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Discover how Post House Dental is redefining dental care by transforming Weybridge's historic Old Post House into a state-of-the-art dental facility.

The transformation of Weybridge's Old Post House into an advanced dental practice is a real and recent development. Dr. Bahader Singh Panesar, a dentist with 15 years of experience in the town, has led this ambitious project, which took more than 12 months to complete. This effort involved resurrecting the derelict building, which is one of Weybridge's most iconic structures and has served the local population for over a century.

The Old Post House had suffered from years of neglect, making its transformation a significant challenge from both engineering and design perspectives. The restoration work required stripping the building back to its original brickwork, digging out the foundations, and meticulously rebuilding it, all while respecting its listed status and maintaining homage to the original design.

The newly refurbished Post House Dental now features five state-of-the-art clinical rooms and scanning facilities. These have been designed to combine advanced digital technologies with experienced and passionate clinicians, offering excellence in various aspects of dental care, including cosmetics, implants, routine, and advanced dentistry. The practice also includes a dedicated training space for postgraduate dental learning, reflecting Dr. Panesar's commitment to education in the dental field.

This transformation has been well-received by local people and patients, who appreciate the location, facilities, and the team at Post House Dental. The project has revitalized a historic building, providing the community with access to a leading dental practice that is designed to offer a welcoming, friendly environment and world-class care. The practice's location is also ideal, featuring its own car park and proximity to the high street and train station.

Dr. Panesar envisions 2024 as an exciting first year in the new location, with several plans in place, including an implant open day offering free consultations for patients interested in implants.

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