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Writing Copy for the Web

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Copy is the text of a publication be it an advertisement or a website article. Writing copy for the internet is a process that needs to meet certain standards for it to be effective.
There are different types of content you can find on the web. There is content that promotes a brand or product, content designed to be engaging and interactive, and content that is educational and informative.
An organisation can use online copy to introduce its products and services to its customers. This can be published on the company’s website or as a guest post on another website. An organisation can also use a blog or social media to engage and educate its customers. This is a quick and cost-effective way to receive feedback.

Types of online copy

Website articles

Website articles are informative. Even when they are aimed to generate leads such as sales, they provide information to the readers and use a call to action to generate the desired leads. Here, you will see a lot of “How to” articles and tips that help people understand a product or service.

Blog posts

Blog posts have a more informal tone than website articles. They are relatable and easy to remember. They also leave room for engagement.

Social media content

This is microcontent that tells the readers just enough to pique their interest. It gives them a summary of what they need to know. These can include links to websites that contain full articles for further reading. This medium is also used for promotions.

What makes great web copy?

Excellent web copy needs to be relevant and engaging. To attract an audience, copy must have a catchy headline. The headline can be considered to be 80% of the content because it is what determines whether or not content will be read. It also needs to be creative and exciting. Good website articles and blog posts need to be search engine optimised so they rank highly on search engine result pages. Keywords, links, and other SEO strategies are used to help search engines determine the relevance of a page.
The target audience should be considered when creating website content. The language style used and medium of publication should be determined by the audience that the content is created for.

 Copy should be unambiguous. It should go straight to the point so it doesn’t lose the attention of the reader. Ambiguous content has a higher bounce rate on websites. Whether copy is meant to increase website traffic, facilitate sales, create brand awareness or increase social interaction, it should be written strategically to achieve that goal. 

Facts about writing copy for the web

  • 80% of online readers skim through headlines while only 20% read the entire content.
  • Regularly updated websites generate 126% more leads than the sites that are not updated frequently.
  • 47% of purchasers read between 3 and 5 pieces of online content before they contact a sales representative.
  • The websites that rank highest on search engine results, especially those on the first page of Google search results, get 91.5% of the average share of web traffic.
  • Studies have shown that businesses make 2 times as much as they spend on Google ad, so for every $1 they spend, they make $2.
  • 92% of successful businesses focus on building a loyal audience and ensuring they provide them with relevant content.
  • Websites with great content get 7.8 times more online traffic than websites with low-quality content.
  • Organisations that publish 16 blog posts and above every month receive 4.5 times more leads than the ones which publish fewer blog posts.

Frequently asked questions about writing copy for the web

What is copy?

Copy is the text of a publication be it an advertisement or a website article.

What are website articles?

Website articles are informative. Even when they are aimed to generate leads such as sales, they provide useful information to the readers and use a call to action to generate the desired leads.

What are blog posts?

Blog posts engage the reader and make them feel they are getting their information from a real person. They have a more informal tone than website articles.

Is ranking highly on Google important?

The websites that rank highly on search engine result pages, especially those on the first page of Google search results, get 91.5% of the average share of web traffic.

The simple trick in understanding what makes for a great website copy is knowing what makes your audience click on your them. What is it about your copywriting that attracted the readers you have and made them go through the entire body of your web copy. Also, what about your call-to-action that spurs them to take action. Writing copy requires he ability to create bonds with the audience. You have to have what it takes to create a deep connection with your reader in a way that they leave everything else they are doing and follow your writing till the end. More so, you have to have them in your hand firmly enough to count on their taking desired action while on your website.

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Daily Posts: We Write Great Copy for Businesses on the Web

James Cummings, CEO, explains a little about our content and copywriting services. If you would like to discuss how we can help you with your content requirements then get in touch with James today, or setup an account now to work with us in our online virtual office.

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Quite ironically, focusing on your business will not get you the desired effect when it comes to using copywriting to drive sales and grow your brand. It requires two things, the professional skill to understand your audience at psychological level and the ability to step out of your shoes and assume them. You would have to forget everything you were taught in school and let every aspect of your copy reflect them. This includes the tone of writing.

When writing copy for the web, Daily Posts copywriters use persuasive language and compelling action statements to convince the audience. The information in our writing is obtained from deep-rooted research, guaranteed to engage and inspire your web visitors to take action. More so, our content keeps them coming back to your website, time and time again.

Get your site content refreshed and rewritten. Overcome potential penalties and make your content relevant once .

Daily Posts: We Write Great Copy for Businesses on the Web

Looking for a reliable content writing partner – a professional who understands the copywriting needs of your online business? It’s time to stop searching.

Daily Posts are a professional writing agency, staffed by versatile copywriters. We serve clients across various industries – from real estate, insurance, fashion, tech, energy and so on. We write online copy that fits into your business’s content marketing strategy. We produce content aimed at increasing web traffic and generating sales.

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Because internet users are usually impatient, web copywriting must be engaging from the get-go. We write content that provides answers at first glance and compels your visitors to continue reading through. With empathetic language and a right tone of voice, our copywriters persuade customers that your product is right for them.

The Daily Posts team are highly experienced copywriters who have been writing copy for businesses online for more than five years. We write copy with effective ‘Call-to-Actions’ and persuasive micro-copy. What’s more, we give you total control of your content marketing budget, by giving you the choice to work at different pricing levels. With our unmatched copywriting skills we are poised to helping you create consistent copy for your business. When it comes to online business, consistency is key. It is what sets your brand apart and position you as an authority in your niche. If your prospective customers are able to depend on you time after time for information, it is then easy to turn them into loyal customers.

Sign up here to open an account today.

Writing SEO-friendly copy for the web

For a business to grow and expand, it must have a strong web presence. Gone are the days when companies could rely on traditional marketing channels and word of mouth alone. The 21st century business sphere is digital. Everyone you are selling to is there waiting on the internet. This means that your business will not only fail to grow when you refuse to take advantage of this tool, it is likely to die before you know it. Therefore, what you need is to put yourself out there where you would be seen. This require not only web copy, but sound website copy that are SEO-friendly. SEO-friendly copy ensures you rank higher on search engines so that your business gets wider audience.

At Daily Posts, we write copy that puts your company in the eyesight of your target audience and potential customers. We do this by writing fresh content that contains useful information, but that’s not all – we use relevant language too. This helps Google and other search engines to identify what a page is all about and therefore rank it appropriately, in line with search queries. It’s not all about keywords these days, but also themes – latent semantic indexing.

People looking for information online type keywords into search engines to find answers. For business posts, our team researches high-ranking keywords (specific to their service industry) and semantically relevant industry language, before infusing the content with relevant wording.

Organic traffic from search engines provides a valuable source for generating business leads. Writing with SEO and high-ranking keywords jumps your website ahead of its competitors. By developing valuable content that attracts links from sites with powerful domains, your website will observe a notable boost in traffic volume and qualified leads.

Writing landing page copy that converts

In order to sell your product or services, it’s not just the SEO quality that matters. You may attract all the traffic to your website you need, but what use is it if those visitors leave without engaging with your brand? Your landing pages must be equally as focused as the linked ad copy or meta data referring them.

This means the tone of voice, language and information must be right. Your landing page acts as the entry point to the purchase funnel, and savvy business owners put a lot of work into enhancing their landing page to improve engagement. When writing your landing pages, you have to focus on the outcome. Do not talk too much about your product. Your prospects care so little about your product or service. What they care about is the outcome; how it would make them feel. They are not concerned about your floor removal service but the new face your floor finishing gives their home. Understand this and focus on it. Also, as much as you need your headlines to be catchy, they also need to be informative more than anything else.

At Daily Posts, we write compelling sales and landing pages for every online business niche. Our web writing aims to continue the discussion about your brand where the ad copy left off. To make the page interesting, we use persuasive writing techniques and emotive language. Our ‘Call-to-Action’ statements convince the customer to take the next step. We ensure we only introduce the “call-to-action” when the we have successfully bonded with the reader.

You can build a huge customer-base from organic leads that arrive on your sales landing pages, but only if you get them right.

Writing web copy that drives conversion

Having a high-ranking advert or organic listing is good, whilst an engaging sales page is even better. However, it’s vital you have pages that convert those visitors into buyers. It’s tremendously frustrating to have high performing website traffic with poor conversion rates. Which is the whole idea of copywriting.  Thankfully, that situation can be rectified.

By writing very simple web copy, we are able to ensure your visitor’s interest is sustained through the buying process. To convert your readers into buyers, you need to find a way to shift attention from the product to its benefit at least for the most part of the web copy. Emphasize the difficulty they have been experiencing and how your product is a solution for it. This should be accompanied with the right kind of tone to better accentuate their emotion.

Our copywriters produce sales and landing pages aimed at converting users. Every web page has a goal. For some, it’s to keep visitors long enough to engage and comment, while others want information for their customer database. For most e-commerce sites, it is to record sales. By using persuasive language and convincing ‘Call-to-Action’ statements, we strive to make your landing pages achieve their goal. If your goal is to make sales or for your readers to provide information, then your web copy will have to focus on building trust. People are usually very cautious when they are buying online. Therefore your copy should spell credibility. One of  the methods we use to craft web copy that converts is by sounding human. This allows your readers let their guards down and follow your words till they have completed the buying process. Generally, we ensure our copy resolve every sales objection.

The typical Daily Posts web copy:

  • Is easy to read (jargon-free)

  • Engages the reader

  • Helps buyers overcome their own objections

  • Provides solutions to the customer’s problems

  • Convinces the prospect to take action

Sales pages that fit the content of the corresponding ad copy have a high potential to convert. We study the theme and structure of the target site in order to ensure the final content is a perfect fit.

We write web copy that sticks for our clients. Some of the types of copy we produce include:

  • Web content (‘About us’ page, ‘Services’ page and more)

  • Sales pages

  • Case Studies

  • Product descriptions

  • Promotional blogs and guest-posts

  • FAQ pages

Why Choose Daily Posts to Write your Web Copy?


We have a diverse team of experienced writers and maintain an efficient system to serve our clients, producing consistent, value-for-money content. We have worked with companies ranging from ‘one man bands’ to small private companies, big agencies and multinational brands. The Daily Posts way is quality and 100% commitment to unwavering service excellence.

We write 100% original web copy

We promise our clients 100% authentic web content. You won’t find your content anywhere else; all our projects are exclusive to each client. Daily Posts do not re-use or reproduce content. Our fresh content policy ensures we craft every new project from scratch.

Save time

We free up your time so that you can concentrate on other key areas of your business. We undertake the management of your content, with strategic analysts, project managers and account managers all feeding into the content, as and when required.

Contact us today if you need a steady supply of web copy

To open an account with Daily Posts, please sign up here.


What is a web copy

A web copy is the text designed to guide visitors through your website and tells them all they need to know and do. It is what you find in website landing pages, home page, service pages, and so on. The idea behind the core messages present in website copy is to aid your business generate more revenue through sales and also to grow your brand. Unlike print copy, they are designed after the behaviour of the typical web user who is continuously surfing through a host of texts.

How do you write a good website copy

Writing web copy requires the writer to go straight to the point. You need to grab the reader’s attention from the beginning and be determined to sustain it through the entire copy. This is one require you need no matter the kind of audience you are writing for. Generally, every web user needs to quickly get answers to their queries without having to go through a stack of words.

This means you have to make your copy easy to scan. You can achieve this by writing shorter paragraphs and using all kinds of text breaks. Bullet points are a good example. Ensure your main points are stated first. This is what will help you hold their attention from the get-go.

I work in a highly specialised field. Can you write for me?

Of course we can. Part of being a good website copywriter is being able to conduct extensive research. This allows you wrap your head around areas that you never knew anything about before. Not only that, you need to be able to study the behaviour of the readers of that niche to better inform your writing. From health and finances to high-tech industries, Daily Post writers have a way of quickly getting themselves acquainted with your sector and producing compelling copy that will both captivate your audience and increase sales for your business.


Your web copy is a reflection of your company. Having a professional with years of experience in web copywriting will ensure you reap the full benefit of website copywriting. With quality and compelling copy you are able to better bond with your market and record more sales. Daily Post writers are experts in writing web copy that converts.

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