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Ebook Copywriting

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What Is eBook Copywriting?

Ebook copywriting involves creating longer, well researched, and detailed content that can appeal to readers and generate leads through ebooks.

Companies publish ebooks to go a step further by providing substantial content that can raise credibility and trust, generate valuable leads, obtain continuous streams of income, and establish their organisations as authorities in their niches.

There are many advantages ofebooks, but the majority of them hinges on the content. Our skilled copywriters can assist your organisation to create ebooks that educate your readers with facts related to your niche topic.

Sign up with Daily Posts to hire skilled writers who understand the art ofcraftingebook copy that is appealing enough to attract customers, generate leads, and increase your credibility here.

Types of Ebook Formats

We have skilled copywriters who can assist you in crafting quality ebooks depending on your targets and where you choose to publish your ebook:

  • If you want to create an ebook to use as an incentive to encourage readers to join your email list, we can copy write a .pdf-only ebook that is simple and appealing to customers, motivating them to take the required action to access the ebook.
  • If you want to produce an ebook that is positioned as a premium product that brings in revenue, we can craft it. It could be available in .pdf, .epub, and .mobi formats. If you want to publish your eBook on major sites like Amazon, iTunes, and Kobo, we can create them in specified formats depending on the online publisher.

What Makes Great Ebook Copy

When creating ebook content, we craft copy that is targeted at solving a problem, addressing a fear, and satisfying the curiosity of readers in specific niches. Thiselevates copy to a level where it provides value, bringing you more leads and traffic to your landing pages and raises your brand awareness.

Great ebook content is often provided to expand on a published topic in articles or blogs and delve into the intricacies of a subject that readers are already familiar with. It creates brand awareness and establishes credibility in related topics on company's website.

Exceptional ebook content is backed up with relevant facts, statistics, and in-depth research that provides the readers with the information they need, but interesting enough to motivates readers to want to read more; that way readers can be directedto the website for more information.

We can help you create ebook copy that is well researched, empowering your organisation with positive reviews, shares on social media pages, additional leads, and increased authority here.

Facts about Ebook Copywriting

Ebooks with great content encourages reluctant readers to provide their email addresses, helping anorganisationgrow its email list; the authors can appear next to other literary big names in the same industry, thereby promoting the company’s credibility.

Creating ebooks with bonus material on a password-protected webpage can help add more value to your readers. It can be supplemented with infographics, audio interviews, video tutorials, and other content that can bring in positive reviews and increase online credibility.

By linking your ebookto your blog, you can drive readers to your website, linking them with other landing pages filled with appealing content. Copy can be added in the ‘About the Author’ page, landing page, social media profiles, relevant blogs or articles, and other related landing pages that you want to drive traffic towards.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ebooks

How do I promote my published ebook?

You can promote your ebook and get a new audience by reaching out to influential bloggers in your niche, sending them your content, and asking for feedback. A testimonial, social media share, or recommendation from authority personalities will help promote your ebook to a relevant audience and also increase credibility.

Do I need to hire editor for my ebook?

Yes. Ebooks are created to provide exceptional content, so if the book is filled with grammatical errors, its value is reduced. We can help you write and edit a remarkable ebook that is free of errors.

How do I motivate readers to take action and download my ebook?

An appealing landing page can motivate visitors to buy your ebook. Our copywriters can help you craft an optimised landing page so that when visitors see the title, cover image, and summary, they will be persuaded to sign up and download your ebook.

Contact us to see how we can help you craft high quality ebooks that can add value to your readers and generate leads for your business here.

With Daily Posts’ world-class value writing services, unrivalled experience, and expertise in e-book writing for some of the world’s leading brands and personalities, you can rest assured that we will produce quality content that is engaging and compelling to readers.

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Get Published and Become an Online Authority with DailyPosts’ Expert eBook Writing Services

In our digitally fast-paced world, e-books are becoming a key marketing tool to boost both personal and business brands and to become an industry authority. An expertly written e-book will help you gain great brand exposure and value, thereby significantly boosting your profit potentials and marketing objectives.

However, as good as it sounds, an e-book can also devalue a personal or business brand, and can painfully lead to loss of market share or other traction gained. This happens when the e-book is poorly written, shoddily formatted, and comes across as jumbled and inarticulate.

An e-book, if included in your online branding project, goes a long way in determining where the pendulum of your personal or business profile swings: success or failure.

Daily Posts has a seamless and efficient virtual office facility with highly skilled and talented e-book copywriters. We are committed to providing excellent customer service as we get your job done.

Sign up today to get started and learn more about how you can leverage the professional skills of a well-written e-book to maximise your brand value and share in the marketplace.

What to Look Out for in an E-book Copywriter

Try typing “e-book copywriting” into your browser. You will be inundated with thousands of copywriters and copywriting agencies from different parts of the world. How then do you get a qualified copywriter? What should you be on the lookout for? What questions should you ask? When you see their portfolio, what is the chief feature you should be expecting? When they give you a sample of the e-book projects they previously handled, what exactly should you focus on? Here is a list of things to look out for in an e-book copywriter.

Can they write for different English-speaking markets?

Are you writing an e-book for the American audience? Then make sure the copywriter you go for can accurately write American English without interspersing it with British English. Studies have shown that consumers tend to trust a brand which speaks to them in their own language more than brands that communicate using general, non-specific languages. Therefore, in order not to alienate your intended audience, make sure the copywriter or copywriting agency can produce superb content in different forms of English and for different markets.

At Daily Posts, we communicate with your target audience using the language and vocabulary best understood by them. That means we are proficient in writing a copy for the British market using British English, expressions, colloquialisms, vocabularies and spellings and doing the same for a copy which is meant for the American market.

Can they deliver longer content of high quality

Writing an e-book is no mean feat. They are generally longer than web copies and virtually every type of copy you can think of. Some e-books have a length ranging from 30,000 words to 200,000 words. Can the copywriter or the agency deliver such long content or are they accustomed to writing 2000 to 5000 word copies?

It is also important to note that it is not just about the length. The content itself has to be of top quality and captivating despite the topic being discussed. Of what use is a 100,000-word e-book which readers find impossible to get past the first few pages because of how mechanical and bland it is?

Here is where we shine at Daily Posts. We can deliver a premium e-book of any length, from 5000 to 500,000. What more, we know how to keep it interesting and appealing from the first page to the last.

Can they craft an effective call to action?

Your copywriter may be able to write fascinating copies but can he craft a commanding call to action? In most cases, the most important part of your e-book is your call to action. The body of the e-book may be entertaining and riveting, but if the call to action is weak, the reader ends up doing nothing.

Our copywriters at Daily Posts create a compelling call to action by creating a sense of urgency for your readers and convincing them to take the action you want; be it buying your product, subscribing to your service, or switching to your brand. We know how to get people to read and believe you and also persuade them to take the necessary action.

How Daily Posts Will Approach Your E-book Copywriting Request

Are you working on an e-book? Let the professionals handle it. At Daily Posts, we have a team of SEO specialists who write e-books for individuals and brands so they can be found easily online. In addition to search visibility, you are assured of error-free copywriting guaranteed to establish your online authority.

Your task as the client is to just give us a brief of the job, using the Daily Posts’ quick, specific, and simple online format. Then, you can sit back as our team of talented and experienced writers produce great content that engages the reader and rate high on the leading search engines. We also deliver within the deadline! With Daily Posts, you have the following:

All topics covered

Whatever your technical field or choice of topic, we have a writer to suit all categories. Whatever your niche, preferred angle or selected topics of interest, we have many years of expertise in writing jobs that grip and lock down the attention of the target audience. Our writers are versed in various writing fields, including technical copywriting, advertising copywriting, and e-book copywriting. They have a keen eye for detail, accuracy, and polished writing that makes your e-book read like a best seller.

Perfect formatting

Simply give us the details in the client instruction form, and we’ll give you the success-proven format that best fits your e-book classification. At Daily Posts, our copywriters have honed their skills for fluid, error-free writing, and unique writing techniques that convert readers to loyal customers and make the client an authoritative industry voice.

We cover all grounds with good research

With us, you can be sure we will not leave anything to chance. We are accurate with our information and articulate in our communication and writing style. We will not just research all relevant topics and ideas, but also thoroughly research the target audience to help craft content in the right language, tone, and nuances that strike the loudest with the audience.

Commitment from start to finish

We’ll go the extra mile with you to ensure that you are 100% satisfied. We’ll proofread content and apply any changes (which rarely occurs) you may require. Relying on the ease and convenience of our virtual office, client work structure, and best-trained professional copywriters, our writing agency will transform your ideas into a finished and perfect product in no time.

Why Choose Daily Posts for your E-book Copywriting Project?

A professionally written e-book will help serve a number of marketing goals, such as educating your target market, promoting a product or service, or simply to share important views, visions, and ideas with web users.

At our writing company, we understand these key objectives of your brand. So whether you want a professionally written e-book for free download to be able to catalogue your target audiences’ contact information and build an email marketing list, or you simply want to make money with your e-book, we’ll help you.

With our expert touch, we’ll help you leverage on the viral power of the web. Daily Posts’ quality e-book production will boost your online lead generation, and trigger higher product sales or service patronage. With this, you can focus on the administrative and technical aspects of your business, while we help build your online brand and profile with convenient and quality writing services.

We incorporate SEO techniques into your e-book

You may be wondering what SEO has to do with e-books. Well, everything! In addition to the language and artfully-crafted copy, our copywriters weave in specific keywords aimed at improving the SEO quality of your e-book. We know where, when and how to incorporate SEO strategies into your content.

At Daily Posts, we are well aware that anyone can write a wonderful e-book, but only seasoned and versatile copywriters with search engine optimisation expertise can implement SEO strategy to increase website traffic in order to help you rank higher in search engines without losing sight of your readers.

The result is a beautiful and richly informative read, with strategic SEO-word placements that make the e-book readable, and search-engine friendly. It would then be widely shared on other websites and top social media networks.

Quality, convenience and speed

At our writing company, our expert team of carefully recruited expert copywriters are industry tested and have delivered countless successful projects on various e-book projects for clients. They have worked on different subjects and topics in entrepreneurship, real estate, fashion, beauty and style, medical sciences, IT and engineering, marketing, sports, motivational speaking, among others.

Our e-book copywriting services are fast, easy, and convenient with virtually no work or hassle on your part. We help you attract new leads and customers, and make money online with your professionally written and strategically positioned e-book.

Emotional connection with the audience

Humans are generally more emotional than logical. It doesn’t matter what your e-book is about, our writers have the ability to evoke emotions from the reader using a well-timed story at different points. Daily Posts writers are trained to incorporate the mood of a story into its content. We start by conducting research to establish the personality of the typical reader, and then use specific ‘voice tone’ and language to build an emotional connection.

As professional storytellers, we weave entertaining narratives into your e-book and hold your audience spellbound. The aim is to grip the audience so they do not get tired of reading the e-book, making it “unputdownable” so to speak and skilfully getting the audience ready and willing to commit to your product or service.

However, we don’t build narratives at the expense of your corporate persona. The content we produce mirrors your business personality with the right mix of humour and professionalism. At Daily Posts, we believe in messages that educate, engage and encourage action. Our content isn’t produced to create attention and increase engagement alone but complete a specified goal and this is how we will handle the process of creating your e-book.

Frequently Asked Questions on e-book Copywriting

Are all e-books web-based?

For the most part, yes. E-books are electronic books which are published in digital form and can be read on computers or other electronic devices. They can be shared via web-based platforms such as emails, websites or social media. However, you can decide to print it if you so wish.

How much does it cost to write an e-book?

At Daily Posts, our rates are pocket-friendly. We offer different packages depending on your e-book copywriting needs and how much time and effort would be required to see it through.

What information do you require before you start?

Before we start we would like to know the topic we are writing about, your product and service, how many pages the e-book would be, whether you would like it to be optimised for search engines, and finally, your deadline.

There are cheaper copywriters. Why not them?

Excellent copywriting services trump low-priced copywriting services. Besides, it is in the interest of your business that you use the services of a proficient copywriting agency like Daily Posts where you are certain of first-rate services than to settle for a mediocre e-book just to save a couple of bucks.

I’m not in your country so how do I go about it?

We can write and deliver top-notch e-books to you irrespective of your location. Once you sign up with us, we communicate via emails, phone calls and Skype till your project is fully completed. Our clients are based in different parts of the world including the UK, USA, New Zealand, Ireland and Australia.

Get published and become an online authority with Daily Posts’ expert e-book writing services. Sign up today to experience our convenient and seamless services. The process to get started has been simplified for you, and we’ll provide all the support you need until you are satisfied with the project.

You can also call Daily Posts today on 02380 970979 or email us at info@dailyposts.co.uk to find out more.

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