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Who Is a Medical Copywriter?

A medical copywriter is a content writer who specialises in crafting copy for medical communications. Some examples of technical copy a medical copywriter may write include explanations of certain drugs, their chemical composition, and possible side effects. It is marketing copy that is specialised for the medical and health services industry.

A medical copywriter is similar to a regular copywriter in the sense that they both work to craft appealing and interesting copy that can successfully persuade and educate readers. What makes a medical copywriter different is that he is extremely knowledgeable about the medical industry and is able to create high quality technical content for audiences in the field.

Medical copywriters are sometimes former health professionals who take an interest in writing. They are able to communicate their vast knowledge using their copywriting skills; they can also be extremely skilled copywriters who understand the medical industry and are able to write compelling yet highly technical content.

Types of Medical Copywriting

This is copy that is written to educate the general public on health information and content. It is written to explain different medical conditions, symptoms, and treatment in a straightforward way that answers questions and provides the readers with detailed information.

Medical copywriters work to create marketing communication copy to advertise their healthcare products on social media, websites, blogs, and other mediums. Pharmaceutical marketing copy is written in simple terms and targeted at highlighting how the medical product can help improve the health of the user.

This is copy that is written for submission to medical regulatory bodies for the marketing approval of new products, drugs, or clinical trials. It is targeted at the scientific community rather than the general public, so the piece contains appropriate technical language.

  • Medical Journalism and Education Copy
  • Medical Product Marketing Copy
  • Medical Regulatory Copy

What Makes a Great Medical Copywriter?

A great medical copywriter can take complex and highly technical scientific content and transform it into clear, interesting, and informative copy that readers are able to easily comprehend. Instead of writing lengthy and complicated medical terms and using language that only those in the healthcare industry can understand, exceptional medical copy appeals to the general public with clear and engaging content.

Prior to writing medical copy, the copywriter must understand and consider the legal, ethical, and regulatory bodies involved in the content. Copy must not be written to alarm readers, but rather capture the attention of customers through carefully detailed yet simple copy that gives them information, persuades them to take action if necessary, and calms their fears. Great medical copywriting should create trust in the healthcare product or medical organisation through its content.

Trust can be gained in medical copy by writing from the standpoint of wanting to improve the health of readers and help them live better lives. Great medical copywriting must also contain appropriate references to comply with local regulatory bodies. Healthcare copy must be properly cited and referenced in all copy.

Facts about Medical Copywriting

Medical copy is distinct from regular copywriting as it does not promise any definite outcome. Patients come from diverse backgrounds and have different medical histories which may affect how a drug works in their systems, so medical copy must never ensure an outcome, but rather, tell audiences that it ‘may’ solve their health problems.

The medical industry is dynamic, as new information and research are constantly introduced; a medical copywriter must consistently be updated on content and what is going on in the healthcare field to promptly deliver current medical copy to his audience.

Medical copy focused on negative content or advertising that is written in a clickbait style in an attempt to lure readers may have the opposite effect and turn people away, reducing the level of trust audiences may have in the content.

Frequently Asked Questions about Medical Copywriting

Is it better to use a copywriter with a medical background or one experienced in writing medical marketing copy?

It is more important to use medical copywriters that understand how to strike a balance between understanding complex medical concepts, and how to write compelling and engaging copy that is comprehensive for different audiences. The extremes of both copywriters is that they can either create copy that is too technical and difficult to understand, or create content that is too persuasive and without enough medical information.

How do you simplify medical terminology?

When writing to audiences that are not in the medical field, some medical terms may be too complex to readers. Medical terminology can be simplified by explaining the impact of certain health conditions, the causes, symptoms to look out for, and treatment options. Rather than focusing on medical jargon and using complex language, medical copywriting should relate to the audience by appealing to what is relevant to them.

How do you write medical copy that can appeal to the general public?

Medical copy can be engaging to readers when it is written in a personable tone, uses accurate statistics, quotes trusted medical professionals, and explains how the medical content may affect their life or the lives of their loved ones.


Are you searching for a copywriter who will turn your boring medical copy into an interesting read that delivers clear and meaningful information to your readers? Tired of copywriters who make you look uninteresting? Looking to rejuvenate your content marketing strategy?

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Beat the competition at their own game with quality copywriting from Daily Posts

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Daily Posts offers some of the world’s best copywriters for medical, pharmaceutical and healthcare topics both in web and print format. Our content is designed to deal with the problems your target audience is currently facing. We’ll improve your brand identity, enhance brand awareness and widen your reach with original content that speaks directly to your reader.

Your medical copy has to tick all the right boxes, be scientifically clear, accurate and fully compliant with regulations whilst remaining adapted to your target audience. This is not a task for a run-of-the-mill copywriter. You need someone with experience. A team of copywriters who have worked with many healthcare clients and have developed over 1,000 pieces of web and print content for clients.

The difference between our copy and those of a medical writer is that we’re not just churning out technical information. We’re creating engaging pieces your readers are excited to consume. We’re breaking down big words, technical speak and niche-specific jargon that distracts from the key message you’re trying to communicate. We’re using words they know to spread your message without losing sight of your brand.

Our copywriters understand your need for fully-researched, up to date content with a lot of value for the reader. You need us to explain technical content to the layman who needs your product or services but doesn’t understand exactly what you do.

Our specialist medical copywriter will create fact sheets, guides, web content and articles that educate, inform and engage your audiences. We work with care agencies, addiction clinics, private medical centres, pharmaceutical companies and anyone who needs specialist medical copies.

What is medical copywriting?

Medical copywriting is a technical type of copywriting. Most writing agencies prefer to hire someone with a medical or science background rather than a writer who only studied journalism or English. This is because medical copywriters have to take complex, scientific information and turn it into clear, articulate copy that anyone will understand. A creative person who doesn’t have a medical background will flounder to write this type of copy, no matter how good a writer they are.

A medical copywriter is a creative thinker who sees beyond the surface and thinks outside the box. They create a nifty, subtly-persuasive argument that convinces the audience to convert. It combines scientific knowledge with copywriting skills to create bespoke content that makes the reader happy and increases revenue for the client.

We write copies that grab an audience’s attention. Emotions are important, given that the lines between customer and patient continue to blur. We are clinical where necessary but never cold. We’ll cut through the dust to find the right words that set you at the top of your niche and win the affection of your audience. In a crowded market where hundreds of brands are offering a similar product, you need a dynamic agency to create copies that excel.

Gain wide online visibility with Daily Posts’ creative medical copywriting

Producing creative copy in the field of healthcare is a tricky venture for most writers. They struggle with medical jargon, whilst trying to correct misinformation that may have been spread by the media.

People often think of healthcare only when there’s a problem. Hence, copywriters have to combine writing flair with creativity. Producing intelligent medical copy that convinces and persuades requires healthcare awareness and marketing insight. The tone and style must strike a balance between delivering creativity and disseminating sensitive information.

At Daily Posts, we are keenly aware of these challenges. We have trained medical copywriters who provide key healthcare copywriting that is informative, engaging and relevant to the reader’s needs.

Find out more when you sign up for our expert medical copywriting services.

The Daily Posts edge

At our writing agency, we understand how vital producing engaging copywriting is to your digital branding campaign. That’s why our professional copywriters are well versed and experienced in delivering articulate and information-specific copywriting that boosts your brand profile online and earns you high Google rankings.

Our copies are compelling and appealing to a wide spectrum of audiences and is deliberately tailored to suit the needs and profile of the client’s target market.

Our writing teams also consist of technical and SEO writers, including trained medical copywriters who will create great content from scratch or by using your instruction brief template.

What does medical copywriting involve?

The medical niche is often misrepresented, perhaps this is caused by writers who create boring medical copies. Our professional copywriters combine their passion and knowledge of the sciences with a creative and artistic flair for words, to provide persuasive copy for your target market.

This involves using keywords and a knowledge of healthcare semantics to create compelling and engaging messages. The message is clearly understood and acted on by a specific audience.

Medical writing vs. creative medical copywriting

Many medical professionals and healthcare centre owners sometimes get confused about the difference between a medical writer and a medical copywriter. They also wonder which professional best suits their digital marketing objectives.

A medical writer is more concerned with communicating healthcare jargon and semantics to a target audience. However, a medical copywriter breaks down the communication process for better comprehension and urges the reader to take quick action, without missing the intent behind the original message.

A medical copywriter effectively communicates scientific and medical information and presents clinical data in a manner that is accurate, succinct and convincing.

This is achieved by breaking down complex and jargonised clinical data into easier, comprehensible information that readers can easily digest.  A medical copywriter also strives to support all medical claims and statements with clinical data, so that readers get accurate information and are not mislead in any way.

A medical copywriter helps a healthcare brand to gain an improved online presence and profile image through strategic content development for digital marketing campaigns.

Sometimes, the work of a medical copywriter overlaps with that of a medical writer and they occasionally have to work together to deliver copy that convinces and moves the target audience into taking the required action.

This is often in the form of a specific instruction brief to the medical copywriter who will combine creative flair and technical awareness to produce engaging copies that show up on the first page of a Google search.

To reap the benefits of our professional services, get started with a Daily Posts account today and enjoy an amazing transformation for your healthcare marketing goals.

Our formula for writing highly-engaging medical copy

Getting the tone spot on

If you’re a medical company that sells products to doctors, it’s important that the tone fits a language they’re used to. If you’re writing to patients, it requires a more laidback approach to help them along and communicate your message effectively. The goal is to make the reader feel comfortable and allow them to easily consume your content.

Understanding the subject

If you hire a copywriter who doesn’t have a medical or scientific background, they’ll produce a copy even you can’t read. Our medical copywriters understand your niche, your product and your service. We’re not listing the features but communicating the benefits as they relate to a problem the patient or client is facing.

Personalised copy

The fastest way to establish a connection with the audience is to tell a story. It might seem like an impossible task for the medical industry, but our copywriters are proof that it can be done. Like any other reader, your target audience has fears, hopes, worries and discomforts. We’ll tell a story that makes your brand relatable and convinces them that your product is the best solution.

How does Daily Post’s medical copywriting give you a marketing advantage?

Our creative copywriters help you to develop strategic messages and campaign projects that breathe vigour and dynamism into your digital branding.

Our teams of copywriters and editors are trained to think creatively and outside the box. They are able to craft exciting and interesting copy that grabs the attention of audiences and web search engines.

The undeniable results are persuasive copies that present clinical information in an engaging style, moving audiences to buy the product or patronise the service. They’ll also go on to share posts with friends and loved ones on social media and through emails.

With our expert and dedicated medical copywriting teams, you enjoy flexibility with your healthcare communication projects. This is because our writing agency understands the importance of being detailed and specific in instruction and style.

In the rare case that a client requires a little adjustment, our medical copywriters will rapidly generate the right ideas to make the necessary modifications.

Get the best value Daily Posts’ Expert Copywriting Services

Daily Posts is a fantastic-value writing agency. When you engage our services, you are guaranteed to get the benefits of:

  • A constant flow of creative and strategically-written copies.

  • Passionate copywriters dedicated to breathing life in your specific writing briefs. Our writing connects and engages the target audience.

  • Copies produced from a marketing perspective that aligns with your overall digital brand vision.

  • Cost savings from hiring in-office personnel and purchasing heavy machinery for your digital brand communication project team.

  • Obtaining a respected industry voice.

  • Enjoying better brand value and increasing website visitor conversion rates.

Medical copy optimised for SEO to skyrocket your website traffic

In the past, most of your customers came from insurance companies, hospitals, medical practices and more. You’ll have noticed in recent times that referrals are drying up and the waiting line in the hallway is almost empty. Search engine optimisation is essential to your healthcare website.

Daily Posts’ copywriters know all the factors that search engines use to rank a website. We’ll implement it in your copy and throughout your website. A high ranking in search engines increase visibility for your business. It shows potential clients that you are credible and trustworthy. However, its only good content optimised for search that gets you to the converted top spot.

If you have an old website, you’ve not been blogging or creating engaging content, now is the time to begin. We’ll go through your website and find pages that are overstuffed with keywords, content that isn’t hitting the mark and those that could use freshening up. We’ll create fresh, unique, high-quality content that compels Google and your reader to take note and listen to your message.

Our well-written copy increases your profile as a niche authority. We provide content that solves a specific problem for your audience. We’re not trying to make you like every other website, we’re creating tailored messages your prospects and customers will appreciate.

Sign up with us now and let’s discuss your specific needs and preferences to get your digital brand campaign flying high

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