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Every business needs to market, and while this can be handled by an internal marketing team, it’s usually far better to outsource your creative copywriting to someone who can help deliver a combination of compelling and engaging content.

Whether your project is big or small, hiring a creative copywriter is worth your investment.

Creative copywriters are the bridge between you and your customers. They can help you connect with your audience and get new leads through highly-targeted content. Content that is pertinent, interesting, and most importantly, converts well.

At Daily Posts, our creative copywriters can help businesses do just that. 

A little about our crack team of creative copywriters?

Our creative copywriters are expert copywriter who specialize in creating content that is informative, engaging, persuasive and attention-grabbing. They come up with novel ideas and new ways of describing products, scenarios, scenarios and services.

Our creative copywriters excel at coming up with messages with high emotional appeal that can generate more sales for your business and help you stand out from your competition. We output really creative ideas that will have a strong impact on those reading the written work. A successful creative copywriter has great command of language and will be able to use creativity to get the point across. Our successful, creative copywriters are ready to help you stand out from your competition today. 

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We provide written content for business around the world

We work with all kinds of online businesses, and provide them with high-quality content that gets results.

SEO Agencies

Our writers are professionals who know the latest SEO best practises. You can trust us to produce quality content and reach your targets.

Start Ups

Daily Posts is a copywriting company that helps startups present their messages in the best possible way.

Ecommerce Stores

We write the content e-commerce sites need; custom content that stands out and converts online shoppers into paying customers.


We create branded content and turn your stories into sharable, online experiences to help you engage with your target audience.

PR Companies

Shaping tomorrow’s media through the power of content, today. We’re your first stop for professional content publishing solutions.


Daily Posts is a content generation service for small business owners that helps them rank higher on search engines.

Affiliate Websites

Trust our professional affiliate website copywriting service to deliver your message with absolute precision.

Whitelabel Services

We are a whitelabel copywriting service that specialises in providing high quality, unique content for clients.

Marketing Agencies

We can help with everything from SEO content to sales funnel copy. We know how to jumpstart digital marketing campaigns.

We’re a UK based proven team of copywriters with a proven track record in delivering successful, fully optimised sales copy which converts prospects into raving fans of all shapes and sizes.

At Daily Posts, our team of creative writers and copywriters have helped some of the UK’s finest businesses grow.

Our creative copywriters will not only help you win over your customers, they will also help you stand out from your competitors.

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What Are the Top Qualities of a Creative Copywriter?


A creative copywriter must have excellent communication skills and a natural talent for understanding the exact needs of clients so as to write with clarity.


The perfect creative copywriter possess a great deal of passion for writing. He/she must have a burning desire to write all the time.


The best creative copywriter is able to synthesize new information and connect the dots to come up with something new.


A creative copywriter most likely understand the importance of working swiftly while also meeting key deadlines, especially those given by clients or employers.


A creative copywriter is not restricted to writing for just a particular industry but can provide creative solutions for any industry.


Why Do You Need a Creative Copywriter?

Generate More Sales

A creative copywriter will help you create copy that will reach your target audience and help you drive sales and conversions.

Create a Relationship

It’s not just about the text—it’s about the relationship between your company and your customers. A creative copywriter helps you achieve both.

Save Time

Save valuable time by getting a creative copywriter that can help you cut through the red tape of writing excellent copy.

Minimize Cost

Getting inexpensive creative copywriting services can significantly lower your costs without compromising quality.

Why Choose Us

Engaging Copy

Our creative copywriters always work hard to create original copy that engages your customers, boosting sales.

High-Quality Service

We’ve built our reputation on the quality of our work. Our creative copywriter will create high-quality copy for each and every one of your needs.


Our pricing packages are designed to fit your budget and your requirements – whether you’re just starting out or a small business needing more help.

Excellent Customer Service

Exceptional customer service is the core of our business. Our friendly, skilled staff will quickly answer your questions and ensure you fully achieve your goals.

What our clients say

Daily Posts consistently delivers exceptional writing that meets and exceeds the expectations of my clients: on-time, on-budget, and always a pleasure to work with. Daily Posts' commitment to client service is second-to-none.

My favorite thing about working with Daily Posts is that they always follow through. They’re responsive, they communicate their ideas back and forth, and they ask questions of the client in order to get a better understanding of the project.

We have worked with Daily Posts on advertising for several years. They have proven to be a reliable partner. They have a great team of copywriters that can follow the product strategy and create compelling copy that resonates with our target audience. Highly recommended!

Working with Daily Posts was an absolute pleasure. Not only did they provide us with a high quality copy that exceeded our expectations, but their quick turnaround and expansive knowledge of the industry was invaluable during the creation of our campaign. Thanks Daily Posts!

Our 3-Step Copywriting Process

Stage 1: Initial Consultation

Our goal is to provide the highest quality service and value for you. We start off with an initial consultation over the phone or in-person to allow us know your business and discuss your goals.

Stage 2: Draft

At the second stage. Our creative copywriters create a draft of your copy and send to you for consideration. We will then make any adjustments based on your feedback before moving on to stage 3.

Stage 3: Write

We write your copy based on your brief, and goes through the editing process before being sent off to you or your team for feedback.

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Answers to questions you may have:

Creative copywriters write about anything that is a tangible product or service. That include products (cars, beer, insurance, restaurants), services (banking, travel, healthcare), and intangible services (finance, architecture, law).

It depends on the amount of effort required to develop an effective and powerful message to meet specific goals. Our fees range from $4 per 100 words. Send us an email at EmailXXX for a FREE no-obligation quote.

Yes, we can provide samples – free of charge. Just send us an email at EmailXXX to request for a free sample.

We’re sure you will love your article. But if for some reason you are not satisfied, we will run multiple revisions until you are okay.

That depends on your copy. You could provide us with a need that you would like to fulfill, or an audience, or even a specific goal.