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Looking for a company that delivers quality business writing and more? Look no further, Daily Posts is your trusted agency!

Who Is a Business Writer?

Broadly speaking, a business writer is a professional communicator. The main objective of a business writer is to convey information to the reader, who could be a potential client or customer—an external audience, or colleagues—an internal audience.

Business writers are often well versed in fields like copy writing, content writing, marketing communications and brand awareness. A business writer should have sufficient knowledge of the industry she writes for to craft clear, concise, conversational and correct information.

With the rapid growth of business and entrepreneurship in recent times, and especially on the internet, the demand for business writers has increased. Online businesses, blogs, e-commerce sites, official websites and others all require the services of business writers.

Just about any literate person can practice business writing. But to produce powerful results that will set your business apart, it helps to engage the services of professional writers at Daily Posts, who offer a wide range of business, copy and content writing services.

Types of Business Writing

Business writing is applied to the writing of emails, memorandums, reports, proposals and newsletters—basically, every form of communication by a business to an internal or external audience.

There are four major types of business writing:

  • Instructional Business Writing: This type of business writing furnishes the reader with the information essential to the completion of a task. It should break down processes and cover the scope of the subject matter, for example, user manuals.
  • Informational Business Writing: This form involves a writing crafted for reference or records. It includes project reports, financial reports and minutes.
  • Persuasive Business Writing: This is the sort associated with sales. It should transmit information and prove that the information presents the best value to the reader, for example, proposals and press releases.
  • Transactional Business Writing: This is your regular business writing that is practised every day. This largely involves writing emails, official letters and invoices.

What Makes a Great Business Writer?

A great business writer is someone who understands and follows what is known as the 10 Cs of good business writing: complete, concise, clear, conversational, correct, coherent, credible, concrete, courteous and considerate. A writing produced by a great business writer should possess all these qualities to deliver significant results.

The components of a document prepared by a great business writer should support its intentions. It should be easy to read and understand, tactful, promote inclusivity, and contain excellent spelling and grammar.

It is essential that a good business writer takes the time to learn how to write this type of piece, and not simply imitate other business documents. Business writers shouldn’t set out to impress with their writing. It is of utmost importance to avoid jargon and superfluous words that prevent your work from being considerate, clear and coherent (remember the 10 Cs).

There are many tools, especially on the internet that can assist a business writer to produce outstanding work. Some of the tools help to detect jargon, map concepts, indicate bloats, analyse the tone of the writing and check your spelling and grammar which are all important factors to consider.

Daily Posts has great business writers who understand these principles and offer their services at affordable fees.

Facts about Business Writing

While business writing shares the basic tenets of writing as a whole, it is important to note some of the differentiating characteristics that give it its meaning:

  • Business writing, in any form, seeks to relay knowledge, instructions or details.
  • It is often used to share news of updates, recent or upcoming events to a company’s internal and external audience.
  • It is used by businesses to educate its audience on different subject matters. It is also used to write fundamental official documents like policies, bills and agreements.
  • It is used to induce people to take an action like subscription to a newsletter, purchase of a product or to take a survey. This makes it an invaluable tool in sales and marketing, especially online sales and marketing.
  • It helps to shed light on an ambiguous statement, event or action. A good example of this is a press release.

Frequently asked questions about Business Writing

What is the first thing I must do before I begin any piece of business writing?

Before you begin any piece of business writing or any form of writing—especially if it isn’t personal or informal, ensure you take adequate time to think about what it is you want to write, and do enough research on the subject matter.

Are formal letters, emails and notices considered as business writing?

Yes. Formal letters, emails and notices are all considered business writing. They belong to a category commonly referred to as transactional business writing.

What qualities should every piece of business writing possess?

Every piece of business writing should possess the qualities named as the 10 Cs of business writing which are: complete, concise, clear, conversational, correct, coherent, credible, concrete, courteous and considerate.

Are there online tools that can help me perfect my business writing?

Yes. There is a wide range of tools available on the internet to help you with your business writing. There are tools to help you correct your spelling and grammar, map concepts and detect jargon.

Are there professionals who are trained in the art of business writing?

Yes. There are many professionals who are skilled in the art of business writing including our writers at Daily Posts.

Want to learn more? Visit us at Daily Posts Now!

We deliver effective business writing at Daily Posts within your budget and on time too. You can get in touch with us right now via our contact form or call us on 023 80 970 979 (UK), (646) 679-7971 (US). We are also on Skype-YesDailyPosts.

To effectively communicative with both your internal and external (even online and offline) audiences, you need top-quality business copy and a professional business writer specialising in the type of business copy you need written. Daily Posts works with competent business writers who have immense experience in various types of business writing.

Work with Professional Business Writers at DailyPosts

Is your business-writing building your brand the way you want it to? Does your content connect with your target audience?

Many businesses find it challenging to communicate their brand’s personality in their written content. At DailyPosts writing agency, we believe it begins with the choice of words used, your tone of voice and creative flow.

Developing a sound corporate voice narrative can help your start engaging conversations with your customers. Sometimes you simply want to communicate new product offerings or thank your stakeholders for their continued support. You need a copywriting agency that can communicate your voice professionally. DailyPosts has experienced business writers to convey your message as desired.

Reach out to us to get more information about our business writing services on 02380 970979.

When you are writing facts, news or instructions, your tone of voice needs to be clear and authoritative. Other times your content may contain stories to encourage your buyers, in which case the voice tone is more casual and persuasive.

Our business writers understand the flexibility, and apply them according to your content requirements.We also produce high-quality content on an on-going basis.

Sign up with us today for professional writing services.

Business Writing For Customers

Do you have an online product guide for your customers or news about your latest business activities? We know how hard it can be to craft this message especially when you have other business obligations to take care of.

Good writing, whether print or digital content, promotional or instructional communication takes time. It also requires empathy and an in-depth understanding of your company. Our business writers are experienced at writing product guides and press releases for corporate organisations. We research, write and edit engaging copy to produce content your customers will enjoy reading.

Internet users are unique in their behaviour and easily lose interest when the information they seek is notavailable. We understand how important it is to engage your readers from the start, and we strongly incorporate your message in all content produced.

Business Writing For Your Employees

Most times when people hear business writing, external stakeholders come to mind. However, content can also be produced for company employees. Your office manuals, inspirational articles or new product descriptions can be written to educate your employees.

Our writers have several decades of professional writing between them. We also implement content strategies for websites. With some of the best copywriters and editors in-house, we are able to plan out, execute, monitor and coordinate your whole content marketing strategy from our office.

Every business plan or pitch needs a strong strategy for its readers to follow. From your brief, we can write actionable business plans for your organisation. As a rule, we ensure all our content is fresh and ready ahead of schedule.

Our business writing compels sales, develops and nurtures relationships between organisations and their stakeholders.

Business Writing For Real People

Do you want copy written by business writers for real people?

At DailyPosts, we specialise in business writing that transforms complex concepts into interactive conversations. Our objective is to develop narratives that educate, engage and encourage your customers, employees and business partners.

Our writing agency has been crafting business copy for individuals, organisations and government agencies for years. In that period, we have written copy for different niches from financial services, to retirement planning, energy, architecture, healthcare and web hosting. We have even made plumbing interesting, floor sanding less boring, and architecture cases studies sound like fun.

Our experience includes bringing people’s personal stories to life, and narrating travel experiences to the next jet setter. We enjoy writing pieces on health and safety benefits, so if you have a guide manual or employee engagement content manual, contact us immediately.

DailypostsBusiness Writing: Some Things We Do

We believe in the power of research, which is why we hire analytical, prolific writers at our writing agency. Our writing style is aimed at mirroring your audience language, while maintaining the tone of voice of your business.

Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Periodic reports

  • Articles for magazines and blogs

  • Business intelligence reports and market analysis

  • Newsletters, brochures and factsheets

  • Internal communications

  • Strategic narratives

  • Website copy: Sales pages and landing pages

  • Business plans

Why Hire Dailyposts for Business Writing?

Our business-writing strategists will provide your business with:

  1. Well-developed business value proposition

What is your company about? What services does it provide and what is it about your business that makes it so unique? These are the questions we explain lucidly to your clients in your online publications. We can also channel traffic to your website with SEO laden copy and increase chances of online conversion.

  1. SEO-friendly web content

We know how valuable high-ranking web pages are to a website and conversion rates. DailyPosts business writers produce SEO-friendly copy by weaving in useful keywords and strategically placed powerful call-to-action statements. By the time we are done, your content is professional, empathetic and tailored to satisfy all requirements including Google’s preferences for high ranking.

  1. A one-stop shop for authority content

As a professional organisation, you should be a recognised leader among your competitors. Our high-quality content will give your business the value it needs to remain competitive in the industry. We produce fresh content to make your website a major source of relevant information for your target audience.

  1. A reliable source for original content

It’s a bad idea to have different content vendors for your web copy. It is recommended that you have a consistent business writer to maintain the same language and tone of voice for your business. This consistency is necessary to keep your customers loyal.

At DailyPosts, we have zero tolerance for unoriginal content. Our professional writers come up with fresh content regularly. You have 100% ownership of the content, and we promise you’ll find it nowhere online.

We are also flexible with our rates. Therefore, you can choose the price point you want for each piece you’ll like us to write for you.

Contact Us Today for Business Writing Services

At DailyPosts, we guarantee high-value business writing for your business. Sign up here to register.

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