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Advertising Copywriting - Advertising copy that communicates with your audience

The web is saturated with advertising competing for your target audiences’ attention. The only way to attract and retain that attention is with copy that’s engaging, and informative. Advertising must be delivered to them in a way that they like, and in the right channel, be it through search engines or social media sites.

With advertising information printed on everything from cereal boxes to billboards to supermarket adverts, news websites and search engines, finding the right message is imperative for future success. Your ad copy is your salesperson, and it needs to be able to deliver a clear message that will make the customer want to buy from you.

We specialise in creating unique ad copy that looks professional, and sounds natural.
Why not create an ad that works?

Low visitors to loyal users?

Consumers are interested in receiving information from advertising that makes them feel something or think about the future in a new way. Copywriters want to evoke strong feelings in the reader to capture his or her attention and drive sales of a product or service.

From creative introductions to the ultimately persuasive call to action, our advertising copywriting service focuses on capturing and holding people’s attention for a minimum 20-30 seconds, the average attention span of internet users.

Our in-house writing team can write engaging copy that will have your site’s visitors reading, sharing, and returning everyday.

Meet the company


We provide written content for business around the world

We work with all kinds of online businesses, and provide them with high-quality content that gets results.

SEO Agencies

Our writers are professionals who know the latest SEO best practises. You can trust us to produce quality content and reach your targets.

Start Ups

Daily Posts is a copywriting company that helps startups present their messages in the best possible way.

Ecommerce Stores

We write the content e-commerce sites need; custom content that stands out and converts online shoppers into paying customers.


We create branded content and turn your stories into sharable, online experiences to help you engage with your target audience.

PR Companies

Shaping tomorrow’s media through the power of content, today. We’re your first stop for professional content publishing solutions.


Daily Posts is a content generation service for small business owners that helps them rank higher on search engines.

Affiliate Websites

Trust our professional affiliate website copywriting service to deliver your message with absolute precision.

Whitelabel Services

We are a whitelabel copywriting service that specialises in providing high quality, unique content for clients.

Marketing Agencies

We can help with everything from SEO content to sales funnel copy. We know how to jumpstart digital marketing campaigns.

Who we are – Daily Posts is an international advertising company that provides advertising copywriting and copy-editing service for major corporations, small businesses and individuals. Our team of advertising writers/editors are some of the best in the industry.

Daily Posts was established 8 years ago as a year-round fully staffed agency. Since that time we have gained significant knowledge on how to create and maintain well-written ads. Whether you need a product review or want to post about a current event, we will communicate your message clearly to your target market.

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Why invest in our advertising copywriting service?

Daily Posts is an effective method to improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, increase sales and ultimately achieve your business objectives. The best way to get noticed is to advertise. If you’re hoping to promote and sell products and services, there’s no better way than advertising.

We can assist your business with direct marketing and brand marketing copy, including print ads, direct mail, website content, sales letters, and emails. The ad copy we write will give you a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Banner ads

Banner ads are a popular form of online advertising, used by most major brands. These ads appear on most web pages and in thousands of magazine or newspaper articles. We can write the copy for you.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Our years of experience in writing PPC ads are a testimony to the fact that we can write copy that gets you noticed and shows your ads in prime positions.

Sales funnel

Our copywriters write adverts and sales funnels aimed at the customer. They are adept at writing content that goes viral on the internet, and puts your brand in front of thousands of potential customers, fast.

Product launch script and guidance

Our copywriting services also include offering product launch support, including how to advertise your product, media guidance and creative development. We can take your project through from a blank page to an entire strategy that suits your business.

Video sales letter

Our team of advertising copywriters can create a video sales letter (VSL) to sell your products or services. VSLs are highly effective in keeping viewers engaged.

Email copy

Copywriters create the words used in advertisements, into email copy. We are able to craft messages that make the target audience want to keep reading. It is a skill which takes years to master.

Upsell copy

Upsell copy helps to persuade your customer to buy another product on top of the one they're already purchasing. We will write a compelling one for you.

Sales video script

Specific sales video script writing dictates the need for an expert copywriter who can capture the essence of the company’s vision and incorporate it into an advertising video script. Our copywriters are skilled and capable of writing a company's sales video script.

Educational ad copy

Professionally written educational ad copy will inform and persuade readers to purchase something by pointing out the product's benefits.

Reason-why ad copy

Give a customer a reason to be patronize your products or services. We know how to write a reason-why ad copy that resonates.

Institutional ad copy

We create clear, succinct institution ad copy that leverages the benefits and unique feature of your organization.

Suggestive ad copy

We create suggestive ad copy that serves as teasers to get your audience thinking & talking about your product without blatantly prompting them to.

Can you paint a picture in people’s mind on how our products or services will be of use to them?

The ability to captivate your customer’s imagination with fast and accurate copywriting are crucial in making a sale. The first to establish as the market leader will reap the most rewards. Sell more of your products and services by creating alluring ad copy that stirs up emotion and drives people to action.

We will produce a piece of copy for your product or service that is engaging, seductive, and takes the interest of your prospective customer hook line and sinker. We are an experienced team of copywriters. Our experience in advertising product catalogs is key to getting the point across to who you are attempting to sell your product or service too.

Why Choose Daily Posts advertising copywriting service?

At Daily Posts, we always work to ensure that our clients get the best copywriter online to provide them with the solutions they need effectively through online or offline media.

Working with Daily Posts will help you to communicate your messages more successfully to a wider audience than most other forms of advertising. We are a professional agency that takes great pride in the quality of the service we offer and our copywriting will always be accurate and well-presented.

Our copywriting service is reasonably priced and you will benefit from working in partnership with us, as we are more than willing to work closely with you at all times throughout the process.

Working in Partnership

Daily Posts advertising copywriting agency is the choice advertising partner of large and small businesses alike. We understand business; and we understand that every day, you are striving to make your business stand out among the competition.

Daily Posts works in partnership with you to bring you professional advertising copywriting for your clients. We’re a full-service advertising agency offering a wide range of strategic and creative advertising services. When we start a job, we give our full attention to the project at hand, so that we can ride the wave of creativity, and produce the best possible copy for your website.

Our Guarantee

Daily Posts is one of the UK largest providers of online advertising copywriting services. Daily Posts is a veteran-owned and operated business with a proven track record. We use the latest technology to provide the right words in the right way at the right time.

Our team of professional writers and editors can guarantee to help your business get more clicks, leads, and sales. Let us give you a smart new way to advertise.

What our clients say

‘The guys at Daily Posts have been fantastic for our business. We went from small local business to serving mobile phone users across the UK and Ireland. Not only did they make our sales, but their keyword research in the ad copy increased our own search engine visibility.’
‘The Dialy Posts team has done an excellent job, going above and beyond what I've expected. Their copywriting has increased the number of products and services sold by my company, plus drives free traffic to our site. Not just this, but they are also easy to work with and communicates well! I plan to continue working with them in the future and highly recommend them!’
‘Not a month goes by without someone sending me a note thanking me for how my products got them results. If you set out to hire a copywriter or advertising agency and you're not using Daily Posts, you're making the wrong choice.’

Cost per advertising copy costing model

Our mission is to produce fresh, creative and highly effective content that sells your product or service online at a cost per advertising copy costing model that’s as low as possible. We know how to do this – we’ve done it for a long list of clients.

Our advertising copywriting fees are based on the number of words – not on day rates or page fees. From initial enquiry, through to the delivery of each and every revised copy, we will be communicating with you every step of the way.

A partnership you can count on!

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Value for money advertising copywriting

With a huge variety of products and services available, there is a lot of competition out there. How do you stand out from the crowd? With clear, concise, value-for-money copy that gives your customers exactly what they need to know, written in a way that appeals and converts.

Our collaborative and results oriented copywriting team combines creative writing talents with commercial awareness. This has earned us a proven track record of great results. Our agency has all the creative flair, technical know-how and the ability to place your business in front of more prospects than you may have thought possible. 

Let us create an engaging advertising copy to help ensure your business is competitive.

How our platform works

Daily Posts is an online advertising copywriting platform that enables businesses to create, test and implement advertising copy. Our platform allows businesses to take the guesswork out of writing ad copy and dramatically increase sales by building loyal customers through improved ad copy.

Our copywriting service is simple and intuitive, without being complex. As part of our custom content platform you can enter briefs easily, create projects to track your copy, pick up and edit it as you go along. You can do this without having to leave your browser, so you’re able to stay on top of things no matter where you are or what device you are using.

How our dashboard works

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How does the content improve their life? Are your potential audiences emotionally engaged with the content on your website?

The job of a good advertising and copywriting should be to create an emotional attachment between the product and its potential customers. This is accomplished in many ways- a catchy headline, an effective ad, and so on.

Our professional copywriters draw on their experience in the advertising industry to create effective marketing materials that engage your target audience. Whether you’re looking to improve your website, maximize your search engine rankings, or connect with potential customers through content marketing, we’ll handle all of the writing for you.

The goal of copywriting is to make the reader think, feel and act in ways that are beneficial for you or your client. With a team of dedicated copywriters ready to help you get the results you need, we’re here for your every advertising need.

Answers to questions you may have:

Effective advertising starts with your audience.  Your potential customer isn’t a solitary person expressing a single desire. Instead, your potential audience is a fan of a product category, an enthusiast of hobbies and interests.  


Each member of that audience has its own ideas about how problems could be solved and desires attained.  So effective advertising copywriting starts with understanding how different minds would respond to different words and phrases about any given product.

Yes, our award-winning copywriters have won almost every major award in the advertising and advertising copywriting industry.

It’s understandable that clients can be hesitant or worried about the potential pitfalls of hiring a copywriter but we go out of our way to ensure this isn’t the case. All our posts are written by dedicated, experienced and full-time writers with proven track records. 


We don’t employ short-term contractors who might bail at short notice or deliver substandard work, and all our customers are provided with direct contact details of their author for any queries which we are more than happy to answer.

Yes, email marketing is an effective and economical way to reach your target audience. The more you know about your customers, the better you can tailor your messages. This powerful tool allows you to test different messages and markets quickly and inexpensively.

Yes, you will have full copyright to the work created for you. We never claim copyright to any work. That way you can choose to re-use it without having to consult a 3rd party.