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Are you looking for a copywriting agency to work on your content marketing and SEO projects?

Daily Posts provides copywriting services to help marketing agencies get more out of their marketing budgets. Our copywriters work together with your marketing team to generate high-quality original content that’s in sync with your brand, or those of your clients. 

Our talented copywriters are experienced and highly effective at creating content for marketing agencies. Our dashboard is designed to help agencies seamlessly manage content projects across multiple clients. Our pricing is transparent and we believe offers you the best value available anywhere.  All of this makes us the ultimate copywriting services to extend your writing capacity.

If you are a marketing agency looking to expand and fulfil digital marketing campaigns, Daily Posts is the better way you have been looking for.

Daily Posts copywriting services provide marketing agencies with highly skilled copywriters that take care of all their copywriting requirements. Our affordable marketing copywriting services deliver premium content that resonates with your customers, strengthens your online presence, improves lead generation, and increases conversion ratios!

Boost your volume of sales and leads with our copywriting service.

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What is our Philosophy of Marketing Copywriting?

Our marketing copy is used to promote, sell or publicise a brand, product or service. Marketing copy can take the form of an advertisement, an article, a banner, a brochure or a website. Its purpose is to inform, educate, inspire and persuade the reader to purchase.

Copywriting is much more than relaying facts about your company and products (although that is, of course, part of an integrated marketing strategy); today, copywriting is as much about building relationships between you and your clients by powerful storytelling. We see copywriting as the art of good expression, storytelling and creativity. Everyone wants to have copy that nails the message in clear, concise, persuasive language; but not everyone can write it. 

The voice, message and language chosen are also key to the user experience of your content, and to the way that search engines process your online content. To write great marketing copy it takes skill, yes; but it also takes dedication to thorough research and analysis.

If you’re a marketing agency looking for copywriting services for your clients, or a business owner looking to write marketing content for your brand, then this is the right place.

Brochure Copywriting

Our content marketing strategy is a combination of buzz generation and content creation. Our team provides you with the marketing content that works!

Catalogue Copywriting

Connecting people through genuine conversation is our driving force at Daily Posts. Get writers in your corner to create compelling, witty posts that grab attention and hold it, so you can grow your social media audience.

Brochure Copywriter

Our brochure copywriting service focuses on the benefits, not the facts. We create brochures that get your customers excited about you.

Catalogue Copywriting

Our copywriters help you create a catalogue that sells product benefits in an emotional way, so your customers buy more products.

Newsletter Copywriting

Your business needs thoughtful and well crafted newsletters to promote your products and services. Let us help you craft the perfect copy.

eBook Copywriting

We build your ebook from the ground up, helping you communicate your message effectively. Your niche doesn't matter; we are pros.

Email Copywriting

We provide professional email copywriting services that will help you reach out to your audience and compel them to engage with your brand.

Guides/ Technical

We can write and develop content for your technical guides such as white papers, tutorial articles, FAQ pages and more.

Direct Mail Copywriter

We are a top rated direct mail copywriting agency specializing in e-mails and direct mail campaigns. Get more leads every day.

Marketing Copywriter

We offer a wide range of marketing copywriting services - from short and snappy tweets to well-researched blog posts.

Direct Marketing Copywriter

With experienced copywriters at your service, you can expect advanced copy that engages your readers and makes them want to take action.

Content/Inbound Marketing

Content creation and inbound marketing initiatives build your authority in your industry and increase traffic, leads, and sales on your site.

Why Your Marketing Agency Should Choose Daily Posts

Our copywriting service ensures that the right words are used when communicating with your target audience, whether you choose to do so via a website, social media, printed material or email communication. You have a story to tell to sell your product or service, and Daily Posts knows how to communicate it.

If you’re looking for a copywriter, look no further than Daily Posts and our team of talented marketing copywriters. 

When you’re ready to see your marketing campaigns move to a new level of productivity, let the content writers at Daily Posts handle it for you. We are the gamechanger you need. 

Working in Partnership

Every good marketing agency needs a solid copywriting partner – one with a deep understanding of your business and the capability to create copy that converts visitors into buyers. We are just that.

Daily Posts is a copywriting service that can work in partnership with your marketing agency to build a long-term relationship. We will deliver high-quality written content, regularly and consistently, in a way that drives engagement and traffic to your site, and your client sites. We adapt the style to fit your audience, to appear as if it has always been written by company staff.

We provide an effective way to boost website traffic and marketing ROI, with a proven process that has been refined over the years. We work in partnership with your marketing team to develop content they can merge seamlessly into your integrated marketing plan.

Our Guarantee

Anyone can write copy for a marketing campaign, but not everyone can do it well. That’s where we come in. Daily Posts hires copywriters who are passionate about writing great content, and that’s why we stand behind our work with a guarantee. Whatever the subject matter, we’ll take care that your copywriting is loaded with personality and speaks directly to potential customers in the tone they’re looking for.

We always respect the deadline, provide free revisions if required, offer plagiarism free copy and won’t require payment until you are happy with the copy.

What our marketing agency clients say

Daily Posts is a first-class copywriting service for marketing agencies. They give us extra time to focus on client work without wasting effort sourcing quality copy. I love their rockstar team and forward-thinking processes. You too will love Daily Posts once you start using them. Get ready to become a better agency and sleep better at night!
Sally V
Marketing Manager
Daily Posts knows how important your clients, customers and accounts are to you and to them. Daily Posts delivers industry-specific "from a client's point of view" content, every day of the week and year. It's that simple.
John B
Marketing Agency Owner
We're a small marketing agency working primarily for local businesses in the New York City area. When we needed help with copywriting, we hired Daily Posts. We've used a lot of copywriters before, and the results have always been disappointing- poor writing skills, poor communication skills, poor understanding of our business and industry- but Daily Posts was different. Their responses were fast, their writers were great communicators (we've never gotten a 'bare-bones only' response from them like we have from other writers), and they showed a true understanding of our business, which made it easy to explain what we wanted.
Kit B
Marketing Manager
Once we started working with Daily Posts, everything started flowing together better. We saved money because all we had to do was write a brief- and that's something we already do. And thanks to Daily Posts' experienced team who are always willing to help, we learned how to communicate with our target audience in a more efficient way, creating the opportunity for us to grow much faster! Though it has only been a couple of months since we partnered with them, we've seen over 100% growth on our traffic this year, and we plan to keep building from there!
James C
CEO Marketing Company

Cost of our Marketing Copywriting

The cost-per-word model is a great way to have high quality content created by a professional copywriter as you only pay for the content that we produce, not the time that it took to create it. We work with many marketing agencies on the basis of £4 per 100 words. Where clients work with us as preferred suppliers we can sometimes offer discounted rates. 

If you are looking for a marketing copywriter at a cost-effective price, this is the right service for you.

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You want more reasons to register, right? 

Our content writing services are utilized by many marketing companies from across the globe. With our affordable copywriting rates, you can focus on growing your business without having to worry about the cost of the copy. Daily Posts’ team of content writers understands the language of search engines, and we know what it takes to rank in the SERPS. With our SEO content writing service, you can expect to rank higher and get more clients as well as communicating a better online representation for your business or brand.

We’re copywriters that live and breathe marketing. We live for the strategy – we breathe for the text.

Registering on our copywriting dashboard allows you to brief, set deadlines, get in touch with an account manager, and manage your projects in one place.


How We Work

Each day is a new writing opportunity. Daily Post’s copywriting dashboard helps you manage the task flow. You can go through each step with checklists to make sure there are no loose ends. We keep track of writer progress, allowing for easy checks along the way. Once you have reviewed and approved all of the copy, you can pay online.

Our copywriting dashboard is a great way to get copy that does the job. It’s easy, efficient, and you can sign up for a  free trial just to see if our content meets your expectations.

Our Bespoke Dashboard

Answers to questions you may have:

Copywriters are essentially the writers of business. They aim to assist companies in creating and maintaining positive relationships with their customers. With this in mind, we write all sorts of material for use in marketing campaigns and promotions. This involves producing product descriptions, ad copy, sales letters, promotional pieces, catalogues and other text used in promotional literature.

Our copywriters create and refine text for online marketing initiatives. From your website’s homepage to emails, videos, or other promotional content, our copywriters provide clients with the words to attract and engage their audiences. With an emphasis on SEO-friendly content, our copywriters use their expertise to create marketing copy that compete for high search terms and attract more visitors.

NO! Never copy from others. WHY? Because it’s wrong. It is not very ethical. And because Google frowns on duplicate content across the web and will penalize you for it.

Sure, our copywriters have helped many agencies in the past. They’ve written copies for real estate companies, financial services, pet supply companies and more!

Helping marketing agencies find the right words for their business is our speciality. We have copywriters with substantial experience writing landing pages, email collection letters, advertising copy, sales pages and others.

On our team of experienced copywriters, there will always be a great artist ready to create the best marketing content for your marketing agency. Only with us can you be sure that the final result will meet all your requirements and allow you to promote your brand and business effectively.