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Who Is a Marketing Writer?

A Daily Posts' marketing writer is who you talk to when you need copy that is specifically crafted to boost brand awareness, the image of your brand, and engage your online readers concerning your products and services.

It’s an established fact that "Content is King". Without quality content, it is impossible to achieve any form of presence on the internet. Not only does quality content help you achieve a strong presence on the internet, it also helps you control how that presence is viewed and appreciated.

Search engines such as Google and online users tend to gravitate towards websites that have great content. But it’s not enough to just attract traffic to your website. The content on your website must also be able to convert that traffic into customers. This is where the skills of a marketing writer comes in.

The marketing writer will provide you content that gets you best returns from your website. Our marketing writers will not only provide you promotional copy that will convert your visitors, it will also be search engine optimised for optimal visibility in search engines.

Give us a call on 02380 970979 to discuss your marketing copy needs.

The Marketing Writing Services We Offer

At Daily Posts, our marketing writers can provide you copy such as:

  • Press Releases: These are short, newsworthy stories that deliver news concerning your company and/or services. The goal of a press release is to boost your search engine ranking, as well as brand exposure and recognition. A press release is great for search engine optimisation (SEO) because internet users may find pertinent results relating to your content during a search and follow a link in the press release back to your website.
  • Promotional Articles: These articles contain links to your company's homepage. They are typically published on third-party websites or on other pages of your website.
  • Blogs: These are regularly published pieces that make use of keywords and search engine optimisation for optimal visibility in search results. This type of copy is especially great for drawing fresh traffic to your website.

To view samples of our marketing writing, sign up with us here.

What makes a great marketing content writer?

A professional marketing writer who knows how to get results excels at using copy to control the conversation going on around the client’s brand. This is important for ensuring the client’s brand is seen in a good light. By controlling the conversation around a client’s brand with effective copy, negative publicity is minimised. It is also great for establishing a brand as an authority in its field thus helping the brand achieve a favourable reputation.

Our marketing writers are keen on quality because poor quality copy can make a brand look unprofessional and incompetent. In fact, most online users will not engage with a brand whose content features error ridden copy. We want your brand to look like the best, so we only deliver well researched and optimised flawless copy that reads beautifully.

The skills of your marketing writer are key to getting the best results and ROI from your website content. Contact us today for premium quality copy to promote your brand and products.

Facts about a Marketing Writer

  • Google is responsible for 94% of total organic traffic. 50% of search queries are four words or longer.
  • 61% of marketers believe boosting SEO and growing organic presence is top priority for inbound marketing.
  • Content marketing gets 3x more leads than paid search advertising.
  • 70-80% of search engine users focus only on organic results.
  • Organic SEO delivers around 5.66 times better results than paid search ads.


I need writing services for different niches. Can you deliver?

In our years of experience, we have successfully handled content needs for clients from niches such as finance, medical, IT, legal, health & fitness, travel & tourism, hospitality, entertainment, and more. We understand the inherent needs of these sectors and are open to learning about more sectors. Regardless of your niche, get in touch with us.

How can I communicate with you?

You can contact us via phone on 02380 970979. Alternatively, you can send us a message via email, live chat, or Skype at any time. We promise that you will receive an appropriate response within an hour if sent during business hours. In other cases, a reply will surely reach you in less than 24 hours.

I’m not in the UK. Won’t the distance between us affect our ability to work together successfully?

Not at all! We might be located in the UK but many of our clients are situated in the US, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. Regardless of your location, we can provide the copywriting services you need with ease through our easy-to-use virtual office which allows you order for copy and monitor the progress of your project in real time. You can also reach us via phone, email or Skype for updates or to modify your project.

How do you ensure a quality end product?

We guarantee quality by staffing our team with qualified copywriters. Our writers are also constantly trained to improve their skills and overall quality. We also make use of dependable software to ensure zero plagiarism in all delivered copy.

Call Daily Posts today on 02380 970979 for a friendly chat about your copywriting project and how we can deliver best value.

No matter what your marketing strategy is, you cannot rely on pictures and videos alone. You need written content too to sell your brand to prospective buyers. Marketing writers are experts in the art of making words speak to the audience about the value of what you have to offer. From blog posts to webpages, social media posts and more, there’s never too much marketing content to send out. 

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James Cummings, CEO, explains a little about our content and copywriting services. If you would like to discuss how we can help you with your content requirements then get in touch with James today, or setup an account now to work with us in our online virtual office.

UK: 02380 970979

US (646) 679-7971

The difference between a highly-successful online business and one that isn’t getting seen on search engines can be the quality of their marketing content. Don’t let anyone waste your resources on poor marketing writing. At Daily Posts, our marketing writers have the skill and expertise to make your next marketing project your most effective yet.

Quality marketing writing offers value to readers, encouraging them to stay and explore your website for as long as possible. The longer they stay, the more enticed they are by your brand. Our marketing writers go beyond writing to sell or stuffing content with adverts.

We write to appeal to the audience’s psychological triggers, helping them commit to making a purchase. Choose Daily Posts today for marketing writing that truly delivers.

Who is a marketing writer?

A marketing writer is a creative writer who produces content for marketing purposes. They write blog posts, white papers and articles, among other marketing content. With the exponential growth of internet businesses, the demand for content marketing continues to rise. What sets marketing writers apart from other writers?

Marketing writers are adept at writing for the target audience as well as for search engines. They don’t sell aggressively in their content, but they deliver a message and create content that develops a rapport with readers. They understand the purpose of every piece of content they produce, allowing them to deliver high-quality work every time.

At Daily Posts, we understand that content must do its job and that’s why every piece we produce is properly-researched and well-written to ensure that it speaks to its intended audience.

Is content marketing the same as copywriting?

Today, copywriting and content marketing tend to be used in the same context, but they are entirely different concepts. The major difference is that copywriting is written for the purpose of selling, while marketing content is written for the purpose of marketing.

The difference between marketing and selling is that marketing is focused on the needs of the consumer while selling is focused on the product or service itself. To convince a prospect to buy and keep coming back, they’ll have to realise how valuable your product or service can be for them. Our marketing content writers can help your audience do exactly that.

You need both content marketing and copywriting

For the best results, copywriting and content marketing should be combined. Focusing only on content marketing may only end up in you wasting your money and efforts. There are thousands of websites and blogs out there, possibly several just like yours, with fantastic content which nobody reads.

If you have the best content but have poor copywriting, your website or blog will most likely be very limited in reach. Copywriting attracts search engine traffic and is compelling and striking at the same time. At Daily Posts, our experienced marketing writers know how to combine content marketing with copywriting techniques that get readers to share your content, opt in and buy.

Likewise, it’s not wise to rely on copywriting alone. It is possible to have highly-effective copywriting without good content on your website. The whole point of marketing is to push a product. You can think of quality content as the product and copywriting as the push that it needs

How much do marketing writers charge?

There are several factors that can affect how much a marketing writer will charge for their work. These may include the length of the content required, the nature of the niche they’re writing for and the amount of research required, among other factors. At Daily Posts, we offer different payment plans to suit your content needs. Our affordable writing plans start from 0.02 per word, allowing you to go with whatever suits your budget.

What can our marketing writers do for you?

Help you work more efficiently

Writing blog posts and white papers can be tedious and time-consuming. When you have experienced marketing content creators who are experts at what they do, you can free up your experts to focus on their jobs. Leave us to do the writing while your professionals focus on racking up billable hours.

Get it right the first time without several edits

Our writers do the initial legwork to ensure that we get all the facts right before we start working on your project. By asking all the right questions in the beginning, we can limit the number of edits required after completion of the project. We understand that bad writing is most often due to a lack of due diligence during the information-gathering process, therefore, we do our best to get it right at this stage.

Breakdown complex ideas into simple language that your audience understands

Some industries are plagued by complex concepts and ambiguous jargon that can prevent prospects from truly getting the valuable information they need. We can help you get past this problem by using imagery, metaphors, examples, and simple English to convey the most complex information. Readers are not interested in jargon, so we help them avoid all the unnecessary details and obtuse language that can obstruct their assimilation of the message you want them to grasp.

We write content that engages today’s readers

Readers of online content don’t read this type of content like they would a book or a newspaper. Rather than read from top to bottom, they scan as they forage for information. As they scan through your content, it’s almost as if they are conducting a cost-benefit analysis.

We know how to write for this kind of audience and how to help them derive the best possible value from your content. Using simple formatting techniques, we can aid the flow of reading. We anticipate their most pressing questions and provide the audience with the answers they need while guiding them with information cues.

We get marketing

Don’t do yourself a disservice by wasting your resources on poor-quality copy. Get prospects to commit to you by effectively communicating your value to them. We’ll help you cut through the noise and drive results with content marketing campaigns that work. Working with Daily Posts is easy and straightforward. All you have to do is set up an account in two minutes and get started straightaway.

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