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Branded content is all about telling the right story at the right time. At Daily Posts, we craft exclusive short and long form content. Our team of talented writers use organic, natural language and digestible formats to produce high-impact content that drives engagement.

Branded content is a powerful way for marketers to reach out to people and create an emotional connection by sharing valuable insights and stories. 

Our copywriting service is designed to help you stand out from your competitors, by using branded messaging. The right words are the most powerful marketing tool available. We deliver lasting results that will generate value for your business and improve your Return on Investment (ROI), reduce advertising spend, and help you grow your market share. 

What is Branded Copywriting?

Branded copywriting is a written or spoken style – usually from a company but sometimes from an individual – that helps promote itself, its products or services and build relationships with clients and customers.  Brand copywriting connects people’s minds to the brand image through persuasive communication in order to build a positive image. 

Brand Copywriting is the process of writing copy with the intention to strengthen a brands identity while retaining familiarity. Brand Copywriting is accomplished by conveying key brand messaging in all instances of communication within the company; always staying true to the voice of the brand. 

A little about us

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Used by thousands of businesses around the globe since 2012, Daily Posts copywriting was created to help companies make more money through better branding and copywriting. The firm’s unique approach to brand copywriting features a fully integrated method of content development, starting with research and strategy development, leading into copywriting, professional editing, proofreading and final approval; all delivered by our in-house team of marketing professionals. 

We’ll provide you with highly effective SEO/SEM copy that will attract qualified prospects (Meaning people who know what they want.) and guide them to where you want them to go mentally and virtually. We’ll research, write, design, proofread and publish content for your brand’s website, social media profiles, blog pages, in magazines and wherever else your brand needs to be presented. 

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Need to up your Brand Image Through Your Content?

If your business is not selling as many products or services as it once did, or your online reputation is dipping, the most likely culprit is poor communication. Without appropriate messaging that speaks to a buyer’s emotions and triggers their thoughts about what they want, you can’t expect to turn browsers into buyers.

Our team of storytellers craft branded content that engages your audience and keeps them coming back for more. Our blog, copywriting, social media management services are designed to reach new audiences, convert leads into revenue, and grow your business.

Benefits of using our Branded Content Copywriters?

We help businesses, organisations, and individuals create a clear written identity that develops meaningful connections with customers, prospects, and internal staff.
  • Brand Copywriting is a powerful tool in search engine optimization. It helps the website to rank higher in Google by increasing clicks and website stickiness
  • Brand copywriting makes your company more recognisable 
  • Brand copywriting can attract new customers 
  • Brand copywriting helps you to position yourself as a trusted authority in your market 
  • Branded copywriting helps maintain consistency in your messaging
  • And finally, branded copywriting makes your brand more relevant for the target audience!
At Daily Posts we’ve worked with clients of all sizes and industry verticals to create massive ROI on numerous projects large and small. With over a decade of experience in the digital marketing space, our teams will work with your content strategy to not only bring you results – but give your brand a better foothold in your specific market. You’ve got a brand; it’s time to tell the world about it.

Some of the types of Branded Copy We Write

Brand Website Content

Our content creation agency provides small businesses and multi-million dollar corporations website content to build their brand and engage their audience in the best way possible..

Branded Advertising Copy

The idea of branded advertising copy is that it incorporates components of your brand. This helps to direct and align with your target customer.

Branded Product Descriptions

Maximize your sales with professional product descriptions. Product descriptions help you establish a strong brand identity and convert visitors into customers.

Branded Blog Content

Daily Posts is a leading industry authority in creating, managing, and leveraging blog-based content for brand awareness, brand building, and lead generation.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a strategic approach focused on attracting customers through content and interactions that are relevant and helpful—not interruptive.

Branded Case Studies

Branded Case Studies are a great way to demonstrate the value and benefits of your product in the market. The main purpose of a Branded Case Study is to prove customer results and brand positioning.

Branded eBooks and Guides

E-Books and Online Guides are written content that has been strategically planned and designed to provide your audience with a much needed solution or valuable information.

Branded Brochures and Print

Branded brochures and print ads are marketing tools used to describe your company's services, and create a unique image. Build your business credibility through the printed word.

Branded Whitepapers

Branded whitepapers are a great way to gain traction in the market quickly. A well-written branded whitepaper will build credibility and show your audience why they should trust your brand.

Branded Promotional Content

Branded promotional content is an effective way to market to your target audience on an emotional level. It can be used to educate readers, motivate consumers, increase website visits or boost sales.

How Daily Posts Can Help You With Branded Content?

Our dedicated team of copywriters are fully equipped to deliver you a wide range of copywriting solutions for any of your online marketing or copywriting needs.

Our expert copywriters will listen carefully to your requirements and create the most effective and persuasive adverts, sales letter, landing pages or other content for you. With a track record of superb copywriting creations over many years, our copywriters will provide you with the original, cutting-edge, effective online marketing materials to get you the response you want from your marketing campaigns

Our experts have helped hundreds of clients across a broad range of vertical industries. And we know how to craft strong, compelling marketing copy that gets delivered at optimal quality, on time and within budget. 24/7 availability for customer service and support.

Working in Partnership

We’re the copywriting service for brands who don’t have time or capacity to write all their marketing campaign copy.

We can be your partners to develop marketing assets including landing pages, press releases, blog posts, email newsletter campaigns, and case studies. 

We are easy to work with and deliver great content – on time – one of the many benefits of outsourcing your copywriting needs with us is that we can manage all the details involved in writing copy for your website or any digital marketing communication. We can help you beat deadlines, and we don’t get tired or overwhelmed.

Let us join your team to create some or all of your content.


Our Guarantee

We guarantee you’ll get well-written and professional copywriting services from us. If for any reason, you’re not happy with the content, we’ll revise content until you are. 

You can rest assured that your branded content will be written with the most careful attention to detail. Our writer will research your business before writing. We also hold our writers to strict confidentiality and professionalism standards.

What our clients say

These guys are AMAZING! They deliver on time, every time. No need trying anybody else, these are your professionals. I have used their services for a couple of months now and they have never left me disappointed.

Philip P
Fashion Brand Marketing Manager

I would highly recommend the Copywriting services of Daily Posts. Timely delivery, quick communication, precise work with attention to detail. I've used the service twice in a very short period; both times were perfect. Left no doubts and made me confident for the third time!

Jeff B
SEO Director Web Hosting Company

Excellent service, highly recommended! Absolutely amazing! Great work! Thanks for helping me with my project. I'm 100% satisfied. I'm impressed by your writing ability and the amount of work you did on such short notice. I will order again.

Samuel P
Founder & CEO

I personally believe this is one of the best copywriting services out there. The content will help increase your traffic, your business as a whole, and this will also increase your brand reputation. Money well spent! "

Adil V
UK Finance Brand

Cost of our Branded Content

The Daily Posts fee structure is simple and transparent. Our branded content quotes are based on word count. Most of our content is £4 per 100 words. There are additional charges for rush orders and/or content that require more complex research. Our cost per word model makes us affordable, even for budget-conscious brands. Bulk projects sometimes attract discounts.

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Our branded content has helped many clients in very different industries, including SaaS, B2C, B2B and other niches thrive and grow. With a background in marketing and exceptional copywriting skills, our writers will take your ideas to the next level.

A story that stands out, a voice that resonates – that’s what we deliver. Our copywriters create authentic, meaningful stories to share with your audience. We make sure your brand has a personality, a reason to invest in you and stay engaged with your posts.

Daily Posts is a leading provider of quality branded content and blogging services for today’s leading businesses. Our clients include blue chip companies, such as eBay, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Disney, Sony Pictures and Virgin, along with small and medium sized local businesses who are looking to boost their online presence through powerful content marketing.



How We Work

Our dashboard gives you full control over our copywriting process. You tell us the page, topic or purpose, or audience you’re targeting, how the content fits your strategy, and what kind of impact you’re trying to make. (e.g., more conversions on your landing page, drive more social shares or traffic to your blog posts, etc.), then we go to work for you.

In our dashboard, you can see the status for each order. And you are able to easily follow up your orders in the dashboard and speak to your account manager.


The Daily Posts Dashboard

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Supporting Your Brand with Quality Branded Content

We help your brand grow by generating original, branded content that aligns with your business objectives and leverages the power of your website, marketing channels and social media. Our approach is to create content that is meaningful and engaging. The end result: increased engagement, more traffic, and higher conversion rates.

Answers to questions you may have:

Every copywriting project varies in duration, as each project is completely customized to each client’s specific needs. 

Before we begin, we will discuss your objectives, and timeframe requests, and create a schedule that works for you.

Our writers will create 100% original, unique & plagiarism-free content from scratch according to your keywords. We charge £0.04 per word in general. That’s not per page or per day! It is a fixed price! We keep things clear and transparent, and you don’t pay if you aren’t satisfied with the final product.