalty and subtly increases trust, propelling customers to make purchases.

  • It is scannable

Product descriptions should be scannable and the points should be highlighted with bullets, revealing all the reader needs to know about the product at a glance. This is necessary in order to make a quick impression on the reader and keep him glued to copy until he gets to the call-to-action.

  • It makes use of power words

There are certain words which are guaranteed to inspire trust in consumers and can subtly convince the human mind to purchase an item. Such words like sensational, miracle, amazing, magic, and revolutionary, among others, are known as power words. Copy filled with these power words has been proven to have a better conversion rate than similar copy without them.

  • It is search engine optimised

While describing the product to regular visitors, a good product description should be able to attract new customers to the web page. This is done using search engine optimisation, filling copy with enough keywords, that makes the page rank higher for relevant search queries.

  • It makes use of visuals

Readers are more likely to be attracted to a page if it has beautiful visuals. Visuals also increase trust and promote conversion, as consumers are more likely to buy what they can see. Add beautiful images to copy. A video can help buttress the specifications too.

Better Product Descriptions with Daily Posts

We are a copywriting agency with the expertise and know-how to deliver excellent product descriptions for your commodity or service. Our team of professional copywriters is trained to produce copy tailored to fit your marketing needs, highlight the qualities of your product, and sound exactly like your brand. We guarantee better representation and increased conversion rate. Contact us today on 02380970979 for your product descriptions.

Just what kind of experience are you looking to sell your buyers? Do you want a basic product copy that merely lists the relevant features or rather a personalised one that goes directly to the heart of the consumer?

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Product & e-commerce descriptions that sell

Sadly, many of the product descriptions we see today are either non-existent or plain awful. They seem like a last-minute addition to a website that’s inconsequential in the grand scheme of digital strategy. For those who get it right, they reap the reward of a bountiful sales and a crowd of faithful, repeat customers, who buy into both the brand and the experience an excellent product description offers.

Being adept at writing a sales copy doesn’t automatically translate into a product description that converts. Copywriting experts say this differs in some ways from other forms of web copy, as you must have perfected a specific skill-set to get product copy to work effectively.

Subsequently, you could be losing as much as 20% of sales from your e-commerce store because of an unclear product description. Shoppers gravitate towards certain words, so a poorly worded product copy could turn them away from a potential sale.

What is a Product Description?

A product description is a copy that conveys the benefits and features of a product to the customer. A well-written copy can move your customers from one end of the sales funnel through to completion. A Daily Posts copywriter injects creativity into your product description to convince the casual browser that they need to make a purchase.

For many online shoppers, a great picture seals the deal, but a product description fills in the gaps of any questions they might have. Our product description provides your customers with sufficient information that compels them to buy the product on the spot.

When writing a product description, we answer questions such as: what is the burning problem your product will solve for the consumer? Beyond solving a problem, what else will they benefit from the product? Is there a unique feature that no other competing product offers?

If you’re a retail store selling a product from a manufacturer, you can create your own product descriptions that make it easier for the consumer to need that product. There’s no rule that says you can’t offer a better experience, based on the benefits of the product.

Our product descriptions inform your audience about what it is they’re buying and persuades them to make a purchase. We sell an experience, not just a product. We’ve gone one step further to predict their fears and trepidation, whilst creating copy that addresses all barriers a potential buyer might face.

SEO Product Descriptions that convert

A list of features won’t sell a product; writing an effective product description isn’t a task for just anyone. It must entice the shopper, clearly state what your product will do for them and explain why it is better than what the competition offers. At Daily Posts, we have a talented pool of writers that create irresistible product copies that ensure you hit your sales targets.

Convincing your prospective shopper is our ultimate goal, but we also optimise your product descriptions for SEO. We know the keywords your ideal buyer will use when searching for a product in your niche; we include these in the header, subheaders and body of the copy. Also, we’re cautious to find the right balance to prevent a penalty for keyword stuffing.

We optimise everything from images, product category content, meta description and content. Our product copies support your SEO goals. We create product description copies that give shoppers the motivation to click ‘Buy’ or ‘Add to cart’.

If you have any further enquiries or merely wish to kick-start the consultation stage of your project, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. Call us on 02380 970 979 (UK) or (646) 679-7971 (US). Alternatively, send an email to our admin staff.

Copywriting that delivers exceptional benefits

When writing a product description, it should clearly illuminate the benefits; the unique features that set it apart from other similar brands; its’ efficiency; how it was produced; where to buy the product; and how it ships. If your product copy fails to address these issues, it can be considered incomplete. Therefore, tell the story behind the product. This makes it easier for shoppers to connect with your brand when they have the inside scoop.

Research shows that the emotional response a consumer has to an advert is the key influencer, not the content. Since internet ads evoke the same emotions as print ads, it’s important to sell emotions and justify the purchase with logic: emotions first, logic second.

How do we make this happen? We bring the problem they’re facing to light and help them visualise your solution, whilst working to solve the problem. We use storytelling to tie in the benefits and make it easier for the consumer to identify and relate to your product. At the end of the copy, we conclude with a logical statement, such as how much they will save on your product, energy bills and efficiency.

Utilise our understanding of consumer emotion for outstanding growth

When looking for someone to write your product description, you’ll need a copywriter who understands human psychology, emotional selling techniques, buyer guilt and how to use these skills to craft a persuasive product copy. Consumers consistently look for gratification and security in their purchases. They want a product they can identify and empathise with. Now more than ever, you’ll need a copywriter who offers an edge over the competition.

There is a difference between a descriptive copywriter who only writes facts and a Daily Posts copywriter, who provokes human emotions linked to the irrational side of a buyer’s psyche. Subsequently, our product copies increase sales, build trust and enhance your visibility in search engines.

Product descriptions are an essential part of any e-commerce business. Most clients we work with have a constant requirement for content on their platforms. We write engaging, correctly-pitched product descriptions that convert.

Content and structure sell

Product descriptions are an essential part of any e-commerce business. Although writing them can seem like a relatively straightforward task, there are many hidden factors that the writing team at Daily Posts take into consideration.

Properly structured descriptions progress logically, as any type of writing should. This structure may need to incorporate compulsory content, such as product uses, specific features and any necessary warnings. Many in-house company marketing teams overlook these simple steps.

Choosing a professional writing company – such as ourselves – will help develop a framework structure that flows through all of your product descriptions. Our writers always ensure your product information contains your specific tone and brand voice that speaks directly to your customers.

A professionally-written e-commerce description can increase sales and attract new leads to your site; this is the Daily Posts promise!

Frequently Asked Questions about Product Descriptions

Why is product description important?

There aren’t many A/B test case studies online concerning product page copies, but empirical evidence shows that it could reduce sales. It might not be as important as a value proposition or product image, but is an essential part of a successful e-commerce store – especially if you have technical products that require in-depth explanation. There are also SEO benefits; search engines can’t see images the way they see text and rely on product descriptions to tell them what the image is about.

What is a good product description?

Key elements of a good product description include establishing an emotional connection with the consumer; use of powerful words that convert; juicy details about the product (product benefits); writing for the consumer’s unique personality; sharing all the important facts; making your content mobile-friendly; and the use of target keywords.

What is the ideal length of a product description?

There is no ideal length for all product copies. Instead, they should be as long as required to cover the benefits and features, but short enough so you don’t lose the consumer’s interest. A tip is to use the first few lines to help the user better understand the product. Every sentence should then guide them towards a purchase, not distract the user.

Consider the audience you’re targeting and the type of content length that works best for them. Factors to consider include the preferred device of your ideal consumer, as well as their location and age. If they’re not aware of your product, a longer description is ideal, but if they are aware, a shorter copy simply focused on the benefits will convert better.

Giving your Product Descriptions a personal touch

Using a professional writing company like Daily Posts will give your product descriptions that final push your customers need before heading to the checkout. That said, any savvy customer knows not to take the company’s word for it alone. So, feel free to take a look through some previous examples of the Daily Posts writing team’s work before getting started.

If you’d like to get right down to business with one of Daily Posts’ eager writers, then simply set up an account with us now. Your company’s improved sales are just a mouse click away!

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