A Step by Step Guide for When you Need to Hire a Copywriter

At Daily Posts, we have been supporting businesses in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada, and others by providing them with unique online content to communicate the essence and value of their brand and services to their customers. With our services, businesses have been able to attain an online presence that brings them to the attention of their customer base.

In today’s environment, where your business’ online presence is just as important as its offline one, you can’t afford to have an unreliable content creation agency. A content agency like ours can provide you with a variety of types of online content, including blogs and guest blogs, landing pages, press releases, and much more, to attract potential customers and keep your active customers engaged.

If you are in doubt about whether you need a freelance content writer, below are just some of the reasons why you should work with professional and experienced writers for hire, such as ours, to boost your brand and reach the right customers.

Why should you hire a content creation agency?

Too close to the business

After all the time you have spent growing your business and learning to be better at providing your services, you have probably, over time, become an expert in your field. But, your expertise can be a detriment when the time comes to talk to your clients about your product. This is because you will probably spend more time talking in technical terms that will make a lay man’s head spin.

To engage your customers in a fruitful manner, you need to highlight the benefits and uniqueness of your products and services in a manner that they find compelling and easily understandable. Content creators like us can provide you with just such a service. We can craft content that is tailored to not just appeal to your target audience, but also turn them into paying customers.

No experience with website copy

In present times, every business, be it large or small, should have a website, and said website needs to have quality content that appeals to search engines as well as customers. However, it’s important to note that website copy is very different from writing a business letter or proposal, or any other type of writing you might be used to. To get the best results from your website’s content, you need it written by a professional with years of experience in the field, understanding and the capability to deliver your desired results. These results typically include boosting traffic and conversion rate, a combination of which will translate into increased sales.

We can create content for you that features catchy headlines that grab the attention of your online visitors, easy-to-read content that compels visitors to take the actions you want them to, and much more.

SEO is something you don’t quite understand

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and it is something that needs to be at the forefront of the mind of anyone writing web copy. If your copy isn’t search engine optimised, the chances of it showing up in an organic search engine result are slim to none. And if your copy can’t show up in search engine results such as Google or Bing, it will be very difficult for your clients to find anything about your website or business online.

By working with SEO copywriters like us, your website will be properly indexed on Google and this will lead to an increased flow of new customers to your business website. And because how Google perceives SEO frequently changes, you need to work with experts like us that stay abreast of Google updates and can provide you with content that complies with the search engine’s ever-evolving standards.

You want to outshine your online competitors

The online world is a highly-competitive place, especially for businesses. But, with quality content, even the smallest business can compete with bigger businesses online and win over more customers. We can provide you quality content that is well organised, error free, and capable of inspiring trust in the hearts of your readers. We can also offer you exciting content that speaks to your customers and will help your website stand out from the multitude of other businesses crowding cyberspace. If you want to have an edge over your competitors, look for a great copywriter that will turn your website and brand into a superstar in the eyes and hearts of your visitors and customers.

More time for other things

Even if you have all the necessary skills to create quality content for your website, wouldn’t you rather invest your time and energy on other aspects of your business? By working with our content writers, you will be able to focus on other things or simply kick back and relax while we create quality content for your website as frequently as you need it to attract fresh customers. In fact, you can even schedule with us for fresh content to be published on your website at specified dates or regular intervals.

No more grammar issues

Poorly-written content with loads of grammatical errors isn’t just a turn off for readers, it is also a big turn off for search engines. Copy that’s loaded with grammatical errors comes off as unprofessional as well as possibly fraudulent and spammy. Our content agency can provide you with perfectly-written and proofread content that will help you appear as an authority in your field and shine distinctly among your competitors, especially in search results.

The right copywriter can make anything sound exciting

It doesn’t matter if your business is selling nuts and bolts, or thread. Regardless of how plain or simple your services may be, professional copywriters have the skill to make your services exciting enough for your customers to care. So, if you would like to spice up your brand enough to grab the attention of internet users, you should talk to a content agency like ours.

When do you need a content creation agency?

Since you have now figured out what a copywriter can do for you, when exactly do you need to hire one for your business? What about right now, or do you still feel you’ll be better off writing your website content yourself?

The truth is that a lot of small to medium-sized businesses are writing their own content because they believe they are cutting costs and content is content, as long as they can post it on their website. But you need to ask yourself, would you recommend your customers patronise a non-professional who is ill-equipped or ask them to patronise your services for the best results? If your answer is no, then you need to realise that you likely do not have the level of skills and resources a content creation agency has to create the best possible content to win over customers and keep them coming back to your business.

With poorly-written content or even mediocre content, you could be losing as many as 70% of your potential customers. This is because this type of content fails to instantly grab and hold on to the attention of your visitors. The content lacks the necessary blend of ingredients to persuade your customers to “Buy” or “Subscribe” or do whatever else you want of them. But, believe that writers for hire like us can deliver powerful content that hits all the right points.

Our content writers have what it takes to amaze, seduce, convince, grip, and persuade people with the right combination of words. And we have been doing it for years. So, if you really want to set your business apart from your competitors, below is exactly when you need the services of creative, professional copywriters to showcase the amazing services, products, or skills you have to offer.

You don’t have the time to do it

Crafting effective copy takes as much time as it takes effort. For a busy person like you, with several things to juggle at a time to keep your business running, sitting down to create fresh content on a daily basis may be too much. If you don’t have the time, or you would like time for other activities, outsourcing your copywriting to writers for hire is a smart move.

You need your copy to be a fit with your overall website

The tone of your copy is very important, as the tone will contribute to how compelling or engaging your content is. If you need copy that will deliver maximum impact by being in tune with your overall marketing strategy, such as your ads, press releases, and so on, content creators can provide copy that strategically complements it all. This way, all your promotional materials will work together to boost your brand.

For fresh perspective

If you are too close to your business and can’t create copy that communicates effectively with your clients, a copywriter can help. A copywriter will write from a fresh perspective as well as communicate the value and benefits of your brand and services in easy to understand language that your customers can relate to.

You lack SEO-friendly copy

You have a website full of content and yet your pages aren’t popping up on the first page of search results. Clearly, you aren’t doing something right SEO-wise. If your content is not search engine optimised, your website will struggle with getting organic traffic and this means you will be losing out by not being visible online to the majority of you potential customers. A professional content creator will have a clear understanding of how SEO works and can provide you with effectively-crafted content that appeals not just to online users, but also major search engines such as Google. If you want optimal online visibility in search results to place your website in the best position to stay competitive, work with a content writing agency with the expertise to deliver SEO-friendly copy.

Your spelling and grammar aren’t good enough

While writing constantly is a great way to improve your writing skills, your business website isn’t the ideal place to practice. Copy that is loaded with grammar and spelling errors will make your website seem unprofessional and possibly fraudulent, which is something that will scare off visitors. So, rather than gamble on the reputation and future of your website, have content writers that can provide you grammatically spot-on content develop your copy.

In need of distinctive and engaging brand personality

There are so many businesses out there and they are all fighting hard for relevance and attention on the internet. The only way you are going to separate your brand from the teeming masses out there is through your content. An expert wordsmith can imbue your brand with a distinctive personality that stands out and attracts the right audience to what your business has to offer.

Our team of content writers can apply our branding and SEO expertise to create sharp and winning copy that your customers can’t ignore.

Now that you know why and when to hire content writers, below is how to select the best content writer to match your business and its goals.

Step by step guide to hire the best content writers

Most businesses or individuals end up with the wrong content creators because of one of the following reasons, or a combination of all three:

  • Firstly, they know very little about copywriting and this leads to them not being able to ask a copywriter the right questions before recruitment.
  • Secondly, too much focus is placed on writing capability and too little on the other crucial skills a writer needs to actually satisfy a business’ needs.
  • Thirdly, the wrong methodology is applied during the screening process for writers which makes the hiring process unreliable.

If you are looking to hire a content writer today, follow the steps below to increase your chances of finding one that is an actual fit for your needs and is capable of delivering on the quality and quantity of copy you need:

Understand what you want

Every copywriter has his/her own area of speciality. In large agencies such as ours, we have various content creators that specialise in specific fields to ensure whatever a client needs, there’s a writer with the expertise to satisfy that need.

However, before the right writer can be assigned to your task, you need to first know what it is you would like to accomplish by hiring a writer. If you know exactly what it is you would like a writer to help you with, you will have an easier time finding the best one with the right set of skills and expertise to craft the type of copy you need.

So, do you need a copywriter for blog posts, landing pages, or product descriptions or something else? Create a list of priorities and tasks a copywriter will fulfil for you and use that list to narrow down your search.

Decide on writer skill level you need

If what you need are blog posts to populate your site, you might not need the best of the best of writers. But, if what you need are powerful landing pages with potent call to actions and everything else, then you most likely need a copywriting wizard. Having an idea of type of copy you need will help you streamline various types of writer to hire.

For instance, freelance copywriters are suitable for one-off projects. But, if you need a steady stream of high value copy for a particular project, or simply have a large writing project in mind, then you are likely better off finding a content agency you can keep on retainer.

There’s also the option of hiring an in-house writer who will work for your company and only your company full-time. This is only suitable for businesses that require regular copy on an ongoing basis, but bear in mind that a full-time in-house writer is an expensive arrangement which is why most people opt for hiring content agencies for large bulk projects.

Focusing on hiring a strict SEO pro

Any copywriter you work with should have a solid knowledge of SEO, but not so much that his/her writing strictly focuses on going above and beyond when it comes to SEO. Why? At the end of the day, you are writing for your audience and your audience cares very little about SEO – the majority of them don’t even know what it means. So, instead of a writer that focuses on great SEO and keywords, look for a writer that focuses on great content that compels, engages and captivates your visitors. His/her knowledge of SEO can then be applied to boost great content so it can appear organically in search results.

The important thing to keep in mind is that great content is the priority. If you have keywords you would like added in the copy, go ahead and provide them to the writer, but don’t prioritise keywords over quality copy that readers will love. If you are worried that not paying attention to keywords will affect your search engine ranking, find relief and joy in the fact that Google’s new RankBrain algorithm cares very little about keywords and is more interested in quality and engaging content with a conversational tone.

Don’t nag the writer about conversion

The truth is copywriters are writers, not SEO specialists. If writers wanted to have to deal with metrics, ROI, A/B testing results, or any other type of analytics, they probably wouldn’t have chosen to be writers. If you want someone to tell you about how well your pages are converting, your copywriter is likely not the best person to ask. So, don’t expect a copywriter to provide specific data to defend the potency of their work.

Request for client before and afters

There’s no easier way to see how good a writer is than to view what he/she has done for others and what sort of results came from that project. So, to confirm that a writer can actually deliver on results as promised, ask to see the before and after of projects fulfilled for past clients.

By doing this, you will be able to see what sort of voice the writer was able to lend to the brand being worked for and how much of an improvement that made. This will also give you an idea if adding that voice to your brand will lift it up. Aside from asking for the before and after of past clients, you could ask for reviews and testimonials for a general idea of a writer’s ability to satisfy customers.

Carry out a two-part edit test

After settling on a writer, the next step is to verify the competence of that writer. This two-part step can be very helpful.

The First Test: This initial test is important because it will provide you a clear idea of how a writer will likely handle your project and what sort of finished product will be delivered. This test offers the writer a real-life example of what will be done for your company. It doesn’t have to be a complex test with multiple stages. Simply give the writer a sample or portion of your project and have he/she complete it to test competence. For instance, if you need 20 blog posts about garden care, ask the writer to do one and provide the necessary instructions. By providing the writer the specific task you need done as a test, you will have a better idea of the writer’s potential and capability to deliver.

The Second Test: This second test is performed by very few hiring companies, but that doesn’t make it any less valid. This test helps determine if a copywriter will be just that, or will also be a good editor and collaborator. Bear in mind that a copywriter, editor and collaborator all rolled in one is far better than just a copywriter.

The test will occur when you receive the completed first test and offer feedback. If the writer can take your feedback and apply your suggestions, that is a sign of a possible future editor and collaborator. But a writer who is unwilling to take your suggested changes or is unable to make changes per your instructions will most likely be able to serve you as strictly a copywriter.

By following the above steps, you should have an easier time finding a quality copywriter, editor and collaborator and will also have an idea of how well you can work with that writer.

Questions to ask when hiring a content creator

To ensure your content writer has everything it takes to deliver on the quality and quantity of copy you need, ask the following questions during the interview stage.

This question may seem like a run of the mill interview question, but if you are looking for a writer who will be a great fit, it’s a smart question to ask. A copywriter’s answer to this question will help you gauge the writer’s interest in the job. It will also provide some insight into what sort of writer the person is. The type of writer you are looking for should be one that’s inquisitive and keen on research. If a writer goes through the trouble to run a background check on your company in order to understand it before making a proposal to you, that’s a clear sign of the writer’s thoroughness and attention to detail. You can also use this opportunity to discover what the writer knows about your target audience and your brand’s voice. The more knowledgeable the writer is, the better.

The exact wording of this question will depend on the specialty or niche of your business. With this question, you can discover how familiar a writer is with the language used in your field. Use this opportunity to discover how much the writer knows about industry terms specific to your niche. The more the content creator knows, the more likely he/she will be able to create truly authoritative content.

This question will let you know if the writer is up to date on popular publications and authors within your niche. The more the writer knows, the more you can expect in terms of relevant content with suitable style and quality.

As stated earlier, SEO isn’t everything, but a quality copywriter should have sufficient knowledge and expertise when it comes to it, to ensure your pages are well ranked in search results. The writer of choice should have experience search engine optimising content through tactics such as attention-grabbing headlines, long-tail keywords, quality links, meta descriptions, image alt text, and so on.

If you need a content writer for consistent content creation, it is important that he/she is able to deliver within the stipulated time period regardless of the circumstances. Your writer should be able to work to deadlines rather than crumble under pressure, and his/her past experiences will be a clear indicator of capability. Be sure to ask about their approach to writing under a tight deadline.

If you have specific ideas about the tone, style, format and message of your content, your writer should be able to deliver content according to your specifications. So, keep an eye out for a content creator with experience taking direction. If you don’t have any specific form you want your content to take, then this question will be unnecessary as the writer will have free reign to write in the tone and format he/she pleases.

A number of writers are better at writing in their own voice but are unable to duplicate the already established voice of a brand. For instance, a content writer that is an expert in writing blogs in a casual and informal voice may struggle with adapting their voice for formal-sounding content for a bank or other professional industry. To see how versatile a writer is, you can ask to see past jobs done for various clients. If all the jobs for different clients look and sound the same with zero adapting to suit the tone of each client, then perhaps that writer will be unable to modify their voice to match the established one of your brand.

The point of this is to have the content creator show you a sample of what he/she can do for you. The assignment should have a time limit so that you’ll know if the writer can work to a deadline. Furthermore, if the submission contains poor grammar, bad flow, excessive jargon and other bad attributes, then, clearly, he/she is a poor fit that will likely repeat the same mistakes throughout your project

Every writer for hire has his/her own speciality. If the writer is used to writing blogs, press releases, emails, but has no experience with landing pages, and what you need are landing pages, then that writer is likely not the best fit for your needs. Ask for a portfolio to see examples of the copywriter’s previous work and to discover if you can trust the writer to craft the sort of copy you need.

What qualities should a content writer have?

The most ideal content creator for your needs should at least have the following qualities:

English Language Proficiency
This is the most basic and most vital quality needed for all forms of content creation. Your content writer should be able to spell as well as produce error-free grammar and sentences. The fastest way for your brand to lose credibility is to put out content that’s riddled with misspellings and grammatical errors.

Thorough Researchers
Your writer should be inquisitive enough to perform all the necessary research to guarantee you are provided the best possible authoritative content. Where necessary, content should contain accurate statistics and quotes to back up claims.

Widely Knowledgeable
Like lawyers, copywriters should know a bit about everything. Master copywriters are the true jack of all trades. The writer should be abreast of trends in all industries so that, regardless of the needs of a client, relevant copy that readers will be interested in can be provided.
A writer should be flexible enough to adapt his/her skills to match the requests of a client. At the drop of a hat, the writer should be able to shift gears and put in what is necessary to deliver a blog, article or landing page in the specified format.

Time management
A writer who cannot manage his/her time effectively will never be able to meet the deadlines of one client, much less multiple clients with various projects
Readers these days want to be engaged, which means no one wants to read online content that comes out looking like a text book. Thus, it is crucial that a writer be able to convey his/her message as a gripping and enticing story. Any content written that has a story or is backed by a relatable story is hard to resist. Proof Reading and EditingThe more of a perfectionist your writer is the better. A writer who creates great content and, afterwards, takes the time to proofread it and edit it is a first-class content creator. The writer should also be able to take feedback and constructive criticism, as well as implement valid suggestions provided by the client.

Warning signs that a content writer isn’t right for you

We have talked about everything you need to know and look out for to hire the most suitable content writer for your business needs. But, just in case, here are the warning signs to watch out for that indicate a copywriter is the absolute worst. Mind you, hiring this sort of content creator can cause far more problems for your website than any little good it can do. So, be sure to keep an eye out for the following traits of a bad copywriter.

Content spinning:

This is the art of using software to remix the work of others. What a content spinner does is he/she takes content from another website and puts through spinning software which changes the words around but maintains the overall meaning. In truth, spinning is plagiarism, as it is simply copying the work of someone else without crediting the original author. When search engines finally realise content is plagiarised by going through spinning software, it can lead to stiff penalties for the offending website. So, it’s best to avoid the spinner content writer.

The cheapest writer:

There are a lot of writers out there and many are offering the same services. To get ahead, some writers charge bottom prices. The truth with writing (like most other services) is what you pay for is what you get. So, if there’s a copywriter offering you dirt-cheap writing services, you can expect the lowest quality content. So, while it’s great to get a bargain on copywriting, don’t sacrifice quality for cost.

No samples or previous work:

Every creative person is proud of their creations, and content creators are no different. So, if a content writer gives you some bogus reason why he/she can’t show you a past project or a published article, this is a red flag. So, simply put, ignore the writer who can’t show you samples or past jobs for review.

The pay per click writer:

The point of more content for your website is to generate more organic traffic by getting your website on the front page of search results. A writer who tries to get you on the front page of search results through a Pay-Per-Click ad is offering you an expensive solution with short-lived results. If you want lasting search engine results, you need quality copy that can rank based on its own merit.

The uncommunicative writer:

It’s impossible for a writer to understand your goals without first talking to you. So, if a writer won’t talk to you or even attempt to talk to you, how can he/she generate copy that is in line with your online goals? Avoid the uncommunicative writer who doesn’t endeavour to understand what you want, what you want to accomplish, and how you would like to achieve it through copy.


One of the most crucial attributes of quality copy is originality. Google doesn’t tolerate websites that do not put out original content but duplicate content from other websites. In fact, Google frowns on duplicating copy across your own website (self-plagiarism). If you are paying for content, it should be original and unique content through and through. You can run a writer’s work with a tool such as Copyscape, which will let you know if any part of a copy has been copied from elsewhere.

Quality of the content gradually deteriorates:

Certain bad writers put in the effort to give you quality copy in the initial stages of your relationship so that you’ll hire them. But, once they have you hooked, the quality of the content starts dropping faster than you can ask what’s going on. It is important to make your expectations and standards crystal clear to a writer before/she starts on your project. This way, you can report the slightest slip in quality and have the writer fix it. But, if the deterioration of a writer’s content is unrepentant and worsening, be sure to cut ties before this writer does damage to your website by racking up search engine penalties with their plagiarised or poorly-written copy.

So, that’s all you need to know about how to hire content writers. At Daily Posts, we have a track record of delivering quality content to our clients in various niches. This is why we are highly recommended and have lots of clients coming back to us for more of our magic.

Getting in touch with us for quality copy is easy. If you need a professional copywriter to help you achieve your unique business or website goals, get in touch with us today.