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Writing Sales Copy

What is a Sales Copy?

A sales copy persuades your reader to take action; this could be making contact enquiry about a product. The best sales copy shows your audience why your product or service is so transformative, valuable and essential to them. It paints your brand as the only solution worth having that will solve problems for users and make their lives easier.

Our genius copywriters can tweak a lifeless CTA and turn it into an impactful tool for unprecedented conversion rates. We know the phrases that generate new leads; make your customers feel like the only ones that matter to you; and close the sale to leave them excited for the next shopping experience.

We’ve thoroughly researched consumer buying habits and sales psychology. Our writers take your product, highlight the unique benefits and make prospective buyers desire it more than anything else.

Your sales copies shouldn’t just present information; they can engage people, make them love you, boost search engine rankings and revitalise your marketing efforts. However, your sales copy isn’t aimed at everyone. Rather, it’s geared towards your ideal reader and is personalized specifically for them.

We’ve got into the minds of your consumers and predicted the questions they’ll ask. Subsequently, our writers know the reservations that could prevent them from making a sale and answer each question thoroughly, until we’ve convinced them that your product is the only viable choice.

Writing Sales Copy That Yields Exceptional Results

At Daily Posts, we are firm believers in the fact that there’s nothing lucky about high converting sales copy.

When properly written, words can be very persuasive. The aim of sales copy is usually to attract traffic to your website, increase conversions, convert a higher number of targeted leads, as well as achieve a more robust introduction of your goods and services.

Here at Daily Posts, we’ve crafted a proven formula that always produces the best sales copy.  Our clients enjoy sales copy written in a carefully planned order, which simultaneously answers any questions the target audience in terms of what’s in it for them.

Have you been writing sales copy that’s not yielded the desired results? If so, it’s time for you to try a new approach by giving Daily Posts your sales copy briefs.

The highly experienced copywriters at Daily Posts know how to write sales copy that grabs the attention of the reader, triggers excitement for your goods and services, whilst motivating them to respond.

When you order sales copy, you’ll get the following:

  • Content that grabs the attention of the reader

  • Content that’s straight to the point and punchy

  • Content that features good use of benefit-oriented headlines

  • Content that establishes your credibility in the field

  • Content that addresses the user’s needs and questions

  • Content that highlights how your product betters the competition

  • Content that features correctly worded CTA’s that drives readers to take action

By writing sales copy that combines all the elements mentioned above, we’ll make sure you get a highly effective copy that can be used right away.

Professional Sales Copy That Impresses

As professional copywriters with years of experience creating top quality sales copy, we know that using the right words is only half the battle when it comes to creating effective sales copy. We make sure the words are also presented in a truly eye-catching manner.

With Daily Posts, you’ll get short paragraphs, because we understand the importance of making the copy less daunting for your target audience.  Other things we do to make your sales copy more attractive, all the while achieving the desired results include:

  • Using headlines to highlight your most important benefits

  • Using bullet points to put emphasis on key areas

  • Use of ‘grabbers’ to keep the reader enraptured

  • Use of postscripts to drive home important points 

We know how to infuse all the important elements of outstanding sales copy into your content without going overboard. Suffice to say, sales copy that’s ‘over the topic’ is always counterproductive.

Writing a Sales Copy that wins the hearts of your audience

It all begins with an attention-grabbing headline. Before a consumer sees an image of the product, they’re looking for the benefit in the headline. Some people say that anyone can write a good headline, but Daily Posts creates headlines that convince the reader to open the content and pay attention to your offering. We focus on one benefit that other brands in your niche don’t have and tell the reader what they’ll gain from your offering.

A huge mistake we’ve seen on many websites are sales copies inundated with technical details, features and specifications. We explain how your product improves their lives by translating the features into benefits and answering the question “So what?”

Imagine you’re selling a Refrigerator; the first feature to consider is the fact that it makes ice – so what? It makes ice within 20 minutes, has a three-year warranty and retains ice for 24 hours. So what? Now you can have a Long Island drink or a whisky and coke at home, without worrying about how long it takes to make ice or what happens when the power goes out.

The sale itself isn’t the only goal. We’re interested in retaining the customer long term. We’ll offer something that other brands aren’t offering: a three-year warranty on the product, 24-7 access to customer service, free returns on faulty products and maybe even throw in free shipping. We’re answering all the questions they have and keeping you fresh in their memories, until they’re ready to make the next purchase.

A valuable sales copy must connect with your reader’s desires, such as providing all the amenities they didn’t enjoy with other products, thus saving more money on energy bills, saving time it takes to get ice from the fridge, as well as increased productivity and an easier life in general. We know what your clients are dreaming of and we sell the benefits they hoped for, but haven’t voiced.

Sales Copies you can adopt for conversion

With our sales copywriting service, you’ll get perfect content that can be modified to fit a wide variety of applications. You can use parts of the copy on your website or in promotional materials, ads and even marketing content.  Working with Daily Posts means getting affordable content that can be used on any marketing projects.

Sales Copy for Websites that sell like crazy

The key to sales copy and every form of copywriting is understanding your audience. Our sales copies are personalised, as though like we’re writing to a friend. We try to understand who we’re penning our friendship letter to before putting pen to paper. If you already have a buyer persona, that’s great. However, if you don’t, we’ll encourage you to create one to help produce effective copy.

We nail the headline, subheadings and product description. Daily Post sales copies are written with the core problems of your audience in mind and include a breakdown of the solution. Our sales copies are descriptive and visualise the solution, as this makes it easier to convince customers of the benefits. We go one step further by selling the benefit of the benefit; that is, showing them how your product impacts their life in general.

What is the secret of Daily Posts Sales Copy?

Brand Voice

Our expert team of writers at Daily Posts know how to create sales copy that perfectly mirrors your brand voice. We understand that your sales copy might also be your first point of contact with customers and we aim to make a positive impression.

Industry Focused

Our writers take time to understand the relevant niche and industry before creating quality content that effectively communicates the benefits of goods, services and products and how they best fit in with changing trends.

Persuasive Content

As experienced professionals with a proven track record of excellence, we know how to create content that’s persuasive, but in a consumer-friendly manner. We highlight benefits and focus on addressing the problems of your target audience.

SEO Optimised Sales Copy

Do you want to use your sales copy online? Let us write for you and infuse it with the right keywords to bring in natural traffic from search engines. We’ve made a name with our ability to write for both humans and algorithms. Contact us today!


Why Clients Choose Daily Posts

Competitive Pricing

We are firm believers in charging fair rates and allowing our clients to set their own budget. Give us the brief and tell us how much you’re willing to pay per 100 words and we’ll get to work immediately.

Round-the-clock support

To ensure you’re never behind schedule, we are always available to discuss your needs. We also have writers located in different time zones to ensure all deadlines are met.

Experienced Writers

When it comes to providing quality sales copy that’s fully targeted at business growth, our writers are a force to be reckoned with.  They have years of experience working in the copywriting industry. They quickly understand briefs and generate tangible results.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sales Copy

What are the most important sales copy formulas?

Display the product, highlight the benefit, give them an extra incentive, humanise your brand and tell them what to do next. Put the customer front and centre at all times.

How long should a Sales Copy be?

The popular answer is that your copy can be as long as it needs to convince people to buy from your brand. A more specific answer is that it depends on the goal of the copy, as well as the audience. Longer copies increase conversion, because people are already convinced when they take your ‘Call to Action’. Ideally, use long copies for technical products and short copies where you choose to explain the benefits in a simpler manner.

How do I create an effective Sales Copy?

Begin with a strong, emotional headline; then, hook the reader with a relatable subheadline, describe the benefits in detail and close with a crystal-clear CTA.

Using a unique formula to create killer sales copies for your brand

A quick look at the most successful sales copies will show similar characteristics: a direct headline that includes the most important benefits of your product; subheadlines that incite the reader’s imagination; the gift of describing benefits in a way that drives sales; and a natural ability to overcome any objections the prospect might have.

Are these the type of sales copies you want for your brand? Contact us today on 02380 970 979 (in the UK) or (646) 679-7971 (in the US) and we’ll provide high-quality sales copies tailored especially for you.


Writing sales copy involves the use of certain words that compel a reader to take action. This means convincing your target audience to initiate a process which could be to join an email list, make an enquiry, buy a product, download a document or engage in a conversation.

Sales copy can contribute to the failure or success of a brand. Sales copy should indicate the problems your product or service can solve, and how beneficial it is to your target audience.

At Daily Posts UK, we write sales copy that can give your brand the awareness it needs. For more enquiries, call us today on 02380 970979.

Types of Sales Copy

Sales copy is not restricted to a particular medium. It is used on web pages, emails, business cards, social media posts, sales brochures, product boxes, billboards, and others.

The different types of writing sales copy include:

  • Email: This type of sales copy involves sending information to prospective customers via email. When writing email sales copy the purpose is to write a compelling subject line to get your client to open the email and take the action suggested in the piece.
  • Web content: This type of sales copy is SEO based. It is written to rank high on the search engine result pages. If the search engine likes your piece the more visible you will be to potential customers. This type of sales copy is posted on the internet like blog posts, landing page, and social media.
  • Technical copy: This type of copy involves promoting content that enables your client to use your service or product. It requires a writer with specific knowledge of a topic or an industry.
  • Creative sales copy: This involves creating a story around your brand to generate brand awareness.
  • Press Release: This is used to represent a brand. It includes issuing a press release to raise awareness for a new product or service with the hope that it will be picked up by the media.

What Makes Writing Sales Copy Great?

Since the aim of writing sales copy is to create brand awareness and drive traffic to your webpage, great sales copy must have all these features:

  • Understand the target audience: Every sales copy has a target audience. Sales copy must not be written to disregard its target audience but it should focus on solving their problems.
  • Brief and clear: Great copy must be concise and clear. Indicate what copy is to achieve and in simple and concise words, convince the reader about your brand.
  • Benefit: Great sales copy should place emphasis on the benefit of the product or service. State the features of the product and how it can solve a pressing problem.
  • SEO optimised: Great copy must be SEO optimised if it's going on the web. For effective copy, your content must be SEO friendly. Use keywords on your front-page cover and blog post to achieve this.

It can be challenging to understand how SEO works on your webpage, but a copywriting agency can do this for you. At Daily Posts, we write compelling briefs to help your company with its inbound marketing.

Facts about Writing Sales Copy

  • 90% of B2C marketers spend 28% of their budget on content marketing, while 55% of them plan to increase content marketing.
  • 61% of marketers have prioritised SEO sales copy as their top marketing strategy.
  • Companies that publish more than 12 posts on their blog get more leads than companies that don't.
  • B2B companies that publish more than 11 times on their blog per month had almost three times more traffic than those that published 0-1 post in a month.

Frequently Asked Questions about Writing Sales Copy

How long should sales copy be?

This depends on your target audience and the goal you are trying to achieve. Sales copy should be concise.

How do I know my target audience?

Adequate research will be carried out to understand the service/product you offer and the type of people it appeals to.

How can writing sales copy benefit my company?

Writing sales copy helps in inbound marketing. It creates brand awareness and influences potential customers to take action that will increase the sales of your company.

How do I know when writing sales copy is persuasive?

If it is able to convince someone to take the desired action, then it is persuasive.

At Daily Posts, we have a team of professional and diverse copywriters who will help you to write sales copy for your brand. Do you still need to know more? Call us on 02380 970979 for more enquiry on how we can be of service to you.

Looking for a team of copywriters to craft persuasive words? Trying to boost conversion or nudge a prospect to take your ‘Call to Action’? Losing clients and need the right words that get them to return? Are you in search of enticing copy that sparks a love interest between your brand and your ideal customer?

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DailyPosts: Writing Sales Copy That Yields Exceptional Results

The ultimate goal of sales copy is to not to make a one-time sale, but to build a long-term relationship with the customer. A creative sales copy is designed to win the heart and mind of a consumer, placing your brand as the first and only option when they need a particular product in your industry.

Top brands like Apple and Amazon lock this in using great design, aggressive marketing and a gifted team of copywriters who sell with words. We know the best formulas, tricks and techniques for converting in your niche. We can justify a luxury purchase that compels your target audience to ditch their pre-existing product and instead choose you.

Our copywriters are gifted; they write sales copies that not only fascinate the audience, but also engage and persuade them to buy a product.

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