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Discover effective strategies to implement your right to be forgotten online as a UK Internet user. Know your rights and how to execute them.


The digital age has made information easily accessible, but it also means that personal data can remain online indefinitely. This raises concerns about privacy rights, particularly in the UK where Internet users are increasingly aware of their digital rights. Among these is the Right to Be Forgotten, a concept that many UK Internet users are beginning to utilize in their online strategies.

Right to Be Forgotten: An Overview

The Right to Be Forgotten, also known as the right to erasure, is a key aspect of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It allows individuals to request the deletion or removal of personal information when there is no compelling reason for its continued processing. Image depicting the concept of Right to Be Forgotten

How to Make a Right to Be Forgotten Request

Making a Right to Be Forgotten request can be a straightforward process, but it requires clear communication of your intent and the specific data you want to be erased.

Differences Between Right to Be Forgotten and Data Erasure

While they may seem similar, the Right to Be Forgotten and data erasure have distinct differences that users should understand. Data erasure refers to the complete removal of data from all storage media, while the Right to Be Forgotten involves removing personal data from search results and other directories.

The Impact of Brexit on the Right to Be Forgotten in the UK

Brexit has had a significant impact on many aspects of UK life, including digital rights. The changes have led to some uncertainty about the status of the Right to Be Forgotten in the country.


Understanding and implementing the Right to Be Forgotten is essential for UK Internet users who value their online privacy. By gaining a clear insight into this right and its implications, individuals can better manage their personal information and online reputation.


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