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A tactical guest post strategy can grow your business. The mantra of quality over quality rings true for blogs which want to achieve their content marketing goals.

The more your guest posts get accepted on high ranking websites, the more recognition you enjoy from your target audience. Networking with influencers is a crucial part of blogging for success. They fast-track your timeline to success by driving traffic to your website.

Guest post writing is a great way for businesses to promote their brand on a limited budget. Considering that PPC ads are expensive for small businesses, you get your brand in front of the right audience without spending a fortune.

For e-commerce brands and online marketing experts who are confused about the right strategy, we can help. Daily Posts content writers create SEO optimised articles. We understand your audience and know how to increase engagement that leads to conversion.

Your guest post can rank high in search engine results and give you that SEO boost you need to succeed. You just need a great copywriter to create intuitive content that flows naturally, solves a problem and gets people to visit your website.

Need Copy or Guest Posts?      

What is Guest Post Writing?

Guest post writing or guest posting is a form of copywriting where you contribute a blog post to another blog within your industry to widen the reach of your website, build relationships and earn backlinks.

Web search engines use links to rank a website. In search engine optimisation, guest blogging is one the most popular ways to secure a link to your site. You’re tapping into the audience of the guest website to establish your authority among prospects who are interested in your product or service.

There is a lot of competition in the cyberspace among brands who want to reach the coveted top spot on Google. You simply have to write a blog article that is in line with the requirements of the blogger and get a backlink when your post is accepted.

The backlink is placed in the Author Box at the bottom of the article. Most bloggers only accept the highest quality of web content on their websites.

To increase your chances of getting accepted, it’s best to outsource your guest post to a website writer who crafts content that improves your brand awareness, drives engagement among the blog readers and achieves your content marketing objectives.

How to write a guest post

A successful guest post must be specific to an area or topic within your industry. Criteria that determine the success of your guest post include

  • A guest post that shows off your expertise in your field
  • A well-written article that is free of typos and grammatical errors
  • Linking to reliable sources within the topic of your post
  • The number of social media shares, comments and likes

These are indicators that ensure your post is well received. A high-quality guest post is also important for web search algorithms which place supreme importance on such content.

A few tips for writing a guest post include

  • Read the guidelines before you write a single line of text. Your guest post won’t be accepted if it flaunts any rule. Every website has a guideline about images, the number of links permitted in a post, word count, author biography, style and tone of the content.
  • Display your expertise through storytelling, data that shows proof and examples of how to implement your solution.
  • The content must flow naturally to keep the reader engaged. It should read like a conversation between friends sitting across each other.
  • Use search engine best practices
  • Use the focus keyword in the first paragraph, title, meta description and body copy

What makes a great guest post?

The most important element of a great guest post is the uniqueness of the idea. It must teach the readers something they don’t know.

A great guest post includes links to relevant articles where the reader can learn more about the content. Without relevance, a guest post fails because it isn’t targeted towards the right audience.
It features expert quotes from authority bloggers, research findings, surveys and charts. It cannot exclusively include only the author’s view. The goal is to educate and inform the audience.

The post should engage the reader from the opening paragraph until the conclusion. Daily Posts copywriters are not afraid to write in a conversational tone that makes the content less formal and more friendly.

Personal stories are a great way to strike an instant connection with the audience. Discussions in the comment section or social media are proof that your article engaged readers.

Why Guest Post is important

Referral Traffic - The immediate benefit of guest blogging is that your website receives direct visitors. It’s an instant spike in traffic that can increase your bottom line.

Grow your email list - One of the major problems new websites face is a lack of audience. You can rectify this with authority blogs that help you increase your subscriber's list.

Higher page ranks, link building and SEO - The first thing you must know about blogging for SEO is to avoid spammy tactics. Most guest blogs will let you include a link from a relevant post on your blog. This increases your site authority and ensures your web pages rank for long-tail keywords.

Frequently asked questions about guests post300

What is a guest post?

Guest blogging is used by bloggers to increase traffic to their website. You offer to write content for a higher ranked site within your niche in exchange for a backlink.

How do I choose the right website to pitch?

A few criteria to look for in a website include

Websites where your target audience hangs out. The people reading the content should be interested in your business.

A professional website that publishes high-quality and relevant content.

A website that receives a lot of traffic. When you’re starting out, aim for niche websites that receive up to 5,000 - 20,000 visitors a day.

How do I promote my published guest post?

Posting a guest blog is only half of the job. Set aside time to interact with your readers. When they ask a question, provide answers. Share the link on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Tag the website where the post was published.

How do I write a guest post pitch?

When writing a guest post pitch, tell the owner something specific about their site. Maybe a post you loved, a solution that worked for you or how long you’ve followed them. Pitch three specific topics with subheadings for them to choose them. Link to other guest posts samples you’ve written.

How many keyword-rich anchors should I add in my guest post?

No SEO company knows the specific equation that Google’s algorithms use. Stay on the safe side by keeping anchors below 20%

How do I spot a low-quality website?

Estimate its quality by conducting a website audit. Review the domain history and use Majestic to check the website’s history of the backlink profile. Ensure the website has decent organic traffic. They should also be visible in search engine results pages. Look for websites within the top 50 results.

What is the best time to pitch a guest post?

  • When the blog lists you in one of their posts or social media
  • When the blog advertises for a guest post
  • When the blog publishes a guest post

What is a guest posting service?

It’s a time-consuming task when you try to secure guests posts on your own. You have to pitch articles, reach out to editors, target websites and secure links on high authority sites. Daily Posts offers a streamlined service that takes care of your guest posts for you. We find the websites, pitch, plan, write, edit and send a ready-to-post guest post on your behalf.

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