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Guide to Outsourcing Client Content to a Copywriting Company

Content writing is one of the biggest and most difficult tasks involved in online marketing. The role of content in any internet marketing strategy is one that goes a long way in determining the success of these online campaigns. However, most marketing firms find it difficult to develop and execute adequate content strategies that can propel the businesses of their clients. To be fair, there’s a lot of work involved in online marketing, other than content writing, and lots of marketers find it difficult juggling all these tasks at once.

This is usually where content outsourcing comes in. This practice has been around for a while and has been adopted by competent marketing firms to boost the flow of their business processes. While the practice is very advantageous to both online SEO and marketing firms, as well as their clients, there’s a lot involved in going about it the right way and ensuring success in the end.

As an online marketer involved in the business of dealing with various internet channels, there are lots of options to be leveraged but, without being meticulous, it’s easy to fall in the wrong hands and hurt your clients’ business as well as yours. That being said, with the deals and affordable professional content services offered by firms like Daily Posts, getting a partner for your clients’ content has never been easier.

Daily Posts has conducted and executed thousands of projects to the satisfaction of their partners who have gone on to see tremendous growth in the ROI of their various clients. While managing content through another party is never easy, Daily Posts has come up with a framework for seamless collaboration with everyone involved, to produce excellent results.

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What’s involved in outsourcing client content?

Content development and writing are no easy feats. For a firm to be placed up there in rankings for organic search, they have to produce regular, relevant, and reliable web content for search engine crawlers to pick up. With Google algorithms filtering out and penalising bad content through demotion in rankings, the importance of content writing to online marketing is getting higher by the day.

Online marketers understand this but are often in a fix about carrying out other marketing activities such as pay-per-click, paid search marketing, and social media marketing, amongst others, alongside the heavy duty that is content writing. This is where the initiative to pass on the content-producing process to reliable hands becomes an invaluable part of the general online marketing strategy. Content outsourcing involves delegating most or part of your content production, strategy, or distribution to an expert writing agency or freelance writers, depending on your needs.

Content Marketing Institute research reported that more than 70% of B2C and more than 80% of B2B marketers used content marketing to help boost client online presence in 2014. Another study showed that 44% of B2B marketers outsourced content development while a higher 57% outsourced content design, writing, editing, and distribution when the need called for it. For tech companies, the number goes even higher – 7% of these companies outsource their content strategy and planning, 34% outsource distribution of their content and 74% outsource their content writing.

While it may be normal for companies to directly outsource their content writing, as a marketer, this can easily turn out to be the winning formula for you.

Why should you outsource?

Building and maintaining a positive relationship with consumers require ongoing conversation. If you’re trusted by a client to keep their online conversion rates up, maintain an online consumer base, and keep the traffic coming in, you’d know that it is important to maintain regular, fresh, and relevant content on their websites that can attract new readers and keep existing ones coming back.

Being occupied with other internet marketing endeavours can make this difficult for you and your team because:

  1. Internet marketing procedures and activities require tremendous effort and expertise if you’re going to get the best results and
  2. Content marketing, from development and planning to production and distribution, is an entirely different ball game that requires its own share of efforts and expertise.

That being said, you’ll understand the drag and workload that you’ll be subjecting yourself and your team to if you choose to take on the content marketing procedure by yourself. Through outsourcing, however, not only can you find the freedom and ease to carry out online marketing tasks that are in your forte, you’ll also have experts in the content production field producing quality content for your clients.

But that’s not all: outsourcing client content to a specialised creative content agency will see you produce better content faster and cheaper; you can gain access to technology that makes the content management and distribution process seamless; and your team can learn more insights from the content experts.

If your team’s strong suit lies in other online marketing endeavours, then they should spend their time doing what they’re good at, which will yield productivity.

What are the tell-tale signs it’s time to outsource your content?

From the outset, you should be able to identify that you need an agency or copywriting firm to handle your content creation if your team is not well-versed in the procedure. However, some marketers tend to test their abilities and see how far they and their team can go with content production, and this often doesn’t end well as it may lead to delayed execution and production, inability to meet deadlines, and drawbacks in other online marketing tasks.

If you’ve been taking care of your clients’ content marketing, here are the tell-tale signs that you should start outsourcing, and quick:

You’re not meeting publishing deadlines

If your client needs certain time-sensitive content published on their web pages and you don’t have the manpower and fluidity to make it happen, this could put you in a difficult position as most clients don’t care how you get the job done as long as you’re being paid for it. This, among many other reasons, signals the need for content outsourcing. A specialised agency can produce content, regardless of volume, in record time and still give you the spare time to fine tune and optimise for your clients’ websites.

Content production and other online marketing projects clash regularly

Having your online marketing team carry out their own tasks as well as content development and delivery can cause certain conflicts, especially when there are other tasks with the same deadlines as the content distribution of your client. This can cause lapses in different areas and reduce your competence in the eye of your clients. With a content provider, you can tackle different projects on various fronts, beat deadlines, and maintain a reliable image.

Your clients’ web pages are lacking enough content

One important element of SEO and website dominance is fresh and regular content. Consumers are always looking for new information and fresh insights concerning products and services. If your clients’ websites continue to greet readers with old, recycled content, this will likely hurt their bottom line as customers will be going elsewhere to get the information they need. If you notice that your marketing team can’t produce enough regular content to make your clients’ web pages more competitive and rich with fresh copy, then it’s time to call in the professionals.

Reader base is generally shrinking

If you’re not producing content consistently for your clients, then it means they’re far behind their competition and the reader base will start to decrease. A website with old content will ultimately feel obsolete to visitors who’ll end up no longer seeing the need to visit. If your metrics show a depleting reader base for your client, then this could be an indication that you need to shore up the website of your client with more content and a copywriting agency will be the ideal option to make this happen.

There’s hardly enough time to focus on other marketing projects

It’s known that producing content can be difficult and time consuming. If you’re losing time where you could be more productive on other marketing projects due to your engagement with content development and production, it’s best to outsource to allow you to perform better in your strong suits.

Hiring a copywriting company for client content

Understanding you and your team’s limitations is a good thing because, this way, you can identify what is possible to outsource. There are content marketing experts in the form of firms and freelancers that can give you high-quality content that your brand and clients deserve at affordable fees. Whether you aren’t confident in your skill to deliver the sort of quality you and your client will be satisfied with, or simply can’t keep up with the demands of content writing, hiring the experts will see to it that you’re no longer on the backfoot.

What’s more, marketing copywriters are also experts in the field of SEO and understand the rudiments of infusing entities and semantic relevance into the pieces they develop and write for client pages. This means that they can speak in the tone of your client, regardless of their industry, and make their copy to the best standards of the industries they are in.

There are many copywriting agencies around but getting one for outsourcing purposes can be a drag as most are business-to-consumer based and charge high fees. Luckily, Daily Posts offers a flexible framework that seeks to provide solutions for online marketers who’re looking to produce top-quality copy that can boost the online goals of their clients.

A copywriting firm like Daily Posts can further help you meet your content goals by putting your projects through the different layers of thorough content production from development, research and writing, to editing, completion and distribution. We also have the manpower to deal with large projects and help you continue to beat deadlines in record time.

How can outsourcing boost your business?

As an online marketer, you and your team also have needs and require a lot to get done so you can stay in business and remain competitive. This calls for certain things to run smoothly in order to maintain client confidence and success, which will go on to keep your firm alive. Outsourcing your content will help this goal as it drops a huge burden off your shoulders to give you more fluidity in tackling other tasks, thereby helping you increase productivity.

Finding a copywriting partner that grows to understand your client base and their demands when it comes to copy production is essentially the same as having a copy production team that’s a part of your business. Collaborating with the same team of content professionals across different projects over time will create a synergy that will allow your team to handle more than it ever had.

Six-step framework for successful content outsourcing

Here’s a comprehensive guideline on how you can approach and execute a winning content outsourcing strategy.

Identify the needs of each specific client

If you’re in charge of different clients, you have to identify their basic needs and what they require in regards to content marketing. This should see you weigh in the kind of industries they’re in, their target audience, as well as their location and reach. This can help you understand how to strategically outsource content for them.

With this knowledge, you’ll be able to identify the right professionals that can handle these jobs. In certain cases, you can develop and create content strategies where the copywriters will simply execute and/or edit before passing it on to you. However, depending on the agency you hire, the whole process can be done for you.

Work with a budget

It’s understandable that good copywriting doesn’t come cheap, but you still have to work with a plan that fits into your budget. There are numerous copywriting firms with different price ranges and you can find one with the ideal price for you. Differences between price ranges may be due to the method of operations between firms and may not always hinge on quality.

That being said, you should always vet the company you’re about to do business with and verify their competence for the job. You should also note that the cheapest price does not represent the best deal as you may flat out be wasting money in these cases. Hiring freelancers may also represent easy and cheap content but you still have to weigh your content needs before you hire a single professional for your client content projects.

Find a copywriting firm to outsource to

This often seems simple but can be one of the most difficult tasks in the outsourcing process. Finding the right outsourcing agent will depend on a lot of things. Primarily, it’s either that you go for a copywriting company or a freelance writer. This decision will ultimately be made when you weigh up different considerations including:

  • The size of your clients’ projects
  • If you have an in-house team that can manage writers
  • If you’re looking for quick delivery
  • The nature of the job
  • If you’re looking for a steady, long-term partnership

If you’re going for highly-technical content, you can get the best results by hiring writers who specialise in the industry of the particular client. This can be quite expensive but will be very productive in the end. There are copywriting firms with technical writers within their ranks and you can confirm by trialling these firms or checking their portfolios before you engage their services. Most importantly, always make sure you get to choose an agent – whether freelance writer or agency – that suits your needs.

Copywriting company vs Freelancers: which way should you go?

Copywriting agencies and freelancers can provide the outsourcing solutions you need but getting the best deal will depend on your requirements and if you know where to look. Content production can vary in demands and difficult, depending on the needs of a particular client and, in many cases, price can be a factor. But it is ideal to always go for what works for you and your client all the time.

There are many freelancers available to help you develop and produce content and you can find them on different platforms like Upwork, ProBlogger Job Board and Copify. Choosing to work with a freelancer can be ideal in certain cases but might not be the right way to go in other situations. It’s important to understand the kind of job you’re looking to put out in order to make the right choice between a freelancer and a copywriting firm.

If you have an inhouse copy team that can develop, proofread, edit, and distribute content, then hiring and managing freelancers may be the right thing to do but, in the case where you want to outsource your entire content marketing projects, then handing over these tasks to a copywriting firm that handles their own writers and has different tiers of experts within their ranks will be your best option.

Another factor that comes into play when making the choice between a freelancer and an agency involves scalability. If you have large projects coming in that you want delivered in a specific timeframe, this may easily overwhelm a freelancer, whereas copywriting companies can easily put this to bed in a week or two depending on the volume of the order. What’s more, keeping a long and steady relationship may be difficult for freelancers as they may land jobs that prevent them from working for you gain.

Categorise your content in different levels

Your content may vary according to importance and you may want to separate those you can put out comfortably with minimal oversight from those that are highly important. These categories of content can also influence what you pay your writers. For technical and important copy where you’ll leave no margin for error, you can delegate these to highly-skilled and experienced experts while other mid-to-low-level content can be easily outsourced to regular writers.

However, working with an agency, these needs can also be accounted for. You can work with firms that categorise their content and job orders in levels that work with yours or you can work out a flexible deal.

Provide clear details about your procedure and details of your clients to your outsourcer

Make sure your outsourcer is armed with plenty of information from style guides (including article length, images, and links), outlines, and resources that will help them create and execute premium copy for your clients. It’s recommended that you engage your outsourcer in comprehensive communication in which you give clear terms on the style and kind of copy you need.

Spending time to communicate all that you need to get done and how they should get it done might seem time consuming in the beginning but will prove very productive in the long term, especially when you’re dealing with a reliable outsourcer that will maintain a long relationship with you.

Measure your success

The goal of outsourcing content is not just to relieve stress but to boost productivity as well. If you’ve followed the above steps, you can measure the effectiveness of the content you’ve been publishing on your client pages in order to stay abreast of how your outsourcing endeavour is working out. As a marketer, you’ll be in the know about certain metrics that can help you work out data like page visits, page impressions and time on site.

With this information, you can work out better strategies and also identify practices to maintain and fine tune.

How can you outsource content writing and get the most out of it?

Outsourcing your content is the right way to go about things when you don’t have the technical know-how and don’t have the ideal amount of manpower to get the job of content marketing done. However, things can easily go wrong if you don’t approach outsourcing the right way. The goal of outsourcing is to make life easier for you and your team and also get the job done like you’re the one carrying it out, if not better than you could do.

With the help of a firm that offers content generation services, you can easily meet your content goals. But there are roadblocks that may threaten the results of your outsourcing engagements. These can stem from choosing the wrong team or professional for the job, collaborating with them the wrong way, or laying out wrong or misleading instructions.

You should follow certain practices to ensure you make the right decisions and enjoy positive results. So, below are ways you can put the right approaches into practice:

How do you pick tasks to outsource?

Content marketing is broad and diverse. There are different kinds of content that can suit the website of your client depending on what they’re involved in, their varying industries, and their target audience. There are also different content types that can be employed to achieve different goals. Knowing the right task to delegate to the right professionals will be an endeavour that will yield mind-blowing results.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, it’s always ideal to delegate technical content to expert copywriters that have the experience of writing in the field your clients are involved in, which will ensure the pieces produced or the web page will perfectly resonate with readers. Copywriting firms that also specialise in SEO will prove ideal to help you achieve this as they have lots of experienced industry writers that can carry out the research needed to produce the kind of quality articles that fall in line with your marketing goals.

Tasks that you feel can be tackled by your team could be ideally done in-house without necessarily going to a third party. But this should never be done to your detriment. These tasks may include content development, editing, or distribution, which will work if you have a team in place dedicated to these purposes.

How do you find the right copywriting company for the job?

To find the right copywriting firm for the job, you have to understand what you’re looking for. This discovery should primarily stem from the business needs and website goals of your clients and your team. If your project requires one or two blog posts per month (which isn’t ideal for websites that want to maintain an online presence) then you can go for one or two individual writers.

But if you’re in need of consistent and fresh copy, then you should go for a company that can produce regularly and also manage all your content needs. To identify the right company for your needs you’ll need to ask the right questions before you can entrust them with your jobs.

  • How are their past jobs and partnerships?

    If you’re going for a copywriting firm, you need to look at the long term and ensure you can get your content fast anytime you ask for it. By checking out the testimonials of their past clients, you can get an idea of how reliable they can be and their ability to maintain their long-term relationships.

  • Are their previous job qualities up to the standard you’re looking for?

    There’s no point relieving the stress of content writing if you’ll end up getting poorly-written articles in the end. You should ideally check out the portfolio of the content agency you’re looking to partner with to see if their previous jobs meet your taste. If you aren’t satisfied, you can test-run their services by undergoing a trial with them.

  • Can they scale up when the need arises?

    One of the big advantages of using a copywriting company is scalability. Managing lots of writers, they can easily deliver large projects in record time and help you beat deadlines. However, you should make sure the company you’re looking to partner with has the capability to scale up and scale down as your needs demand. This is because most companies are just ‘huge’ on paper and don’t possess enough manpower to carry this out.

  • What are the niches they specialise in?

    Copywriting companies always have various writers that specialise in diverse niches. As a marketer, you may also have clients spread across different industries or you may be focused on a single category of clientele. You should ensure the copywriting firm you’re hiring for your client content also has expertise in writing in the fields of your clients.

How do you choose fair pricing?

The kind of quality you’re looking to get will be determine how much you’ll spend on hiring a copywriting partner for your content needs. Pricing often mirrors quality when it comes to content. Chasing the cheapest deal around could ultimately see you land yourself really poor copy because some of the brands and writers you see out there are often not as experienced and charge low as a result.

That being said, content outsourcing doesn’t necessarily have to cost you an arm and a leg as there are amazing competitive prices out there that can get you great quality and a superb partnership. While you should be careful with prices that are too good to be true, you should also be open minded about how much you can reap from budget copywriting services.

As a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t partner with any copywriting firm just because they’re offering mouth-watering deals, ensure you carry out due diligence by thoroughly vetting their capability and competence.

How do you give Adequate instructions?

Providing the right instructions for your jobs to your content creator is one of the most difficult aspects of outsourcing. You may think that simply outsourcing takes away all your burden but may be shocked when you find out just how difficult it is to write out clear, detailed and effective instructions. Outsourcing doesn’t end at finding the best company that fits the bill; it also involves creating a working relationship with effective communication.

While a huge part of copywriting is research, your content provider still needs specifics about your clients’ business and how they operate in order to generate content that speaks in the tone of voice of their brand and also provides the right information. The core information that your clients’ readers may be looking for will often lie in small details on how businesses are carried out, which, if missing, readers could simply leave the website in search of more helpful information.

You can make the process of providing briefs more efficient by helping your client put in more details about their businesses and passing it directly to your copywriter. You can add to the information delivered as long as it clarifies things further rather than cause confusion.

How do you give proper feedback?

Giving adequate, objective feedback is important if you want to make the most out of outsourcing. Whether it’s good or bad feedback, this activity is paramount to the outsourcing process. If your content agency produced stellar copy, let them know. Reward them with praise, or a sincere great review. It can be frustrating being left in the dark about your performance and copywriting companies feel this too.

Telling them where they went off course or did really badly will help in shaping better articles in the future. It’s also possible that your content agency may slightly go off-brief, which you can point out to avoid further errors. This will further help the company to conform more to your style and that of your client.

Instead of giving one-line feedback like, “this isn’t what we hoped to get; can it be redone?”, you can provide more in-depth and well-detailed feedback on what exactly was wrong. While this will help the copywriters grow into your style, it’ll also be great for you as you’ll get exactly what you wanted in subsequent deliveries, which will cut down on wasting time.

How do you maintain a working relationship with the agency?

Your content marketing strategy should be one that has longevity. This is because there’s no stop to web content creation as web visitors are always on the hunt for new information about the latest trends and products. If your clients’ websites do not give these readers what they need and more than they expect, they may become too stale in the eye of the readers and may lose out to close competition who already have a plan for regular content in place.

As a result, maintaining a long relationship with your copywriting company will prove very useful in this regard. But not just this, going from one copywriter to another will give you too many adjustment phases that may cause lapses from time to time in the copy production process. If you have a single partner (which you should) that will do business with you in the long term, they can get used to your business processes, as well as the complete needs of your clients, which will make your content creation process as fluid as possible.

To ensure a long-term partnership, always be in close communication with your copywriter and work hand-in-hand with them. Understanding that they’re also a business will help you grant some of their wishes, especially when there are changes in policies on their end. You can also put them in the know about changes in your organisation as well as any that may occur for your clients, to ensure that everyone is carried along and there is no incongruency.

How to convince clients that they need a copywriting company

As we’ve always mentioned, content marketing is huge. There are times where, for SEO and other online marketing purposes, a website may need a complete makeover when it comes to written content or everything needs to be developed from the scratch. Any of these cases will be a serious undertaking and a lot of expertise and manpower will be required. To take things off your shoulders and get better funding for the project, it could be a good idea to let your clients know that a copywriting firm needs to be involved and partnered with.

However, making this suggestion can be difficult as, in many cases, most clients believe content isn’t a big deal and they can handle it on their own while others believe it’s the job of the marketers or their sales team. This often results in an emphatic ‘NO’ whenever you bring up the suggestion.

To make this easier for you, you need to start by explaining the importance and essence of content. You need to let them know that great content is one of the most effective ingredients that will help them achieve their online goals. You can go on to explain the benefits of using an expert service that knows exactly how to turn web pages around, as well as the financial advantages.

4 additional tips that can make your content outsourcing more productive

  • Make sure you follow up with your outsourcer to know how the job is progressing

  • Always be clear on your expectations and the style you want to work with

  • Set the deadline for your outsourcer a bit higher in advance before your actual deadline in case there will be extensive corrections and editing, and if other unexpected situations come up

  • Make sure you ask for a test article before you employ the services of your outsourcer


You can now begin to employ best practices in outsourcing your content and enjoying higher success in your business and better relationships with your clients. However, you should understand that patience is necessary in the early stages as you adjust to changes. Always remember, too, that the quality of your content will depend on who you hire for the job and, as such, you should take extra care in this regard. At Daily Posts, we have adopted innovative frameworks that makes the copy production process seamless and swift. You can easily collaborate with us through your tech-driven processes which are facilitated by experienced content managers and our cutting-edge virtual office. Our prices are also highly competitive and spread out across different levels where you can get an order of 100 words for as low as $2. You can sign up today to get a free trial and you’ll find your outsourcing goals can be achieved without hassle.