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Need Copy or Guest Posts?      

How do you build your brand the way you want it to be? How do you ensure your content connects with your target audience?

Many businesses find it challenging to communicate their brand’s personality in their written content. Getting a copywriter to do it takes the weight off your shoulder. To communicate with both your online and offline audiences, you need a professional business writer who can create the content your readers will love.
Daily Posts has experienced business writers who can convey your message as desired. At Daily Posts writing agency, it all begins with the choice of words, your tone, and creative flow. Our business writers are versatile enough to cover any business sector and they apply their expertise to your copy according to your content requirements.

When Do You Need Business Copywriting?

Persuasive copy is essential for your business growth. Most business owners do not know the difference professionally written copy can make. You need a copywriter if:

  • You do not have the time to create content that is good for your business.
  • You hate writing.
  •  You need an expert to help you reach a specific goal such as a higher search engine ranking and conversion rate.
  •  You find it hard to write about your business objectively and need an outside perspective to zero in on aspects you take for granted which may be interesting and important to your customers.
  • Content is important and it is essential to get it right.
  • You need a new content marketing strategy.

Types of Business Copywriting

There are different types of business copywriting services. The copywriter has to use different strategies for each of them. For instance, writing a business article for a magazine differs greatly from writing sales copy for a website. The latter requires SEO skills while the former does not.
Types of business copywriting include:

  • Periodic reports
  • Articles for business magazines and blogs
  •  Business intelligence reports
  •  Market analysis
  • Business proposals
  •  Newsletters
  •  Brochures
  •  Factsheets
  •  Internal communications
  • Strategic narratives
  • Website copy: Sales pages and landing pages
  •  Business plans


What Makes A Great Business Copywriter?

  • A great business copywriter has to be an analytical researcher, a prolific writer and has to write in a way that mirrors the language of the audience.
  • He has to maintain the tone of your business. Whether formal, conversational, quirky, whimsical or sombre, he has to create the persona for which the business is known.
  • He has to develop narratives that educate, engage and encourage your customers, employees and business partners.
  • He has to craft a captivating CTA which improves the efficiency of your copy and contributes to the success of content.
  • He has to propel conversion and sales through copy.

Facts about Business Copywriting

  • In business copywriting, eloquence trumps simplicity. Business copy should be analytical and accurate.
  • Business copywriting has been reported by most companies to have increased both the quantity and quality of leads.
  • Content marketing for businesses is a $300 billion industry. This means your business needs to get on board by partnering with a professional copywriting agency like Daily Posts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my writer friends write business copy too?

That is unlikely. Unlike a fiction writer or a scriptwriter, copywriters have to understand the customers’ anxiety, dispel their fears and motivate them to patronise their services.

Do business writers create only web copy?

No, business writers create copy for both web and print. They can be used for magazine and newspaper advertisements, direct mail, sales letters, white papers, newsletters, and brochures.

What information do you require before you start?

Before we start we would like to know the medium your copy would be displayed on– print or web. If web, then what page (Landing Page, Service Page, About Us)? How many pages would it be? Would you like it to be optimised for search engines? And finally, what is your deadline?

Do small businesses need copywriting?

Yes, they do. Businesses of all sizes including SMEs, start-ups, and entrepreneurship need copywriting services. Copywriting can give them the boost and publicity they need to grow.

There are cheaper business writers, why not them?

The sole reason is that your business deserves the best. It is in the interest of your business that you use the services of a proficient copywriting agency like Daily Posts where you are certain of first-rate services than to settle for run-of-the-mill copy to save a couple of bucks. Wouldn’t you rather have your business portrayed by professionals?

Every business owner knows the importance of connecting with customers. This connection serves as the foundation for sales and growth. Your method of communication is one of the important tools for building lasting relationships, which is why you have to work hard to get your copywriting right.

Daily Posts: Write Expert Copy for Your Business


Expert copy is the foundation of any smart marketing plan; and for businesses (big or small), it is the fastest way to get the attention of your target customers and get them to do what you want. Writing effective copy for your business means using words that put the best face of your brand first, drive conversions, engage prospects and create a customer base that is willing to take what you have to offer.

Your business needs copywriting that portrays the challenges of your customers and how your products, services and ideas can solve those challenges. Does your writing convey value and encourage connections that build the right relationship, or does it turn away customers and pull you back?

At Daily Posts, we have the skills and experience to write expert copy that will help you achieve your business goals. Your business is simply too important to leave to chance.

Create an account today.


Do I need a copywriter for my small business?

As a small business with a mission to compete with the big dogs in the industry, the words that you use matter a lot. Additionally, as a small business with limited budget, every word counts.

The big names in the industry didn’t appear out of thin air. They worked hard to get to where they are today, and if you asked them, they would tell you that the key is to create an outstanding image that sets you apart in the industry.

How can you do this?

By creating clear and incisive marketing, sales and advertising copy that is personality packed, user-centered and gut punching.

Allow professionals, like the writers at Daily Posts to take care of your copywriting needs. They can write content that will keep your business, not one, but many steps ahead of the competition.

How do I write compelling copy for my business?

Whether you are just starting your business or looking to expand your market coverage, the quality of your content, both online and offline matters. The words you use to communicate your business’s value proposition have to describe your business easily, sell your benefits convincingly, engage your customers immediately and set you apart from the competition. Regardless of the age or industry of your business, quality content is vital.

Writing engaging copy means getting into the head of your target audience and understanding how they think, then writing your message in a way that resonates with the thoughts in their heads. Unsurprisingly, this can be a tough task for a lot of people.

Whether you don’t have the time to craft your business copy, or you don’t know how to sell yourself, or you need help making changes on your existing business website to properly reflect your brand and hit your visitors in the right places, Daily Posts professional writing agency can help you stand out in your niche.

Call us on 02380 970979 to find out how we can work this magic.

Give your business the attention it deserves

Do you want to build a credible brand, one people can’t help but rave about? Do you want to sell stuff or do you already sell stuff? Do you want to establish your brand’s online presence and tap into a global audience? If your answers to these questions are ‘yes’, you definitely need a professional copywriting service that will do justice to your brand’s copy and set your business on its way to immense success.

As a smart business owner, knowing when to outsource certain tasks is vital for success. Forcing yourself or a team to do a job you are not trained for can affect the success of your business. And when it comes to writing copy for your business, using unskilled writers can make you pass the wrong message and attract the wrong kind of attention which can affect your business’ reputation. You also stand the risk of losing your customers’ trust and giving them a reason to take your business to the competition.

Are you looking for a professional writing agency that will guarantee the quality of copy that will give your business the attention it deserves? If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place.

Daily Posts works with copywriters who are both skilled and imaginative and are willing to go the extra mile to craft and polish business copy that is on-brand. With Daily Posts, there’s no compromise. You get business copy that exudes quality and nails your message.

Are you ready to attract customers? Get started today.

Copywriting services for business with big intentions

Whether you do your business online, have a brick and mortar store, or use a combination of both online and offline marketing, the strength of your copy will determine your level of success. At Daily Posts, we’ve got you covered regardless of your business size, type or industry.

Do you have the right product, services or idea? Here are just a few of the areas we excel in:

  • Website Copywriting

If your business has an online presence (and this is a must for pretty much every business today), your website is your online image. The quality of your website content is what will get customers in the door and keep them there. With smart, incisive website copy, you can tell your story in a way that appeals to the sentiments of your audience and get the sales you desire.

  • Content Marketing and Blogging

There is no doubt that you have lots of ideas and information you want to share with your customers and visitors, but it is one thing for them to read your message and another to get them to convert. At Daily Posts, we can keep your website fresh with engaging topics and write-ups that not only interest your readers but move them further down the conversion funnel.

  • E-Books

As a business owner, there is no doubt that you are an expert in your niche and that you have a lot to talk about. It is also an open secret that e-books are powerful lead magnets. Position yourself as an authority in your industry and convince both the competition and customers that you know your onions. Doing this is a lot easier with the help of the business copywriters at Daily Posts. When you have something to say, it is better to say it right.

  • Email Campaigns

In this age of social media, emails serve as a powerful tool for personal relationships with customers and prospects. People are tired of the impersonal contact of social media and need a one-on-one approach; emails can be a powerful conversion tool. If you are launching a new product, introducing a new service or simply want to keep in touch with the people that matter to your business, do it in a way that brings good returns. Our expert writers can craft the ultimate email for your business that will get your readers feeling treasured.

We also do expert work on press releases, social media posts, sales letter copywriting, SEO copywriting, just to mention a few.

Need more information on how we can give your business a voice? Call us on 02380 970979

Why choose Daily Posts for your business copywriting needs?

It doesn’t matter if yours is a small business where you are the staff or have a handful of workers; neither does it matter if yours is a large company with hundreds of workers, you both need expert copy to attract the people that matter to your business and grow.

Working with Daily Posts professional writing agency gives you the advantage of working with experienced and creative copywriters. When we write copy for your business, you can be sure of content that resonates with your target audience, hits them in all the right spots and gets them to act. We have helped hundreds of small and big businesses from all over the world meet their business goals with the right write-up.

Are you ready for business copy that sells? Sign up for an account today.

Creating a flawless impression should be your priority. A flawless impression will help you attract the right customers. Tell us about your business copywriting needs and learn how Daily Posts can give you the voice that will attract promising leads and grow your business.

Sign up today.

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