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Would you like to stand out in the Amazon search results? Do you want to increase your revenues? Great Listings Sell!

The product listing description is one of the most important parts of your Amazon seller business. It can help you get more sales, generate higher conversion rates, and improve your ranking on Amazon search results. Imagine how much more business you’ll do with a professional product listing that makes a strong first impression!

If you are selling a product on Amazon, your number one priority is to get the sale. Your number two priority should be to write a product description that maximizes your chances of getting that sale. You’ve invested a huge amount of time and money to make sure your product range is perfect. Now don’t blow it by putting the worst possible description up there. If you don’t have a clear understanding of how to make your product stand out from countless other sellers, you will be hard-pressed to generate positive sales results.

Amazon is a giant retail platform and listing your products there could mean a major boost in sales for your business. But it’s not enough to just list your product there. You have to make sure that when shoppers look at the products on Amazon, they are compelled to click “Buy”. To achieve this you must understand:

  • Amazon’s product pages writing rules (specifics that an average copywriter does not know).
  • How to deliver both Amazon SEO and Google Optimisation
  • The thinking of an Amazon shopper/reader and how to appeal to them efficiently.
  • How to make the brand stick out in a competitive virtual world.

If you have not thoroughly covered the Seller Central Help Pages (as we have), have not had countless discussions with other Amazon experts, Seller Support, and thousands of sellers (as we have), you probably won’t know how to do this effectively.

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What you get with our Amazon Product Description Writing Services

Product descriptions are a key ingredient of your Amazon listing. They are what help to differentiate you from the competition and give you an edge when it comes to sales. As a business owner, you can’t afford not to have compelling product descriptions for your Amazon store!

Using professional copywriting techniques and product research to judge the best keywords for your unique niche, we help you define yourself against the competition without being lost in the crowd, persuade your target audience and keep them engaged. 

With over a decade of experience in online retailing we can create copy for your entire product catalog or just a few select items. Our Amazon product description writers know how to create copy that will persuade the customers to purchase those items. We do understand the mentality of online shoppers and we apply this understanding to create descriptions that are interesting and will capture their attention in a good way. We create unique well written product descriptions that will help not only increase the sales for your items but also attract more people to go to your website. 

Our Amazon product description writing services designed to provide you with a blockbuster of a description include –

Product Features in Bulleted Form

This way we ensure that your customers know exactly what they are getting without having to read lengthy sentences. By using bullet points, we showcase your product features and specifications succinctly!

Product Specification

We will make sure to only describe the item in a way that is accurate and convincing to your potential clients. Our professional writers research and carefully check the products’ specifications in order to make sure that all the facts are correct.

Long and Short form keyword Product Description

Our team of product description writers will make sure that your products stand out from the crowd. We use a combination of different product details to create both short and long form descriptions for your products. We use keywords that make your listings easy to find in search engines like Google and include all the important selling features.

Enhanced Amazon A+ Product Detail Pages

Amazon A+ pages is a guarantee to buyers that they will only encounter high quality content, making it ideal for your brand. Our Amazon’s A+ content pages make sure that your customer only sees well written, informative content to increase the chances of them buying from you. All of our products are guaranteed to follow Amazon’s guidelines which means that buyers will be more likely to purchase from you. We have amazing services such as clickable images and comparison charts so that your customers will want to buy from you.

We’ll help make sure your products get more exposure with well-written product descriptions, clear images in high resolution and whatever else you need to get the best shopping experience.

We offer a wide range of A+ content services, including 

  • A+ SEO-friendly Product Descriptions
  • A+ Detail Page Layout 
  • Content Creation.
  • Vendor Central Services include creating the pages and uploading the content
  • Keyword Selection
  • Meta Data Description
  • High Resolution Pages

We have a team of highly skilled, qualified and experienced professionals who can skillfully write about any product in such a way that will draw more people towards it. 

Amazon Image Processing Services

Merging imagery with words is a powerful technique. Our professional Amazon image editing services help you create product listings with incredible images and captivating copy. 

Dailyposts Amazon image processing services gives you perfect images of your products. With qualified image processing, you can focus on other aspects of growing your business. Our team has the skills needed to professionally develop professional-quality photographs that can show the qualities and benefits of your products. We have licensed, commercial grade computer software to get this work done as efficiently as possible.

Amazon has set guidelines regarding images. They suggest dimensions, resolution, and file format based on the type of product that is uploaded. We make sure that our artists follow all these guidelines to deliver the best possible images for your listing.

We will provide you with the following image editing services:

  • Image Retouching 
  • Image Background Editing
  • Resolution and Lighting Adjustment
  • Orientation Adjustment
  • Image Naming
  • Image Masking
  • Removing Shadows, Borders, and Watermarks from Images
  • Brightness, Color and Contrast Editing
  • Image Resizing and Cropping
  • Noise Reduction

So you never have to worry about mistakes again! Our image editing services allow you to create an image that really represents your product or service. 

Why Choose Daily Posts ?

If you are looking to optimize your Amazon listing for better conversion rates, you’ve come to the right place. Our copywriters create optimized content for your products that will bring in more sales and ranking on Amazon when they are searched. This means there are fewer instances of the cart being abandoned and less returns due to customer confusion. We include Call – to – Actions that encourage your customers to make a purchase.

Our Amazon copywriters are professional writers. We take pride in producing the best product descriptions for our clients. They do not just randomly throw words together. They make the effort to learn about your products and what makes them so special. They also go above and beyond to research on your products and your competitors’ products before they write a single line. And they use that information to create a powerful call to action that leaves no doubt in the customers’ mind, why they should be purchasing your products or why they should be choosing your brand.

When you choose Dailyposts for your Amazon product descriptions creation, you get: 

  • Comprehensive information about your products and model variations
  • Improved organic search engine ranking and indexing
  • Improved brand awareness and boost traffic
  • Improved conversion rate
  • Reduce bounce rate
  • Customised content for your audience

Here are what some of our satisfied clients have said about our services

What our clients say

Top Professionals! They were really satisfied with the product rankings they earned for the company. It was informative, realistic, and clearly showed their knowledge of Amazon SEO services. We are thankful for the high quality service we got at such a reasonable price.

Morgan, M.

You've done a great job with copywriting! Work was completed to a high standard and also ahead of schedule. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone who needs copywriting services, and I will use their services again if the need arises.

Bennet, M

Thank you! The service given by Dailyposts was excellent. I've seen a substantial rise in revenue as a result of their SEO optimization and advertisement expertise. Will surely use them again in the future!

Manning, A

Thank you so much for your assistance! They did a great job and gave me exactly what I needed to get my product up and running on Amazon. I'll use this service again.

Betcher, B

Amazing to work with! They used the details I gave them to create the best listing possible for me, complete with an optimized title and PPC keywords. Thank you very much!

Bryan, H

ExcellentThey completed the job in less than 5 days, with revisions completed in minutes and very professional writing. I've already listed the product on Amazon, and I'm hoping for some fast sales!

Phillips, J

Do you need an Effective Amazon Product Listing Description that Generates Sales?

The Amazon listing description is one of the most important places to convey product information and value. A well-written listing description can help you increase your organic ranking, as well as boost CTR (Click Through Rate). Why not contact us today and take your business to greater heights!


Daily Posts is a full-service copywriting and content marketing agency that helps its clients to produce high-quality, engaging, SEO-driven copy for Amazon product page descriptions.  With our Amazon product listing descriptions, you can boost your sales and grow your business. Your business deserves experienced and professional writing. And with our highly skilled writers your  customers are guaranteed to make a purchase from you.


We’re more than just copywriters. We’re analysts and strategists. We get into the mind of your reader. We find out what they want, and make you irresistible to them. We have a knack for bringing out the most compelling elements of your business, and an uncanny ability to make you look good.

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With over 300 pieces of positive feedback from clients, our copywriting service will help ensure that you draw attention to your key product benefits without having to write product descriptions from scratch yourself. Amazon product listing description copywriting is a great way to promote your Amazon products.

As a professional copywriting agency, we have been writing product descriptions for Amazon for many years. Our professional copywriters have extensive experience writing product listings within Amazon’s marketplaces. 

We will tailor your product description to the guidelines provided by Amazon to ensure that your listing follows their requirements and will be found by customers interested in purchasing your product.

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Answers to questions you may have:

Hiring a copywriter to write product listing descriptions instead of doing it yourself is a proven way to sell more stuff on Amazon. The truth is, it can be very difficult to write effective product listing descriptions on your own, without using the services of an Amazon copywriter.

To write great product listings on Amazon, you need to give us details about your product. We will also need one or more photos of your product. We take the information you share about your product and use it to create a powerful, persuasive copy for your product listing that increases the click-thru rate on your listing and encourages shoppers to buy.

  • Complete privacy. Our team of experienced and skilled writers never share your information with others, nor do we copy from the listing of another. We always write your unique brand in a professional tone that is relevant to your kind of business. 
  • We only list products that are 100% compliant with Amazon’s best practices. 
  • We ensure that you get the most exposure to your products, and we help you grow your business through follow-up education so you can always be ahead of the curve. 
  • Premium product description and keyword research for quality content across Amazon and Google sites. Great for boosting your sales & positioning.