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Brochure Writing

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A Brochure is an informative document designed by companies to promote their businesses and inform potential customers of the benefits of their products and services. They are distributed in many ways which include public gathering, meetings, and events, amongst others.

Brochure writing involves creating captivating copy for promoting a company's products and services. Copy is often filled with images and visual appeals in order to engage the reader.

At Daily Posts, we craft compelling copy for your needs. With technical copywriting, storytelling and good writing flow, we keep your readers entertained and informed. For your brochure copy, call us on 02380970979 today. 

Types of Brochure

Many types of brochure are used in advertising and marketing communications.

  • Leave-behind

This type of brochure is left behind after a successful meeting with a potential client. The brochure compares the quality and prices of your services with that of your competitors.

  • Point-of-sale

This is kept in places such as buildings, shops, or stores to catch people's attention. Also known as point-of-purchase, this type of brochure does not give all the details, it only attracts the attention of prospective clients. At Daily Posts, captivating headlines, beautiful images and design colours are used to create such copy, .

  • Respond-to-inquiries

Unlike the leave-behind and point-of-sale brochures, this is only given to interested buyers who seek to know more about the products and services.

  • Handouts

This brochure is distributed to readers with no prior information about your brand. Generally used to create awareness, it requires skilled salesmen who can engage poeple in conversations as they are distributed.

  • Direct mail

In this type of brochure, companies send mails to the customers, giving them information about the company and highlighting the uniqueness of a particular service. At Daily Posts, we make use of natural language, a convincing tone and compelling writing style to develop direct mail copy.

Qualities of a Good Brochure

The following are the qualities of a good brochure.

  • Engaging headlines and visuals

It takes about seven seconds for individuals to decide if they want to read through promotional copy. A good brochure must have compelling headlines and images to captivate a reader.

  • Informative graphs

Including a map in the brochure could help interested customers locate you easily. Studies show that adding an image of your workplace and pictures of some top managers can also greatly improve a conversion rate.

  • Feature promotions and coupons

Adding coupons and promotions is a great way to attract customers. Create and disclose information about upcoming promos. This can be the driving factor that compels your prospective client to make a purchase.

  • Appearance

Your brochure should look professional and attractive. Avoid clutter and use of too many colours. The font type should not be too big or too small. The appearance of your brochure has a great effect on customers.

  • Highlights benefits

People look out for what they will benefit from your products and services. A good brochure should aptly describe the benefits of the service to customers.

  • Call to action

A brochure is as good as how well it properly directs the readers. It should contain proper CTAs that will tell readers what next to do. Ensure that your contact number, website and office address are placed in the right places.

Why You Should Consider Brochure Marketing

Brochure marketing is one of the effective ways of promoting your business or products.

  • Brochures are less expensive than other forms of promotionals. The cost varies depending on the size, design and type of paper used.
  • They are easy to distribute to the target audience. This helps the company save costs and maximise ROI.
  • They are accessible and easy to refer to. Clients often find this easier than searching the Internet and looking for a website that offers the service.
  • They personalise your business. Brochures create one-on-one interaction with your customers. This promotes good business-customer relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a brochure successful?

For your brochure to attract customers and generate better ROI, it must be written in proper language and a captivating manner. A successful brochure marketing campaign increases loyal consumers and brand awareness.

How much does good brochure copy cost?

The cost of brochure writing depends on the expertise of the copywriter and the volume of information require/d. Our agency rates start at $0.02 depending on the package chosen.

Where can I find a good brochure copywriter

Our agency has the best copywriters who can produce excellent brochure copy at the cheapest of rates. Contact us today on 02380970979 to find out why firms across the globe love working with us.

Brochure Writing

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Brochure Writing

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