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Content Strategy

Solid content strategy that yields sustainable results

Tactics and tools change like the weather in the world of digital marketing. To achieve your content marketing goals, it is essential that your content strategy is hinged on a methodical and sustainable process.

A solid content strategy ensures you quantify the results of your content marketing initiatives. Daily Posts helps your business grow. We plan, produce and promote your content based on your user’s needs and your company goals.

Managing your content strategy without professional help could be challenging. You don’t know what to prioritize, how much to write, who should write, where the content will go and how to place it directly in front of your audience. But we do.

Our digital content strategy process works with you in any capacity you need us. Your content strategy is aligned with your ideal goals, vision and current state of your content. We analyse your current needs to craft a bespoke content strategy that includes audience research, competitive analysis and content ideation.

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What is a content strategy?

Content strategy is the planning, development and management of content for website development. Its not just words on a website but other forms of content such as video, podcasts and more.

According to content marketing expert Rachel Lovinger, content strategy uses words and data to create easily-understood content that supports your overarching goals. It’s a field in user experience design and an offshoot of digital marketing, technical communication, business analysis, content management and information architecture.

Perhaps our favourite definition is from the Content Strategy Alliance. They define content strategy as getting a specific content to a targeted user at the right time through strategic planning of content creation and delivery.

Your content appears desperate and unaligned when you don’t blend it with a content strategy. It affects your credibility and confuses your target audience. Generic content won’t cut it anymore. It won’t rank, get shared, engage or deliver on your marketing objectives.

Content strategy deals with the full life cycle of content before implementation. This includes planning, analysis, aligning content to a company’s goals, development, evaluation, measurement and production of content. Think of content strategy as the vision that guides your future content development based on your business objectives.

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Content strategy services we offer

Goal definition and assessment

We examine your business objectives and define success metrics. We take stock of your current assets and resources and identify gaps in your content strategy.

Keyword research

If you’re having trouble finding keywords for your SEO marketing, choosing high-volume keywords that are not generating traffic, leads or sales, our experts can help. Apart from the right keywords and optimising those keywords, there are other data points to consider.

Our team of keyword research experts provide an endless stream of great keywords. We find the best keywords for your website. Our research combines Google search trends, Google search data and competitive analysis. We test the result to mine topics that increase website conversion.

Content creation

Daily Posts provides access to some of the best copywriters in the world. We’ve carefully selected Native-English speakers who are widely versed in a range of industries. Unique content increases Google traffic, SERP, leads and sales. Our 5-star team of web content writers are experienced in creating high-quality content that pleases your user and Google.

5 Reasons Why You Need a Content Strategy?

1.      Everything on the internet is driven by content

You want to help your customers find answers. To do this, you must find a way to balance content that serves a purpose and pleases search engines. Relevant content creation is an effective SEO tactic that helps prospects find your business online. A great content strategy is the centre piece of your marketing plan.

2.      Establish a connection with your consumer

Content strategy helps brands connect with their target audience. Content that touches the emotional side of the reader impacts decision making. Good content transforms prospect into customers and customers into loyalists. Hence, you need a content strategy aligned to your user’s interest to empower your brand.

3.      Deliver quality lead generation

Content marketing converts 30% more organic traffic into quality sales leads. Good content attracts high-value customers more than traditional advertising methods. We narrow your brand focus to a small group of prospects most likely to convert.

4.      Educate your audience

The power of your content is enhanced with a coherent content strategy. A content strategy identifies problems your audience faces and how to proffer solutions that work. You get to shape consumer behaviour through educational material and enhance the power of your brand. It takes time but yields better long-term results than promotional campaigns.

5.      Your customers are social

Your audience is always eager to share good content. Customers socialise while consuming content. Your content strategy should include clearly defined steps on how to deliver great experience based on the customer’s journey.


Our checklist for developing a content strategy

Define your business goals

The purpose of a good content must be defined. Is the goal to generate leads, boost brand awareness, convert users, improve search rankings or something else? The content we create for you is dependent on where the user is on the sales funnel. This ensures you’re having a meaningful conversation with the user at the right time.

What problem will your content solve?

Great content always solves a problem your audience has. A good content strategy supports audience members who are figuring out their challenges and those who want to overcome these challenges. Your content positions your brand as the solution to the problem.

Establish KPIs

Goals must be specific and measurable. Daily Posts establishes key performance indicators for your content strategy. They show to what extent we’ve achieved your goals and milestones to check off. It could be to get more signups, hit a revenue target within the quarter or increase site traffic.

Research your audience

Who will see, watch, read or hear the content you create? Great content is not a list of topics you write about. Its derived from feedback, involvement and the direction of your audience. We’ll also create buyer personas to represent your ideal customer. Each persona includes demographic and psychographic attributes.

Develop a content audit framework

A content audit helps us understand your assets and content gaps. We’re looking for content we can optimise to improve ranking, parts of your site that generates the most traffic, pages that bounce users away, posts that should rank but aren’t and pages/post that engage users the most.

Focus on your niche

Many websites make the mistake of creating content they don’t need. It won’t rank and no one reads it. Daily Posts copywriters create niche-focused content that has a distinct voice and offers value to your readers. It’s the only way to build a strong connection that leads to a loyal user base.

5 essential elements of a content marketing strategy

Strong SEO

Content should be aimed at your target audience and incorporate SEO best practices. We’ll mine Q&As, search queries, user-generated content and reviews to find the best keywords in-line with your products or services.

Marketing objectives

You have different KPIs depending on your business needs and goals. We can help you define relevant metrics for different kinds of content. They include performance marketing content, brand awareness and support content.

Voice and tone

These are powerful tools of content strategy. Your company’s voice reflects its identity and personality. It should be consistent across all your online and offline content. Conversely, tone should adapt to the emotional state of the reader.

Content plan

You avoid more pain in the future when you plan in the present. Your editorial calendar should be filled out for the whole year. It includes when to update your site, publish, tweet and share timeless pieces. Marketers fail at content marketing because they didn’t plan. As a small business, you need sufficient content to get you through the month or the next quarter.


A good mix of content is required. Do not focus exclusively on product features or company news. Effective content helps the customer in their buying decisions and the challenges they face.

Content strategy statistics

  • Content marketing gets 3x more leads than paid advertising
  • 42% of businesses have a content strategy executive
  • 9% of marketers plan to include Medium in their marketing efforts
  • 45% of B2C marketers believe visual content is the most important.
  • 97% of marketers use content that outlines a formula for success
  • 63% of businesses do not have a content strategy
  • 64% of marketers want to improve their content strategy
  • 60% of people struggle to produce regular content
  • Successful B2B marketers spend 40% of their marketing budget on content marketing. B2C businesses spend 26% of their total marketing budget on content marketing.
  • Regular blogging is the main content strategy for small businesses. They get 126% more lead growth than those who do not blog.

Why choose us?

  • Practical guidance from the UK’s top marketing experts.
  • Our content strategists enhance the perception of your brand and drive business performance.
  • Access to experienced content strategy experts who combine the science of marketing with a proven methodology to improve your content.
  • We create a long-term plan based on your business goals and determine channels and formats most likely to succeed.

Get industry leading results from a leading UK content strategy agency


What is content strategy and why do I need it?

Content strategy is the development and creation of content. It also involves the stages of planning, delivery and management of content. The goal of a content strategy is to create useful and engaging content that attracts your target customers.

How do you develop my content strategy?

We identify your business goals, establish KPIs, conduct audience research, decide on content types, allocate resources and create an editorial calendar.

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