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Read the full contents of Suella Braverman's letter to Rishi Sunak after her dismissal from the role of Home Secretary. Discover the political implications and reactions from other key figures.

Braverman Addresses Sunak in Public Letter After Dismissal as Home Secretary

Suella Braverman, the recently dismissed Home Secretary, has taken to Twitter to post an open letter to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, dated 14th November 2023, offering a window into the high-stakes political drama unfolding at the heart of the UK government.

In her detailed letter, Braverman outlines her tenure's achievements and expresses her disappointment over being asked to leave the government. She underscores her commitment to the policies that she says were part of her conditions for serving as Home Secretary, including reducing overall legal migration and operationalising specific legislative measures.

Accusing the Prime Minister of failing to deliver on key policies, Braverman's letter suggests a government inaction on agreed-upon terms. It particularly criticises the handling of the Rwanda partnership, aimed at offshoring asylum seekers, and a perceived lack of a contingency plan should the Supreme Court oppose the government's stance.

The letter further insinuates that Sunak has not upheld the promises made to the British electorate, especially those related to immigration control, which were pivotal issues leading to the Conservative Party's victory. Braverman also alludes to a betrayal not just of their personal agreement but of the promises made to the nation, particularly in regards to taking a hard stance on immigration and the management of illegal crossings into the UK.

This publication adds to the challenges facing Sunak, who is already navigating a delicate political landscape fraught with policy disputes and party divisions. Braverman's explicit reference to her support being a "pivotal factor" in Sunak's rise to power indicates that her departure may cause ripples within the party's right-wing, potentially leading to further internal strife.

The letter has garnered significant attention, with its direct access provided by Braverman on her official Twitter account, prompting public and political discourse about the stability of Sunak's leadership and the direction in which he is steering the Conservative Party.

Braverman's tweet, which came out at 4:32 PM on the 14th of November, has added a public dimension to the discourse typically confined to the corridors of power, marking a notable moment in UK politics where the intricacies of political agreements and the veracity of public pledges are laid bare for open discussion.

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