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A direct mail copywriter is a specialist in creating copy for e-mail or regular mail advertisements. The purpose of this type of copy is to generate brand awareness or persuade the reader to patronise a particular product or service. It can also be used to simply bring to the recipient’s attention a message from the sender.

Direct mail copy can be targeted at potential customers or current customers. For direct mail copy to be effective, the copywriter has to be creative and possess persuasive writing skills. Without these two characteristics, direct mail copy can be perceived as unconvincing or too pushy and thus have the opposite of the desired effect.

Daily Posts’ direct mail copywriters are trained and experienced in crafting potent copy for digital mailings. In line with your goals, we can deliver direct mail copy that uses effective language, tone and structure to motivate the recipient to take the desired action.

Contact us today for direct mail copy that matches your brand’s voice and presence, and is tailored resonate with your target audience.

Quality copywriting from gifted direct mail writers

Anyone can pick up a pen and write. It’s easy. The question is, can they write effective direct mail your readers respond to? Great copywriting is an art, a science but, most importantly, it’s a skill polished by practice. For your direct mail campaign to work, you need a copywriter that can write amazing content.

Whilst email is great for conversion, it’s hard to ignore the statistics of direct mail. 98% of people check their email daily and 60% were influenced to visit a website after reading a piece of direct mail. Furthermore, research shows that reading on paper is better for concentration than electronic copies.

What does this mean for your business? You’ll have the unique opportunity to deliver a stronger impact on your audience and your mail is more likely to be read than an email. So, it’s important that you choose your words carefully. It should deliver the right message and answer the questions your readers are thinking.

At Daily Posts, we staff writers whose words will have a tremendous impact on your readers. We use exciting words that inspire the reader to visit your website and look through your website. We’ve already convinced them on the validity and unique value of your offering, so they’re more likely to convert.

We prioritise quality over quantity. Short sentences pack the real punch. We use them to create unforgettable direct mail for you.

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What Makes Our Copywriters Special?

To be candid, our copywriters don’t have any secrets that the top copywriters in the industry don’t already know about. Our copywriters understand the principles that guide effective marketing. We consistently achieve results that others envy.

Perhaps they simply have the talent to pull in more sales. The truth is, you could show some of the best football players everything Lionel Messi does, but how many could replicate his results consistently? Our copywriters know how to write direct mail copy that beats other copy hands down.

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Our Process for Writing Direct Mail

Understanding Your Audience

The best copy in the world is not going to convert if it’s directed at the wrong audience. Copywriters and writing agencies often claim they can sell ice to Eskimos, but why bother? Why sell a product to the wrong audience?

That is why our first job is to understand your target audience.  When writing direct mail, we try to answer these questions:

  • What are they buying?
  • How do they communicate?
  • What motivates them?
  • What are their fears, anxieties and dreams?
  • How have they responded to previous marketing efforts?
  • What is the target demographic, employment and social status?
  • What kind of language would appeal to them?
  • Have they tried similar products? How did it work out?
  • What are the current barriers or objections to a sale?
  • How can they be addressed?

We get as much information as we can about the target audience before deciding on how to position your product or offer it as a solution. Without getting this particular aspect right, it is difficult for the copy to succeed. We like to be able to picture our ideal client in front of us and write a personal letter to them.

The Offer

Getting the offer right is the next step. After understanding your audience, the next step is to position your products or service as the exact thing they require. It’s about finding the unique selling proposition (USP) that will draw them in. We convince them that this is the solution they want and that it’s better than what is already on the market.

Making a good offer requires knowledge of complaints surrounding current products on the market and a thorough analysis of them.

Our team takes the time to learn all there is to know about your product and form an expert strategy of getting to know it, sometimes even better than its creators. This enables us to find the deeper benefits that will resonate with customers and offer evidence to them that the product will provide the solution they want.

The Sale Copy

The next stage is the actual copy. Our copywriters take everything they have learned about your audience and write a letter to them that will appeal to their heart (not their head). Every word is written with a purpose because our writers now understand the audience’s objections, as well as their hopes and challenges. What is a great copy in one field might not work in another. That’s why our copies are unique and tailored to a specific audience.

There is a psychology behind copy – and it’s not just about projecting energy or using ‘power’ words.

Editors and Proofreaders

Our editors go through the work that has been created to ensure it meets the Daily Posts quality test. They correct any errors that may have been overlooked and verify the facts and figures. They also fine-tune sentences and correct punctuation and grammatical errors.

The Design

The design is the next stage in the process. Our talent takes the copy and designs a layout that makes the copy easy on the eye. They ensure the mail looks professional, simple and clear. We use beautiful images to drive home the message and highlight the important points. Great design enhances the copy and projects professionalism.


The last step is for us to pass the copy to you for review. You have the option of accepting it as it is or requesting revisions. Although we’re rarely asked for revisions, we are pleased to revise the copy and incorporate your suggestions. You can request as many revisions as it takes for you to be 100% satisfied with our work.

These processes are all interlinked for us at Daily Posts. The purpose of the offer is to entice the target audience. The copy sells and proves that we can deliver. The design is to strengthen the copy.

Our results across various industries and niches show that our approach is solid. We believe you will notice a significant increase in your ROI when you use our services.

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The importance of copywriting your direct mail

Sell benefits, sell benefits they said. But they didn’t consider that you don’t know how to translate the value of your copy into words that evoke the desired reaction in your audience.

Direct mail is similar to web copy. There is an element of storytelling required to hook the reader and maintain interest. The story we tell is a direct reflection of your brand and sells you to the prospect. Our stories are intriguing, creative and emotional.

You need a copywriter who knows how to craft a compelling call-to-action befitting your direct mail. The CTA is the final piece that ties it all together. We tell the reader in simple words the next action to take.

Daily Posts, growing your business with responsive direct mail

One thing we do in every copy is to use the golden word. It’s the ultimate power of conversion. The intimate word that establishes a personal connection with the audience and gets them to listen to you. It is the word that makes the prospect feel you’re speaking directly to them. The word is “You”. It’s the strongest word for opening direct mail and it works, every time.

We’ll build on that relationship and offer them the benefit quickly. We know your audience, what they want from a product in your niche and that’s exactly what we give them. Our writers are careful to never overwhelm your readers with too many graphics or words. We keep it simple enough whilst retaining the value of the offer and the quality of the copy.

Small businesses know the importance of consistency. You’ve tried to reach a prospect but they didn’t respond the first time. Do you give up or try again? We’ll not stop trying if you’re willing to keep at it. Not everyone is going to convert. We’ll keep sending them different emails every month for six months to ensure you’re maximizing your marketing budget.

The Challenge

There is no sugar coating it. You’ve probably been disappointed before. Plus, the internet and direct mail industry are filled with copies that just don’t convert. Landing pages convert abysmally and email click-through rates are declining.

Brands are not getting value for their advertising outlay. However, the following process enables us to achieve consistent above-industry-average results.

The importance of copywriting your direct mail

Sell benefits, sell benefits they said. But they didn’t consider that you don’t know how to translate the value of your copy into words that evoke the desired reaction in your audience.

Direct mail is similar to web copy. There is an element of storytelling required to hook the reader and maintain interest. The story we tell is a direct reflection of your brand and sells you to the prospect. Our stories are intriguing, creative and emotional.

You need a copywriter who knows how to craft a compelling call-to-action befitting your direct mail. The CTA is the final piece that ties it all together. We tell the reader in simple words the next action to take.

Effective direct mail sales letters that deliver measurable results

As more brands are opting for email marketing to pursue and nurture prospects, physical mailboxes are getting emptier. This means less competition for your reader’s attention.

What’s the primary message you want to communicate to your audience? We’ll make it pop with one pain point, feature or benefit. Less is more when sending direct mail. Our copies are short, sweet, clear and pack in a lot of value for the reader.

Sometimes, you’re sending direct mail to someone who doesn’t know much about your brand or what exactly you’re offering. We’ll capitalize on this opportunity to educate them. Bullet lists work best, which is what we use. We’ll show them how to use your website and view the benefits of your service.

Well-written direct mail works wonders for your bottom line and your brand. We’re speaking directly to the consumer in a language they understand. Our mail copy is memorable, powerful and engaging.

We’re not outrightly selling your product. We’re rather enticing the prospect. Whispering words that make them smile and encourage them to take your call-to-action.

A common error we’ve seen copywriters make is opening with a tired joke, pushy statement or crass humour. We’re not clever nor do we show off our vocabulary. We don’t want your readers to feel dumb. We want to elevate them. Our copywriters are not afraid to break the rules of grammar if that’s what it takes to convert a prospect.

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Why isn’t your direct mail working?

You’re using small postcards that are dwarfed by coupon books, bills and catalogues

  • You’re not writing to the right audience
  • You’re making the copy all about you instead of focusing on the consumer
  • Your copy isn’t interactive or engaging
  • You’ve got the prospect’s name wrong
  • You’re sending the same mail to everyone
  • You’re not making a good offer
  • Your mail is long and boring

Why opt for Direct Mail Copy

Direct mail copy offers a variety of benefits to businesses. These benefits are accessible irrespective of the niche or speciality of your business. Direct mail copy is a cost-effective form of advertising. With direct email copy, hundreds of emails can be sent at little to no cost but with great gain.

Direct mail copy allows you to control how much or how little advertising you would like to do in a month. That is, how many or how few emails you’d like to send out. You can also stop the direct mail campaign once you have reached or surpassed your desired target.

This form of online marketing is measurable and testable, which means you can easily know if it is working for you. If it isn’t, you can tweak your strategy. This provides great control over your return on investment.

Naturally, for direct mail copy to be a success, copy within the mail has to be engaging. The best way to accomplish this is to hire an expert copywriter.

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What Makes Great Direct Mail Copywriting?

  • The first sentence in direct mail is arguably the most important. It has to engage the reader at a glance and set the tone for the rest of the piece.
  • Copy has to be easy to read. This is because most people glance through copy on seeing it for the first time. For the casual glancer, you have to make sure the piece grabs her attention and makes her focus. This can be accomplished with short but valuable sentences that show the reader how her lives will be improved by the product.
  • By repeating the main point of copy in different ways, the message you are trying to get across is bound to sink in.
  • Tell a story and show the reader how that can be their happy story too if they opt for the product.
  • Use images and magic words which include Free, New, Enjoy, Happy, and so on.
  • Use long-form copy to inform, persuade, and convince the reader. By doing this, you have more opportunity to successfully persuade the reader.
  • Add an irresistible call to action that gets the response you desire.

Facts about Direct Mail Copy

  • Email marketing has an average return on investment of 3,800 percent.
  • 3.7 billion global email users existed as of 2017.
  • Mobile email presently accounts for 20 to 75% of email opens. But this figure depends on the target audience.
  • Emails that are not optimised for mobile are 80% likely to be deleted.
  • Inserting videos into an email has the potential to increase the click rate by up to 300%.
  • 81% of small-medium businesses rely on email as their primary customer acquisition channel.
  • An email with a personalised subject line has the potential to generate 50% higher open rate.

Answers to questions you may have:

Not at all! Many of our clients are in the US, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. Regardless of your location, we can provide the copywriting services you need thanks especially to our easy-to-use virtual office through which you can order for copy and monitor the progress of your project. You can also reach us via phone, email or Skype for updates or to modify your project.

Most definitely. We are just as keen as you are in your content having optimal visibility in search engine results. We will provide you copy that is keyword rich but without hampering the flow and quality of the piece. This means increased organic traffic and conversion with a reduced bounce rate.

You can easily reach us via phone, email, or Skype. Our website also features live chat for those who prefer it.

In the unlikely event you are unsatisfied with copy provided to you, you can request for as many revisions as you desire at no extra cost.

Call Daily Posts today on 033 3303 4686 for a friendly chat about your copywriting project.

Sales, sales, and sales. That’s what Daily Posts believes direct mail copywriting is all about, and that’s the metric our direct mail copywriters use to measure the success of a campaign. In an age dominated by the internet and email advertising, we continue to leverage the power of an effective direct mail campaign for our clients in terms of return on investment (ROI).

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