Copywriting for affiliate websites
Increase affiliate income through persuasive copy

Are you an affiliate marketer looking to generate more product sales?

Are you in the process of establishing an affiliate marketing campaign and need to write content for electronic gadgets, a diet app, personal development products, web design tools, or any other affiliate products? Do you need more and better written content for your affiliate networks?

If you are an affiliate marketer or run an affiliate programme, then you know the importance of engaging website visitors and keeping them reading. You have to use the right language and techniques.

The Daily Posts affiliate copywriting service is here to help you increase your ROI.

We can get you up closer to #1 in Google and other search engines. We help your businesses come up with SEO-optimised copy that is custom-made for your needs and helps you to reach your sales goals. We help you attract and engage online prospects and then convert them to sales.

Work with us to develop long-term relationships with affiliates and partners, generate more revenue by improving the online messaging that your potential customers see.

Can professional content increase affiliate income?

Affiliate Copywriting is the art of writing for products or services and generating commissions. At Daily Posts, we provide affiliate copy this service to clients all over the world. We have a team of experienced copywriters who can deliver high quality affiliate copy within tight deadlines.

Copywriting is an important part of creating a successful affiliate website or email marketing campaign. One goal of copywriting is to convert as many visitors into customers as possible. The content you create needs to be persuasive and well thought out. It needs to be engaging while at the same time functional and readable. Daily Posts copywriting is all about standing out in a cluttered marketplace where millions of products are being sold in cyberspace every day.

A little about us

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Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to make money. But it also presents a challenge – how do you create content that your audience finds relevant and valuable? The Daily Posts service solves that problem.

Daily Posts is a leading company for copywriting and content creation services, with over 8 years of experience. Our expert writers are specialists in the fields of business, health, beauty, fashion, finance, technology and plenty more, and we deliver our services to affiliates all over the world.

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How can copywriting increase income?

The importance of copywriting for your affiliate website can be explained in one word – conversion. Without converting a visitor into a paying customer, an affiliate marketer is not going to make any money for their company.

Content is the name of the game when creating affiliate websites, and copywriting is essential to attract and to appeal to potential customers. At Daily Posts, we offer fixed price copywriting services so you can work out how much content to produce for your budget. Our pricing model helps to keep things predictable and manageable.  

Having expert copywriters on your team can help convert visitors to interested customers. To make your money work efficiently, take advantage of our competitive pricing on content that converts. Drive higher ROI and achieve new levels of affiliate success.

We have years of experience in helping affiliate marketers and e-commerce organizations write all types of product copy, and could be a good fit if you need a higher level of editorial support.

Affiliate Product Copy

We deliver high-quality, unique content about your affiliate products that will increase conversion rates and put more affiliate commission payments on your bottom line.

Affiliate Product Reviews

We provide the highest quality, professionally written product reviews and content. Daily Posts creates a promotional review content for affiliate products that generates enormous profits.

Product and Category Guides

Daily Posts provides product guide copywriting to ensure success with a wide range of offers, from software sales, e-books, courses, products to membership sites and more!

Social Media Affiliate Content

Our copywriters have extensive experience writing compelling social media content. - Write high-quality and engaging content for social media channels

Product Review Video Scripts

Do you want to get better conversions on your video product reviews? We create video scripts for entrepreneurs, startups, bloggers, affiliate marketers and affiliate programs.

Affiliate Blogs and Articles

Specializing in keyword rich, professional product copywriting, we are here to provide you with quality articles and blog posts. Our high quality services will help your affiliate marketingf business to grow.

Affiliate Banner Copy

We leave no stone unturned while writing your copy. We will come up with a smart sales pitch to convert the traffic into customers. All this at affordable rates.

Product Call to Actions and Microcopy

Our writers understand what it takes to capture your audience’s attention when it comes to affiliate marketing and microcopy. We write ads and micro-copy for every niche imaginable.

Are you struggling for copy to sell affiliate products?

Copywriting is the art of creating content for your website with the primary purpose of conversion. While search engine optimization (SEO) is what brings people to your site, conversion rate optimization (CRO) is what gets them to buy. In order to increase sales, you need content that motivates customers to act. The key here is “convince customers to buy” rather than “make them interested”. It’s easier and more effective to focus on action-oriented content that sells. There are two parts to the process. 

1. Get the right people viewing your content

2. Convincing those people to buy through intelligent messaging that engages their emotions

Working in Partnership

Daily Posts is proud to offer its affiliate content copywriting service. This service is created for affiliate marketers and affiliate programme managers you who want to take their business to the next level through appealing, effective copy. We can help convince prospective customers to join your affiliate program. We can help convince people to buy products. We can help throughout the affiliate sales cycle.

We can partner with you to provide you with all the affiliate content that you need to drive growth.

Our Guarantee

No matter what type of copywriting you require, our goal remains the same: to deliver a product that exceeds your expectations in quality, creativity and value.

Our team of professional copywriters take great pride in their work. We guarantee that any content we create for your company will be original, and free of errors.

We offer a money back guarantee and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We work with clients to ensure their copy converts and their brand style is reflected in the copy they receive!


What our clients say

I can confidently say that this service is by far the best content production service I've ever used. Their copywriters are professional, fast and give very good customer service. Their prices are extremely reasonable, their quality is superb, and their writers are just overall great people to work with.
Ivan K
Forex Affiliate Manager
I've been using Daily Posts Copywriting Service for four months now. In those four months, I got into the top 10 of my niche and have generated 19,404 unique visitors to my blog! That's almost unheard of and it was all because of the awesome content that Daily Posts provided me. They were also able to boost my average time on site by over 220%! I was amazed at how easy it was to work with them.
Ant P
I've been working with James for years, and have not had a single complaint yet. He efficiently handles our large (daily!) volume of posts. When he says he'll have your website or blog post up by 5pm, you can be sure that it will be. I can't recommend him enough.
John C
Founder & CEO

How enhancing SER can boost your business?

The search engines decide how to rank your website, mainly based on quality of content and relevance to search terms. Therefore, as an affiliate marketer you need to ensure the copywriter you choose understands the topic, understands SEO, and is able to research. 

When it comes to crafting great content, we’re in the ai business. Our writers use cutting–edge natural language generation (nlg) technology to comb the internet for high-quality content. This allows us to scale up our output to meet the demands of our clients. All our posts get written by humans and manually reviewed before they go out, assuring the highest quality and keeping everything on brand!

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Affiliate Copywriting that works!

The purpose of an online affiliate website is to attract and convince as many people as possible to buy affiliate products. 

You have probably already figured out a lot about copywriting, but do you know what it actually takes to create high converting web copy for your affiliate business? 

Are you hesitant to spend money on it without knowing what you will get in return? 

Daily Posts’ suite of copywriting services will help you increase your conversion rates and attract more traffic; the two key performance indicators of affiliate success.

How our writers write

Our copywriters begin by brainstorming unique and engaging ideas based on the needs of our clients. Then they dig in with ai tools to find the right words to use, making sure that each sentence is written with a clear purpose. Once content is “complete,” our copywriters hand it off to a Quality Assurance team member who carefully reviews every word. We believe this careful, detailed process is the heart of producing great copy that ranks, gets clicks and converts.

How Our Dashboard Works

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Copywriting that does wonders for affiliates

Daily Posts is an incredible resource for increasing your search engine rankings, getting you noticed, building your credibility, and finally helping you generate more sales and affiliate income. Just give us a task, set your budget, and leave the rest to us. Our strategy in content writing revolves around getting people to take desired actions and achieving tangible results for the client.

The most important thing about writing is to make sure that the wording is able to attract your target audience’s attention. 

Answers to questions you may have:

Affiliate marketing—also known as performance or referral advertising—is an online advertising model where affiliate websites receive payment based on customer actions. Affiliate marketers can maintain a number of websites, adding content such as banners and text links to the site. When traffic is directed to partners’ websites or online services through one of the affiliate’s unique links, this traffic is tracked by the affiliate network. A commission may be paid if the visitor completes a specific action, usually a purchase or an application for a service. The calculation of how individual affiliates are paid is determined by each affiliate’s contract with the merchant and usually depends on how much traffic

If you’re an affiliate marketer, or if you are a product owner with low conversion rate, chances are that your service or product is not ranking high enough in SERPs. For it to get a higher ranking in search engines, you need to improve upon the content of your affiliates and ensure that they are all written in content and sales copy that seamlessly blends into search engine results. That is why Daily Posts provides you with copywriting services that benefit your affiliates and your search engine ranking. 

 Let’s see an example. You are browsing through fitness blogs and you land on a new blog. But after reading just a few lines, you find they don’t match your interest so you leave without being completely satisfied with the website you visited. That is what we call as bounce rate or bounce rate of any website refers to the percentage of single page visits out of total visits to a specific or all the pages of a website

There is a constant need for informative, relevant and quality content to be written. It is these types of promotional blog posts that ignite a buzz in the market about a new product, service or business. Product reviews are the type of copywriting service that will capture more online leads to your website and drive more traffic to your storefront.

 Daily Posts write comprehensive content about the products as this is one of the most effective methods to drive traffic for your affiliate website.

Your content will be believable, timely and compelling. You will be able to justify your branding/messaging decisions to others. We do offer a money-back guarantee for all of our affiliate copywriting services. In case you are not satisfied, we will refund100% of your money within 30 days.