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There's no doubt that well-crafted E-commerce content is absolutely crucial to any online store. Even in an era that has seen more social and technological advancements like Twitter and chatbots, the most proven means to sustain continuous and healthy growth in e-commerce sales revolves around detailed e-commerce copywriting adverts and marketing materials to promote and convert organic visitors to paying customers. You need a copywriting agency or in-house copywriting team to create brochures, catalogues, product descriptions, direct mail, white papers, social media posts and all of your other marketing writing.

Going through a product description page and producing quality product copy, entails engaging the details on a deep level. This is precisely where you need a skilled e-commerce copywriter to combine the tone of voice and your brand story with the product to increase organic page rankings and conversions. 

When you engage Daily Posts for your e-commerce copywriting, you'll get to experience our skilful and creative writers working for you, complete with decades of combined e-commerce retail experience that’s ultimately resulted in over 100 million website visits from organic sources alone. Your marketing will be in safe hands.

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Why Choose Daily Posts for Your Ecommerce Copywriting?

For companies the world over, Daily Posts is a genuine and trusted choice you can engage for website copywriter services. From established businesses to healthy middle range enterprises, the number of organizations we've partnered with cuts across many industries. We helped them actualize their biggest goals; from creating more jobs to giving revenue an impressive boost. 

Here’s why businesses consider Daily Posts as their long-term partner:

Over 200 copywriting agency specialists

We have a team containing no less 200 industry-recognized digital marketing and copywriting specialists. As frontrunners in their field, our team provides your organization with competitive natural language processing based strategies and results-oriented copy that projects your business forward, thus leaving your competitors grasping behind you in the search engines. Also, you'll have the chance to work in tandem with an account manager whose career-based sense of fulfilment comes from knowing that her client’s business progresses at an impressive pace.

Multiple years of experience

Boasting over 20 years of experience, we stand as one of the most experienced full-service copywriting agency brands in the UK. Furthermore, we have the history which lends credence to the fact that we can adapt to new technologies to enhance our expertise. This includes the latest trends in SEO updates and voice search to help you stay ahead of the competition. 

$1.5 billion in client revenue

We aim to measure our success by yours and mean every word we say. This has been the case since we started off, generating more than enough revenue for clients. Further, taking stock of the previous years, our personalized digital marketing techniques and digitally enhanced strategies, have generated vast sums over $1.5 billion in revenue for our clients.

Over 15 exclusive digital marketing tools

Being a full-service digital marketing agency means we have the resources to develop great technology and proprietary tools to serve our clients better. Also, we have access to some of the industry's high-end marketing software that complements our creativity. This helps us achieve data-based strategies to beat the competition.

Are you ready to see what Daily Posts can do for your website? Reach us online today or give us a call at phoneXXX!

Our E-commerce Copywriting Services include:

Static Pages - Delivery, Terms, Privacy, Shipping, Returns & FAQs

Indicate if you've already tried searching online for terms pages templates? You're not alone. Do remember that retail is detail and dedicatedly writing these 'somewhat-ignored' pages, pays dividends, boosts your tone, authenticity, and brand story.

Product Descriptions

Product pages happen to be the most visited pages on any e-commerce website, thus, to make an excellent first impression, you have to make sure every word counts and engages your audience. To help you achieve this, come to us. We possess years of experience writing clear, precise copy that combines details and desire to great effect. This means your customer service will have fewer questions to respond to, coupled with a stronger brand voice that gives you a better chance of getting a sale and keeping your clients interested.

Landing Pages

Place a near-flawless, search engine optimised landing page, linked and in front of a SERP (Search Engine Results Pages), and observe how things unfold. First comes the visits, and then the sales (many of them). If we had to select a top tip, this is likely it. Reach us to learn more.

Banner Ads, Calls to Action & Straplines

Sometimes the little words are the tough ones. If you spend an awful amount of time racking your brain for creative, click-bait captions, you just might miss it. Whether it's a single campaign or rolling changes, we can create bespoke packages to suit your business needs.

Email Marketing Copy

If email marketing is done right, it will be the making of your business. Email marketing is the biggest driver of ROI in the e-commerce industry. Deliver something unique, informative, and engaging to your prospect's inbox, and they'll reward you by clicking and increasing conversions. How to do that? Accompanied with well-scripted content, it’s everything that’s got to do with how great a copy is.

Category and Brand Pages

When we had things going awesomely in the XXX sphere, and still do, one of the means we adopted to maintain our search ranking position, was to write detailed category and brand text. If you’re into selling brands or have categories and you’ve got this genuine desire to make significant improvements in authenticity and SERP rankings, we advise you to mirror our approach. A lot more is involved, so reach out to us.

Features of Our Ecommerce Copywriting Service

  • Targeted Keyword Researches

  • Specialised Editing 

  • Strategic and Natural Application of Keywords in Articles 

  • All Copy reviewed by Head Editor

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Copywriting 

  • New Web page Implementation 

  • Matching website tone to buyer persona

  • CTA (Call to Action) included in website sales copy. 

E-commerce Sectors We Serve

Most successful online enterprises and e-commerce stores partner with Daily Posts to create unique, eye-catching content to sell their products. We lend our support to some verticals common in the industry. Such as... 

  • Food and Beverages 

  • Consumer Electronics 

  • Furniture 

  • Footwear and Apparel 

  • Household and FMCG

  • Home Appliances 

  • Media and Entertainment

  • Personal Care Products 

  • Sporting Goods 

  • Industrial Products 

  • Clothing and Apparel Description 

  • Medical Equipment 

  • Computer Peripherals and Accessories 

  • Jewellery and Watches Description 

  • B2B

  • Automotive 

  • B2C

  • Digital Marketing 

  • Construction 

  • Fashion 

  • Education 

  • Gaming

  • Hotels

  • Financial Services 

  • IT and Technical 

  • Insurance 

  • Medical 

  • Leisure

  • Retail

  • Property 

  • Travel

  • Telecoms

Top E-commerce Brands & Online Retailers We Have Worked With




How Much Does Our E-commerce Copywriting Service Cost?

Every e-commerce writing project has a unique ring to it. Please, reach out to us for a free quote.

Want to Boost Your Online Store Sales? Hire Daily Posts Today!

In today's very competitive online market, your business needs a top-grade rating for your website. With more than 20 years of experience in e-commerce project management, coupled with a dedicated team of writers, Daily Posts is the trusted, number one choice for professional copywriting services. Partner with our expert team not just to improve your website, but also positively affect your bottom line. 

Contact us on 02380 970979 for your free quote now! 

With the stiff, competitive nature of the online market today, your business demands a website with A+ copy. Daily Posts is the trusted choice for professional copywriting services. Partner with our team to improve not only your website but also your bottom line.

Get a free quote for our website copywriting services by contacting us online or give us a try by signing up today.

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