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Most ecommerce sites on the market are selling the same products – and creating very similar descriptions for them. How do you stand out from the crowd? With clear, concise, value-for-money copy that gives your customers exactly what they need to know, written in a way that appeals and converts.

Every ecommerce project is a balance between the potential of your product or service and the level of effort and investment to reach your target buyers. We’ll bring together our experience in crafting powerful, attention-grabbing text and get you more product sales.  


Do you want better results from your online store? Of course you do! And, that’s what we do!

Low visitor to product sales conversion rates?

Conversions are challenging.  Consumption of content drops after the first 70 words. Headlines matter more than you think. And consumers spend an average of seven seconds on your page before they make a judgement – so the copy had better be good.  Selling anything online is a challenge. 


The copywriting for your products needs to be clear, concise and grammatically correct. Your product pages need to be powerfully persuasive; inspiring emotional resonance and encouraging add to cart clicks. That means answering questions, overcoming objections and communicating authority and trust.

A little about us


Daily Posts is an Ecommerce Copywriting agency. We are a UK content company that has been providing web content for ecommerce copywriting around the world for the last 8 years. We produce about a million words a month. Our copywriters  know how to write the words that attract customers and convince them to buy products. We specialize in writing copy for e-commerce products and websites, including B2B, B2C, SaaS, PPC and more. 

We have written over 100,000 product descriptions and contributed to the success of online shops all over the world.

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Why invest in our Ecommerce copywriting service?

Ecommerce copywriting helps to improve your conversion rates and encourage more people to purchase your products. You might have the perfect product, a great price and a fantastic brand, but if your product pages aren’t engaging ecommerce copywriting services may be what your business needs. In order to convince visitors to buy your goods you require more than just a well-planned website. You need well-written product descriptions that highlight benefits while avoiding technical jargon unique to your industry.

The importance of ecommerce copywriting can be best explained in 4 words – attraction, conversion, relevance and trust. If the copy writing is not appealing to the reader it is unlikely that visitors will make a purchase. Ecommerce merchants understand the importance of compelling copywriting to create conversions, sales and loyalty among users.

Product Descriptions

The description of your product is integral to its conversion and to SEO. Your buyers want a reason to buy. They need to sense that you understand their problem and that your solution is better than the competition.

Product Guides

Product guides are a great way of helping customers make the right purchase decision. We’ll craft your high-converting product guide pages that prove irresistible to the search engines and to the people that read them.

ecommerce Category Landing Pages

Landing pages are designed to generate leads and sales for B2B and B2C products. Category pages are part of the conversion funnel process and should clearly articulate the value of the product or service being promoted.

ecommerce SEO Content

eCommerce SEO Content creation isn't simple. It's a blend of analytics, language research, inbound marketing theory and conversion optimisation. We bring products to life with killer content. We make your product shine on the search pages.

ecommerce Content Marketing Campaigns

We make sure your content marketing content is compelling enough to get people interested in a product range and then convince them to find out more. We create content that captures the spirit and personality of your brand.

ecommerce social media content

We work with ecommerce clientele to deliver content which is optimised for their social channels. This includes Facebook and Instagram, creating a social sales funnel for your products. Tap into social with our copywriting services.

ecommerce Emails

eCommerce email copywriting services are an important part of the online sales funnel. We write ecommerce emails that sell and convert. Our writers help you get the most out of your ecommerce emails.

ecommerce Newsletters and Promotions

At Daily Posts, we help ecommerce brands grow through intelligent, creative and persuasive copywriting.. We canwrite newsletters and promotions that attract targeted buyers into your sales funnel.

Can you paint a picture in people’s minds of how they will use the product? What problem does it solve for them now?

Many retailers make the mistake of not addressing their potential customers directly, instead they decide to tell them about what they sell or where it came from. Product descriptions are often like legal documents – they need to fill a certain set of requirements while stating facts and not misleading the customer, so buyer-seller dynamics are already in play.

But, the words a copywriter uses have the power to change user behavior either for better – or worse. While you’re busy designing interfaces, developing apps, and creating a promotion strategy, it’s easy to overlook the copywriter’s role in conversions. 

It pays to have an understanding of what your potential customers are looking for , and intentionally formulate a product description that appeals to them.  You need to appeal to the buyer. This means knowing who the buyer is. Buyer personas are fictional representations of real customers. They are created to give brands a clear image of who is purchasing their products and how they buy them. When you writer with a buyer in mind, you can write benefit-rich descriptions and use concrete proof points that display your product’s key advantages without overtly boasting.

Why Choose Daily Posts eCommerce Copywriting?

We employ a science-based approach to copywriting that leads to higher conversions that are often 3-6X more than industry averages. We conduct thorough research to understand our customers’ goals, target audience and preferences, and ultimately unlock the language needed to inspire purchase decisions. We analyze product and brand mentions and identify positive user experiences to create compelling content designed to dramatically increase conversions for your products.

Our ecommerce copywriting platform helps you save time. As copywriters, we know writing product descriptions is time-consuming. But in order to compete online for customers’ attention and search engine rankings, your product descriptions need to stand out. Instead of spending hours writing product descriptions or relying on untrained staff to provide information about your products, use our online copywriting platform to receive fresh, relevant content. With our quick turnaround times and a dedicated team of skilled writers, anyone can manage the number of content projects they want to take on without it being overwhelming.

Working in Partnership

Our team of certified and experienced copywriters guarantee 100 percent accuracy: Every. Single. Time. That’s why companies like big box retailers and niche online stores trust us to write their ecommerce copy, product descriptions and sales copy. Just let us know what you need a copywriter for, and we’ll get on it right away.

By partnering with us for your ecommerce projects you get product descriptions that make potential customers WANT to click on your links, call your phone number, request more information, or buy your products. All of this at a price that you can afford!


Our Guarantee

We’re not satisfied until you’re satisfied and that’s our ecommerce copywriting guarantee in a nutshell. We don’t cut corners or provide “stock” templates. You’ll get original, customized product descriptions that make your product shine. We will take into consideration feedback from you and our own detailed research. If you aren’t happy you won’t pay. 

What our clients say

Hiring Daily Posts was easily one of the best decisions we've made about our site. When people visit our site, they can see how much work has been put into perfecting product descriptions and copy.
Online Fashion brand
Founder & CEO
January, 2020
With a combination of engaging descriptions and thorough copy, traffic to our site has increased dramatically and we're generating more sales. Plus, we're happy to know that Daily Posts is always there if we ever need to revise something or have additions made.
Websters Pens
Marketing Manager
August, 2018
Once again, I have been really impressed with the work that Vikas does. I have used his services on many occasions and have always found the results to be of high quality. You can tell that he understands SEO.
Marketing Project Manager
June, 2016
So, I was having trouble writing my ecommerce product descriptions . I had already used a few different companies to write for me, and wasn't happy with the results. I decided to try one more time. YOU NAILED IT and the conversions are AMAZING. Thankyou
David Anderson
Founder & CEO
January, 2021

Cost per Word ecommerce Costing Model

Daily Posts is an independent ecommerce copywriting agency specializing in cost per word ecommerce copywriting, product descriptions and sales page writing services to help online retailers convert more online sales and increase online revenue.

We don’t charge day-rates for our product copywriting service. We charge by the word. Per word rates remove the potential for hidden costs. Our straightforward pricing will make it easy for you to budget for your copywriting project. 

A partnership you can count on!

You get great value from every piece of content

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Value for money ecommerce copy 

Whether your ecommerce store is in the early stages of development or you have a more established shop which requires a refresh, we can help. Our talented team of ecommerce copywriters work to bring true understanding and clarity of purpose to all client projects. We then produce product descriptions that are mindful of your customers’ needs. 

We ensure that they not only engage with your store but encourage their initial contact into becoming a purchase.

Daily Posts offer value for money ecommerce copywriting services that are designed to increase your sales. If you have a product that you want more customers to buy, then we can help you sell more of them.

How our Platform Works

Daily Posts is an ecommerce copywriting platform which enables online stores to publish better product descriptions and ecommerce copy. By using our platform, sellers are able to dramatically speed up their time to market whilst boosting product rankings for keywords and increasing sales.

The Daily Post’s copywriting dashboard system works by allowing you to enter briefs easily. Once you create a project, our writers begin creating content. You can then track and pick up copy with ease.

How Our Dashboard Works

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Ticking the boxes with Product Descriptions

Our product descriptions include the product title, details about the product such as size, weight and measurements. We specify how many products a customer can order when there are limits in quantity. We also include data about the manufacturer of the item. We feature any important features and attributes that the item might have along with what functions they can perform.

How does the product improve their life?
Are your potential buyers emotionally engaged with the content of your product pages?

Our writers will go a step further by creating engaging product descriptions that will boost your product sales by tapping into the heart of your readers. Are your product page descriptions currently inspiring enough to create an emotional response?

How far do you read when looking at a product page on your e-commerce store? When readers reach the end of a product page, they have normally already made up their mind to purchase. Paragraphs should be short and to the point, breaking down complicated concepts down into bite-size chunks. The first sentence of every paragraph should be compelling and “tease” the next sentence. This content should be rich in topic language that describe the product. Product reviews need to be present, especially testimonials that are relevant to your target audience.

Our writers know the science and are ecommerce copywriting artists.

Answers to questions you may have:

We have written for countless ecommerce businesses. It’s not just a job – it’s a passion.

But, the most useful answer is that you don’t. And you shouldn’t trust any copywriter to deliver top quality content without checking their work. To show that we can deliver on our promises, we provide samples of our work or a short trial. You say “show me what you can do.” We’ll show you the samples or do some sample content for your site.

We provide high-quality product descriptions for eCommerce sites. Our copywriting service offers several pricing plans. The most affordable plan starts at £4 per 100 words. Prices vary depending on the number of items you need described and the complexity of the topic.

No, upfront payments will not be requested. We offer a pay-only-if-you-are-satisfied policy with no hidden charges.

Our copywriters will make sure that the content is SEO-friendly, to ensure that your product descriptions will be ranked high in search engines.

We have a team of expert writers waiting to deliver your ecommerce copy. We welcome deadlines and have the writing staff in place to meet them. You get the high quality, industry specific ecommerce writing you need when you need it. Our quick turnaround allows us to complete time sensitive e-commerce projects.