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Writing Copy

Need Copy or Guest Posts?      

Copywriting can be done by anyone, but how effective copy will be largely depends on how it's created. That is why we recommend contracting proven copywriting agencies like Daily Posts to provide copy that can effectively sell your product.

When you reach out to us we will learn as much as possible about your business and use all that information to draft reat copy specially for your brand.

Types of copy that are effective

There are different types of copy based on structure and style. These include:

The storytelling format

Stories have a way of communicating to people better than other forms of communication.

Storytelling copy would have these features:

  • Introduction

This is where a character is introduced and a change of events that puts him in a difficult situation.

  • Confronting the problem

Here, the character tries to solve the problems to no avail and continues in search of something that works.

  • Solution

Then the solution comes and it is your product.

Imaginative copy

This is an effective tool of persuasion. Asking people to imagine things engages them and that's what we set out to achieve when we write copy using this style.

If, for example, you sell a weight loss product, copy could begin with “imagine a painless way to lose weight” or "imagine a kit that can help you lose weight in 3 days."

They will think about it, and that’s our golden opportunity to introduce your product as a solution to their problem.

Long copy

This type of copy provides detailed information about a product. Here, questions your customers may have regarding your product are answered.

People can easily be converted just by reading this type of copy, as it contains all the information they need to make an informed decision.

You can trust us to write long copy that is engaging.

How can you tell a great copy?

Emphasis on the customer: Great copy focuses on the customer, not the product or the client. There is more of “you” than “we.”

Use of everyday language: Great copy communicates, it doesn’t confuse. We understand this and that’s why our copywriters use simple language that everyone can understand. Of course, we do not compromise on quality by just stringing any simple words together, we use only the best words for each context.

If you’ve had someone making copy for you that still generates questions like “what do they mean by this?” It is time to make a change, and we can change the narrative.

Engages with time to spare: Great copy doesn’t take too long to win the reader over. We understand the way people read online, and that’s why we grab their attention fast with something they want to see.

It starts with a very catchy headline, then sub-headings that emphasise key ideas readers are looking for. This way, people scanning through your copy can easily find that what you are selling is beneficial to them.

Facts about writing copy

Copy plays a lead role in determining whether people will buy a product or not. These facts should help you understand why

  • Using effectively written copy has the potential to increase your lead generation and sales.
  • Great copy is responsible for building long relationships people have with brands, such that it becomes a family tradition to patronise that brand.
  • The way copy is written can reduce the level of impact it makes on a customer. That is why at Daily Posts, we are not overly interested in what is written, rather the way it is written. You can count on us to appeal to your target audience.
  • Compelling and engaging copy attracts at least 7.8 times more website traffic.


How does your agency go about writing copy?

On receiving your order we make it available to our large pool of skilled writers through our virtual office. A copywriter picks it up and does adequate research on your business, target audience, product specification, niche, as well as your competitors. Then the making of a brilliant copy begins – top-notch and delivered in time.

Why should my business choose Daily Posts to write copy for us?

We have years of experience and expertise that help us deliver quality copy every time. Even more important is our deep understanding of human perception which enables us to influence people’s decisions effortlesly.

Give us a call today on 02380 970979 and we will get you started with copy that converts.

Do you need evergreen content? Are you looking for a talented pool of copywriters who’ll create relevant content targeted at your specific audience? Do you need copy that is actionable, engaging, yet always delivered on time?

Setup Your Account

Writing Evergreen Copy that Drives Consistent Traffic

James Cummings, CEO, explains a little about our content and copywriting services. If you would like to discuss how we can help you with your content requirements then get in touch with James today, or setup an account now to work with us in our online virtual office.

UK: 02380 970979

US (646) 679-7971

Perhaps you’ve worked with freelancers in the past who always missed your deadlines. Poor, shoddy writers whose work cost you good money. If you’re looking to upgrade to copywriters who are reliable and trustworthy, choose Daily Posts.

We are renowned as the foremost UK copywriting agency. Our writers produce evergreen content that is search-optimised, continuously relevant and will stay fresh in the mind of its readers for a long time. Our content never goes away. It drives traffic for years to come.

This type of content can only be created by an experienced writer who is familiar with your niche, brand, audience, content marketing goals and products. We draw from questions your readers want answered and provide how-to guides or explanations to help them solve their problems.

Our written content drives prospects for your sales funnel, improves search engine rankings, connects you with your audience and positions your brand as an authority on the web. Best of all, it doesn’t cost a fortune.

Get started by calling us on 02380 970979 or Sign up now for an account to start the process

Powerful copywriting that establishes a connection with your readers

It is important that you establish an emotional connection with your audience. It can be difficult but, if you pull it off, it is very rewarding. It immediately sets you up as a niche authority they can trust. It fosters new relationships with prospects, nurtures existing ones and makes it easier to collect feedback and engage with your audience. It’s also great for brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Instead of worrying about how to write this kind of content, we’ll do it for you at a very reasonable fee. It’s a strategy that has worked for almost every B2B marketer and we’ll do the same for you. One of the tricks we use is to speak directly to your audience using “you” or “your”. We’re not targeting the masses but rather a smaller group of readers who are the most likely to convert.

We think of your reader, picture what they’re doing as they read the content, the problem they’re trying to solve, the barriers they have to making a purchase, their frustrations with other products and the single benefit that will get them to convert.

Your readers want to feel exclusive, special, like they’re the only one in your sights. We’ll give them valuable content they won’t find anywhere else. They’ll love it so much, they share it with their friends and colleagues on social media and through email.

We’ll drift from tired topics everyone has written about to create unique content that mirrors your own experience or that of a customer. We offer a fresh take on topics they’re interested in. Our goal is to write copies that keep them coming back for more.

Writing copy for professional services

If you’re offering a professional service or selling products in a brick-and-mortal store or online, you need to be able to reach out to your customers. The best service in the world is pointless if no one knows about it. As a professional writing company with a real focus on copywriting, we can ensure you reach the customers you want.

Daily Posts is a writing agency that works with some of the best copywriters from all over the world. We work to deliver your message effectively to your potential customers. Sign up with us today and start enjoying our strategic low-cost tool for boosting your sales.

Highly-converting website copy for any niche

Whether you are an individual, a local business or a company in Australia – or even one that only operates online – you can benefit from the services we provide. We can handle the writing requirements of businesses across various industries and can also produce content to target a specific audience.

Our professional writers are recruited from many countries all over the world. You will enjoy the benefits of a truly global workforce. As far as your budget goes, you can opt for what you’re willing to work with and we’ll ensure you get the best quality work at your chosen price point.

The Daily Posts Difference

Years of experience: The professional writers we work with have many years of experience producing copy, blog posts, articles, SEO copy and various advertising materials.

Customer focus: With many writing companies, you’ll be just another name in a long list of clients. However, we consider each of our clients to be special. We will not just focus on what we can do for you, but what you need from us. Whether you want content to boost sales or increase traffic, you’ll have people willing to listen to your demands.

We meet deadlines: Our writers are professionals in every way and take your deadlines very seriously. When you have a time-conscious task that you need us to work on, you can be sure we will get it done within your deadline.

High-quality work: We have different writers working on various projects and high-quality work is what they all have in common. If you’ve had to settle for mediocre sales copy before, we are here to present you with a more rewarding option.

We make every dollar count: We are not in the business of getting paid for unsatisfactory work. We ensure that when quality work is promised, quality work is delivered. If you have any issues with the work we produce, the necessary revisions will be done ASAP and at no extra cost.

We are budget friendly: Most companies will charge heavily for a single page. We prefer to let you choose how you’d like to pay. As our client, you can choose the rate you’d like for any project and we, in turn, ensure you get the best work for that price.

Contact the copywriting experts

Don’t risk your money by taking a chance on a random writer. When you need results that drive traffic to your site, work with a real writing company.

Call us now on 02380 970979 to order copy

Writing copy that engages your audience

A problem many copywriters struggle with is the tone of voice to use when speaking to your audience. Should they stay formal? Appear conversational like they’re talking with a friend? This is an issue for lazy copywriters who don’t know your audience because they haven’t done the research.

Our writers know that the right tone can engage an audience immediately. We understand your audience’s reading level, the tone of voice they love, and we’ll incorporate all of that into our web copy. Our writers root out jargon words that detract from your key message. If it’s not something we can say to you in a face-to-face conversation, it’s not going in the copy.

The writers at Daily Posts know the importance of engaging content. Content that doesn’t engage the reader offers no favours to your brand, sales, lead or conversion. It is lumped in with the mass of content that readers are exposed to on a daily basis. The content we produce for you doesn’t just drive action, it is shared and ranks highly in search results.

Why content is important for your business

If your potential customers don’t see what you’re offering, then your brand doesn’t exist. In today’s saturated market, your product or service must have visibility. We can make your product visible and get people to start paying attention to what you’re offering. By writing copy, we will:

Boost your sales: If people know about what you’re selling, they may well consider buying your product. If you reach enough people, you should notice a marked improvement in your sales.

Increase traffic to your website: Web copies on your blog, webpages, landing pages, white papers and other forms of online copy increase visibility on search engines and traffic to your website.

Save money: It’s possible that you’re still relying on traditional advertising and spending a fortune in the process. Our copywriting provides you with a less expensive alternative that may prove to be just as effective.

Save time: When you invest in copywriting, you won’t have to worry to about your advertising strategy. You don’t need complicated schemes to get customers to your product. If tasked to a professional writing agency, you’ll have more time to focus on other important things.

Keyword-targeted copy that increases visibility and brand awareness

Engaging content begins with an attention-grabbing headline. Its’ 90% of the work because a good headline gets the reader through the door to listen to your message. We take our time creating a headline that performs well with your audience and search engine.

Our writers include your keyword in the headline to increase visibility in search engines. When writing your copy, we’re answering the question, what keeps your reader up at night? What is the pain point they need to deal with?

Every copy we write successfully addresses a problem and offers a solution. We position your product or services as the only solution for them.

Memorable sales copy your reader will never forget

The mark of a memorable copy that stands out in the reader’s mind is the use of words and phrases that stimulate visual images and takes the reader on a journey. They are easier to remember than buzzwords like “indescribable” or “revolutionary”.

We’ve got fantastic story tellers in our employ. We’ll distil the idea until we find the pearl of wisdom that drives home your message and leaves an impact so powerful, it’s impossible to forget.

In a sea of copywriting agencies, why choose Daily Posts?

  • Flexible approach. Four different price points, each offering value for your audience

  • Versatile copywriters who understand your brand and your audience

  • We fulfil every promise we make and keep every deadline

  • We’re specialists in writing words that sell

  • We’ve got a diverse pool of writers from different backgrounds to ensure you receive the best content for your website

  • We work remotely. No stress of driving out to meet us in person

  • Every copy enhances your brand awareness and fits your tone

Ready to drive traffic to your website and increase conversion with actionable SEO copy? Sign up for an account or call us on 02380 970979 to speak to a member of our team

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