A Complete Guide to Health Copywriting

Daily Posts is a copywriting agency that offers expertly-written copy produced by experienced copywriters from across the world. We specialise in writing niche content, including in the health domain. With our mixed team of experienced health copywriters and professionals who are knowledgeable about health, we deliver quality, well-researched health content.

As a healthcare or health-related business, you will be more concerned about how to provide your clients or patients with the highest quality service. It can be rewarding to help people stay healthy and live their best lives, but that is not enough alone to grow your practice. You’ll need to stay ahead by doing some digital marketing and at the heart of that is copywriting.

To understand what health copywriting is, it’s helpful to look at what copywriting, in general, is first. Copywriting is the strategic delivery of a message with the intention of driving the readers to take an action. Copywriting is an art and the key points to remember are “strategic delivery of a message” and “action”. A good copywriter is adept at creating a fusion of words that move readers to take the desired action, whether that is making a purchase, joining a mailing list or reading the next article.

Now, what makes health copywriting different?

Generally, copy that is intended to push a product or service can be aggressive, but it’s an entirely different ball game with health content writing. In health copywriting, the subjects are often intimate, so the approach has to be different. The language has to be persuasive while talking to the readers about a topic they would often rather not think or speak about. Topics can range from cancer and mental health to erectile dysfunction and mammograms.

Our health content writers don’t produce the kind of passive health copy that you find in many places. With health copy, we focus on inspiring the audience to book an appointment, make a purchase or subscribe or click, rather than selling a service or product. For us, health copywriting is not simply about putting a string of words together peppered with industry jargon. It can significantly affect the health and wellbeing of the audience and we understand that.

What kind of health copywriting should you be looking for?

Simply, you deserve nothing less than great health copywriting. This is the kind of health content that not only attracts the readers, but also engages them enough to sustain their attention, no matter how personal the topic.

Great health copy should do everything that any good copy should, by getting to the point and anticipating the audience’s concerns while convincing them to take the desired action. It should also be void of jargon and read like a conversation as it addresses the hopes, needs and fears of the audience. Great copy must also enhance awareness, improve your reputation, build your brand, increase patient loyalty and trust, as well as grow your patient base and, consequently, revenue.

Experienced health content writers know that health copy is not simply about having the right words. Rather, it must come from a point of understanding the audience, their needs, and knowing what will convince them to come to you when they need their problems solved and their questions answered.

What part do you need to play in the health copywriting process?

Quality health copywriting is not about us and what we can do with words, it starts with you and what you intend to achieve. Before our health content writers start producing copy for you, it helps to know:

  • The primary take-away you want to give the audience.
  • The action you would like the readers to take – book an appointment, call, click or donate.
  • How you want the audience to feel.
  • What makes you stand out from any other practitioner or provider.
  • Where the audience can get more information.

Why does your business need a health content writer?

Blogs are not the only medium that require quality writing. Your clinical practice or healthcare business still needs a great deal of writing for successful digital marketing. To achieve a professional presence on the web, you’ll need professionally-written FAQs, landing pages and case studies to answer any questions your audience may have and point them in the right direction for help.

It might seem like a good idea to get the work done yourself without the help of a professional health content writer, but this is not the only option you have. Sometimes, it’s best to let a health copywriter do the job for you. Here’s why:

You need your messages to be on-point

Good copywriting tells a story in a tone that’s consistent throughout a brand’s communications. Your content should incorporate your practice’s message and should be consistent with your mission and focus. When you have a good health content writer, your written content will take on a tone that’s consistent with your brand. If you’re not certain what tone you’d like to use, they’ll help you create one.

You need original content

If neither you nor your staff have ever had to create content for digital marketing, you’ll likely have a hard time producing new content consistently. Yes, you have the specialist knowledge, but a health copywriter has the experience of writing content for the online market. To stand out and get results in the crowded digital marketing space, you’ll need someone with the right skills and knowledge to produce inspiring and original content all the time.

You need SEO-optimised content

Being found online relies heavily on how easy you are to find. People find you via internet search results. Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo have certain criteria which they use to determine which web pages deserve to rank higher than others in search engine result pages (SERPs). To ensure your best chances of being ranked higher, you’ll need to optimise your content for search engines.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a full-time job that typically requires years of practice and training to get right. You’re not likely to have the time to keep track of the hottest keywords, but an experienced health copywriter can do so while finding creative ways to incorporate them into your content.

You don’t have time to regularly update your blog

If your website has a blog section, it’s important to keep it updated with fresh content. Having a schedule for blog posts and creating up-to-date content that matches the changes your business goes through is important if you intend to stay ahead of your peers. However, being busy with the actual running of your business, it can be difficult to find the time to create content. You owe your time to your patients who need your specialist care and that of your staff.

Hiring a health content writer can be exactly what you need to keep you relevant and thriving in the online space. Let someone else worry about the content on your site. 

You need to keep your social media pages alive and kicking

Social media is as indispensable as a website for any business that intends to have a solid online presence. Likewise, having good content on social media is as important as keeping your website updated with quality content.

A health content writer can help keep your Facebook page engaging, professional and relevant with insightful content that’s designed to convert.

You need to stay ahead of the competition

Like many other industries, the healthcare and medical space has more and more players entering it by the day. More practices, medical services and doctors are becoming aware of the opportunities that digital marketing provides and many are taking advantage of it already. This also means that patients have more choices than ever and all they need to access these choices is an online search.

Whether you’re a rehab centre or a home nurse, a specialist or a general practitioner, an urgent care facility or a surgical centre, you can benefit from the services of a health content writer. You can set up a website or social media account, but it’s good SEO copy that will help you get found and create conversions.

You need to be able to convince consumers

Thanks to search engines, it’s now a whole lot easier to get a bit of research done. This is not only helpful for copywriters, but also for consumers who are beginning to develop more interest in learning about their health and the healthcare options available to them. As easily as a patient finds you, they can find another provider and switch if they believe they’ll get better service elsewhere.

While customer retention is important, the availability of so many options means you have to work hard on convincing new patients that you can provide the solutions they are looking for. This would mean that you must continue to promote your service.

Don’t sit back and relax, hoping that referrals will send customers your way. You need visibility and, to achieve that, you’ll need to actively market your brand. With experienced health content writers at your side, your task will be much easier to accomplish.

How can great health copywriting increase patient loyalty and trust?

The end goal of copywriting is to sell, but health copywriting is so much more. From headlines promising a magic pill for weight loss to unusual hacks to destroy belly fat, the web is filled with deceptive clickbait. There might be information overload, seeing as we live in the information age, but too many phonies have given people enough reason to distrust health information.

As a legit business looking to develop business relationships you’ll need to get potential clients or patients to trust you, especially with a delicate issue like their health. Ultimately, your goal is to have people come to you with their health or medical concerns, but they have to feel comfortable with you before taking such a big step.

With quality health copywriting, you can establish a reputation for your business. People need to see that you are approachable and know exactly what you’re talking about. Well-written content can make all the difference in setting you apart from bad-faith clickbait and establishing your credibility. At Daily Posts, we apply a few principles that enable us to create truly inspiring content for the healthcare space. They include:

Focus on the human angle

Healthcare and wellness don’t need to be associated with the complexity and sterility of medical research and hospitals. For the patient or client, there’s a barrage of emotions involved, from hope to worry to fear. Sometimes, these stem from their own illness and, other times, from someone else’s. Whatever the case, your readers need honesty, reassurance and comfort as much as they need answers.

Health content writers take their time to understand who your audience is and what might be at stake for them. As you present your solution to their problems, you must not forget that they might be hurting and scared about what to expect in the future. It’s important to focus more on what your product or service can do for patients and less on its features.

Too often, health and medical content come off as cold. We can help you avoid that while delivering content that can ease your patients’ minds and provide them with comfort. Put yourself in the shoes of the patient, their family members and caregivers. If you can identify what their needs are and what they’re most worried about, you’ll be in a better position to offer empathetic and authentic reassurance right from the start.

Developing intimacy

Like any other business, working with patients or clients involves entering into relationships with them. If you want people to think of you when they need a specialist solution, they have to know you first. People are more likely to want to work with someone they’re familiar with, especially when it comes to intimate and uncomfortable matters, as some healthcare issues might be. With a winning copywriting strategy, you can build intimacy with your customers as they get to know you.

Some niches will have to pay more attention to intimacy than others, but it’s an important consideration no matter what aspect of healthcare you address. Having worked with a number of health and wellbeing companies across different niches, we are confident we can deliver copy that will make every moment of contact with the customer an opportunity to build intimacy one step at a time.

Putting the work forward

Great health copy is dependent on good research as is any other kind of copy. Our health copywriters are always happy to learn as much as they can about your business and what you do. Having done the needed research, we’ll be able to create compelling content that’s accessible to your audience.

New readers will feel more comfortable and confident with copy that equally comes off as confident, as well as comfortable with the science behind the product or service that you offer. Making too many promises about what you have to offer is a turn-off and has no place in quality copy for healthcare and wellbeing.

The same rules apply whatever your niche is, whether it’s pharmaceuticals, aromatherapy or nutrition. It’s the same for any kind of copy you write as well, from helpful advice on improving general wellbeing to in-depth articles that delve into the studies and research done in the specific area of interest.

We write health copy that converts your audience

We have established that health copy should provide answers for the customer, as well as comfort and reassurance, while converting them. The end game of digital marketing and investing in good content is to get more people to make an appointment, make a purchase or subscribe to a service.

Converting readers to customers requires smart copywriting by expert writers who are experienced in producing high-quality copy and are well versed in health and medical speak. We create engaging content that’s relevant to your customers and patients as we break down complex clinical and healthcare concepts that would otherwise be a challenge to relate to and understand.

Good SEO and writing skills are excellent, but they’re not the only ingredients you’ll need to convert prospects into paying customers. Expert health content writers serve as interpreters of sorts as they understand the language of the professionals as well as that of the customers.

In addition to writing the actual copy, we’ll help you create a content strategy for properly structuring your page, sections and overall site content to ensure that users can easily complete top tasks. We’ll also ensure that all your content is consistent in terms of the tone and voice used across your site copy.

With great content and a plan that provides a solid foundation, you can expect better conversions, as well as lower bounce rates, improved website traffic and higher rankings in SERPs. Whether you’re a private practice looking to get ahead of your local competitors or a provider of healthcare products or service, we can help you write content that produces results.

How can you avoid misleading health copywriting?

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of misleading health copywriting all over the internet. We’ve mentioned deceptive clickbait, but there are also emails making ludicrous claims such as solutions for enlarging what we’ll simply refer to as ‘certain parts of the male body’. Misleading health information can also be found in social media, ads, videos and more.

In some cases, online health copywriting is intended to deliberately misinform the readers, and, in other cases, misleading information may be the result of less than diligent copywriting. Even reputable healthcare and medical companies can fall victim to this. An advertisement message crafted to fit into an excruciatingly short word limit can be problematic. In an attempt to entice a click, it may omit important facts and end up not making much sense.

The omission of a single word can change the meaning of a sentence. Where the health and wellbeing of people are concerned, as well as their deepest emotions, it’s important to take extra care. You cannot afford to be vague with facts about a condition or a cure for a debilitating disease. Likewise, your copywriting must not make claims about your product or service that are not clear enough or simply not true.

Many people who are searching for health information are doing so because they are concerned about their health or that of a loved one. They are likely to be emotional at that time, therefore it would be unfair to be vague or leave out certain details in an attempt to target their emotions. At Daily Posts, we do the work needed to ensure that we’ve got the research right. We don’t stop at telling your customers what you do, we explain it properly and accurately.

What should a good health copywriting strategy look like?

Great health copywriting needs a solid foundation to stand upon and that can only be a good strategy. With the right strategy, you’ll have direction every step of the way for the kind of content your business should be putting out there. We can develop a bespoke strategy for your business, but it helps to have an idea of what a good strategy should look like.

First, you’ll need a website

Your website is where most of your health copywriting efforts will be focused, so you’ll need a website if you don’t already have one. There’s no kind of practice or professional in the health and medical space that can’t benefit from a professional website. This includes Reiki practitioners, plastic surgeons, dentists and orthodontists, medical device manufacturers, fitness experts, medical specialists, dieticians, hospitals and physician practices, among many others.

When a professional web designer and an experienced health content writer join forces to craft your website, the effort can significantly enhance your credibility. A properly-designed website and well-written copy helps your brand, that is, the image you’d like to present to your audience.

As one of your major marketing tools, you can use your website to accomplish a number of digital marketing objectives. Your website can help by:

  • Increasing patient loyalty:

Your existing patients or clients should be able to see that choosing you was the right decision to make.

  • Differentiating you from competing practices:

Good copywriting can help set you apart from the competition, who may be offering the same services as you. When searchers set out to look for services like yours, they’ll most likely be presented with several options. However, you want them to be gravitate towards your website and decide that they’ll rather go with you than with anyone else.

  • Promoting your full range of services:

Seeing everything you have to offer enables your prospects to come to a decision on whether you’re the right fit for them.

  • Creating trust:

Not everyone is lucky enough, or has been in business long enough, to have their reputation precede them, therefore, your website has to establish credibility. Having come in contact with the professional appearance and engaging content on your website, visitors should be comfortable enough to trust that you can solve their problem. Professionally-written health content can contribute to building that trust.

  • Refuting any concerns:

People often have several questions and may have certain concerns about a form of treatment or the usefulness of a particular product or service. Good quality health copy can help address the most common objections and fears that potential customers may have. If done right, explaining what you do and the limits of what you can offer in clear and concise terms can earn you conversions.

  • Drive action:

Your website isn’t there simply to provide information for the sake of it. As much as it delivers helpful content, good copywriting should help your potential customers see why they’ll be better off working with you. With a gentle push, your copy should convince visitors to subscribe to your service or make an appointment.

  • Driving patient acquisition
  • Growing your patient base
  • Increasing revenue
  • Helping you build a solid healthcare brand
  • Improving awareness of your brand within your locality
  • Enhancing your reputation

The above-mentioned objectives can only be accomplished when you have great health copywriting to let the audience know why you have the answers they need and how you’re their best bet for getting results. With a professional website, you can put your practice on the map and enjoy watching your practice grow with limitless potential.

When you have a website, the next step is to update it with meaningful content. It should help you achieve all the above-mentioned objectives of a website, but you’ll need to have the right copywriting strategy. Your strategy should include getting a bit personal, using testimonials to your advantage and SEO copywriting that converts, among others.

Get personal with your copy

Sounding too formal or impersonal will only defeat the purpose of investing in good copywriting in the first place. No one will feel completely comfortable receiving treatment from someone they know nothing about. Whether you’re an orthodontist or a yoga instructor, getting personal with your copy and letting your audience get to know you can make a world of difference.

With a well-crafted About Us page, you can share some of your personal views and show people what your professional background is. It’s often a good idea to tell a good story, perhaps about how you started doing what you do. If you have a team of experts, it can be helpful to have their bios and photos included in the About Us page.

Take advantage of testimonials

People are not easy to convince, especially when it comes to matters of health. They want to know that you’re trustworthy and can deliver what you say you can, but they’re going to need some convincing. Testimonials provide third-party endorsements that could make all the difference between a conversion and a bounce (when a visitor leaves your site).

Our health content writers will be happy to incorporate the testimonials of your clients or patients into your copy. Customers are often glad to allow you to use their sincere thoughts about your services on your website. We can provide guidance on how to get the best testimonials from clients. You should get them to be more specific than general. Have them describe the problem they have, how you solved it and how they felt after receiving treatment.

Create a blog

Many businesses now understand the importance of maintaining a regularly-updated blog. Posting informative and up-to-date blog posts based on keywords that people are searching for can drive traffic to your website. If people like your blog enough to follow it, you could end up with more conversions than you would have gotten without a blog.

Blogs need to be regularly updated with new posts. In addition to creating copy for your landing pages and other parts of your site, we can produce timely content for your blog on a regular basis. Do you need a few posts per month or a few every other week? We can draw up a plan that suits your needs.

How important is SEO for health copywriting?

Once you have your website, you won’t want to put up just any kind of content. Paying attention to SEO is crucial if you’d like people to be able to find your website. Health businesses are like any other business in that they require exposure to attract customers. Therefore, investing in SEO copy is worth it. A professional health copywriter understands SEO and the different factors that search engines like Google look at when ranking websites.

Millions are spent on SEO every year because businesses know how useful it can be. It’s essentially free advertising that can put you in front of hundreds or thousands of people every day. When you have an expert professional health content writer, you won’t have to bother about spending too much on SEO. It comes with the package. Remember, customers want to be able to find the services you offer. Good SEO copy helps them find you.

What should a health copywriting SEO strategy include?

SEO is important enough a consideration for you to develop a unique strategy for it within your overall health content strategy. What should your SEO strategy take into consideration?

Mobile friendliness

More than half of all online searches are done on mobile devices therefore your website has to be properly optimised for mobile viewing. Good content for health websites needs to be formatted to make mobile viewing and reading easier.

Professional health writers take into consideration several factors that can make your content mobile-friendly or not. For example, long blocks of text will most likely be avoided because they are ill-suited for retaining attention on a mobile screen.

Long-form, quality content

Search engines tend to favour in-depth articles that provide detailed information about a topic. This kind of content can position you as an authority in your field, especially if visitors interact positively with it by staying on your web page to read.

A professional writer who creates content for health-related sites can produce well-written copy that’s informative, not simply stringing words together. Informative copy that’s tailored to your unique customer base is what you need to stand out from the rest of the pack.

Quality health copywriting for your landing pages

Your homepage is the first page visitors see when they enter your URL into their browser. However, that doesn’t mean it’s the only way they can land on your website. A landing page is the page where a visitor ‘lands’ when they click a link to your website from ads, search engine results, or other forms of targeted promotion. You can’t have more than one homepage, but there’s no limit to the number of landing pages you can have.

Your health content writer can create highly-specific landing pages that focus on one major subject alone. For example, if you’re a rehab facility, you can create different pages for every kind of addiction you treat. The goal for these pages is to provide highly-targeted, informative content. These pages tend to rank higher in SERPs because they are more detailed and provide more relevant answers than general pages.

Content optimised for local search

Local search is important for many businesses, more so those in the business of delivering healthcare services. According to search giant Google, 63% or searchers base their decision on how close a service provider is to their home or office. By taking steps to ensure that your content is properly optimised for local search, you’ll be making it easier for those around you to find your practice.

Your contact page is not the only place where your address should be. Other pages on your website should clearly state your location and the areas where your services can be accessed from. Our health content writers will be sure to include your location wherever needed in your content, to ensure that search engines know which areas you’re local to.

You can also take it one step further to register with Google Local, which allows you to be included in Google’s local business results for location-specific searches about services that you offer.

Is there a difference between health copywriting and medical copywriting?

To some people, the terms medical and health copywriting can be used interchangeably, while others distinguish between them. Medical content is believed to be academic and serious content intended for industry professionals, researchers, scientists, and doctors. Health content, on the other hand, may be associated with light lifestyle and wellness content.

In terms of definitions, dictionaries define the word ‘medical’ as relating to the practice or science of medicine. Medicine is then described as having to do with the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of symptoms and diseases using surgery, radiation or drugs. In most dictionaries, being in a state of health means being free from disease. The World Health Organisation adds that health does not end in the absence of disease, but it includes complete physical, social and mental wellbeing.

From the start, we can deduce that health is a much broader term. It includes the prevention and treatment of symptoms and ailments, as well as wellbeing, lifestyle, diet, and socioeconomic factors. On the other hand, the terms medical and medicine specifically refer to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease.

Is a health content writer different from a medical writer?

Yes, but not necessarily. Some organizations distinguish between medical and health writers while others do not. Generally, a medical writer may write content for grant applications, protocols, regulatory submissions, research papers, clinical guidelines, media releases concerning research, feature articles and news for medical professionals and researchers, reports, manuscripts, marketing materials for pharmaceutical products and slides.

A health content writer may write content less for medical professionals and more for the general public. This content may include patient information, media releases, brochures, blog posts, website content, feature articles and news for the general public, social media copy, direct sales copy, newsletters, product information, patient information and media releases.

Neither medical nor health writers need to obtain a medical degree, but some writers do have a background in medicine or other relevant fields of study. In many cases, there’s no need for a distinction between a health writer and a medical writer. Therefore, whatever the tag they are given, they can write various content types for different kinds of organisations. These may include:

  • Professional health websites and blogs
  • Health-related businesses and brands
  • News and lifestyle websites or magazines
  • Academic and scientific journals
  • Medical businesses and brands
  • Medical magazines for professionals
  • Medical news websites
  • Medical education providers

At Daily Posts, our health content writers are experienced in writing various kinds of content for different online channels. Excellent creative copywriting for the healthcare industry requires sufficient experience in that area and that’s what you get when you sign up for our service. Our team of talented, professional health copywriters can be trusted to communicate your message to your audience effectively to achieve the desired results.