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Explore how the right to be forgotten is being enforced across digital platforms in the UK, from Google to social media.


In the digital age, privacy is a crucial concern. The introduction of the GDPR in Europe, including the UK, has brought the concept of the 'Right to be Forgotten' to the forefront. This principle allows individuals to request the deletion of personal data by companies, including giants like Google and various social media platforms.

Understanding the Right to Be Forgotten

The 'Right to Be Forgotten' is an aspect of the GDPR which allows individuals to have their personal data erased from the internet. This right is not absolute but applies under certain conditions.

How Google Implements the Right to Be Forgotten

Google, as the world's most popular search engine, plays an essential part in enforcing the right. Google has a form that individuals can fill out to request the removal of specific URLs from its search results.

Enforcing the Right to Be Forgotten on Social Media

Social media platforms also have a responsibility to respect this right. Users can request the removal of posts, images, and even entire accounts, provided they meet the necessary criteria.

Case Studies on Right to Be Forgotten

There have been several notable cases related to this right. One such case involved a man who demanded Google remove links to a decades-old news article about his past criminal conviction.

Future of Internet Privacy in the UK

With the increasing awareness about privacy and data protection in the UK, the future of internet privacy seems promising. However, it is also important to balance the right to privacy with the freedom of expression and the public's right to access information.


The 'Right to Be Forgotten' is a vital part of maintaining privacy in the digital age. Google and social media platforms play a significant role in this, but the responsibility also falls on individuals to be aware of their rights and how to exercise them.

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