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Understand the reasons behind the sudden closure of Blow Ltd, a once-thriving beauty business. Explore the impact on the industry and what it means for consumers.

Introduction to Blow LTD

In a notable development within the UK beauty industry, Blow LTD, a trailblazer in on-demand beauty services, announced its closure in April 2023. Founded in 2013 by Dharmash Mistry and Fiona McIntosh, Blow LTD quickly emerged as a leader in the beauty services market, offering a unique blend of convenience and quality. This article explores the company's journey from inception to closure, highlighting its achievements, challenges, and the impact of its closure on the industry.

The Founders of Blow LTD

Origins and Vision
Launched in November 2013 by Dharmash Mistry, a seasoned venture capitalist, and Fiona McIntosh, former Editor-in-Chief of Grazia and Elle, Blow LTD aimed to revolutionize the beauty services landscape in London. Mistry brought a wealth of experience from his previous roles, including at Balderton Capital (UK) LLP, Emap Radio Ltd., and Procter & Gamble Ltd., and his education at the University of Oxford.

Innovative Business Model
Blow LTD's business model was predicated on providing high-quality beauty services directly to customers' homes. This approach not only offered unparalleled convenience but also set a new standard in the beauty services industry.

Growth and Investment

Key Investments and Partnerships
Throughout its operation, Blow LTD attracted significant investments. Key investors included Unilever Ventures, contributing to a £1.9 million fundraise. The company also secured a £500K investment from another fund, with more than 200 people investing, including Nick Robertson, the founder and ex-CEO of ASOS. A strategic partnership with Debenhams led to the opening of a beauty bar in the retailer’s Oxford Street store.

Acquisition by Holland & Barrett

The Strategic Move
On December 10, 2021, Holland & Barrett, a leading UK health and wellness retailer, acquired Blow LTD for an undisclosed sum. This acquisition turned Blow LTD into a subsidiary of Holland & Barrett's international arm, marking a significant phase in the company's evolution and expanding its market reach.

The Closure of Blow LTD

Announcement and Reasons
In a surprising development, Blow LTD announced its closure in April 2023. The company cited challenges in scaling its business as a key reason for the closure. This decision highlighted the difficulties in maintaining growth and adapting to the dynamic market of beauty services.

Implications and Industry Impact
Blow LTD's closure has profound implications for the UK beauty industry. It underscores the challenges of sustaining a service-based business in a competitive and rapidly changing environment. The closure also opens up discussions on the sustainability of such innovative business models in the face of evolving consumer preferences and market dynamics.


The story of Blow LTD, from its ambitious beginnings to its unexpected closure, is a telling narrative of the complexities of the beauty services industry. It highlights the importance of continuous innovation, strategic partnerships, and adaptability in business. While the closure of Blow LTD marks the end of a significant chapter, it also provides valuable lessons for emerging businesses in the beauty and service industries. The legacy of Blow LTD will continue to influence the strategies and operations of similar businesses in the years to come.


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