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Ever found yourself chuckling at a meme showing a shocked wallet next to a gleeful shopper clicking ‘Add to Cart’ like there's no tomorrow? These memes are not just funny; they're a spot-on portrayal of our online shopping sprees. From the 'Just having a peek' excuse to the ‘Oh, how did that get in there?’ surprise, these memes hilariously capture the joy, guilt, and absurdity of our e-commerce escapades.

Greetings, dear readers! Today, we're delving into the delightful world of "Add to Cart" memes, a humorous reflection of our online shopping habits. These internet gems resonate deeply in an age where the temptation of e-commerce is just a click away.

Top 10 'Add to Cart' Memes and Quotes

# Meme/Quote Description Why It's Relatable
1 A shopper clicking 'Add to Cart' with a background of a burning wallet. Captures the humorous disconnect between our shopping habits and wallet health.
2 "I don't need it. I don't need it. I definitely don't need it. I need it!" Perfectly sums up the inner battle of want vs need.
3 A meme showing a person's shocked face when they see their cart total. Reflects the universal surprise at how quickly items (and their costs) add up.
4 "My cardio for the day was running out of money while online shopping." A witty take on how online shopping can feel like a marathon.
5 A split-screen of a person being frugal in real life but extravagant in their online cart. Highlights the contrast between our online and offline spending habits.
6 "Online shopping: because it's frowned upon to be in a store with no bra, pajamas, and a glass of wine." Combines humor with the comfort of shopping from home.
7 A meme of someone hiding from their online order deliveries. Relates to the guilt/joy of receiving yet another parcel.
8 "Add to Cart is the new window shopping." A modern twist on the age-old pastime of window shopping.
9 An image of a cat pressing the 'Add to Cart' button, captioned "Oops, my cat walked on my keyboard." A humorous excuse for those mystery items in our shopping cart.
10 "That moment when you review your cart and decide who you really are as a person." Humorously implies how our carts reflect our personality and choices.

The Rise of Add to Cart Memes

"Add to Cart" memes have woven themselves into the fabric of our digital lives, portraying the familiar and often hilarious scenarios we encounter in the realm of online shopping. From the all-too-real “Just having a look, promise!” to the “Oops, how did that end up in my cart?”, these memes artfully capture the essence of our virtual retail adventures.

Why We Relate So Profoundly

The charm of these memes lies in their uncanny ability to mirror our inner thoughts while browsing online shops. Take the classic meme dilemma: "Do I need it? No. Am I going to buy it? Absolutely." This format adeptly portrays the constant tussle between desire and necessity that many of us experience.

The Thrill of Impulse Purchases

Let’s consider the memes that highlight our impulsive shopping tendencies. Envision a meme with a person torn between a stern face of self-control and a blissful smile, captioned, "Me trying to resist an online sale vs. me clicking 'Add to Cart' on several items." It humorously acknowledges the irresistible allure of discounts and deals.

The Checkout Tussle

The checkout process is another rich source of humour. Imagine a meme showing someone frantically using a calculator amidst a flurry of receipts, captioned, “Me justifying the total in my cart.” It’s a comical portrayal of the mental gymnastics we perform to justify our spending, often ending in a victorious yet slightly guilty checkout click.

Rationalising After Purchase

Post-purchase rationalisation also provides fertile ground for meme creators. Picture a meme of someone lounging among a pile of parcels, with the caption, "Sure, I didn’t need it, but did I deserve it? Absolutely." It reflects our knack for justifying purchases post-factum, often with a touch of self-mockery.


In summary, "Add to Cart" memes are a humorous lens through which we view our online shopping behaviours. They not only offer a chuckle but also a moment of self-awareness about our consumer habits in the digital age. As we continue to navigate the vast expanse of e-commerce, these memes are sure to remain a relatable and amusing part of our online journey. So, next time you’re pondering over that "Add to Cart" button, remember, you're in good company – there’s probably a meme out there that perfectly captures that very moment!

This blog was inspired by Add to Cart's top 10 meme post.

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