Boost your Content Marketing Strategy with These Tested Copywriting Tips From Anik Singal

“Content marketing and copywriting are two different things” says Anik Singal. “While content marketing represents your overall content strategy and how they are integrated into various online media, copywriting is a technique of writing content for this strategy.”

In order to produce SEO content that impacts your website’s visibility on search engines or compelling material that persuades web visitors to convert, a good understanding of copywriting is necessary. Copywriting isn’t ordinary writing, far from it. It requires insight, flair and art.

To give your business an edge over competitors online, an artfully written copy could be all it takes. Here are some trusted tips from Anik Singal guaranteed to give your content more value.

4. Simplify your content

As a follow up to a kickass headline, the main body should offer what it promises. Ensure your content is comprehensible and straightforward. However, this doesn’t mean you do away with the professional terms that make your industry unique. In fact, it would be improper for a lawyer to ditch the specific terms of their practice for the sake of simplicity.

There are smart ways to use professional ‘jargon’ while educating and taking the reader along. This way, you impact new knowledge and increase interest in your content. Use short blocks of paragraph and enough white space. From time to time, buttress your points with bullets. They make reading more streamlined and easier to process.

Other useful techniques include storytelling, using the magic word “you” and speaking the customers’ language. It is always important to know who you are writing for and how they process information. It is only when you know your audience that you can craft content they will enjoy and share.

3. Work on your headline

This is something journalists seem to have perfected. A catchy headline will lure people to your webpage, and good content will keep them there. Once again, advertising guru, David Ogilvy said five times as many people read the headline as they do the body copy. According to him, a headline accounts for part of your advertising expenses.
Here are some top points

  • Work in a juxtaposition of words and figures
  • The 4 Us; Urgent, Unique, Useful, Ultra-specific
  • Use some alliteration
  • Be straightforward
  • Add a hint of benefit, then deliver in the main body

When you sort your headline, the body will follow.

2. Infuse your personality

When writing, it doesn’t matter whether it is for millennials or older audiences, it is important to give your readers an idea of who you are. Even if you are writing as a professional brand, a personality breaks the ice and forms a bond immediately. Every brand should have a personality and it will do you plenty good to reveal yours in written content.

It is also effective to have a positive attitude when writing. Because, like it or not, people can sense your mood in the context of your writing. So, clear up all negativity and transfer that interesting personality into your work. Tell about personal experiences, communicate emotion, slip in the odd joke or two and your readers’ interest will grow.

1. Research more

Every copywriter or advertiser knows the importance of research. In fact, it is hard to get any quality work done without thoroughly researching the details. According to Advertising guru, David Ogilvy, fill your conscious mind with enough information so you can have enough to work with.

The most talented copywriters are unswerving researchers. The hunger for knowledge is evident; for every word they write, they will have read multiple articles. Like miners, they dig, bore, blow up and hack away until they find that pertinent information they need. Research is the ultimate cure for writer’s block.