About DP

About DP

Daily Posts is the brainchild of James Cummings, Founder and CEO. The company, and this website, have been set up to provide a place where SEO agencies and big brands can outsource their content production and marketing needs.

“Companies require more content than ever before. We can deliver huge projects on time and within budget. Our four pillars are quality, value, interest and engagement.” James Cummings CEO

We are a British writing company. We use efficient means to produce brilliant content for websites, magazines and other online and offline media. Based in Southampton, in the United Kingdom, we deliver what we promise. We have capacity to deliver huge orders at pace.

Our vision is to be the number one website content development company in the world. We have a big vision, and we are working towards that goal by focusing on our core objective of client satisfaction.

We produce consistently. We produce competently. We produce carefully targeted content that engages your audience. We ensure that our content enhances the brand we are writing for.

Don’t be fooled that cheap providers will do the job for you. If you have been in the business a while you will know what I mean! You will end up with extensive editing just to be able to use the content that has been produced.

We could just revolutionize your business!

Our Team

Meet The Team

If you’re looking for a professional partner, full of professional people, then you’ve found the right place. People who enjoy their jobs tend to produce better results, and that’s why we make sure to only hire the best, who are more than willing to go the extra mile to produce the very best content for our clients.

Our team is comprised of Outreach Marketing experts, Writers, Editors, SEO experts, Administration professionals, Public and Media Relations specialists and of course the IT team, who always ensure that targets are met on a day to day basis.

Our CEO – James Cummings

An experienced senior manager, James has managed multiple simultaneous digital projects, delivered staffing solutions to global brands through their full life-cycles. He is skilled in SEO, Copywriting, Start-ups, SEM, Web Analytics, Content Project Management, Head-hunting and Team Development, Outsourcing and Off-shoring, Google Analytics, PPC, and SDLC project management to mention a few. He is also an expert in copywriting, designing and managing of content development projects, SEO projects and global staffing programmes.

James is from Southampton, United Kingdom and graduated with a B.Sc. in Psychology from Royal Holloway, University of London, and M.Sc. in Organisational Psychology from the University of Hertfordshire.

Outreach Marketing Experts Team

For any business to yield conversions, there has to be a target audience. That’s what our outreach marketing experts are here for. Their job is to basically ensure that the right people see the right content. They put in the effort required to bring people (target audience) and products together.

Our Writers

At Daily Posts, we offer nothing but the very best, and that extends to all of our staff as well. Our Writers are not run-of-the-mill, but rather fully qualified and developed individuals who have received ample training over the years, enabling them to construct high quality pieces of industry-related material time and time again.

Our Editorial Team

These guys work hand in hand with our writers to ensure that every final piece of content has been proof-read, seeded thoroughly and is perfectly worded to be able to go on our clients’ websites. They undergo rigorous quality control processes to ensure that our high standards of excellence are always met. Every editor must also be a good writer. Therefore, there are no loopholes or chances for content to be below standard.

SEO Experts Team

In order to produce the very best contents for our clients, we make sure to employ experts in the field of SEO. They have gained the knowledge and experience required to be able to help you, our clients, to not only achieve a higher search engine ranking, but also maintain it as well.

They are specialists in: in-depth keyword research, split-testing similar pages, studying traffic and analytics, developing strong calls to action, analysing the client’s competitors, maximising local search exposure, WordPress or Joomla, creating effective ranking strategies, researching the latest SEO practices, working with writers and designers etc.

Administration Professionals

Expertly trained professionals handle the day to day running of the company. Without them, so much would not be possible.

At Daily Posts, we ensure that even down to our administrative staff, we offer only the best. They are IAAP certified professionals who know their jobs and do them to the best of their abilities, at all times.

Public and Media Relations Specialists Team

Aside from our service (that speaks for itself), our public image and reputation is what it is today, because the Public and Media Relations Team know their job and do it exceptionally well. They create and maintain co-operative, good-natured relationships with our clients, the media and the general public, increasing awareness of our services and showcasing our work and goals. They handle all Daily Posts’ communication with investors, consumers, news reporters, journalists and the public in general.

Our PMR Specialists are all fully-qualified in their field, highly organised and possess great writing and oratory skills, without which they would not be able to carry out their duties to such high standards.

IT Team

They are responsible for the successful running of the entirety of Daily Posts’ website, including our Virtual Office, which is where our Writers, Editors, and SEO experts all meet in order to create engaging content for our clients.

Infographics Team

Their job is to develop superb visual images and rich media that will set your brand apart from the rest.

Call us now on 023 80 970 979 (UK) or (646) 679-7971 (US) for great quality content or to speak with any member of our team.

The Daily Posts Way: Empowering our Workforce: Supporting our Writers

Daily Posts operates with full-time staff rather than freelancers. We are building ourselves as an employer of the future – today. Developing a culture that supports the ethos of the company and activities of our workforce is no mean feat. James Cummings, CEO, explains how we have achieved our success and some of the challenges that we have faced along the way.

If you run a writing agency, marketing agency or just use writers as part of your business, then you will probably be aware of the challenges that arise when you need to get content fast – or of great quality – or both. At Daily Posts, we work hard on our recruitment and have put in place policies, procedures, and processes to facilitate recruitment and the management of writing professionals.

First of all, let us take a look at some of the challenges that we face on a day-to-day basis in our writing agency. We will then take a look at how our mission is tied in with overcoming obstacles along the way.

Some freelancers just do not care

When you start talking to freelancers about their work, some are full of passion for what they do. They work hard and enjoy their work.

On the other side of the freelancer coin, there are those that really don’t care. All they want is to get paid for their work and do the absolute minimum . Sure, these people will spend most of their time looking for work rather than getting repeat work, but that is what they are used to, and how they feel this game works.

Weeding out those with passion from those that really do not care is pretty easy if you know how. The problem comes when you are in a hurry for work and need to use someone new. It can either go swimmingly well or you can end up with no communication until after the deadline, or terrible quality content that is not worth the digital space it takes up.

Things come up from time to time

Freelancers are generally in their role for one of two reasons. The first is that they love the flexibility of freelance work and are able to earn well. The second is that their personal life is such that they are perhaps not able to take a job that involves a commute and standard full-time hours.

There are great freelancers in both categories, but sometimes things come up that get in the way of each, perhaps more so for the latter category.When managing freelancers, you therefore have to prepare for all eventualities. This means ensuring you have an open and transparent relationship with them and keep the lines of communication open at all times. It’s important to know where you stand and are able to assign work elsewhere if need be.

You also  need to have a sweep-up team that can deal with any fall-outs. If you manage to get the work done when things go wrong, then you are on track to succeed in your business.

Learning and development

It can be incredibly difficult to train remote employees when dealing with the different types of content you need. The nuances of tone and style, linking and references, can take some getting used to.

At Daily Posts, we have a personal development plan and training system – enhanced by video tutorials and briefs – for all of our writers, whether full-time in-house or part-time freelancers. This enables us to ensure  staff are constantly being up-skilled at our expense, allowing them to feel they have a career route through the writing industry, even if they are only working a few hours each week.

I’ve heard many people say to me that investment in people is a waste of time, and that freelancers jump ship quicker than it takes for the money to hit their PayPal account after you have clicked ‘Send’.This is most certainly not the case with our teams. We have found that investment in human capital means  we get returns in terms of loyalty, performance and development. We have seen a real culture of teamwork evolve through the virtual office that we have in place and the practices that we have established.

Technology driven, staff controlled

At Daily Posts, we have developed an online virtual office to drive the processes that are required in the fast-paced challenging environment in which we operate. We have done so to provide our staff with more control, rather than less.

For example, if an issue arises with one of our writers, they can request work be reassigned to another member of staff. One click of a button and they can get on with their life, safe in the knowledge that they aren’t letting anyone down. If something minor comes up, then they can even request an extension, enabling them to keep on top of their work, without their stress levels escalating.

The flow of work from clients to writers, to editors, to quality control, and back to the clients is a cycle which is designed to create the best possible content within a budget.Our use of technology makes us more effective as a team and more happy, knowledgeable, skilled and creative as individuals.

Empowerment through creative communication

We really want to change the way that online writers see their work. Our mission is:

 To empower everyone we touch through creative communication

Empowerment in terms of our staff means giving them the environment, the tools and the workflow to achieve their goals.

For some, the goal is earning $50 a week. For others, it is building an online career, working from the comfort of their home and enjoying the stability of a monthly salary. Plenty of our employees are aiming higher, striving for a management role in Daily Posts.

The culture we have cultivated in our organisation is designed to enable work from home staff to feel part of the organisation. Our recruitment policy is geared towards finding people that will assimilate swiftly and seamlessly into a culture that values respect, professionalism, fun, attention to detail, teamwork, creativity and passion. The right people grow and flourish within our company and it is this that enables us to overcome the many challenges that the writing business throws up.

Empowerment through creative communication also relates to our relationship and engagement with each and every one of our clients, but that is a message for another day.

Our Philosophy

Our key philosophy is that any relationship we have with our clients must be win/win. We strive to develop content that can be placed on your site with pride, as well as content that will go on partner websites, magazines and wherever necessary, without having to be sold.

Our Philosophy

It is Thinking Ability That Creates Great Writers

We believe that good content sells itself; that the value of a quality piece is immeasurable.

There are many examples of companies in the UK and around the world who have had their brand explode onto the national and international stage just because of one quality idea. We are ideas people and we help get your business to where it needs to get to. Take a look at some of these content marketing WOWs if you are in doubt about the power of web marketing.

Whether you take a pure content production package or are looking for us to place your content as well, we will always give you 100%.  We will go the extra mile to ensure that you are happy, as we want you to come back again and again.

At Daily Posts, we are committed to professional development. We spend a lot of time understanding search engines and ensuring that we are up to date with the latest methodologies in the industry.

We invest our time wisely to get you the most interesting and powerful content that is achievable within your budget.

Our Philosophy

What do our clients love most about us?

Many things, such as: Quality. Integrity. Timeliness. Flexibility. Experience. The whole spectrum that makes the ideal creative writing partner to help the client achieve their business objectives and keep moving forward.

  • Standing out – or rather, being outstanding in our work – is not just about pleasing the client. Winning is in our character and it shows in everything we do, all through the work processed to the final output.So, with every client, it’s a win/win relationship.
  • We provide fluid, informative and grammatically flawless content that helps you win and enhances your brand value in your target marketplace.
  • In turn, we sustain our hard-earned industry reputation as a trusted writing agency. We are always on time. We are always great value. Premium quality content has become our brand signature.
  • It does take a lot of effort, as well as focus, expertise and experience. At Daily Posts, our copywriters and copy editors possess all these qualities in abundance, plus passion and dedication.
  • We are flexible to client needs, and try to make things as easy as possible for them. Ordering content is simple and easy. Tracking the progress of work is facilitated by our bespoke virtual office.
  • With our versatility and proven expertise to deliver projects on time and to the very best standards, we can handle all client needs, whatever the industry, budget or project volume.

Quality Control and Google updates

Quality Control is at the heart of our work philosophy at Daily Posts. That’s why, using a proven and highly-effective hiring system, we employ some of the most talented and dedicated writers from across the globe and train them to be part of our quality-driven ethos.

Part of the training our copywriters regularly receive is about learning how to write for the latest Google search engines algorithms, such as PageRank, HummingBird and RankBrain.

At Daily Posts, we devote valuable time to studying the major search engines, including Bing and Yahoo, ensuring we always have up-to-the-minute updates on the newest technologies in the industry.   Our writers receive continuous professional development, so they can produce great copy for our clients.

This ensures that when we produce copy, you don’t just receive quality, creative content that instantly grabs attention; you also get strategically crafted writing that is keyword/language-appropriate, with good latent semantic keyword focus.

With this, contents have a great chance of ranking high on Google, Bing or Yahoo, all the while driving organic traffic and boosting visitor conversion rates.


Our proud portfolio

Our portfolio of successfully completed projects for clients all around the world includes case studies for some of the biggest brands in the UK, US, Australia, New Zealand and Canada; companies that have seen their business fortunes soar to greater heights, because of the quality of our work.

We know ideas rule the world, and at Daily Posts, we are driven by innovative and exceptional ideas that can help your brand reach the skies and dominate your niche market, both locally and internationally.

Our goal is your satisfaction. We will ensure you are 100% satisfied or keep working on your content until you are. If for any reason, we can’t deliver to the standard you require, we won’t charge you. However, that never happens!

Call us now on 023 80 970 979 (UK) or (646) 679-7971 (US) for fast content that hits the spot.

Our Services

If you don’t see what you are looking for then call us, or contact us here.

The web is much like the offline environment. You need to get people talking about your company to be successful. Social media, website content and generally getting your product out there in online and offline channels are vital to your success.

How to Use Our Copywriting Service

We have developed our copywriting process to ensure that you get the best quality content possible within your budget. For example,  we have recruited UK and US writers who live in Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia. Having trialled over 10,000 people over the last five years, we have built a team that represents tremendous value for your money.

Bespoke Virtual Office

At Daily Posts, we have made a significant investment in our own bespoke systems that drive the content process. Our clients have a login and can track the progress of copy projects, request revisions and pay for their content. We also have a 24/7 manned customer support line, where you can ask questions about our service or your content. You will also have your own account manager or project manager. Whether you prefer to email your content to our teams, we will work with any process you choose. We are here to provide you with the best content service that we possibly can.

Virtual Office

The Importance of the Brief Cannot be Overstated

We believe that it is nigh on impossible to get the content just right for you without a decent brief. That doesn’t mean that you need to write 1000 words every time, but writers must have enough guidance to get the job done.

The first step in adding a brief

You Decide the type of content you want to brief

Blog brief form

Landing Page Brief Form

Guest Post Form

We have therefore developed 13 separate briefing forms, so that you can use one that is appropriate to the content you require. Our writers are trained on interpreting briefs within this framework and are adept at delivering content that hits the mark, meaning less rejected content. Our clients have found that this makes a tremendous difference to the quality of the final product.

Training, Specialists and Personal Development

Daily Posts Training Room

We invest in our people and ensure that they feel part of our company, even if some of them are on the other side of the world. Every writer has a personal development plan and a personal training area online, fed by our editors and training team. We train writers on niche content types, like press releases and landing pages, to ensure that they understand the nuances of each type of content. We help them to grow with our company, so they can work towards team leadership and management roles. They are able to chat in the online office and learn from each other. We have built an online corporate culture that brings the best out of people.

We also ensure that writers cover the topics and content types they are comfortable with. Our self-serve model means that they only claim tasks that they are trained to do and are at ease with. This means you will get content from writers who are interested in and knowledgeable about your topics.

Deadlines Smashed

At Daily Posts, we strive to ensure that content is back in hours rather than days. We have people working round the clock, around the world, delivering intelligently researched copy that hits the spot. When you submit your work for completion, you set a deadline. Our systems then assign a writer deadline, leaving time for editing and proofreading. All of our staff are salaried, which means that they are more reliable than the average freelancer.

If you are looking for great value content, then try Daily Posts. We will not be beaten on price. If you don’t approve of the content we send you, you are entitled to a full refund. If you would like to talk with us about managing a content project for you, then get in touch through our Contact Us page here, or give us a call on 02380 970 979.

Deadline Smashed

If you are ready to set up an account, then you can do so here in 60 seconds.

The Process

At Daily Posts we’ve created a system whereby you can get the content for your business fast. Our virtual office is bespoke designed and built, and enables us to keep massive volumes of content flowing back to clients without things falling between the gaps, or briefs being missed.

We are very proud of the training that we provide for our writers. It means that every piece of content does the job it is supposed to do. We know how frustrating it can be to have content arrive and it is way off the mark. We understand guest posts, blogs, SEO copywriting for 2017 and beyond, press releases, landing pages, new websites and everything else. Our writers get the nuances of each type of content and produce compelling copy that suits it purpose.

Get a free copywriting trial

If you’re looking for a regular partner to provide you with copywriting services then we can offer you a free copywriting trial. Set up an account today and we will discuss your requirements with you and put together a trial of content without you having to spend a penny.

We believe in building long, strong relationships with our clients.

Many of the people we write for have been with us for over five years since the start of Daily Posts. We truly believe we are the best value copywriting company available to you, and we welcome the opportunity to prove it at our own expense.

To get a free trial, sign up for an account and we will give you a buzz to allocate you free content credits. The process of placing an order with Daily Posts is fast and simple:

1. Set up an account in 60 seconds

2. Brief us on your content

3. Our writers complete the work

4. The content is sent back to you in hours

Secure Payment Processing

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Daily Posts Cost

Cost of Copywriting Services- Choosing a Price

We firmly believe that value of our copywriting service is second to none. We work at amazing prices when you consider the time we invest in research and the detail of what we write.

$2 Per 100 Words- If you need affordable, good quality copy quality, our ‘SEO Copywriting’ plan will suit your needs. It will be grammatically correct, will follow your brief, and will be delivered fast.

$3 per 100 Words- For most web projects you should use ‘excellent web content’, which is our most popular plan. This covers guest posts, press releases, blog posts, and landing pages. With this plan, we can assure you of high-quality copy that is well researched and flows nicely. This plan will suit you if you need regular copywriting for marketing or websites.

$5 per 100 Words- Our ‘premium content’ is suitable if you need something a bit extra to stand out from the competition. It’s well-researched copy that engages, educates and motivates readers to take action.

$8 per 100 Words- For dense and technical copy or important microcopy use our special copy rate.

Free Content Trial

Register today to try our writing and publishing service. 100% satisfaction or your money back!

We work with dozens of SEO agencies and big brands to deliver the high volume, high quality content that they need on a regular basis.

We have clients that require 500 X 1,000-word  guest posts every month.  We have other clients requiring blog posts posted on their  network of WordPress sites every day.

Whatever the type of project you have on ground we can help you to deliver it on time and within budget.

Our bulk projects are incredibly affordable.  Guest posts of 1,000 words can be as low as £20 each.  With volume projects the quality of our content remains as high as ever. We are able to produce interesting, well-researched pieces that are exactly the right tone for your audience.

If you have regular requirements, or a bulk order to place, then get in touch today and discuss the projects with our account managers.

Empowering everyone we touch through creative content and effective copy writing!

One stop content and copy agency- you choose the price - we deliver

  • Affordable Content Writing

    Affordable Content Writing

    You choose the website content price based on the writing project you need to complete- Engaging, entertaining content.

  • Easy Writing Process

    Easy Writing Process

    Our checkbox briefing forms guide you through the info our digital copywriters will need to produce top quality written content.

  • Creative Copywriting

    Creative Copywriting

    We recruit talented communicators and then train them to assess our briefs and produce imaginative, high converting copy that resonates with your audience.

  • Secure Virtual Office

    Secure Virtual Office

    Our winning formula combines effective recruitment, relevant training and our SSL secured bespoke virtual office to deliver copy on time and within budget- every time!

  • No Writing Project Too Big

    No Writing Project Too Big

    Whether you need a few blog posts written a week, or 200,000 words a day, we have the expert copywriters and content writers to deliver to the highest quality within your budget.

  • Your Copwriting Partner

    Your Copwriting Partner

    We learn what you like and then, where required, train our writers to deliver it. Many of our customers have worked with us on copy projects for 5+ years.

Send US Your Specifications For Your Free Trial

Your risk free trial of the Daily Posts Service is just a form-fill away.

If you are unsure of your requirements, or would just like to discuss them, then call us on 02380 970 979. We can also be reached on Skype Id YesDailyPosts

Project Contact

Email of Contact

Direct Telephone Number

Skype ID

Project Summary

Project Brief (or upload file below)

Project Brief File Uploads


Latent Semantic Index

Keyword targeting involves producing content that includes keywords in order to attract visitors via search engines, social media and other keyword-driven platforms. If a keyword is not featured on a website, it is unlikely that a visitor searching for that particular keyword will ever find the website.

By using keywords intelligently in content, it is possible to rank highly in the search engines. There are many other factors involved, such as the link profile of the website, social signals and the make-up of the content. However, the presence of keywords  and synonyms is of major importance.

By producing keyword-relevant content that is written for the reader, we are able to attract visitors who seek your products and services. For example, if you’re selling blue cars, we might write an article focused on the “best blue cars” available on the market. We may well emphasise the keywords “blue cars” once or twice in that article. The search engines will ‘understand’ that the page is relevant to blue cars and so will be more likely to rank the page for that keyword. Our titles and descriptions will grab the attention of search engine browsers and build interest. The content will build the desire and encourage an action (where appropriate). Web copy, Feature articles, Guest Posts and all forms of content vary in the way they interpret and utilise SEO best practice. Content has different purposes.

Keyword targeting is particularly powerful when you have pinpointed long tail key phrases. Some phrases are not hugely popular, but can be profitable. By focusing on these, as well as the more popular keywords, it’s possible to gain some quick wins and attract some speedy traffic to convert to sales.

Regular Content

Great Regular Content; Produced by Masters

The benefits of fresh content are manifold. One of the biggest is that regular content posted to your site will alert search engines to see that it is ‘live’. The search engines will award a positive mark for this measure of importance. They will recognise that your business is growing, flourishing and ‘real’ and rank your pages more favourably as a result.

If you run a news website and  don’t have content posted regularly, you will soon slip down the search engines. Google will not rank you based on aged content.

In addition to these inherent benefits of ‘fresh content’, you will be able to target new keywords and attract more targeted visitors direct from the articles or pages.

Daily, Weekly Or Monthly Content Made Easy

Are you struggling to produce regular, fresh content? If so, it might be time to give Daily Posts a try. We understand that each website has a specific target audience and will require content capable of appealing to them, which is why we match your desired needs to writers who best suit the job.

Our content is fresh and well-written by expert writers. It is proofread and formatted by expert editors who pay great attention to detail to ensure the content delivered provides the right tone for your website.

Contact us on (UK) 02380 970 979 or (US) (646) 679-7971 and we’ll provide a free quote for our services and can organise a free content trial should you wish.

More Than Just Words

Your website might have a design that’s guaranteed to ‘Wow!’ Customers, but if it isn’t capable of producing content that is worth their time, then you’re not really going to get anywhere. Let us take your website to the next level by producing compelling, regular content. It’s our job to ensure that whatever content we produce -be it informative, entertaining, persuasive or educative – is guaranteed to build the credibility and exposure of your business.

Content For Higher Search Engine Rankings

As a quality writing company, we are familiar with the fact that Google constantly updates it search Algorithms, so it doesn’t give the top spot away to just anyone. Therefore, we employ writers who bring a wealth of knowledge and a high level of competency. We then train them to structure their content and focus on keyword themes. We improve your on-page SEO and attract more organic traffic to your website.

Daily Posts can deliver:

  •        Headline Titles that Stand Out
  •        Relevant Keywords to Improve SEO
  •        Well Researched Content
  •        Engaging and Motivating Website Micro Copy
  •        Error-free content

Sign up today or call us on (UK) 02380 970 979 or (US) (646) 679-7971 to kick-start your website.

Let Your Visitors do the Reading, while the Quality does the Talking

At Daily Posts, we strive to provide website content that builds brands, funnels and converts visitors and delivers results.

Our writers have a firm grasp and understanding of how search metrics work. Quality is key – and quality that engages an emotional response from the reader is special.

At Daily Posts, we take pride in having some of the best writing talent in the modern-day digital writing sphere; people that are capable of creating fresh and engaging content to turn your website prospects into paying customers.

Get started today!

Your Quality-Focused Writing Partner, Daily Posts

Search Engine Friendly

Many business owners now understand that they need to churn out content to help their websites rank higher. The content produced has to be deemed good enough by the major search engines, particularly Google, if they are to be visible to their customers.

Content That Google Loves: We are in the golden age of the internet  and everyone wants a slice of that magnificent pie. There are many commercial opportunities to be found on the internet, whether you are an offline business with an online presence or solely an online one.

Understanding SEO

You might have heard the term ‘SEO’ mentioned amongst digital marketers. According to Moz, SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation) refers to the practice of enhancing the quality and quantity of traffic to a website via organic search results. This does not include pay per click and other paid-for means of driving traffic to your website.

Understanding SEO is important for anyone who wants to create content that is search engine friendly. Optimising content for search engines is not solely about the quantity of traffic you want to attract, but the quality of traffic. It doesn’t make much sense to attract visitors who are looking to buy Apple branded laptops when what you need is those looking for an apple of the fruit variety.

There are many other factors involved in optimising content for search engines. Guidelines are often provided by Google to help webmasters, copywriters and digital marketers understand them. In 2015, Google released a full version of their Search Quality Rating Guidelines – a 160-page document, filled with fantastic SEO knowledge. Though that provided precious insight for SEO experts into what makes Google favour some pages and frown upon others, the main source of SEO insight is Google updates.

Google Updates

Google rolls out hundreds of updates each year, with the majority of those being minor ones. However, it is the major updates that get people within the SEO community talking. Occasionally, Google will roll out new major updates. Often however, updates are tweaks and data refreshes of previous updates. For example, the Penguin update was released for the first time in 2012, but there have been multiple updates since then. While some of those updates were confirmed and explained by Google, others were not, leaving webmasters to figure it out for themselves. Whatever the case, webmasters and SEO experts always learn and improve on their approach to SEO.

Some of the most popular updates in recent years include the well-known mobile update dubbed ‘Mobilegeddon’, Panda and Penguin. While the mobile update was focused on improving mobile search results for mobile users by penalising sites that were not mobile-friendly, Panda was released to deal with content farms that produced thin content, while packing on ads. Meanwhile, Penguin was released to adjust a good number of spam factors, not excluding keyword stuffing.

While each of those updates may sound different from the other, they are all the same in light of what Google hoped to achieve by rolling them out. It is the same reason why we see so many updates – to provide the user with the best possible answers to their query. Google is interested in putting the right kind of content in front of searchers. When a user is searching for information, they should be able to find top quality information from authority sources. When another user is in need of a service, they should be able to find providers of that service close to them.

When you understand the motive behind the moves the search engine makes, it becomes easier to see why they would penalise a website for having too many ads above the fold or a keyword density that is ridiculously high. Unfortunately, many website owners and businesses don’t understand the rules. It can be difficult to keep up with all of them to avoid getting penalised, while also trying to employ the best SEO techniques and keeping the quality of your content high.

Many opt for hiring professional copywriters instead of dealing with the content themselves.  That way, they know their content will be in good hands. The writers at Daily Posts understand what it takes to produce copy that wins with search engines. Set up your account today and let us help create content that will drive traffic to your website. For more information, please call us on UK 023 80 970 979 or US (646) 679-7971.

35 Killer Tips to Make Your Press Releases Powerful

The press release is still as relevant and powerful in this age of social media as it was when we only relied on the traditional media to get information.

Among other essential qualities, a killer press release must be punchy and compelling and provide important and newsy details about your product release, event announcement, or other information about your business or organisation that may be of interest to the journalist or the public.

But what’s the ideal length of a press release? And what kind of information should you include? Here are 35 powerful tips to help you get started:

  1. Make sure your story is newsworthy

Before you even try to write a press release, ask yourself what are the kinds of stories you like to read, watch and listen to in the media. Generally, people are interested in stories that stir their curiosity, about things they haven’t heard before, or that surprises them, or that could help solve their problem.

So, do you think your story is newsworthy? Here are elements in your story to help you determine that:

  • Is there anything “new” in the story?
  • Is there anything unusual or unexpected about it?
  • Outside of the company or organisation, would the story be of interest to others?
  • Will anyone really care?

The last point sound especially harsh, but is probably the most important factor to consider when writing a press release. Your company’s product launch or upcoming event may excite you, but does it interest anyone else? If you’re not absolutely sure about that, put a hold on the story until you’ve got a better one.

  1. Craft a hook

Recall that time when you had a song stuck in your head and you just can’t shake a chorus or beat in it? That’s how a great hook feels.

Just as in pop music, a great hook is central to writing a killer press release. A great hook will help you tell a remarkable story. It will engage the curiosity of your readers and move them to want to find out more.

But how do you find an interesting hook to your story?

Do a research on other press releases and blog posts by your competitors that got significant press coverage. Study the hooks in the story that caught the interest of the media and the public, and utilize those successes as a guideline to craft your own killer press release.

Also, remember to keep an eye on the content type and style your audience is reacting to and/or sharing.

  1. Be different

You must be aware that journalists are swamped with press releases from different companies and organisations who want media coverage for their event or new product. Except your company is an Apple, Google or Microsoft, journalists will always be choosy about which press release to publish.

To get noticed, you have to be different with a good story angle that’s relevant and topical. Anything else would look like a distraction to the journalist.

  1. Write a killer headline

The headline is the first thing that is scanned; and so is your first opportunity to catch interest. Most journalists’ emails boxes are bulging with emails every day, so a good idea to get quickly noticed is to label your press release email appropriately with a “press release” or “story idea” tag. Your subject line must also be striking.

But don’t embellish an empty story or try to be clever. A trained journalist will see through the chaff in seconds and will ignore your email if he doesn’t understand it or find anything interesting about it.

  1. Be concise

If you are able to grab a journalist’s attention with a striking headline, he’ll move on to the first paragraph to get more convinced. You’ll only get a journalist to read entire content and likely use your story if it scales this hurdle.

Journalists don’t have a lot of time, and make quick decisions about the newsworthiness of a story based on the headlines and the first paragraph. He is trained to quickly scan for the what, who, where, when, why and how in a potential story. Therefore, as much as you can, briefly provide the answers to these questions in your first paragraph. You can then give details in the body of the story.

  1. Keep it short & simple

Don’t forget the KISS (keep it short & simple) principle always works and sustains the reader’s interest. Don’t waffle. Use bullet points where necessary to summarise factual information or statistics without taking up valuable space.

  1. Ensure your story relevant and current

Make sure the content of your press release is in the area of interest of the journalist. Do your research on the previous stories and blogs published by the journalist, and ask yourself if your press release will fit in and interest the readers. Ask yourself too if your story is relevant and current.

  1. Break your news up

At no time in history has the reader’s attention span been as short as in this social media age. The average news reader doesn’t have so much time on his hand and has so much information to digest.

So, make it easy for him to scan and grab the juice of the story as quickly as possible. Don’t make your story a monotonous whole. Break it up and make it breath with punchy and direct sub-headers, bullet points, big data et cetera.

  1. Keep your goal in mind

Remember the press release is targeted at your primary audience or product consumer; and not crafted to make the company CEO or VPs happy. Go straight for the major issues and leave out unnecessary details about the business or agency that no reporter or reading public is actually interested in.

Your goal with every press release is to whet the reporter’s appetite that he’ll want to immediately call back for more information and can’t wait to publish the full story.

  1. Make it grammatically flawless

Make your story read compellingly and flawlessly before sending it out. Proofread well and make sure there are no grammatically mistakes that’ll keep a journalist from taking you seriously.

  1. Include hard facts and figures

It’s great to make your story read flawlessly and in an engaging way. But never lose sight of the fact that a press release is essentially a tool to inform the public about an important event or product news from your company and put the organisation in a good light.

So, don’t just give a creative, colourful narrative; add hard facts and figures to quantify your arguments or emphasize the points you’ve made in the story.

  1. Include quotes whenever possible

Quotes are essential in press release to add an element of order and authenticity.

  1. Aim for one page— plus half page at the maximum

Good writing eliminates waffles and is no shorter than it should be. In fact, the more concise the story is, the better. An ideal press release should be confined to a single page, maybe slightly spilled over to the next page. But don’t make it longer than a page and half.

Knowing that you have limited space to write your story with facts and a persuasive quality should help you create a punchy, newsy press release that journalists love.

  1. Avoid jargon and buzzwords

Press releases are different from internal memos and company newsletters in which you could get away with technical buzzwords and industry jargon.

While members of your professional group or company staff may understand what you mean or are getting at, jargon and buzzwords may confuse the reading public and make them lose interest in your message. Where necessary, replace with simple, more relatable terms for the public.

  1. Avoid acronyms

Acronyms and abbreviations are another way to jargonize your content, because you assume the target audience knows what the shortened terms mean. Sometimes, people just use them so they can come off as technically sound and clever, without realising they’re actually communicating the opposite.

  1. Tell a story

Your press release should tell a story. That’s what people want to hear – a story that affects them and promise a solution to their problems.

  1. Create an argument

If you can’t tell an interesting story, at least create a compelling argument in your press release. Using the Pyramid principle of storytelling, state a problem that the readers can relate to, and explain how your company’s product or service can solve it.

  1. Aim for clarity

Is your story plain and lucid with all the important facts, figures and information? Here’s a good way to check. Give your completed press release to someone who doesn’t work at your company to read without giving the person a hint about what the story is about. Then ask the person what he thinks the story is about. That will give you a clue about whether your story has clarity or needs a little rework.

  1. Don’t try to be too smart

You could instantly put off readers straight from the headline if you try to sound too clever with it. If you’re in doubt, tone it down a little bit.

  1. Create a sense of place

A good press release should not just provide information on “what,” “who,” “when” and “how” of the story. It should also tell “where.” Give the readers a sense of a real place where the story happened to ground it and add credibility. And the story doesn’t always have to take place in a corporate setting.

  1. Let the news reveal personality

Just as giving the readers a clear sense of “where” in the story make sure to also make sure the answers to the “who,” as well as other key elements in the story, are unambiguous. Capturing a sense of real people gives the story more credibility and authenticity.

Let your press release reveal specific personalities in the story and tell the reader who the actors are, what they are like, how they talk, and so forth – in as few words as you can. Just doing this can help animate your whole press release.

  1. Express your client’s tone of voice

Your client should have an identifiable, likable voice in the market. Make sure it comes through in the story or create one, if they don’t have.

  1. Use everyday words and phrases

Write like you would speak or explain to an intelligent friend. Avoid tedious, formal, corporate-speak that sounds like a legal document or an insurance contract.

  1. Be direct

The active voice is always punchier and more direct when communicating a message.

  1. Box out the key points

More than 50% of your target readers will ignore your press release. Improve your chances of being read by boxing out the key ideas in short bullet points.

  1. Don’t go round in circles

Avoid over-qualifying sentences and beating around the bush. Be concise. Be more assertive.

  1. Don’t make up quotes

Some readers can see through it and it could make your story look turgid and lose credibility.

  1. Avoid quoting the usual suspects

It is vital that the quote is by someone that is central to the product or event in the story, and this doesn’t always have to be the usual suspects ––the VPs and the CEOs.

  1. Use real interviews

Real interviews with key people is one of the most important elements to give the story more authenticity.

  1. Don’t sound sales-y

Aim at getting your story out there; and cut out words that may sound sales-y or like an advertisement.

  1. Provide resources

Add videos, photos, links and other important resources a reporter may need for further information to fully report the news.

  1. Include your contact information

Make sure to provide a contact person with an email and phone that can provide any important details for the reporter when contacted.

  1. Round off with bang

Put in the same level of creativity and thought into your last sentence as you did in crafting a killer headline and a compelling first few paragraphs.

  1. Use a spell checker

It’s human to sometimes make mistakes. Use spell checkers to correct typos.

  1. Check facts

You certainly don’t want to see misspelling errors in names and titles in your published press release. So, check and check again.

A well written constructed press release can be an effective public relations tool and help a business or organization tell a story, report new, or help a cause.  To get the right and good press coverage for your company or agency, an effective press release writing skill is a must. If you need professional copywriters for you, then get sign up for an account today here.


Copy Writing Info


At Daily Posts, our copywriters will promote your business using their high-quality writing abilities. When selected by you, they’ll write with compelling style, which can help drive your readers to take action after hearing about your fantastic products and services. We can create copy for adverts, web pages, blogs, brochures, handbills, E-mail posts, case studies, newsletters, video scripts, LinkedIn profiles, guest posts, Facebook page updates and Twitter messages.

  • Copywriting was originally used for printed materials, such as advertising flyers, brochures and so on, but today we predominantly focus on digital media and online content. In today’s world, copywriting involves not just a sale statement, but also key information that meets the consumer’s expectations. We do all this whilst helping you stand out amongst your competitors, really selling your company. Our copywriters are versatile and can produce anything from a short, concise piece to a 100-page document.
  • Our copywriters are up to speed with societal changes. The use of blogs, Search Engine Optimisation, E-zine and social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have all given copywriting a different appeal. Copywriting used to be about stating the facts, rather than communicating directly to the reader as we do today.
  • At Daily Posts, our writing is seen as a science, using both creative thinking and research to capture the hearts of your readers. Writing is a necessity if you must sell and promote products, services and ideas.
James Cummings on Financial Copywriting

James Cummings, CEO, takes a look at product descriptions and e-commerce.

If you need help writing e-commerce categories and descriptions, or with e-commerce content strategy, then get in touch or register with Daily Posts to discuss through our virtual office.

UK: 02380 970979

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What are the Benefits of Hiring a Copywriting Company?

  • Copywriting is a great way to earn Return on Investment (ROI) and the positive effects of content marketing for businesses today cannot be underestimated. Since almost everyone now uses one form of device or another to surf the internet for products and services, it’s only wise to keep digital advertisement at the forefront of your marketing strategies, of which copywriting occupies a large part. According to a study by Statista, in 2017 alone, revenue accruing from digital advertisement will rise to about $191.85 billion.
  • A high ROI is just one of the many benefits which copywriting gives to your business, but here’s some more to think about:
    1. Further strengthens your brand and online presence
    2. Helps you stand out from other industry players
    3. Generates traffic and converts them to clients
    4. Builds trust and loyalty among customers.

Signs you need a copywriter

Our copywriters understand how to present a business in a way that will convert visitors into buyers, helping your website or online business rank high in search engines. If you answer yes to any of the questions below, then it’s time to hire a copywriter.

If you keep having doubts about the content you write, and constantly ask yourself if you are presenting your company in a way that will be engaging to your prospective clients and consumers, then you definitely need to hire one of our copywriters.
If your website is not generating leads, even though there is ample traffic, which may be a sure sign that your target audience is not invested or interested in your content, then you need a professional copywriter.

Many people start with a vision to continuously write, but other priorities come in to steal their time, which results in them barely ever updating their blog. Its time to outsource your content if this is you.

Without regular blog posts, traffic is likely to be lost and ranking in search engines will diminish. Likewise, if you do not have as many followers on your social media platform as you should, because you are unable to share content with in-depth research, then you need to get a professional copywriter to ease the burden. When you outsource and focus on other important areas of your business, you are sure to generate leads that will be converted to clients.

If you keep sending E-mails with little or no response, hiring one of our professional copywriters is the best way to help you get the response you deserve.

Copywriting is about research, understanding content purpose, experience and consistently coming up with great content. You will need to be able to write with a seamless flow and communicate your points to your target audience in a simple way. If you do not have the skills or patience to do this, your best alternative is to hire a copywriter.

From slogans, to mission statements, to vision statements, core values and other sections on your webpage, a copywriter can perform the magic of producing high-quality, interesting content for you. Our copywriters can organise your webpages in the best way possible.

Do the above scenarios sound like you? If they do, why not hire Daily Posts to help with your copywriting? We are simply the best at what we do.  Contact us today.

If you are determined to take on an excellent marketing strategy, hiring a copywriter is the best option for your business.

How to Find a Copywriting Company

If you have decided to outsource your copywriting, the next stage is to decide how to go about it and what kind of writing you need. You can either hire a freelancer or you can use the services of a dedicated writing agency, such as us here at Daily Posts.

There are pros and cons of writing agencies and freelancers.

If you don’t mind having only one person attend to your copywriting needs, then opt for a freelancer. However, you should bear in mind that freelancers only work for you when they are not busy with other clients. In addition, freelancers are the editors, proofreaders, researchers and strategist rolled into one. The upside is that some freelancers charge slightly lower than writing agencies, but, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

On the other hand, if you decide to work with Daily Posts, you will have a dedicated team of professional writers, editors, researchers and strategists working 24/7 with optimum error-free, short-term content delivery, which will help efficiently meet your goals. We employ writers with a multitude of talents and industry specific agents working on your copy. Our writers have in-depth knowledge within a range of subject areas and you will be assigned an account manager, specifically dedicated to your needs, goals and values. At Daily Posts, we have more than enough employees assigned to specific tasks and subject areas to cater for your needs. This means that should one writer be indisposed, your work is still completed without any setbacks.

Depending on your business needs, we at Daily Posts will deliver:

  • Out of the box copywriting.
  • Lower costs compared to other agencies, due to our strategy of employing talented hands.
  • Accessibility of various industry experts.
  • Strategic consultation tailored to your needs.
  • A dedicated account manager to oversee your requirements

Daily Posts is your one-stop writing agency where all your writing needs are met. We ignite everyone we come in contact with, using our creative, communicative writing. We work according to your set-plan as agreed with us. Our writers are dedicated day and night to fulfill your demands and meet deadlines. Our prices are flexible, enabling you to choose the plan that suits your needs and budget. We produce top quality writing, which has kept many of our customers using our services for over five years. We recruit talented writers and train them to assess our briefs and produce imaginative copy that resonates with your audience.

Our winning formula combines effective recruitment, relevant training, and our SSL secured bespoke virtual office to deliver copy on time and within budget – every time! Whether you need a few blog posts written each week, or 200,000 words a day, we have the expert copywriters to deliver to the highest quality within your budget. We learn what you like and then, where required, train our writers to deliver it.

If you are still unsure what to choose, that’s a sign that you need an agency where your strategy can be well managed: We can also provide advisory tips on how to go about your copywriting. Our dedicated customer service team will be happy to help you. Contact us today.

Free Guest Post Content

Free Website Content

If you would like free website content then you are in the right place. As well as providing paid content we can write bespoke content for your blog or website at no cost at all. All we ask is that we may include a single link to a top notch site. The link will be relevant to the content and will be to a quality site, which will enhance the page on your site.

You can request as much content as you like, and we will normally get it over to you within 48 hours. We can even post content for you if you don’t want any of the hassle. If you want daily, weekly or monthly posts for your site we can produce them all free of charge.

We are always on the lookout for like-minded website owners and managers who would like to feature our content on their websites.  We have a number of types of content that we distribute; infographics, rich media, and text content, and we do so for free with our premium partners.

If you would like to discuss getting free content for your website then brief us here.

SEO Agency/Big Brand

We work with dozens of SEO agencies and big brands to deliver the high volume, high quality content that they need on a regular basis.

We have clients that require 500 X 1,000-word  guest posts every month.  We have other clients requiring blog posts posted on their  network of WordPress sites every day.

Whatever the type of project you have on ground we can help you to deliver it on time and within budget.

Our bulk projects are incredibly affordable.  Guest posts of 1,000 words can be as low as £15 each.  With volume projects the quality of our content remains as high as ever. We are able to produce interesting, well-researched pieces that are exactly the right tone for your audience.

If you have regular requirements, or a bulk order to place, then get in touch today and discuss the projects with our account managers.

Minimum Discount Order

Our minimum agency order to qualify for discounts is normally £500.00 per month. Discounts of up to 50% off the advertised prices are available. When you order online you have the option to “pay by account”, in which case we will invoice you for work completed. Credit checks and deposits may be required for payments in arrears.

Daily Posts Going Global


Daily Posts Going Global: Daily Posts, an innovative new content marketing company writing out of Southampton is moving to the global stage. After many years of operating almost solely through word-of-mouth channels the company is expanding; and expanding fast. To facilitate their business evolution, nay revolution, Daily Posts have launched a website with some pretty neat features.

Southampton, England, December 2013 – the new Daily Posts website is up and running. It has been launched to attract interest from large marketing agencies and big brands. Clients can order their content online, and pop through their specifications within the order process. Account managers are at hand to ensure that the experienced writers in the Southampton office have all of the information they need to do a great job.

The website describes in detail the services delivered by this UK company. Clients can order guest posts, blog posts, press releases, product descriptions, magazine articles, website copy and just about “anything content”. In addition, Daily Posts provides the opportunity for their preferred clients to outsource the whole of the content marketing process. With links developed over the last decade numbering their tens of thousands, the teams at Daily Posts have endless streams of friendly webmasters willing to host their top quality content.

So why is the company expanding?

Cummings, the founder, explains “over the years we have done extremely well through freelance platforms and word-of-mouth local business. Our processes are slick. Many of our clients have been asking us why we are not growing faster, and the answer unfortunately was that we weren’t really trying. We decided to gear up for a massive push in 2014, and so we’ve invested five figures in the terrific website now up at www.dailyposts.co.uk, have instigated a massive recruitment campaign, and have a few more innovations on the way”

The website is indeed awesome. The look is clear, fresh and enticing. The order process is smooth and transparent. The overall user experience on the site is very comfortable. The range of products is vast. It provides a simple one stop shop solution for every content marketing requirement.

Paul Bragg, the new Marketing Director in the Southampton Office, states that, “the company has always operated in a word of mouth bubble. Our skill set is therefore huge, and we have developed a quality focus rarely seen in an industry where quantity is often synonymous with poor quality. We are ideally positioned to ride the content marketing wave and deliver massive success to hundreds of companies in 2014.”

Perhaps the most surprising thing about Daily Posts is the price. In an industry where the average UK writer charges over £150 for a press release, Daily Posts advertise releases at just £39.95. A 1000+ word high quality guest post costs just £29.95. Cummings says, “We recruit the brightest and the best. Where a piece of content takes other agencies a full day, we get it done in a couple of hours.  We firmly believe that we offer the best value content production business in the UK, if not the World.”

The company expansion plans are not limited to the new website. “We are going to be expanding from 12 to 35 staff over the course of 2014,” said Cummings. “Our capacity is going to go from around 2.5 million words per month to upwards of 7 million. In 2015 we will go past 60 staff. Our strategic focus over the last quarter has been on refining our processes, and sourcing the best people to craft amazing content for the upsurge in business that we are taking on. We are poised for an incredible journey”.

There are also plans in the pipeline to launch an off the shelf guest post content service. The lofty ambition is to have a catalogue of 2500 top quality 1000 word+ posts available for purchase on the site. This will be a welcome resource for companies who want to search for content, read a summary, pay and download. Cummings affirms, “the off the shelf guest post service will be live in the second quarter of 2014. We have around a quarter of the catalogue produced so far. We are really excited about that division of the business.”

Daily Posts are not your run of the mill company. They are building a huge business off the back of their quality focus. Watch out for discounts over the coming month. Clients are going to be able to get up to 50% off of the standard rates on the website. “Let’s get working together”, said Cummings with a smile.

About Daily Posts

Daily Posts have been writing content for customers in the UK, US, Cyprus, Israel, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong and Ireland for over a decade. There are very few niche in which they have not contributed. On average the company has been delivering 2.5 million words per month for their highly satisfied customers.

Those interested in finding out more about how Daily Posts can help them can do so at www.dailyposts.co.uk.

Media Inquiries:

James Cummings M.Sc

Founder and CEO (DailyPosts)



For more details about content marketing, or to arrange an interview with James Cummings, SEO and Founder of Daily Posts, please contact James on email james@dailyposts.uk.

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