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Reputation Online, founded by Cardiff's legal tech entrepreneur Jeevan Mann, has captured the attention of the national media, with the Daily Express highlighting its significant impact on online reputation management. Emphasising a blend of legal expertise and emotional support, Reputation Online navigates the complex terrain of the 'Right to be Forgotten', offering a lifeline to those battling digital misinformation.

Reputation Online, a trailblazing online reputation management service founded by Cardiff's legal tech entrepreneur Jeevan Mann, has been making waves not only in the lives of its clients but also in the national media. Recently, the Daily Express's business and consumer watchdog Maisha Frost spotlighted the remarkable impact of Reputation Online, bringing national attention to this innovative venture.

Mann’s personal motivation for starting Reputation Online stems from witnessing the distress of a falsely accused relative. This experience catalyzed his drive to launch this start-up, which is projected to achieve a £2 million turnover by 2025. Frost's article in the Daily Express delves into how this small start-up has evolved into an essential service, capable of handling hundreds of new clients each month.

Reputation Online offers more than just legal assistance; it provides peace of mind and emotional respite for those suffering from damaging online content. By exercising the Right to be Forgotten, the service turns the tide in what Frost describes as the “David and Goliath” battle against online misinformation, making legal navigation accessible to everyone.

Jeevan Mann’s time in the Miscarriage of Justice programme at Swansea University greatly influenced his approach, instilling a determination to create positive change. This ethos is at the heart of Reputation Online, as it aids victims in reclaiming their future.

Looking ahead, Mann and his team are not just content with their success in the UK. They are actively seeking an 'angel investor' to expand their unique services to the EU and potentially to Australia, anticipating upcoming legislation similar to the Right to be Forgotten. The article also touches on the increasing relevance of emerging technologies like AI and deep fakes in the online privacy debate.

Mann addresses these future challenges confidently, emphasizing Reputation Online’s commitment to realistic goals and trust-building. This approach ensures that clients regain control over both their personal and professional lives in the increasingly digital world.

With its recent spotlight in the national press and a clear vision for the future, Reputation Online stands as a beacon of hope and resilience in the digital age, offering a powerful service for those seeking to manage their online reputation effectively and ethically.

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