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Content you can get from a website writer

If you have a new website, there is a lot of content that you will need. If you want your site to look unique, you will require a creative website writer to come up with a few good ideas that will make the content from your site stand out.

If you would like the content on your site to be similar to what you’ve seen on another site, you can also have a website writer look it up and rewrite the information so it is similar but completely unique to your site.

Our writing company works with many professional writers who specialize in providing high quality content for our clients’ websites. If you need a website writer, we are the right people to talk to.

Why do you need a website writer?

You may have thought that since it’s your site, you’re probably the best person to write the content. The truth is, there are subtle aspects of writing content for websites that only website writers truly understand. Some of the differences between content provided by you and that provided by a website writer include:

Objectivity: As much as you are the owner of the site, the site is actually meant for the visitors to the site. Unfortunately, you may be too close to the project to present the ideas in a way that will be easy for your visitors to understand. As a neutral party, the website writer will not have this problem.

Writingskills: Website writers are professional writers. If your site is going to be business oriented, it will need professionally written content. Knowing how to present information professionally is a skill that takes time to learn.

Experience: From words to phrases and expressions, professional writers such as website writers know what works and what doesn’t. This knowledge comes from many years of doing this sort of work. You may write a very compelling story only to ruin it with a call to action that is very unconvincing.

Focus: You may have the same goal in your writing as a website writer but you will not have the same focus. Website writers produce content that is always geared towards boosting traffic or sales. You may write a lot of information in an effort to be helpful to your customer but still fail to attract customers to your site.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO is one of the little things that professional writers are always focused on. Even as they write your content, website writers will also be trying to make your site friendlier to search engines so it can rank higher.

Website pages we can work on for you

There are different kinds of content that you will need to put up on your site. In each case, the work of a website writer is always important. The pages that always need work include:

About Pages: An about page is very important especially in the event that your customer has any unanswered question. The about page gives the site visitors more information on the site and the site owners. This page gives insight into the business and the people behind it. Also, it is important when you’re trying to build trust.

Home Pages: This is the most important page in any website since it’s the one customers will frequently land on first. There is a danger of overwhelming your visitors with too much information or confusing them with too little. We can provide excellent content for your home page so you get a page with just the right amount of information.

Product/Service Descriptions: You may know your product/service but you may easily lack the right words to tell people what it’s all about. That’s why you need a writing company such as Daily Posts. Our website writers will always have the words needed to tell people what they need to know about your product.

Blog Articles: Blog articles are a great way of engaging with your clients on a regular basis. Putting up the right kind of blog content will have visitors coming back to your site regularly. In our writing agency, we have professional writers who are well versed in providing quality articles on many topics.

Call to Action (CTA) Buttons: Studies have shown that what you put in your CTA buttons may determine whether or not your visitors follow through. We have worked on many websites and can tell you the best way to present your call to action.

Benefits of working with Daily Posts’ Website Writers

Professionalism: As a professional writing agency, we are dedicated to handling our work with utmost professionalism. We do this by ensuring that the work we provide is of high quality. We also ensure that the work is delivered within the deadline.

Customer Focus: Don’t work with a company where you’ll always be playing second fiddle. At Daily Posts, you’ll be the conductor of the orchestra. We pay attention to all of our customers’ needs to ensure that their experience is always satisfactory.

Reliable Results: We have many satisfied clients that we have worked with in the past. When you choose to work with our agency, you’ll know you’re working with a team that delivers.

So what are you waiting for? Call us on 02380 970979 and we’ll see about getting you started. You can also register on our site right now and you could have your first project up in only a matter of minutes.

If you are running a business you probably already have a website, or are planning to create one. Either way, you would need a writer to transform your ideas and company goals to words that appeal to visitors, engage them, and possibly convert them.

Writers are in high demand, very good writers are even more sought after, the reason for this is obvious, good writers will give you good copy that makes your website easy on the eye and persuades visitors to take specific actions.

As a business looking to make sales you would typically need a copywriter who writes primarily to convert, unlike the content writer who writes to inform. This, however, does not undermine the place of the content writer as she has a role to play too.

Whatever you opt for, Daily Posts has the resources to meet your requirements.

Some of the different types of writers are:

  • SEO copywriters. They are good at integrating keywords and phrases into copy to increase organic search benefits. They help to ensure your website ranks high when people search for certain keywords related to your business. This leads to more traffic, and with more traffic comes the opportunity to convert.
  • Content writers. These writers are information-based. They are good at re-telling your brand story in such a way that explains it even better than you. Content writers will most likely not include call to actions in their writing, or sound persuasive like a copywriter would, but they will get the information across in the best way possible. They are good at writing how-to articles, blogs, and even executive briefs.
  • Advertising copywriters. While you make efforts to tap into the benefits of high organic search rankings with the services of an SEO specialist, you would need an advertising copywriter to complement organic efforts. Advertising is key in every industry, and if you have a great advertising copywriter the more effective your website ad campaign. These writers are adept at condensing ideas into short, powerful messages. They incorporate your brand voice into the ads and find a unique angle that sets you apart from your competitors.

Traits of skilled website writers

You need a writer who:

  • Writes for visitors who skim through content. People don't really read web pages anymore, they just scan through for what they are looking for, and if they don't find it in seconds they're gone! So you need a writer who understands this and tailors his content for this set of people, who happen to be the majority on the internet. Such a writer would adopt the following:
    1. Headlines that communicate the purpose of the content in clear terms
    2. Sub-headings to categorise different chunks of information
    3. Meaty paragraphs that relate with the sub-heading
    4. Bullet points
  • Uses familiar words. Website copy is not meant to confuse your readers, it is meant to enlighten and persuade; you can't do any of that with language that people can't understand. This is not a task for writers who use difficult grammar, you need writers who can effectively represent you, re-inforce your brand voice, and portray the company in a good light.
  • Gives priority to every page. Not one page is more important than others, they all serve a purpose. You would think that your home page is the first place visitors would see, it is not always so, and for this reason every other page should be given as much importance. The inclusion of call to action terms should permeate the site, and copy should be spread across all pages for improved conversion rates.
    Sign up with Daily Posts to get these and more.

How can you get the ideal writer for your website?

It is often not easy deciding on ideal writers, but when you work out what you want to achieve with your website it should help with the type of writer you need. The following should help too:

  • Check for experience. Not just any writing experience, something related to the task you have at hand. If you need a proper copywriter to help your website get more visibility on search engines and convert visitors, you'd be taking a gamble considering someone whose experience is in academic writing.
  • Ask for a trial period. You can ask potential writers to go through a trial, after which you determine if they are the best fit or not. Daily Posts offers a free trial period which you can take advantage.
  • Schedule an interview. You can ask potential writers to do some research about your business beforehand, and maybe come into the office to do a write-up that represents the brand.

Your website is your online office, your conversion area, and while other components that go into optimisation such as design, navigation, and graphics are important, content is more important. Great content/copy will get you the results you need.

Take advantage of our writing services today. Remember you can get a free trial in case you are not convinced yet, we promise to get you there.

Your website should not be lost in the sea of online information. With DailyPosts, you can make your website relevant and visible to your target audience with the right content. As a team of copywriting experts, we have website writers who produce high quality content that increase your chances of online success. Find out how…

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