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Who Is a Product Description Copywriter?

A product description copywriter specialises in writing mind-blowing and enticing product description that sells products. Many sellers have difficulty making a single sale while other competitors are busy selling many products every day. Do you think it’s magic? No, it is the power of copy.

Types of product description

  • Commercial item description
  • A commercial item product description describes a product’s features using the words that appeal to the emotions of buyers. It is easy to understand.
  • Specification description
  • A specification product description focuses on the technical properties of a product and the criteria used to ensure these requirements are intact.
  • Performance description
  • A performance product description is suitable for some items that are not consumed directly but meant to be used for certain functions. The copywriter uses the right words to describe how it works.
  • Functionality description
  • A functionality product description highlights the functions of an item using its unique characteristics to appeal to the buyer. Since most online shoppers buy products because of their functions, this type of copy is irresistible.
  • Design description
  • A design product description focuses on the physical parameters of a product. This appeals to buyers who love aesthetics.

What makes great product description copywriting?

Good product description copywriting focuses on the end users. A copywriter will first define who the product is made for and how it is suitable for them.

Quality copywriting uses irresistible and catchy headlines to attract readers. The headline is the charm that draws buyers to a product.

A product description writer understands that buyers are fascinated by different things. What attracts a buyer to a product may repel another. Understanding the psychology of buyers will help you play on their emotions by combining different styles of writing in one.

Facts about product description copywriting

  • Copywriting is a result oriented task as 73% of online businesses have hired product description writers to help market their products to online users. If you are a business owner, this is something you cannot overlook.
  • Businesses that use copywriters to write their product description enjoy 6 times more conversion rates. This is how copywriters can contribute significantly to your business.
  • 65% of companies have attributed their increased traffic to copywriting services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a product copywriter?

A product copywriter is a professional writer skilled in the business of writing promotional content for e-commerce business or catalogues to convert potential buyers to loyal ones.

What makes a product description stand out?

Copy that successfully compels readers to buy a product using the right words is a good product description.

Are product description copywriters readily available?

Yes, there are copywriters who specialise in this niche. You can find them on forums, personal websites or through recommendations.

For more information about copywriting and how we can help you craft different product descriptions for your product, call us now on 02380970979.

If your sales pages aren’t converting as they should, your content is probably poor. With a professional copywriting agency like Daily Posts, you have access to product description writers who weave words and turn phrases to inspire audiences to take action. We specialise in SEO techniques and writing strong 'Call-to-Action' statements.

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Writing product descriptions that are crystal clear and creative can be the difference between converting a prospect to a customer and losing the sale to your competitor. A product description copywriter is skilled at making an everyday product come alive with words. The copywriter is able to spell-out the benefits of a product in an engaging way that resonates with the reader. Sign up today and let our product description copywriters go to work for you.

Why You Must Pay Attention to Your Product Description Copies

Product description copywriting is an important aspect of sales and deserves to be treated as such. It’s even more important today in this age of SEO. It’s no secret that Google loves a well-written product description, because it is easy to crawl and to tell exactly what the page is about.

Why Many Product Descriptions Fail

Unfortunately, too many product descriptions do little to push the prospect towards the sale. Reading product copies only, it seems obvious that the copywriter lacks the basic understanding of the psychology of sales. Too much of it is generic and can end up looking like duplicate content that search engines penalise. Also, it’s no surprise that the majority of companies that get it right are often top of the search results and make the most sales.

Effective Product Description Boosts Sales

Getting product copywriting right can truly boost your income and increase your customer base. We know this because we have helped lots of clients do just that at Daily Posts. We craft clear copies that are persuasive and get consumers to take action.

Our product description copywriters understand that all consumers have buyer’s remorse – even before they buy, especially if it’s not an essential need or just a treat for themselves. So, our product copywriters try to reassure them of the need and several benefits they stand to gain by buying the product. We try to eradicate buyer’s remorse to make the customer feel good about their purchase. By making the customer happy with their purchase, we ensure they will be coming back to make more purchases soon.

How We Write Effective Copies

Our product description copywriter spends time studying and understanding your customers. They learn their personality and understand the buyer persona before writing a word of copy. Without this understanding of the potential buyer and the targeted audience, we will be pandering to the wrong buyer.

It’s difficult to find the right words consistently to tell the story of a brand through its products, but it’s a challenge our copywriters embrace daily and are excited by. We can match any tone and style, from strictly professional to irreverent, and we ensure that it all shines through in your copy without overdoing it. Equally as important is that we never sacrifice clarity. The reader always knows what it’s about, why it is uniquely beneficial and why it stands out.

The product copies we write are also filled with unique ‘Call-to-Actions’ (CTA) that are in unison with the brand. We eschew conventional CTA’s where possible and where it doesn’t enhance the brand’s style.

We do all of this because we understand the importance of brand harmony and the need for your message to stay ‘on style’. Branding is like your personality and customers that follow your brand will react negatively to inconsistencies. It’s harder to keep their trust.

Why Excellent Product Descriptions Are Vital

In a world where people increasingly shop online, your product descriptions are even more vital. It’s often the only thing representing your company in front of the user. It’s both the sales person and your company’s voice. It is all that will make a case for your company and brand. Also, your success or failure
– to some extent – depends on how well it does and persuades the prospect in relation to the value the product has to them.

Unfortunately, too many brands don’t dedicate the required amount of time to develop and optimise a product description that actually converts and achieves its primary aim and objective.

Daily Posts Write Product Description that Strengthens Customer Relationships

At Daily Posts, the type of product description we write for clients is the sort that builds the customer-brand relationship. Our product description copywriters try to make our client’s product stand out and be memorable.

We ensure everything showcases your brand culture and that the product copy makes the users visualise themselves using said product. We simply have to make it relatable to the user – no matter how common the product may be – and show them how it will make their life easier or solve their problem. We create a narrative where possible, to show the user how patronising the product will benefit them.

Our goal is to first sell the product to the heart of the prospect, using psychological triggers and adding a sense of urgency in the ‘Call-to-Action’. The sense of urgency might be the difference between a buyer clicking the ‘Order now’ button or going to a competitor’s website to search for the same product.

Over the years, we have also found various ways to incorporate long-tail keywords into product descriptions naturally, bringing in high-converting traffic for our clients. Hiring Daily Posts to handle your product description is like hiring an SEO Expert to help improve your on-site SEO.

Writing a Product Description that Sells

You should always aim to write a product description that delights, not just describes. A product description that shows, not just tells. We know it’s easier said than done for most people, which is why we provide a solution tailored to every budget. Our results over the years have shown that our product descriptions make a difference, which is why many brands trust us with their product description copy.

Excellent Customer Relationship

Our company is built on excellent customer satisfaction and we offer rewrites until our customers are 100% satisfied with the copy we write. Regardless the size of your organization or the number of product descriptions you need, our team of specialist product copywriters provide a quick and effective service.

We offer great value at an affordable price and are easily reachable. Call us today and let our amazing product copywriters help you craft a product description that turns prospects into buyers and sceptics into advocates.

Sign up for an account immediately or call us now – before your competitor does!

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